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Helmet needs to change to match up with the uni. A gray helmet with the power T. Now we're talking.

A few months ago I saw a photo of a black helmet with a orange power T outlined in white. It was really sharp looking !

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Good point, I watched MT when he was Mr. Everything at Henry County HS. The man could play any skill position on the field, but he just wasn't cut out to play defense in the SEC. Nice guy though.

Thankyou Beare for the nice comments. I live in Henry County and well remember MT having offers from FLA and AlA among many others. All of Henry County was so proud when he went to Tennessee. Last year our idiot choice made him the scapegoat when the defence looked so bad. If you remember he did well on offence as a freshman !

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Teague should pursue a career as the lead chase vehicle driver.

Very Funny, but he has graduated and will do better with his life than I have with mine !

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Somebody please tell me that I don't have to watch Justin Coleman get burned all season long again. Ugh.

It was funny last year how he was the replacement for Marsalis Teague and yet he did no better ! Praise the Lord Duffus Dooley is gone !

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I can`t remember his name but there`s a JC transfer on the team who looks very good !

I think his name is Riyahd Jones ?

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Our season tickets arrived yesterday. So now I'm getting REALLY excited. Does anyone know who our best prospects are at the d-back positions outside of Coleman?

I can`t remember his name but there`s a JC transfer on the team who looks very good !

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Yes they are very scared !

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In many ways Coach Fulmer was a great Coach but his biggest problem was that many times he was just to conservative in his play calling. It won him some games but it cost him some too ! In his hayday many of his players were so talented they simply overcame the play calling. But win it comes to the National Championship Season AL WILSON had more to do with it than any coach on the staff !

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And to think; if UT had had any kind of defense at all Dooley would still be at Tenn because would have had a winning record and it would have appeared that he had "turned the corner".
But we see all of the behind the scenes damage he had done like NOT working to build relationships within the state with high coaches.

Praise the Lord he is gone, he is a idiot !

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People on here keep knocking Dooley's coaching. I had problems with accepting the kicking game coaching, and I didn't like the coaching of the DB's. However, Dooley seemed to be a good person and he seemed to be very likable. But actually, he never had much to work with. He had spots of great talent but the depth and range just wasn't there. Given a little more time, I believe Dooley would have been successful. You know, you can't teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Really..... I MEAN REALLY ? Did you happen to watch the Mizzo game last year or the Kentucky game the year before or any Tennessee Football the last 3 years ? Unbeleiveable !

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I do not think Bray could overcome the problems created by two words: Derek Dooley. The situation was a mess the entire time Bray played.

Love it ! You are correct Sir !

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I believe we have a COACH.

I do to !

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I don't agree with Brown being awarded but I can live with that... but awarding Corso anything is a disgrace, he was NEVER a good or even decent coach and he is pathetic as an announcer and as a human being. Maybe John "Crimson Red" Adams is on the election team! VFL

" Not So Fast " my friend, why so much hate for Corso ?

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See of the year!

You got that right !

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If Coach Jones could somehow get Jalen Hurd, the Berry Twins and a few more good ones such as Bill Bates son he might be able to get things turned around in a hurry !

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The difference in this game and the previous six-the Vols made their shots in the win streak. Last night, not so much.

You are correct Sir, The Dawgs played well but the Vols shots did not fall !

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Marsalis Teague gave his all for Tennessee and has allready graduated ! He was out of position from day one when the idiot Dooley arrived. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Teague. BTW I saw our former Head Idiot on ESPN Tuesday morning expressing his stupid opinion on Lord Knows What. I immediately changed the channel and now think less of espn. Anyone who doesn`t see Dooley as a fool didn`t watch the Mizzou game ! And while I am at, govolsdid, you Sir are a idiot also !

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Oh My GleenFordsFoible, He at least to whoever`s credit has come from winning programs which is more than can be said for Doolfus. I am not going to say you are wrong, I just hope you are !

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You can hate Vandy with all the mite of your orange bleeding hearts. You can feel the same way about Franklin for a thousand different reasons. But you can`t argue with his results, 2 years and the first 9 win season in 97 years ? I hope Coach Jones can do half as well ! But don`t tell me a real Head Coach can`t make a difference.

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He absolutely should have been fired after the Kentucky game last year. We went the whole season and the team got better at nothing ! One whole season wasted. Yet people get on here and say stupid stuff like if he hadn`t changed the defence we could be 9 and 3. Yea and we would still have a idiot for a head coach !

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I think this guy is light years ahead of the last guy. I'm expecting big things from Coach Jones. G.B.O.!!!

Looking back on it now the last guy may have had his lights on but there was nobody home !

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They don't play defense! CDD made a bad hire and decision to go 3-4 with SS. Imagine if the defense would been in the top 35 like last years? We'd be 10-2 and headed to a big bowl game and CDD would still be coaching. Offense was great and CDD was here. Look at it for what it was and stop bashing CDD it's over.



The problem was Derek Dooley was not coaching ! He was just a idiot standing on the sidlines in orange pants !

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A few weeks ago a friend showed me a picture of a glossy black helmet with a orange power T outlined in white. I`m all for tradition but that thing looked cool !

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100% of your posts come from an idiot.

