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Written on Brendan Quinn: Kentucky's struggling offense vs. UT's struggling defense a matchup to watch :

"Kentucky's struggling offense vs. UT's struggling defense a matchup to watch"

Woo-hoo. Yeah. That oughta be somethin' exciting to watch. woo-hoo.

Thank GOD my tickets sold on StubHub.

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...And I worry NOT that we've become Vandy, but rather that we've become the Detroit Lions.

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Starring Buddy Hackett as Curly.

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2 million a year for a guy who doesn't call a time-out with TWO of them left, 25 seconds still on the clock, the ball in the hands of a QB with a rocket arm throwing to two NFL first-round prospects? Really? We should hang on to that??

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No John...check your facts...Troy LOST to Florida Atlantic last week.

That's what he said..."coming off a 34-27 LOSS to Florida Atlantic."

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Pat Ryan said Dooley "threw Bray under the bus" on the radio earlier tonight. I think IS time to "man up," Tyler. Stop acting like a little kid when things don't go your way, and figure out a way to overcome adversity in the moment, and not next season.

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I hate to say it, but get the fork out. Done. It will take a miracle for Dooley to get a W out of the next two games, and then win out.

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The Vol defense does not know what to do in the 3-4. The Vols gave great effort at times today but this team is not mature enough or disciplined enough to be a top college team. The Vols will go 7-5 this year and lets hope for a better 2013 (if Bray, Hunter, and Patterson stay.)

That said, it's a step in the right direction. No such thing as a moral victory, of course, but with those three players in the mix, next season could be big. Plenty of football left to play this season, though.

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I'll be the one in orange booing everything Fowler says.

That's classy.

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Special teams should be a grade lower for our lousy, lousy, kicking! Fix it or work around it...these guys are terrible!

George Cafego continues to roll over in his grave over the kicking game. Unacceptable to miss a PAT two weeks in a row. Un. Acceptable.

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That was refreshing to watch...GBO!!!

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Indeed. Buyout = Winning.

Charlie Sheeeeen would be proud.

Dooley is Ted Stryker from the movie Airplane! Heck, he even looks like Robert Hays. We as fans are all passengers.

I'll be Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) and oft repeat this encouragement. I just want to tell you, good luck. We're all counting on you.

Surely you can't be serious?

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Hot air is temporary...A 9 (or more) win season stays on the record books forever.

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Oh my...condolences to Reynaldo and the entire family.

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He can learn a playbook, but he's too dumb to know that OIT and UTPD can trace the wireless signal anywhere on campus. Sheesh.

Written on UT tight end Cameron Clear arrested for theft:

"Specifics about his arrest were not immediately available.

More details as they develop online and in Wednesday's News Sentinel"

BUT...if you want a LOT more detail than this crappy ash story has, then pony up a few bucks a month and you can check the REAL story with MANY more juicy details over on GVX247. You want the goods, you gots to pay da man!


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Legally, I don't have a clue. But too many on the teat for years over there.

Haha! You said "teat".

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Grades freakin' Schmades!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


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You know what fellas and gals? We ALL have a choice to do the RIGHT thing, or NOT do the RIGHT thing.
The RIGHT thing for Da'Rick to do is to stick his tail between his legs, go into Dooley's office and tell him he's willing to do WHATEVER he needs to do to be a member of this team, and then he needs to get his TALENTED a** back out on the practice field and do his thing.
Discipline yourself, Da'Rick. Man up. I dare you to. And THEN see what's possible.

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Freakin' kids, man. Come on, up, dude. You need to either s**t like the coaches are asking you, or get off the freakin' pot and carry your sorry a** down to Georgia State so you can come back up here in the Fall and get your a** whipped up one side and down the other. Geez. You freakin' "kitty-cat".

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He can coach and he is a good guy. I have knew him when he was at Wofford College....Is he ready for the SEC....

If he has the right athletes, he will do just fine.

You have knew him? How long have you knew him?

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Written on Football team struggles in classroom, while men's basketball improves :

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Show me a "student" athlete with a GPA below 2.0 and I will show you a bum that doesn't give a shiznit about anything other than raquetball class.


Written on Lineup change benefits Vols against Georgia, 73-62 :

"Lineup change benefits Vols against Georgia, 73-62"
...Or maybe it was just the fact that Georgia has the worst BB team in the SEC.

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John Adams, you are an ignorant, biased "we all have one on our backsides, and they tend to stink."

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"both of whom respectively tore an anterior cruciate ligament in one of their knees during the 2011 season"

Really, Andrew? You don't need to say "respectively" when referring to two people who had the same injury. And YES, you backwoods bozos, this is the grammar police speaking. Why shouldn't a Sports Writer be expected to be able to write? You certainly expect football coaches to be able to coach...don't you?

Just remember, anything worth doing is worth doing WELL! GBO!!!

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GREAT WIN for you and the boys, Cuonzo! Way to go!

Written on John Adams: Leadership big question for UT in 2012 :

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What about leadership at KNS Sports Dept.?

