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Ok Evan. Who are you that LaMonte would feel like he would have to tell you the truth anyway? Its more of a "fantasy" to think he would even pick up the phone when you called. If he said that there was a deal brewing that didn't quite materialize Jon Gruden would fire his a@# in a New York minute. THINK PEOPLE!!!

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Anybody that thinks that Gruden would not be a good coach at the college level needs to think again. Upper level football is kinda like politcs. Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban are two coaches that cannot succeed in an system in which all things are equal. A draft, a cap, and redistribution of weath. You got it. The NFL has qualities of a socialistic system. On the other hand, college football has teams that get the very best talent year after year after year. It is capitalism at its finest. Saban has built an empire. He is a rockstar. 4 and 5 star recruits are lining up around the Alabama campus to play for him. Jon Gruden is the guy to build an empire at Tennessee. I heard an interview yesterday from the top recruit in the state who said if Gruden was named the head coach at Tennessee he would heavily lean towards Tennessee. Are you kidding me? Gruden has never met or talked to this kid in his life. He has that kind of persona about him. Sign Gruden and the great ones will numbers. I have a friend that is an Alabama fan that is really nervous about the Gruden hire. He is not alone. Tennessee has facilities, an enormous fanbase, unlimited recruiting budget, and yes...tradition. Why not Tennessee? Alright Hart, pony up and sign this guy. We are sick of losing seasons, no bowl games, and moral victories. There is a bad stench here in the bottom of the sec east. Jon Gruden is the man to throw us down a rope...

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Williams is stupid if he thinks Franklin will remain at Vandy for the long haul. Good coaches ALWAYS bolt from Vandy for better jobs and more money.

In my lifetime, there has never been a good coach at Vandy. Noboday has ever wanted any of them. Well, maybe Denardo. He was a loser. Ask LSU if that was a good choice. Franklin is truly an exception to the rule at Vandy. He has a good staff and the players will follow him off a cliff. Vandy will have to pony up sooner rather than later...

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Wow. We have needed some good news. Thanks coach for closing the deal with these guys.

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Starring Buddy Hackett as Curly.

Dude, I almost fell out of my chair. Funniest thing I have heard in weeks...

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I believe Dooley has conceded. He is smart enough to realize that he cannot get it done. He can take the buyout now and get 5 million dollars or suffer through another horrible year and only get 4 million. To me it's a no-brainer. He knows he's done.

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Dooley lost me when he sent 13 players on the field. I am in total shock that he is still here. Have we sunk this low? He packed Nick Sabins clipboard around for years. Couldn't he at least tried to sneak a peek at that clipboard?

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We can't run. We can't stop the run. We cannot put pressure on the QB. We will not be able to protect our own QB. We cannot run a kick or punt back for a decent return. We have to punt the ball sideways so the returner will not run the kick back for a touchdown. We cannot play a good sec team for 4 quarters. In those games we totally give up on the run...well, because we can't. Sorry, I already said we can't run. I am a huge UT fan but have absolutley nothing to be optimistic about in this game. We lose big. Then again, What's new about that? Dogs win 48-13.

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Facts. This team was 1-7 in the SEC last year. A lose to a very bad KY team. Nothing has changed. Florida is down by Florida standards. We are better right? Yet the gap still seems extreme. Please get us a new coach. This is the same ole song that we all know the words to. I was hoping things were going to be different but they are not. We were again totally dominated in the second half. Dooley's marquee win to date? NC State. I have had enough...

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Of all the post I have read, nobody gets it. The Dooley supporters say that he deserves another chance even if this year is a disaster. People, he never deserved a chance to coach at Tennessee to begin with. It took Alabama several years to figure out how to become relevant again. Bust open the piggy bank and give the coach everybody wants an offer he cannot refuse. I believe "every" coach has a price. I will be glad when the powers that be figure this out and we can get back to 9+ wins. Until then we all can sit back and pray for close games with Ky. and Vandy and watch blowout loses to the teams that really matter. If you are expecting anything else you are in total denial...

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How are we going to make it after we lose his 3.2 points per game? He was a highly sought after player coming out of high school. He obviously had other interests other basketball. Look at his frame. He is a prototype for what a scoring machine should be. 6'9", strong and lean. Put Sky Mcbee in Swiperboys body and you get 18+ points a night. Good luck young man.

