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Written on Cuonzo Martin leaves UT offer on the table for California:

in response to 2VolGrads:

I think Stokes opting for the NBA was a huge factor in Cuonzo leaving. Next year's team doesn't look too strong so he knows leaving now on a high note increases his market value. Let's say next year's team only wins half their games. The Cal's and Marquette's don't come knocking then.


Written on Deadline for Jarnell Stokes' NBA decision fast approaching:

in response to AxeMan:

Hope he stays. I know there are those who actually hope he goes, don't know how they see themselves as Tennessee fans.

I think all players should finish their educations and fulfill their commitment to a school. Schools should also be allowed to honor their commitment to players even if they "don't pan out". By that I mean the bulk of the educational scholarship should still be provided but the roster spot should be opened up and the scholarship shouldn't be counted against the limit. Players should be allowed to transfer and be immediately eligible no matter where they want to go. "One and Done" needs to go away and at least move to the college baseball model.

What are you smoking? I don't know of anyone who hopes he goes and neither have I read any comments by anyone... anywhere... anytime that have said that, nit.

Written on Don't think First Four game counts as NCAA tournament? The Vols say you're wrong.:

in response to WaitUntilNextYear:

What do you haters want? UT was picked third and ended up fourth. Calipari and UK was picked #1 in the country and wasn't even in the top 25 by AP in the final rankings. GA was third but so disrespected by their pitiful schedule they aren't dancing. Three teams made into the NCAA while the rest of the conference bombed. I guarantee everyone of them would trade with UT today.
Pearl isn't coming back nor should he. He wouldn't have been as successful this year as Coach Martin. He didn't even play Maymon and failed with McRae while playing his own worthless son getting beaten by 30 to Michigan in Charlotte.
I truly hope the Vols do well and Coach Martin has a chance to leave Tennessee for a better more appreciative university. The lies and personal attacks against his intelligence, capabilities, character, recruiting and coaching style is outrageous.
The morons and racists that continue to besmirch this class act coach are not fans but ignorant cowards.
Sadly, the players even recognize the "element" in Tennessee as do a number of sought after recruits. The constant negativity is going to crush this program just like what happened in football.
Why don't you nimrods go rail on the 11 SEC programs that didn't have a winning SEC record or an invitation to the NCAA tournament. Become a Kentucky fan, they sure were a bust after not even going to the dance last year and then getting an 8 seed after being picked to win it all.
Coach Martin will be a winner wear ever he ends up! Not so much for the flat earth society!

I for one am sick of people like you making racist innuendos towards people critical of Counzo's coaching. If there are any racist innuendos to be made it might be directed at the glaring lack of caucasion representation on Counzo's teams. The reason fans are upset with Cunozo is obvious and not racist, major sports casters have discussed them at length all over the country(see David Climer's article "Tennessee Vols need two NCAA Tournament wins to keep Cuonzo Martin's job". Stop the racist BS.

Written on Don't think First Four game counts as NCAA tournament? The Vols say you're wrong.:

in response to 81volguy:

I was about to post how clueless McCrae is when I saw your post OF COURSE the fans are saying it's not good enough for this team! Our power rankings are way up there, because we can whip the heck out of some excellent teams, then lose to the lowest of the low the next game. No, getting to the play-in IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And the fact that McCrae is defensive about that elemental fact means we are likely doomed.

exactly right!

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

in response to jln:

Bruce tried everything he could to be back at UT. Stayed in town. Worked here. Supported local events.

UT gave him the cold shoulder. He didn't jilt us. He's a basketball coach. That's what he does. I'm glad he got a top line job so quickly. He's not going to gloat or rub it in. He is going to put his passion into Auburn just like he did here. Auburn can celebrate tonight.

Amen... nail right on the head.

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

in response to VictorKrugerIII:

Agreed, but the problem with many UT fans is that the ship NEVER passes. There will always be the vocal minority pining for Pearl, Fulmer, Delmonico, etc. (I might as well throw Johnny Majors in there too ;>). I don't think Cuonzo is the man for the job long-term, but I'll always support the team regardless of the coach. Go Vols, beat Iowa!

