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I hope this means Leak will no longer be on Sirius/XM. He is almost as bad as Eddie George and I've never heard either of them offer any insight into the in and outs of football. Gino Torreta is even worse and all he ever adds to the conversation is a chuckle. Seems like many quarterbacks, especially the ones from the Sunshine State are relatively stupid.

Of course you have EA the village idiot on radio in Knoxv....

Written on Tyler Bray has moved beyond 'stupid mistakes' at Tennessee: The magic of Nick Saban if you wish to read some relevant, impartial journalism today. Roll Tide

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No? Do you recall how Bama is the most penalized football program in NCAA history? And that Bama fans are notorious for their criminal activity on other fans and their property?

Can you say Logan Young or Harvey Updyke?

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"Have you called your mamma today"? I sure wish I could call mine." Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.
A classic commercial for all fans today on MD. Check out on you tube. I remember it very well.

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your name is all thats needed to be seen to know youre worthless. Go to the alabubba site in tuscaloser if youre a fan of theirs.

Nice grammar vboy. I am guessing you checked out around 9th grade English class....

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Saban says 9 so the SEC will play 9.....

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You can add UT 13 SEC Titles and UF 8 SEC Titles
BUT you still trail Alabama at 23. Of course both schools have losing records alltime against the CT.

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Getting a bit worried there, Bud?

Worried about what? Another run at the NC and you boys beg for a winning record. Just check back after another October BEATDOWN...

Hope does spring eternal in big orange puke nation just like last year and the year before...

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Why is Coach Saban the only SEC fb coach calling for a nine game SEC schedule. When the schools played 10 games 7 were conference. Expansion added 2 in 92 and 8 conference games. 14 teams need 9 conference games... Do not be scared little brothers of the SEC,

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Ja'Wuan how is that decision to flip from Bama to UT working out? Losing season after losing seasons...Undoubtedly some of your Bama buddies from Jawja have shown you all those rings....

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Awesome. He won't be able to hide behind his mammoth offensive line, 5 star WRs and NFL RBs on the track. I bet he crashes into a wall at the first turn.

Ignorance personified CSCCSS....AJ owns your puke orange arsses.

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Why all the TB dissing? 2 yrs ago he was a first round pick according to the big orange nation. Enough on Slash, lets talk some real college fb players and recruiting.

The 08 and 09 Bama classes have now produced 10 FIRST ROUND PICKS and multiple other selections with a few 5th yr Srs following in 2013. Set aside all the wins, championships, rings and here is another example of Alabama excellence. 9 drafted and 3 free agents to this point from this draft, 11 of the 12 kids leave with their college diploma in hand. Dee Milliner being the exception as a 3 yr player. Congrads to all that play and study like CHAMPIONS. Roll Tide

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In 2010 Bama played 6 SEC teams that had their bye week before playing the CT. How fair and balanced was that schedule? Think anyone cared...
stop crying and play your schedule. LSWhooooo.

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I think eventually, Hart will remove General Neyland's statue from the stadium and replace it with either Bear Bryant's or Nick Saban's. The stadium will then be called "Hart Stadium at Fart field" (pull my finger)

Bama nation already has your new name. BD North. You will NEVER EVER see 30k UT fans in our stadium. NEVER

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CP proved he could play big time CFB after shredding defenses in the SEC..I have no doubt he's NFL caliber, now it's time to prove you can do it in the pros..

NO problem for the Crimson Tide...but then again who is wearing the puke orange? You have Alabama defense, SEC defense and then UT "ole" D.

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Losing three in a row to Ole Miss in anything is disturbing.

Just another UT program in mediocrity.... When was the last time UT won anything outside of girls bb?

Bama mens/womens golf SEC Champions and our ladies gymnastics team comes up just short of a 3peat at the NC over the wkend in LA. Congrads to Fla on the NC.

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Brown got "Sabanized" in the BCSNCG and has yet to recover.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

Outside of Manning UT has no QB legacy in the NFL. Bama has 4 QBs that won Super Bowls, Starr, Namath, Stabler and Ruthledge. Richard Todd played a decade and AJ is the next Champion on the way. Tide fb a legacy like no other. 23 SEC titles is Bama fb.

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bama and aub both have interest, so what's your point?

Bama "interest" each cycle starts with evaluating
1200 or so kids and ends with a top 5 class. Bama
does not offer projects...