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Wow. I do understand that this is a business. I really thought that the Titans had a real good chance of signing him. As far as Tennessee's favorite son goes, I feel that that has been tarnished not just a little but alot. Bud Adams pushed the chips in the middle of the table and said he is all in. Not only behind close doors but publicly. I would venture to say that 90% of Vol fans are Tiatns fans as well. Peyton will probably have several reasons for not coming to the Titans and I can hardly wait to hear them. All of you Vols fans that follow Peyton around like 10 year old girls at at a Justin Bieber concert need to get at grip. I really felt that Bud Adams had personal reasons for signing Manning but also understood the gift that would be delivered to the people of Tennessee. Thanks for trying Bud. I now look at you in a different light. As for Mr. Manning? I look at you in a different light as well...

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Wow! The finance dept. is starting to sound like ol' Vandy , We don't care if we go to a bowl. Let's just mooch off the other teams that are good enough to go to a bowl. It is sad that we have traded places with Vanderbilt as the leeches of the SEC. I never thought I would see this day.

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If he starts playing this season that means his one and done will be over and he can go directly to the NBA in only three months...He needed a team he could play for immediately and showcase his talents on the National level. If he is as good as advertised I doubt UT has him around next year. Some of Jan., Feb, and some of March and he's gone.

I think you are wrong about that. He is not qualified to play in the NBA until his graduating class has completed one year of schooling. He will have to play the full 2012-13 season.

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Best news out of ktown in a long tome...

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Nothing that comes from UT shocks me anymore...

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I have been a huge UT fan my whole life. With the issues in basketball and the enormous dropoff in football, I think I am going to give UT athletics a break. It looks like I am not alone. 20 thousand plus empty seats at Neyland says I am not alone.

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If you hire a head coach from La. Tech., his trophy cabinet had better be full...

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On a side note. The all-time top 10 has two Vols. What do you think?

Such a subjective poll. I agree with him. Before I realized who the author was I said to myself, this guy can't be from the Northeast...Paul Hornung won the Heisman with only 2 wins under his belt. Sorry Johnny. One of the greatest moments in baseball according to the mainstream media is Carlton Fisk's homerun in the 75 world series...uuhhhh...the Red Sox lost the series. Just sayin.

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Wow. What a difference a few years make. Our consistant 3rd quarter collapses reminds me of Vanderbilt. It is sad that we are turning into doormats in the SEC. At this point I would have to say that Vandy is taking a step foward while we are taking a step back. What really bothers me the most is Vandy is playing football much better that we a school where football doesn't really matter...

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If you hire a coach from La Tech you had better make sure his trophy case is full...

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If you cannot be motivated enough to excel at UT, how can you be motivated to excel at Mcneese St? It's like dumping the homecoming queen for the short fat chick nobody wants to dance with...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I needed a good laugh today.

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I would guess since he has made three different stops in his college career with only 1 year left to play, it only makes sense for him to stay and hope for the best. I do like his attitude now. In reality, he his only one snap away from being the starter. I am sure at some point in this season he will take some meaningful snaps.

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two words...

Brad Stevens

As of today. He is not only the best up and coming coach, he is the absolute best coach period. Over the last 2 years his NCAA tourney run is just plain stupid (9-1). This coming from a mid-major makes it almost unbelievable. At this point, if he parted the waters I probably wouldn't blink. I would love to see him come to Tennessee but I do not think there is enough money in k-town to get him here.

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I hate to say it, but UT is not going to get a top-end coach. They will not invest in the right coach. Open up your wallet or dust off the big black curtains. Hopefully they will realize that basketball does matter here. Everybody raves about Dickey being a great AD. He never truly thought that basketball could really work here. What an idiot. Well, the bar has been raised and the entire VOL NATION is wathcing every move. My grandmother once told me that once a dog gets his first taste of a barnyard chicken you can never break him from it. Six years ago we got our first big bite of chicken and we liked it. I hope the powers that be doesn't try feed us garbage and tell us it tastes like chicken. Thanks to Coach Pearl the sleeping giant has awakened and must be fed. I really admire the Tide for saying that football matters in Alabama then finding their guy and letting him write his own check. Great return on their investment.

