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There's alot of if's with this years team. If we can get strong pg play and Maymon is healthy all the other pieces are already there. They will be a long and lean team that just may be able to press a little and even break a press. Should be able to score in the 70's and 80's most games. Its not a stretch to say this could be an elite 8 squad.

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If Bray had the work ethic Coach Cutcliffe would have made him a first rounder. Dooley did'nt help him any. Should have gotten his attention his soph yr. Really glad he has moved on. Scouting him you will see that he only goes through a 2 reciever progression and if they are not open in 2 seconds he will throw the ball away, he can not extend the play. Hopefully our next QB will be able give to the recievers 3 or 4 seconds to run a route.

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Let's go ahead and sign his little (BIG) brother. I said earlier that he would go over seas,I"M NOT ALWAYS RIGHT but that was a very wise decision that Stokes made. Like to see him lose about 15 lbs, that might improve his quickness aroung the rim. MUST become reliable at the FT stripe. Outside jumper would be a plus. SMASH THE KITTY CATS!

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Getting bags packed heading over seas.

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Bray had a great deal of help last season. He had a very sound offensive line blocking, decent running game and outstanding receivers. Alot of QB's could have posted the same maybe even better stats than he put up. Great QB's can stand in the pocket and deliver while eating a blitzing LB's helmet. NFL pressure will destroy Bray.

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Being in the right position on def is first and foremost. The next biggest concern is speed. Last season we could'nt run anyone down, that scares me the most. Thirdly when we do catch them we need to hear the whistle blow.

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How can you be one and done in the NIT if you have two players ready for the NBA? Thats not a big step thats a giant leap.

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Remember Goldon is not a true point. He was forced into that position because no one else could play it. If he could slide over to the 2 guard his game would improve. McBee does not belong with the starters, he cant shoot nor play D. Stokes shows no heart, he's slow and gives no more than 50%. Man these boys could'nt hit the ocean if they were standing on a offshore oil rig.

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My first hire would be a speed coach!!!

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"BREAKING NEWS" Just released the Newport Roosters grasscutter assistant place kicker holder coach has spurned Dave Hart's offer to be HC at the University of Tennisshoe. More on this breaking news tonight at 11.

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Dont win many games scoring in the 30s this is not the Ray Mears era.


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This team would put Kevin O'neal to sleep. zzzz's

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Twenty seconds, down by one we jack up 2 trey's. Stokes takes 3 shots the entire game. Sit (cant hit three McBee) and go low to Stokes and win game. Cuonzo really needs to evaluate his offensive game plan. Should had upset a top 20 team that their only loss is to Hoosiers in OT. Put this one on the coach. HURRY BACK MAYMON!!!

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Its time to pay out the BIG money. We need a big time coach that can recruit 4 and 5 star SEC calibur players and be able to coach on both sides of the ball. This defense is the worst ive seen in a very long time. The Chavis era gave up a few 3rd and long but for the most part he was successful. No pass rush, no bump and run, cant get off a block, out of position, and this goes on game after game. This is not rebuilding, we look like a conference usa team. Fulmer doesnt look so bad now.

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The Vols have the talent to keep it close. With some breaks UT can win.

That is if they don't fold when adversity comes.

I think they'll keep it closer than the spread but Georgia's over all talent and depth will be too much to overcome.

Dogs 31 Vols 27

But if they get some breaks...

If Bray gets pressured alot this game will get ugly fast. I dont think Georgia will set back and and give him time. They know if they get in his face its a pick.

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It hurts but 41-10 bulldogs.

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Our defence seems quite slow. I know florida can run past alot of teams, But Akron ran past us at times. Our coners played way to soft on Akrons wide's, seems like if we played bump and run on them we could have jumped a few slants for INT,S. The tight coverage would have caused the QB to hold the ball longer,and maybe cause a sack or two. I believe Sal new the lack of speed we have and gave them the short stuff so we wouldent get beat deep. Georgia will run the ball to set up the deep ball. Not being a basher but i see a 41-10 game. What do see?

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OACH! someone pinched me.

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If wanye would finish with power instead of head fakes and layups he could avg. 25 a game, he has that kind of talent. The whole team is kinda soft. Hopson is to laid back and tentative.

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Yeah, and I'm sure you are model of unbridled effort in all phases of your life. Loser.

Oh gosh another Pearl dingal berry.

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Wont get much from him @ 100%, never have. Lazy like about 2 thirds of em.

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St John wasn't to far behind them the other night with that 14 point loss! The time is coming when the mighty will fall!