The Red elephants are visiting the White House today. CNS and company spend more time in the WH
than the President. Roll Tide

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When the running backs and big linemen start gasping for breath and sweating up to a full lather in the hot August sun, the team will evolve and the toughness will be manifested as those with heart and determination will surpass those with advertised talent and no guts. Those that are trying to just survive the practice will do nothing more than regress--but those with the Tennessee Spirit that will actually be striving to move up a notch and believe deep in their tight loins and firm abs that competing to achieve victories is of utmost importance line up ahead of the rest. Davids can defeat Goliaths
and turtles can win races against rabbits. Champions become champions by beating other champions. When Goliths begin thinking like Davids along with rabbits staying focused on the tasks at hand, an ex-champion yields to the new champion. It is all about heart, focus, and preparation. Remember this: those that "SUCCUMB" to drugs, hugs, and thugs only party with a select few for a short time; and those that “OVERCOME” temptations, sensations, and offbeat recreations emerge into win columns, lists of the honored, and noted leaders walking with heads held high among all of the world. HEY, you fellows wearing the orange jerseys, WHAT”S IT GONNA BE...YOU TELL ME...CAN YOU HANDLE THE BIG TIME...?...?...?...Think about what you will be doing 4 or 5 years from now. This is the best focus. Think not so much about what you are going to do tonight. Your future is up to YOU, the guy wearing your nose. WHAT'S IT GONNA BE????? My final message to you is: get your act together or transfer. ORANGE IS THE COLOR OF CHAMPIONS. IF YOU ARE A CHAMPION, WEAR IT. IF NOT, TAKE THE DANG THING OFF.

Orange, the color of champions lol???? You simply
are in denial. ALABAMA, 23 SEC Titles and the only SEC school to win a fb title every decade since the SEC was formed in 1933. That is SEC CHAMPIONSHIP tradition.

Of course you do have girls bb. I will give you that one rocky flop. Girls bb...

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Hard to imagine how good the girl from Del could have been with UConn, but she obviously made a decision that made her very happy. I would pay to
watch her play.

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The less Bammers on the staff, the better.

Yet you continue to hire a Alabama guy EVERY chance possible. Tryin to catch up with the CT, but to no avail. Copy the Saban model... how is that working out lol??????? 6 in a row and counting. Roll Tide

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Its the orange thingy but at least UT is not as bad as the Barners. The barn is 4-37 against SEC competition in football(12), their last bb win against UA in Feb, and baseball this spring. Classic bottom feeders and good job Jay Jacobs, keep up the good work.

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I'd say they are comparing coaching styles. Let's hope in a few years they're also comparing results.

A great Alabama coach -- a legend -- never beat a Neyland-coached UT team. Let's dream of a Neyland-like UT coach going unbeaten against another great Bama coach. (We can dream, can't we?)

I realize the UT domination of Kenty and Vandy is the cornerstone of your "storied" tradition but give me a break. Coach Bryant sure had little trouble beating UT at UA with career record of 17-7-1 and 11 wins in a row from 71-81. CNS is halfway to breaking that record and I certainly would not bet against it. History does repeat itself..... just ask UK/Vandy.

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Mack Brown still not over Alabama winning the BCSCG over Texas in 2009 and the progran been in a funk since. Reminds me of Joe Paterno after losing the 79 Sugar Bowl and NC to Coach Byant.
He said he never got over it.

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I think they already have...That's why CBJ is speaking before Satan...! But it's to late and they need to pay...! Inviting him is one thing....the billboards of SATAN and him holding the crystall ball out on the interstate that the recruits coming up here during spring practice and trying to get recruits is BS.....!!! Wake up people this is very big...!!!

Refering to Coach as "Satan" shows your true colors skippy. I guess you have no idea who Satan truly is. Coach Saban could go anywhere in the US and draw this type of crowd because his message of success applies to all walks of life. Only Vol fans see this a some type of recruiting coup and off field competition. UT is nothing more than a gnat on the butt of an
elephant to Alabama/CNS. You boys will do ANYTHING to talk about how good you will be but the numbres do not lie.... 28 wins last 5 yrs, Bama 61 wins last 5 yrs, 6 in a row by an average of 24 pts and Oct 23 will be no different. Roll Tide Knox County and the Bama Nation everywhere, Happy Easter.

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You must have not bothered watching the Alabama
game in BD North last fall. Then again, you will want to follow the same course of action October 2013.

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I wonder what rtrchatt thinks about a former UT coach being hired as the bammers AD? What was that he posted about replacing one legend with another...well not so much in this case. Right chatterbox? LOL

Coach Battle is no rocky flopper Skippy. He burned all his puke orange in 76, but I imagine he does thank you for helping him become one of the wealthest people in America. All those tee shirts and hats add up.

Great hire and one of Coach Bryants boys is once again leading the way. I guess his 59 wins in 7 yrs looks pretty after the last 5 produced 28. Coach Bryant was only 9-1 against the Vols in the 70's, why blame Battle lol? Coach Battle will be smoking the big cigar once again in October, 7 in a row AGAIN.

Written on University of Alabama president to recommend hiring of Bill Battle as new athletics director:

Great hire. The "Steve Jobs" of college marketing. Coach Battle love the U of A.
A fantastic day in the Bama nation. Roll Tide

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Doubt Ozzie Newsome will take a huge paycut and leave Baltimore, but replacing one Bama legend with another Bama legend is a popular choice among the Tide Nation.

Coach Moore is the quinessential southern gentlemen and will be greatly missed. He certainly is one of the reasons CNS has made the committment to Alabama. The next AD hire is critical for CNS retiring at Alabama, and rocky flop has no worries re DH. He is not in the running IMHO. Roll Tide

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Bama did not deserve a bid and UT as well...
Move on and enjoy your spring fb.

