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Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

Fulmer's huge ego gets in the way of him accepting responsibility for his failures. Failures that can only be laid at his feet. Phil needs humility...badly.

Written on Georgia, South Carolina single game tickets on sale:

80.00 is such a ripoff...UT should be embarrassed.

Written on Mo Couch is Vols' third defensive lineman to get dinged:

When you gonna show up Pig?

Written on Fulmer has interest in joining selection committee:

We already have two teams probably qualified for this seasons playoffs that will be undeserving...Ohio State and Louisville. Both will go undefeated because neither play anyone of significance. This committee has to discern and weed out teams that have weak schedules.

Written on Butch Jones says freshman DE Corey Vereen might miss only 5-6 weeks:

The few stars that we have had over the last four years have been bit by the injury bug. We need a break from the football gods to get this thing turned around. Everyone think more injuries.

Written on Jacob Carter asked to lead group of receivers he's behind in Tennessee's depth chart:

I hate to see Jacob Carter not getting reps. This kid is a winner. He gets open AND catches the ball. He is the definition of a possession receiver.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

Adams is the master of the obvious. No insight here. If he had a novel thought we would be shocked.

Written on Butch Jones goal is simple: Rebuild the Vols:

A superb article.

Written on Mike Strange: Like moths to an SEC flame, the coaches come:

The best coaches want to coach in the best league against the best coaches. You can't be the best if not competing against the best.

Written on Ariel Massengale assists Team USA in winning gold medal:

Ariel has a lot of ability but has hurt herself in the past with passes that go to no one and lackluster defense. Being in better shape and more experience may help this season but I am looking forward to seeing the new point guard. I'm still looking for another Marciniak to come along.

Written on Men's sprint coach Rohsaan Griffin resigns; throws coach position filled by John Newell:

JJ Clarke has done a terrible job coaching men's track. He needs to be replaced immediately. We have fallen from the best to the worst in the SEC and nationally.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

Adams is the worst writer the KNS ever had...what a joke he is.

Written on Jarnell Stokes held scoreless in U.S. victory:

This is sign of his lack of growth from his previous two years. He is just too passive. This is against boys 19 and under as well.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

Urban is a scumbag that will do anything,anything to keep a lawbreaker playing. I'll never forget how he let a suspended player come back for the UT game and then went back to suspended status. What a poor example of male leadership and ethics he provides.

Written on Mike Strange: What sport wins Tennessee's next national title?:

Men's track and swimming has gone away. Hart needs to address this and stop fiddling around.

Written on Josh Richardson not worried about overcrowding in UT's backcourt:

Four guards are great and will allow full court pressing but playing Maymon and Stokes together is a must. The inside passing will be terrific.

Written on Pat Summitt excited about 'Pat XO' documentary:

I have always been a fan of Pat and her LadyVol BB teams. I guess her greatest team to me was the one that had Michelle Marciniak and Kelly Jolly as guards. The defense and ballhandling was tremendous.

The signature moment for me as a fan though came during a semi-final game a few years ago,I think it was in Detroit,when during a timeout Pat was talking to the girls and they seemed distracted instead of listening to her. She slammed her hand down on top of the scorers table and the pop that it made had the scorers jumping up from their seats and the girls startled. Pat then said,"we are not leaving here without a championship". The team went back out on the floor and won the game and the rest is history.

Pat knew when to use the stick.

Written on UT to honor Pat Summitt with statue, plaza:

Gosh,would it not have been nice to see UT honor the General in a similar way instead of locking him up behind a fence under the stadium where no one can see him?

UT can do the stupidest things giving the greatest kicking coach,George Cafego,that ever lived,and a hall of famer,a used van when he retired after 45 years at UT.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' dilemma: ticket sales down, SEC travel costs up:

This is not's the price of tickets dummy.

Written on John Adams: Preseason line on UT isn't all bad:

in response to fearthehound:

There are 15 posts to this story as I type, and of those 15, 6 are dedicated to reponding to geauxteamscrub. That represents 40% of the posts--that's 40% of our time wasted responding to a slimy loser troll who gets his jollies having people respond to his pathological silliness. Maybe we could spend our time better--we could have conversations between real fans. What do you guys think? Can we ignore the pathetic losers?

Exactly...responding to trolls is a waste of time and space...and stupid.

Written on Titans agree to terms with WR Justin Hunter:

Just like most days there is nothing worth reading on this site.