My thought exactly.

Written on DeAnthony Arnett's family clarifies plans, including absolutely no return to Tennessee:

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Give him his requested release. This does not look good on TN. These university's will figure out one day that they don't own these players.

Yeah...Let's feed their already overblown sense of entitlement...that'll make men out of 'em!

Written on DeAnthony Arnett transfer saga could end with all losing, if Tennessee remains heartless:

I feel bad for the kid's father and his family and all, but you people gotta remember that college kids today are part of what I, as a college professor, like to call "the entitlement generation." They all think they're owed something with no questions asked. Commitments are two-way streets. If the NCAA won't grant him a release, maybe we should trust that Hart and Dooley and Co. know some things we don't. Just sayin'.

Written on John Adams: Vanderbilt recruiting impacts UT :

John Adams To Do List:
December 26- Dig up some Insignificant Negative Drivel to write about.
December 27- Dig up some Insignificant Negative Drivel to write about
December 28- Ditto
December 29- Ditto
December 30- Ditto
Etc... Etc... Etc...

Written on The highs and lows of UT's 2011 football season :

George Cafego is rolling over in his grave over Palardy and the entire kicking game, I can assure you. THAT was the biggest disappointment of the season.

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Adams is such a smart alec. He is so typical of the American media these days. They only see things from their own perspective and have no desire to see it from those of others. He just wants something to sell newspapers. Many fans are not dis-similar. They want something to entertain them. They want their team to play - and beat -the number one team in the country every week. If the team does not do that, it does not prove anything. Of course, many do not realize that if you beat number 1s every week, pretty soon your team would be number 1 and would only then be beating inferior teams, which, of course, would then lead to Adams and his ilk complaining that they cannot beat good teams. Neither the media or some fans realize why a coach and his players do not want to go through a gambit of great team after great team. I have played on a team where every team we played was better than we were. By the end of the 5th or 6th game we were so beat up that we were getting hammered worse than the talent disparity alone could account for. Adams, play a few physical games in a row and see how well your body responds and bounces back. Then criticize you twerp.

I agree. Adams=balsac

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So, I guess your real name is "Ayers_Hall"?

Girls, girls...come on now. You're both pretty.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So...I'm wondering how you know what goes on in our locker room, or in anyone's locker room for that matter, from week to week.

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I, for one, just feel sorry for you, John Adams.

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Dooley is lost. SEC coach? Don't think so. Hart should be looking hard. The search will pick up after Vandy beats us. Sorry but it's the truth. GO VOLS!!!!

Why search? Let's just hire YOU, phooey-king, since you seem to know it all!

Written on John Adams: Vols take on Alabama and LSU again:

Wow! Really going out on a limb picking LSU, aren't you, John? Shocking. Shocking as all get out that you would pick LSU.

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I never went to see you or vice versa moron...enjoy the mediocrity if Dooley ever gets back to that level. Drink some more orange kool-aid.

Angry much? Over things you have no control over? Moron.

Written on Final: Alabama 37, Tennessee 6:

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It's Mass x Acceleration=Force MORON! If you don't know the differnece between Velocity and Acceleration you obviously didn't go to UT to begin with. Thanks for showing your lack of intelligence.

And thank YOU for being a pompous, presumptive a**, a****le.

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K. See ya later. But hope not to.

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All you people down on Dooley, when he turns things around please be sure to return and eat some crow. It's hard to believe we have so many uneducated people on this board who simply don't bother or don't care to look at the facts of the situation Derek Dooley has taken on.

Fulmer fired - Players leave
Weasel boy hired - he runs off a lot of talented players fulmer recruited
Weasel boy leaves - players leave
Dooley is hired - players leave and the trouble makers are kicked off the team.

All of this leaves Dooley scrambling to fill rosters spots with bodies and unfortunately all of the talented players are playing at LSU, Bama, and other places.

Keep in mind also that this is only his second season with a depleted roster which has been crippled with injuries and unfortunately a brutal conference schedule.

Florida didn't fare much better against Bama and LSU when they played them back to back either.

I agree this season is brutal and hard to watch but better days are ahead. The recruiting is there and it will get better. Remember, this is a rebuilding project, not an overnight process.

You call them excuses, but in reality they are reasons. Back to back years UT is forced to start 16+ freshman with little or no help from inexerienced juniors and seniors. Why is it everyone else seems to get that but some unfair fair weathered ut fans?

I don't enjoy this anymore than anyone else does, but I am not going to dump all of this on Dooley. He is doing what he can and the last thing he needs is a bunch of cowards sitting behind their computer screens trying to tell him how he should coach especially since none of you have any idea what coaching a Division 1 football team is all about. Most, if not all, have no idea what coaching is all about either. You sit in judgment week after week behind your computer name that keeps your identity a secret and not one of you would do even a tenth of the job he is doing.

Time to gather some perspective and though it is frustrating, it's time to cool it and lay off Derek Dooley for awhile and give him time to rebuild this program.

A-freakin'-men, dude.