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Written on Seniors Taber Spani, Kamiko Williams have formed unlikeliest of friendships:

Gosh, I'd love to be there at the game. I'm originally from Kansas City and lived there when KC won Super Bowl. Have followed Taber since she committed to LV and followed her father while he was with the Chiefs. Would love to meet them both and say HI. I am going to be at SEC Tournament in Duluth, so, who knows, maybe I'll see them there. Hey Gary, "Hail to the Chiefs"

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

VERY DISAPOINTED, in total shock!

Written on Former Vol R.A. Dickey fighting sex trade in India:

I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. Unless we personally experience such depravity, we can't imagine the scope. God bless R.A.'s efforts and his daughters for their sacrifice for humanity.

Written on Meighan Simmons' big second half leads Lady Vols at Auburn, 75-66:

Well, we were there, drove over to Auburn in the cold. There was a very small crowd and I agree with most of the posts made here. They were scrappy and it got us out of our game. They were mugging our inside players and that caused our offense to sputter. Thankfully 3/4 through the game we took charge and played our game. We were at a loss on the technical foul, it was not explained to the crowd. Winning made the drive home a lot more pleasant, GLV

Written on Simcox trying to live the dream with Vols:

This story could end up being so much like Rudy, it's scary. Maybe he'll make the play to save a win for Vols one day! God Bless him and GBO.

Written on Nick Reveiz joins Carson-Newman as graduate assistant :

As a 77 Grad of C-N, proud to have such a great player at Alma Mater. Will be a great experience to prepare him to coach UT linebackers in the future. GBO

Written on Video highlights of the Tennessee-Auburn game:

We made it to the game, very small turnout due to cold, I guess. I was really concerned for the first 3/4 of the game because their scrappy defense made our inside game non-existent. Surprised we didn't use the zone defense like we have recently. Glad the LV pulled it out in the end, made the ride home much merrier. GLV

Written on Lady Vols aim to take care of 'the little things' against Auburn :

Same here, I'll be in the wheelchair section with my wife. Hope to see many LV fans there! GLV, submarine the War Eaglets. WE BACK PAT!!!

Written on Bashaara Graves named SEC Freshman of the Week a fourth time:

Way to go B ! We'll be there at Auburn Thursday in the wheelchair section with our "We Back Pat" shirts on. Send the War Eaglettes crashing to the court!

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

This is precisely why I'm not too dissapointed about Bray leaving. Maybe new Coach will find a dual threat for us. We can only hope.

Written on John Adams: Vols head up All-SEC NFL team :

7 former Vols (VFLs) in the total speaks well of our program. Can't wait untill we return to prominance. GBO

Written on Lady Vols back to square No. 1 after loss to Stanford :

I understand that Hollie is very disappointed, but I thought the girls showed tenacity toward the end and it took some special time-outs and extra coaching by Tara to keep Stanford from losing control. We didn't give up! We're very young team what with losing all 5 starters from last year. But, even with a young team, we're still playing the best teams in the Nation. This will pay off for us down the road. We'll be at the game on the 28th, hope all you will be as well, let's support these Lady VFLs.

Written on John Adams: Cordarrelle Patterson will leave highlights, regrets behind :

All the money they can make PLUS why would they want to endure another transition year just to prove they are VFLs? It just seems a no-brainer to me, go make the dough. Not to mention a chance at injury if they stay. I can't blame them if they go even though I personally would love to watch them another year. They have to do what is in their best interest. Wouldn't you?

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

Come on guys,his wife is a professional singer and Knoxville is not LA for that career, heck it aint even Nashville. Also, one poster made mention that he should want to be near his son in TN. Did you ever think that his wife might not like him being so close to a child's mother "from a prior relationship"?

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