Written on Funds need to be raised to raze Stokely Athletic Center:

My Dad use to take me to games at Stokely when I was a kid. Saw Maravich and Kentucky's fab five there. I just can't bring myself to donate money to tear it down. Coach Mears had great teams there.

Written on Sea of crimson in Big Orange country for Nick Saban speech:

Settling for mediocre performance from his coaching staff is what cost Fulmer his job.

Written on John Adams: Recruit's SEC endorsement worth repeating:

The SEC is now the semi-NFL.

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

Great job this year Ladies. You will be proud of what you accomplished twenty years from now.

Written on Former UT graduate assistant Marc Gesualdo: Stop burying Julie Hermann:

Julie Hermann has been sued twice for discrimation at two different schools and lost both cases. The ENTIRE team of her players signed that letter and you were not even there...especially in the ladies locker room.

And it's a classic case of what my mother use to call "selective memory" in Hermann's case.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

I am so proud of Ellen Renfro. She has the heart of a lion and performed brilliantly. She unfortunately lost the game but it was not her doing as UT's defense failed her at critical times.

The two pop ups that we dropped and the missed tag at third just killed us. Still I am very proud of this LadyVol team as they showed their toughness and desire. Get over the heartache of this loss and fight back even tougher.

Written on Tennessee Vols building on brick theme:

I drove by the stadium on Friday and saw that the wonderful statue of Neyland is locked up inside the gates of the stadium and you can't even see it.

Why in the heck did they not put that statue in the middle of gate 21's plaza where people can enjoy it? Stupid choice.

Written on John Adams: Reasons for football, men's basketball, baseball teams to be optimistic :

The deal that the young fan mentioned...I have thought the same thing.

Written on John Adams: Recruiting will condition Lady Vols for basketball success:

The game has changed as more teams have athletic players now. Pat's last teams were fat and slow and could not have played well against UConn. In fact they would have been blown out.

UT got so many points off of turnovers during Pat's glory years with pressure defense. I am glad that Holly realizes what it will take to get back to the top. Let's hope she gets it done.

Written on Joan Cronan voices support for Julie Hermann:

I am extremely disappointed in Joan Cronan defending an abusive coach that also happens to be a liar. Hermann was respnsible for costing our university 150,000 dollars for discrimination against another woman and is clearly lying about not remembering her deeds. No one forgets their charges calling them out for being an a-- in a letter signed by their entire team. Her statement about not remembering is patently ridiculous.

Written on Rutgers stands by new AD despite abuse allegations while at Tennessee:

She is a liar and is so arrogant that she denies ever having this meeting with her entire team that confronted her. Pathetic hire and the Rutgers president should be fired over it.

Written on Dick Evey, who played for Vols from 1961-63, dies at 72 :

As a kid I remember watching him play at UT. He was a tremendous physical specimen. Sorry to hear of his passing.

Written on Tyler Bray has moved beyond 'stupid mistakes' at Tennessee:

How convenient That Tyler is buckling down now that he's forced to. Too bad Dooley didn't force him to earlier.

Written on Holly Warlick, Brian Pensky recommended firing of strength coach Heather Mason:

Tennessee is a right to work state. That means you don't need a reason to fire anyone.

Written on Holly Warlick, Brian Pensky recommended firing of strength coach Heather Mason:

Look at the difference that the UConn center made in her physic over her four years and look at the overweight post players that we had in Pat's last years. The men's BB strength is guilty as well. Wayne Chism spent four years here and never gained any muscle or definition.

This is a very demanding job that requires real talent. We should try to hire UConn's strength coach.

Written on With contract to expire, UT working on new deal for Pat Summitt:

in response to voloffaith:

Lil sarcasm...but does the sun ever shine in your neighborhood? She will be out of the picture sometime in the future as things progress. Can you allow a little more thanks til that time comes? Would you have wanted Coach Ray Mears treated badly in his last years? Thanks Coach Summitt !! The University could never really pay you enough to show their thanks and ours as Alumni.

I was friends with Ray Mears after he "retired" and he was treated poorly by UT. He told me he never made more than 35000 and had NO retirement income from UT. He did finally get tickets to the games...on the second level.

Reminds me of how UT treated our Hall of Fame coach George Cafego...the greatest kicking coach in history when UT forced him out. They gave him the used van that one of the teams had used for years. It had over 100,000 miles on it. Truly a generous gesture don't you think after 40 years at UT?