I was gona call him a idiot to and tell him state missed alot of theirs but your comment is better ! lol

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Man alot of the people on here just need to chill out! Some of you act like you want to throw Tee off a cliff and if you can`t do that you want to jump off yourself. This program will rise or fall whether Tee Martin is here or not!

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I guess we will find out John !

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What Vol fan wouldn't love a coach who only a few days ago was "half bear the other half cat!"

Outstanding Chuck !

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Three years ago when Dooley was hired !

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Time to brig Fulmer back and shut up people like DoltaCharlie3.

Fulmer can beat Muschump.

I would not have a problem with that. Coach Fulmer has served his time in jail. No one loves Tennessee nore than he does. He still may have that " play not to lose mentallity " but you can bet his attitude would be different this time around. The Kids would be motivated and ready to play and for sure they would have the thing they lacked with Dooley : GOOD COACHING !

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There is an underlying reason why no one wants this job. What is being hidden from the fans and media? Makes me wonder.

I have wondered the same thing ever since we went down the list all the way to Kiffen !

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But can he recruit ?

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As far as a new coach. Here would be my first set of questions if I were a candidate. 1. Justin are you staying. 2. Tyler are you staying. 2. Cordelle are you staying. If 3 yeses, then a good coach will come because he will have a NC caliber offense. Go back to the old 4-3 and recruit 2 Eric Berry's. Find one more big linebacker and 2 corner backs and you are on top. But if there is a bus load of defects leaving early, then maybe we can get Western Ky coach or maybe La Tech's coaches and we will have 4 more years of misery.

Not saying you are wrong tenndave but Sonny Dykes at LA. Tech is doing better with Dooley`s players than Dooley did !

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I wish they played as well as he supossedly coach`s.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I don`t care what your politics are, this statement is completely accurate ! If you can`t see that then you are ignorant !

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Stupidiest thing we ever did at UT, firing Fulmer. Have all the haters realized yet that we do not have a good recruiting base? That is the main reason no one wants this job. We would be lucky if he would come back.

It may well have been stupid to Fire Coach Fulmer but when it`s all said and done he looked in the mirror every morning and he saw his own worst enemy. He brought his being fired upon himself by his own actions and inactions !

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Sorry, Glory Days, but Dooley took over a football program that had already been destroyed by the two previous coaches, and Obama took over a country that was already in a state of disaster due to the previous President. Each inherited a bad situation from the guy who was in the job before him and neither has been successful in turning around the bad situation.

You absolutely speak the TRUTH sir !

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Vols 62 ZIPS 0
Vols 35 GA 3

Man ! What are you smoking ? I think I need some.

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Has he or has he not been observed and contacted by UT's coaches? Are you guys guessing, or has he actually been overlooked thus far. If somebody actually knows.....please chime in.

I do not know but I can quickly think of one who was : Patrick Willis from Bruceton, he played for Ole Miss and look at him now with the 49er`s.

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All of you Vol fans need to take a look at the best running back in the state with over 1600 yards in 5 games. Jalen Hurd age 17 a junior but has enough credits to graduate this year. He is 6ft. 3in. and 210 and has speed in the 4.3 area. He plays for Beech high school in Hendersonville, Tn. They have had only one close game keying on Jalen was Mt. Juliet ranked 9th in 6a. Beech; is ranked 1st in 5a.
Jalen is smart and a good kid with enough credits to graduate this year, if he chooses to do so. Everybody wants this young man and we need him bad.

Ex former greats at UT could help in getting some of these great athletes as some of them are brothers, sons, nephews and cousins. You think Al. doesn't call upon previous greats to recruit for them.

One of the problems Tn. has is that alot of these high school coaches in Tn. have Al. connections, as well as alot of their parents come here to make a living in Tn. and hate Tn.
It is extremely hard to get some our own instate athletes because of these situations in many cases. It is time for some of our ex greats to step up to the plate and within the NCAA guidelines help Tn. in getting these kids to Tn.

Jalen Hurd might just be the best back not only in Tn. but the nation as well. Take a look at him by pulling up his name and his stats.

I watched Henry County play Beech a few weeks ago and you are correct, he is special. The state of Tennessee may not have the number of D1 recruits that some states around us have.That said it is sad that the University of Tennessee does not go after all of the good ones we do have!

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Same ole Tennessee Football, Florida beats them and THEN they try to make some changes !

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Wonder how much the $4.00 a box popcorn will come down ?

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UT played Virginia in the '91 Sugar Bowl. Antone played that year. Was Dooley still playing for UVA that year?

Yes he was and the N C State coach was on the UVA staff!

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I see your point, but if you are in that big of a hurry....don't walk through where there are hundreds of fans. It was like he was doing my daughter a big favor to take a pic that he clearly did not want to. Plus no other fans even approached him as they walked away.

The good part is that we beat NC State! GBO!

Phillip Fulmer had reached the point in his coaching carrer that many folks do in their lives. When he got up in the morning and looked in the mirror he saw his own worst enemy.

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No matter what you think of this win tonite no one can deny that that was a heck of a debut for Patterson !

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I wish Dooley would fail a drug test so we could get rid of him.

Time will tell if I agree or not but that is funny I don`t care how you feel !

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And who is Wilson (other than the volleyball in "Cast Away")?

That`s preety funny Idahovol !

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This overconfidence from the coaches and players is unsettling

I agree with you man. I hope we are concerned about nothing !