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Funny, although I attended sporting events all through my tenure at UT, I was always focused on academics. And if I were to give money, it would be to academics. It's almost as if the point of college is to be educated, and not to become a bellicose drunk about athletics.

Withholding funding from the college because of some unimportant change in basektball team leadership is ridiculous. Do you really think the college cares about your $50 or even your $50,000? If so, you were operating under a (mistaken) illusion of control anyway.

The problem with UT and other Division 1 schools is that the beast of athletics has grown out of control into a greedy, corporate whoremongering of athletes. No wonder our coaches often are narcissistic and assume they are above the rules.

I look forward to when the students actually protest something of import, like the current wars or fiscal policies or anything that actually matters.

wow! I am really surprised to see someone of your stature visiting our forrum of worthless babel an discontent. Maybe your time would be better served writing tidbits of left-wing commentary on Michael Moore's forrum. Your "save the trees-kill the babies" mentality will not receive alot satisfaction on this site.

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It is amazing to me that of all the statements on this forrum, not one has mentioned the bad loss to Michigan in the tourney. It shows that most fans on here are mature enough to see the big picture. I do not believe that TN's worst loss of the Pearl era was a coincidence. I hope they can figure out where those big black curtains are that use to hide multi-thousands of empty seats at TBA. I hear those things have not been used in over 6 years...another amazing coincidence.

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Thanks Mike for the facts before CBP is fired. I hope that the public outcry after the MH blunder will let the powers that be what is really at stake here. I think CBP has been punished enough. The Tressel screw up really helped CBP and the board needs to take advantage of it. When you do not know what to do sometimes it is best to do nothing. When the SEC suspended CBP for the first 8 SEC games, this was a huge blow to the basketball program. I felt that the punishment fit the crime. When the buckeyes originally suspended JT for the first 2 games of the season the country didn't buy it. I think we should just sit back and watch Ohio S. fall flat on their face and continue to support CBP. I visited my dad yesterday only to see him in a dismal drunken state. I asked him what he thought of the UT Mich. game? He replied in a disoriented fashion, "well, let's put this way, Pearl is no Ray Mears". I thought about it a second and said, "you're right, Mears took his very best players to the big dance and got beat by a lower seeded Syracuse team. Besides the numbers between the 2 are nowhere close". To support the firing of CBP one is suporting the return to the bowells of mediocrity. Just sayin...

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You are an idiot. People kill me when they get on this forum and make comments that are not true and loose all credibility. The very first year that all recruits on the floor were CBP and not Buzz Peterson's, the vols went to the The Elite 8 and were 1 possesion away from a Final 4...yes, you are still an idiot.

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"The injury relates to being denied reaching the semifinals for a fourth consecutive year."

Strange, we made the semifinals in the SEC tournament last year when we played Kentucky on Saturday in Nashville.

Tennessee also played in the championship game against Miss St. 3 maybe 4 years ago. If you are going to be critical of you the vols please have your facts in order or your comments loose a lot of validity. Just sayin...

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you are the kind of idiot that would travel to knoxville and brag about poisoning "the rock"...

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Let's all just hope that the selection committee takes a long hard look at this team and realizes that TN don't deserve to be in the NCAA tournament.

If not the vols then who? Everybody needs to look around the nation and see how bad the rest of the country is. With a #2 sos and a rpi in the 30's the vols are a dead it.
I am sure The Big Least will have 10 teams in with 8 of them being gone before the sweet 16. I have learned over the last few years that The Big Least is really over-rated. The vols beat 2 of their best teams rather handally so what does that tell you? If Tobias and Hopson can get on the same page this team could really be good. How in the world can you beat a team that shoots 82% in the 2nd half? Not many teams in the country could have beat the gators tonight. we played about as well as we could have played with the exception of S. Hopson.

Written on 6-foot-11 Lekan Ajayi to make official visit to Tennessee this weekend:

6'11" that can run the floor well and block shots is only considered a 2 star? go figure...

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If this were a presidential poll they would call it a mandate. No, real Tennessee fans don't think that the slime at ESPN should tell us when we need to fire our coaches.If he lied about giving money or benefits then fire him. Just stupid to fire the best head coach in the history of UT Basketball for lying over a barbecue.

We could not control it when ESPN basically took the Heisman Trophy away by admitting they had to create a race by promoting Woodson more that Manning. Lets not let them try to get rid of our coach just because they want him gone.