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

Bray proves once again that you get what you deserve in life.

Written on UT's Justin Hunter selected by Tennessee Titans in NFL draft:

in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Mahelona was 13 years old in 1996.

Journalists who cannot get the basics right are bad news...literally. That's one of the reasons that I have been no longer reading about UT here---the lack of journalistic skills.

Reporters who call head coaches by their first names in print are not able to report on anything in a non-biased way. They have been coopted, and are being used to feed readers what the coach(es) or school want to be reported.

The only question is complicity---is the reporter pimping the news willingly or being deceived. Either way, the possibility of a straight-forward, factually-based news article is minimal.

Now comes proof that even the facts cannot be kept straight.

What happened to several competent sports journalists who used to be at the Knoxville paper?

The paper trades THAT for this?

This sad state of competency has existed at the KNS ever since John Adams has been editor of the sports department.

Written on Mike Strange: Phillip Fulmer: SEC dominance began before seven-year title run:

Losing that 2001 title game to LSU was the biggest disappointment that I have had in over 50 years of following Tennessee football. A chance to play in the Rose Bowl against a Miami team that we most likely would have beaten just absolutely destroyed any confidence I had left in Fulmer. I sat there and couldn't believe the coaching mistakes made in that game.

The worst,and most costly,loss in the history of UT football.

Written on Rawane Ndiaye, Darius Thompson to visit UT:

Martin is doing some strange things in recruiting. Too many projects.

Written on A.J. Johnson, UT linebackers tackling new goals :

The coaches are focusing on improved tackling. To me that is the best way to improve this defense. Just get them on the ground. Missed tackles killed us last year and it has been terrible for many years.

Written on Auriemma ties Summitt with 8th title as UConn crushes Louisville, 93-60:

I hate to admit it but the teams that Geno puts on the floor are far better than anything the LadyVols have produced in years. The precision of their offense and the swarming defense is really impressive. He is without a doubt the best women's coach in the game bar none.

UT must find a way to reach the level of precision of UConn or be relegated to the rest of the teams that get just so far in the tourney and never win it. The obvious gap between us and the teams with the chance to win it all has to be coaching because there's nothing wrong with our recruiting.

Written on Lady Vols approach offseason with urgency, use time as season in itself:

in response to johnlg00:

I think the team will be in great shape with Jones and Burdick at the 3. Jones was showing signs of being able to make the transition you mentioned and Burdick is a natural 3. Massengale reminds me of a statement by Kenny Smith commenting on the NCAA men's tournament coverage. He said that what most people think of as talent in basketball is not nearly as important as the ability to consistently make good decisions in games. There have been occasions when some might question Massengale's talent, but not as many as those when we might question her decision-making. Basketball is a lot like golf in one important respect; it's not the great shots/plays that win in the long run, it's making the RIGHT shot/play ALL THE TIME. Ariel seems to still need to learn that to the point where it becomes a habit. The ability to make good decisions with the ball is what talent IS in a point guard; most of the rest is largely irrelevant at that position.

Massingale was a big problem this year. The off ense never got into a real groove due to her poor decisions. For the life of me I still cannot see why in the world she was starting at the end of the season when Kamiko was available and much better.

I don't know if the coaches can fix her...I have seen freshmen with much better judgement.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

in response to budd#207344:

Your stupidity is so glaring that it blinds me. This game was lost by the players not playing defense. They can play shutdown d because they have done it. They just got intimidated by UL and stopped doing what they were coached to do. Warlick is not the issue and you are stupid to think so

Why does UConn never get intimidated? Coaching. Why does Notre Dame not get itimidated...or Why was Louisville not intimidated against Baylor?

It has to be coaching...I rest my case.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

All this excuse making based on the LadyVols being picked preseason as the fifth place team is BS. Why would that be anywhere close to being valid with eight high school all-americans on the squad? The only validity to it might be that the coaching staff has not taught this squad to play defense properly and cannot pass the ball well. This preseason pick was ridiculous based on talent.

Written on John Adams: Louisville taught UT a big-game lesson :

Well,he got one thing right...Massingale was terrible. I can't believe she is still starting. She gets beat on defense,doesn't rebound and is not a good ballhandler. She makes really bad passes and that's the point guards most important responsibility. I don't get Holly's admiration for her. Oh yeah...she doesn't shoot well either.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Russel will be a great addition but not the anchor. If this team does not get a dominate point guard then we will be stuck in a lower level than the elite teams.