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2nd half reminded me of a Bama/UT fb game. You got
DOMINATED........Roll Tide and another great day in WKnoxv, home of rocky flop U.

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Watching SEC bb is like watching Big East fb in Nov.... The kids play hard and it is what it is.

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Win 5/6 games a yr and the only kids you can "pull" are the ones the big boys recuit as plan D. Makes no difference who is making the pitch. If you are not winning on the field, you
are not winning many recruiting battles in Jan/Feb.

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Understand the Cheek Rules! The "Extra Approval Rule" comes after a recruit has signed the NOI.

As Tee Martin told Dave Hart about these rules, 'I will get killed on the recruiting trail by all the other schools, They will tell Recruits, you are not guaranteed entrance at Tennessee'

Tee told his wife on the plane to Knoxville, 'call the movers today, we are not going back to LA' SO What Happened?, Dave Hart told him the Cheek Rule may never go away, all this from Tee.

THINK, if a 5 star RB who has OUR VOLS on the short list, along with OSU and AL, is being told by Saban and Meyer you risk not getting in UT, what do you think will happen? LOL, Simple Math, Don't Need A Rock To Fall On Me! Seems Jay Graham wanted to dodge rocks too, at FSU!

And by the way, CBJ would have taken OUR VOLS Job if Neyland was burning down in front of him!

I will support Butch and TENNESSEE forever! BUT WE need to go after Cheek HARD!


All Saban tells a RB recruit is Ingram, Richardson, Lacy, Yeldon and our way will lead you to the NFL IF you put in the work. UT with their 28 wins the last 5 yrs and 6 straight losses to Bama by an average of 24 pts is not a factor Skippy. EXCUSES are always a big part of MEDIOCRITY......

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Outside of no one covers the CT like this site. Hopefully the fab 4 can turn their lives around at their new destination be that jail, school or where ever. People throw away Gods favor and blessings every day. CT fb players included. Roll Tide

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what 4 or 5 star running back did jay graham bring in this year....TN greatest need!


Elite RBs usually do not sign with LOSING programs... too many better options. 28 wins the last 5 yrs ROCKY FLOP.

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The Tide and The Gators have NO coaches on their staffs that are alums. IMO it's all about the head coach putting together a staff that is accountable, and WINS!!!!

Finally, a UT fan makes perfect sense. Coaches are professionals and not fans alums or VFLs lol.... rocky flop for life lol.

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Coach Saban is such an arse lol, but what explains such low turnover on staffs that win championship after championship? The only coach to leave in 6 yrs for a lateral job was Major Applewhite after yr one was let go and he returned to Texas. All others have left for promotions to the NFL or coordinator/head coach positions. Mean ole Saban is sooooo hard to work for and he is a jerk lol... UT is a broke coaching carousel and those in the coaching profession know it. Rocky flop strikes again. Good job Coach Graham, that losing all the time gets old.

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I say hire Trooper Taylor...take a chance. He can recruit like heck and he fires everyone up.

Please, please hire "troopa the bagman" Taylor.

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Things could be worse, Tyler was only accused of harmlessly tossing some beer bottles. He didn't beat the tar out of any fellow students like the Gumps. rtrchatt, please insert your classy Updike fanbase comments below.

Is that the best you got? Calling me HU? I deplore and detest the actions of those 4 criminals. They do not represent all those other fb players that are great represenatives
of our fb program and university. Every part of society has cancers.

Make sure you to look for me again in Oct when rocky flop is taking behind the woodshed for the SEVENTH game in a Skippy......

Written on Four Alabama football players arrested on robbery charges:

Cut 'em loose CNS and boys if you need to pawn all those rings to pay your lawyers give me a call.

Written on John Adams: Recruiting a running battle for Vols :

NSD 4PM, Alvin Kamara, RB out of Ga announced his intention to sign with Alabama and become the 4th elite RB in their class. He told ESPN,
"Alabama expects greatness and they achieve greatness this is why I chose the CT."

Vonn Bell not interested in being Eric Berry 2.0. Great player but hates losing and has no desire to spend his bowl season in Nashville, Charlotte or Boise. No wins against Alabama or Fla. Good business decision.

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I'm going with a B+, just one more 4* earns an A- and Bell or Lawson certainly would of earned an A+ . Solid class of young men and the QB's look fantastic, which IMO makes or breaks a season..GBO!!

Alabama has beaten UT by 31 pts 3 YRS IN A ROW and an avg of 24 pts 6 yrs ia a row. If you think this bunch is a B+, the Bama class must be AAAA lol.... Make sure Butch puts that cry baby Ferguson from NC on the field in October.
Be careful what you ask for, it may come true.

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This guy knows how to lay it on thick for the masses lol. We will see what you think when the UT losing streak to Alabama reaches double digits.

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5 is alot for UT. Bama only has 10 and TE Michael Williams was snubbed. Rivera better put on some weight. He will not block anyone at his size.

Written on Wiedmer: UT should improve with Jones' first class:

If you can go out and celebrate this class you will celebrate anything lol.. Do not worry rocky flop CNS and Kirby Smart are on the phones working on 2014, and you ALREADY know how it will end. The dynasty is just starting.