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game summary:

Florida loses best player but decides to still play him.(COACHING CHOKE)
Tatum misses front end of 1 and 1 that worst case would have sent the game to OT.(CHOKE)
Florida takes the lead driving the smallest guy on the court to the basket. (maybe smallest in the building)
Goins launches up a prayer off balance shot that had no chance of going in. (MATH CHOKE-ONLY DOWN BY 2)
This team does not have a clue how to finish a game.

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I guess they would all rather go play for mississippi gulf community college. so that would make that 09 recruiting class basically non existant. I dont see too much improvement now for next year, especially defensively. We are going backwards on d. Oh yea, who in the hell is peter sirmon and how did he get our lb coach job?

Dude, are you kidding me? Have you watched any Titans football since they have been in Tennessee? Sirmon was a LB for the the TN Titans for several years. He has the respect of the players for being a great athelete and the respect from the other coaches for his knowledge of the game. He will probably be a D1 coach one day. People just need to calm down. Players come and players go. This is nothing new.

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I think Desmond Howard should keep his big mouth shut along with the rest of the Big 10 filled cast of ESPN. He won the Heisman Trophy although like another Michigan player I know, did not deserve it. If Michigan played in the SEC, they'd be lucky to finish 6 - 6 every year. Go Mr. Simms, punch his lights OUT!!!!

It is DH's job to critique players. His comment hit home because it was probably true at the time. Matt simms has showed signs of immaturaty and appears to get it honest. Just sayin...

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I think it will probably take many years for UT fans to realize how good he was at UT. He played in an era of with very few celebrations. He is finally getting his due. A person cannot achieve what he has without alot of hard work and dedication. We are proud of you and I speak for the vol nation in saying that.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

They are spending alot of time with a certain poll...hope they don't go blind.

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grammar police pull over. You just wrote a paragraph but abbreviated "problem"? Seriously are you that lazy?


Oh, sorry for the abbreviations. Let me translate.

Written on Vols beat Georgia on Brian Williams' shot at buzzer, 59-57:

I have watched Briam Williams play just about every game he has played at UT. He has been every officials whipping boy for years. He has received countless bad calls. I feel that tonight has been a long time coming. If you watch the replay you will see the ball coming off the rim longer than the GA player realizes. He is actually moving backwards into BW and then fouls BW but no call on that. Not complaining, just glad we won. I am very glad for Big Brian!!!

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As a Kentucky fan, I do not feel Bruce has done anything different than most D1 coaches do. So, I don't think less of him morally and do not have a problem with him.

Objectively, I do feel that if he were at other programs he would be fired, and I am very surprised that UT is hanging on to him. Of course, I am sure UK fans would hang onto Cal the same way - ha. UT fans have orange-colored glasses on this issue, just like - frankly - UK fans have blue-colored glasses when it comes to bad things with our program.

I do think UT needs to understand how this looks to outsiders, and I do think the weight of this will have a worsening effect on the program. If Bruce hangs on, it will have lingering bad effects on the program and I think there will be a few lean years before UT recovers fully. Expect the NCAA - because they can - to come down harder than I think UT fans are expecting, and this steady drumbeat by pundits and others will influence the NCAA.

UT is a quality school and program, and bruce has done great things for the program. But the program is bigger than Bruce, and I have no doubt UT could get a very quality coach and keep up the recent winning tradition.

Again, I am not speaking bad things about Bruce, just that UT fans need to understand how this looks to outsiders and will affect recruiting and other aspects of the program.

I do admire UT fans for digging in their heals however. True grit! We'll see, more chapters to be written in this book, for sure.

(oh, great win yday over Vandy - to comeback like that says alot about your kids)

If big blue fans are more worried about outside perception, why did you hire coach that left a graveyard of schools in his path? UK fans kill me. If you are worried only about perception why didn't you hire a nun? You hired coach Cal because all you cared about was winning. How has coach Cal hurt your program? As long as you are a winner the kids will keep coming. This is not about a "feel good story". It is about putting a product out there that will put butts in the seats and keep you relevant in the basketball world (ESPN gameday). This is a business and UT clearly understands that,

Written on Pearl: Comeback was a 'confidence builder' :


(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If UT basketball is average and irrelavant, why do you waste your time by posting comments on this forrum? Your comment was not well thought out when you made the comment "average and irrelevant". That was UT before CBP. I sense hatred in your words that greatly takes away from your valitaty. Maybe you should get some help for your mental short-comings. I'm sure your therapist would tell you that it would not be good for you to visit this site during your rehabilitation process...