TO MUCH CHAMPAGNE, just a warmup game. As long as Moore is there they'll be MOORE titles.

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prob the no. 4 team but still light years behind UCONN.

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ES&D! ;)

In the past going threw the sec was pretty much a breeze. Now days the girls are struggling. Same coach same philo just not the same quality of recruits... agree?

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Since Parker, Pat hasnt recruited a star player. U Conn would beat L vols by 40. At this rate 08 will be her last championship.

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This should not have been such a hard win, but our lack of chemistry,fundamentals and ability to finish around the basket puts us in a pickle sometimes. Wayne needs to throw it down instead of banking it in.HE IS 6 9 right.

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Adams isnt even qualified to run a paper route for the NEWPORT PLAIN TALK.

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hopson is not agressive. one or two times a game he shows what he CAN DO. SKYLAR has the big head now he wants to shoot the 3 every time he touches the ball. Hes not Lofton, and never will be.

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dooley is a diamond in the rough, bank it.

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How can Georgia be ranked ahead of us, we took them to the shed?

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doesnt take much to win it when the media wants you to have it. Just ask Charles woodson. Its not the best player , its the most hyped.

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no.2 is the beast

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their doing us like auburn did, tampa 2 is no good against the wild stuff.

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You have got to respect your coach... Hes been noted as a lazy player, these young men have been spoon feed ever since their high school coach thought they were D-1 players. They are being payed to practice,play and conduct their selves the best they can. They may not like the way things are but the coach is still the boss. Theres alot of kids that would love to have a free ride.

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I believe if NS or NL were accurate in the short to medium range passing game the offense would be ok. Kiffin has got to take the load off the defense. Auburn ripped our D time after time, mostly after they were gassed. How many teams have to waste 2 timeouts on D. That alone should show Kiffin a change has to be made. Stevens may not be any better but hes gave Crompton 5 games to improve and he hasnt. Why beat a dead horse? Just break in a new colt.

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Last year Jones had 30 catches, 323 yrds and 4 tds, he needs to get the ball. He got it last year, there shoudnt be a drop off should be an increase.

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I hear they have some 3D glasses for crapton to help him see better.

hope somebody sneaks over to ohio's bench and butter up their db's gloves. If they do JC might get out with only two INT.

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it doesnt matter, kenYUCKY is loading up. Hate to say it but the other 11 in the sec will be playing 2nd fiddle.

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the only thing he is disgusted about is the seven pics his wonder boy JC has tossed up.

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bout right, but how bad it is to have a defense and running game this good and be stuck with Cromp. Gotta put it on Fulmer for not recruiting a decent QB.

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Riverrat say witch doctor need to quit straddling fence, him is 2 faced, believe them bones starting to decay.

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Hope Witch_Doctor spell work this time, JC killen us VOL fans.

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I couldn't agree with ya more...besides, it doesn't soley lie on JC's shoulders....any football fan that somewhat studies the game can see that.

how much are u guys being paid to say these things? Around here you would think JC was obama.

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"Quirky Stats: The Bobcats have yet to rush for a touchdown in 2009. They have, however, returned interceptions for TDs in their past two games."

That's a bit scary...

if JC plays make it 3 in a row

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riverrat say WITCH_DOCTOR weak, need mix more potion man him man back up.

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Folks need to get off Crompton and publicly jabbing him. It's not going to make matters any better. More than anyone else, Crompton knows that his performance hasn't been up to his standards or the coaches' standards; however, the public beating he has taken is unwarranted.

It's a game, people. All UT fans want to see the Vols win. What fan doesn't want to see their team get a "W"? But, the Vols winning or losing shouldn't be made bigger than life.

No one deserves the threats, boos or personal criticism that Crompton's had to take.


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What do think that all of ya'lls crying and whinning is gonna do?...make Crompton play better?...NO! Hope that Kiffin goes with Stephen?...NOT HAPPENING!!!.....Just stop being little bitc*es!! There is no hope for Crompton there is no changing that...get over it!! it is what it is!! We have what we have!!! Stephens is no better (2 coaching staffs have decided that) So all of your crying does nobody any good! Just go out and support what we have...things will get better but until then quit your F-ING crying about Crompton!!!!


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We can pass for 600 yards against Ohio, but that want help a thing. All the yards and points against Western Kentucky Elementry didnt help not one bit when we faced UCLA and UF. Gotta have production at the most important position (QB). Crompton may have a decent game 2maro but what happens when we play AU, UG and the others? I'll answer that 4 u, INT CITY.