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Vitale said 99% of schools in America would fire Bruce . I hope we remain in the 1% that don't.

DV is a nitwit. I understand the commentary and opinions by the color guys, but that comment could not be based on facts. Just like I said, let the punishment fit the crime. We clearly understand the allegations. If you are talking numbers, 99% of all vol fans do not want to fire him. Trust me Mr. V, that is the only one that matters. I will be glad when the witch hunt is over.

Written on Running back David Oku to transfer:

People seem to forget. This kid was recruited really hard by Fulmer and almost did not come to TN because of CLK. I do not credit Kiffin for getting Oku. This kid came really close to changing his mind when CPF was fired. Just get the facts right. I give Oku credit for staying with the school even when the coach got the rug pulled out from under him. Too many times we see the recruit have a man-crush on a coach and wants to leave when he leaves. Kids need to choose the school and not the coach. I wish you luck David.

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It's a shame that UT let Florida win this in OT, ridiculous. UT should've won by double digits.

The outcome was just what I predicted it would be. Preacher, I am sure we both see the big the picture and we are on the same page in just about every way, but I have to disagree with your comment. Florida is a really good team that is very, and I mean VERY well coached. There bigs took Brian Williams to school at will. They set and run screens better than any team TN has played this year. If the gators had hit their freethrows they would have won by double digits with no OT required. I do not know if CBP could have got us this one. I have watched the vols play about every game this year and they played about as well as they can play. It hurts to say that but I am afraid it's true. I am hoping we can keep the wheels on just long enough to slide into the NIT. My enormous pre-season expectations have been reduced to reality.

Written on Pearl felt ‘helpless’ watching Vols lose to Arkansas:

I am a big fan of CBP and the vols. We keep hearing CBP say he is going to fix it but it doesn't seem to get fixed. He says he is tweaking with the chemistry but he doesn't seem to find it. These are pleasant ways for the coach to say that his team is not very good. It hurts to say it but we all should no it by now. If there are fans out there that are surprised at the outcome of the ARK. game you are obviously in denile. I will continue to watch all of the games but will not expect us to win any of the remaining games on our schedule. Will we win any? I am sure we will win some. There will be a few games in which we will stay close and somehow win a few at the end. I have never seen a team have such a great start and have the wheels come off. Our chance of winning the east are next to none. Our goal should be trying to somehow play .500 ball in the conference and hope the ncaa wil let us in the tourney with our strong SOS. With our standing with the ncaa right now the last place we want to be in sitting on the bubble come selection time. Don't expect any favors from the ncaa because we ain't gonna get any.

Written on A new routine: Vols adjusting to game days without Bruce Pearl :

Bruce was blind-sided by the ncaa and did not answer the questions honestly. He did come clean on his own account. All UT fans are asking is please let the punishment fit the crime. I am very proud of UT for standing their ground to keep CBP. The ncaa can rip TN to pieces but it should not be any of their business if we want to keep him. This will blow over and things will return to normal because there is nothing more to this story. On the other hand, I cannot wait for Mr. Newton to break down and start digging up mason jars in the backyard in the middle of the night. It is easy to get rid of hamburgers and hotdogs but very hard totally hide large sums of cold hard cash...

Written on Bruce Pearl plans to 'make some tough decisions' :

Everybody is worried about chemistry. After T. Harris and a very inconsistent S. Hopson, who do you have? CBP uses the phrase "looking for chemistry" instead of saying I can't find anybody that can play. Kind of like using the word "misled". Well, maybe I shouldn't go there. Maybe a youth movement would be the way to go. I would not pick the vols to beat any team in the sec if they had to play them tomorrow. I have not seen a D-1 team this year that did not have 3 point shooting in their line-up. The vols need to find somebody that can shoot and soften up a zone or it is going to be a long year. Do basketball players not know how to shoot anymore? Has things changed that much? Well, I tell you this, I have seen some of these mid-majors who have players that can shoot the lights out. Maybe CBP can recruit some basketball players instead of atheletes. Just sayin...