"vocal minority pining for Pearl"? last time I looked there were over 36,000 people who wanted Bruce back... hardly a minority. Bruce Pearl is still the best basketball coach UT ever had and if UT had let Bruce know there was going to be an opening he probably would still be waiting. Dollars to doughnuts he was finally told it wasn't happening since Cuonzo had turned UT's skid into oblivion around.

Written on Antonio Barton will be Vols' starting point guard down the stretch:

The real problem is that Cuonzo picked up Barton to play point after Trey moved on (or was shoved out the door). There is a reason Memphis wasn't playing him. Another bad decision that a good coach wouldn't have made.

Written on Antwan Space downs the Vols again, this time in overtime, 68-65:

Cuonzo needs do what George Costanza did on Sienfield when he realised he couldnt do anything right... just do the opposite of whatever he thought he should do. When he did that then everything went great! just do the opposite Cuonzo.

Written on Tennessee's chances to top Missouri stolen in final seconds, 75-70:

You want a new coach next year? When Mizzu comes to TN, everybody stay home. I guarantee if no one shows up at the game we will get a new coach next year.

Written on John Adams: Missed opportunities have Vols on NIT course:

The whole problem is that the administration at UT decided to get a coach good enough to make the NCAA rather than one who could win a National Championship. Pearl was a coach who could win it all plus he was cheap at the start. If it wasn't for the cheap part, UT would not have even hired Pearl. Coach Martin was not that kind of hire. There were plenty of 'Pearl' caliber coaches out there but UT made a conscious decision to not spend the money. They did it on purpose. Until Thompson Boling Arena is empty and UT is losing money, there will be no attempt to hire another Pearl cause its all about the money. If you can fill the seats without having to pay top dollar for the coach and people will accept mediocrity and show up anyway, this is what you can expect. Kentucky fans refused to show up for nobody coaching and average teams so when no one was buying tickets they spent the bucks and got Calipari. If you want good basketball at UT then quit drinking their fair weather fan cool aid. You have a right to expect UT to try to be the best in return for your support as a fan. If UT doesn't want to meet your expectation of seriously competing for championships then you have every right to be a fan of a program that does and not a UT fan. UT is not serious about competing for an NCAA Championship.

Written on No. 6 Florida stifles Tennessee, 67-41:

in response to Snapshot:

Has this staff never coached against a zone defense?
Has this staff never coached against a full court press? Is this program going to be allowed to fall back to the Wade Houston era depths before something is done? I had hope went C. Martin was hired, but have seen too many games like this to hold any hope for the future.

I agree with a previous post, that weasel Jimmy Cheek needs to go, also. He is the one that decided to fire Bruce Pearl, and is the reason Bruce has no desire to come back until he is GONE!

Its in free fall as we speak.

Written on Guards fail Tennessee in 67-41 blowout loss in Gainesville:

in response to willphill#241787:

Sound like you are practicing revisionism with your basketball history.Did we forget the no.1 ranking and six consecutive NCAA trips reaching the elite 8. Pearl's last year was down because of the cloud over the program that was created in large part by Slive, Cheek and Hamilton. Pearl was at fault too, but he admitted his mistake. The punishment far outweighed the crime. Miami's coach got a 5 game suspension for much worse.

Pearl got screwed, period. No one deserves a THREE YEAR SHOW CAUSE for what he did. He should still be coaching at UT. You are absolutely correct about his punishment far outweighing the crime. If Pearl deserved what he got, then Miami's coach deserved the electric chair. If Martin is fired and Pearl is not offered the job as his replacement, then I propose an all out BOYCOTT of men's basketball until the fans get him back. There is no basketball at UT if not for the fans and I am damn tired of the fans wishes being ignored.

Written on No. 6 Florida stifles Tennessee, 67-41:

in response to WaitUntilNextYear:

Soft, weak, pathetic, three seniors that passed and mailed it in.
The players should apologize to the coaches, Vol nation and America for having to block prime time allowing these misfits to embarrass the orange and white.
Coach Martin had beaten the gators in Gville last year with a team much less talented but more hungry. In fact he beat UF twice last year. Quit saying it is the coaches fault! He didn't shoot 2-29 or like McRae 1-15.
Racism is alive and well in K-town. When are the players going to be held accountable? This team's issues are not coaching they are personal! They lost their composure and skills like the A@M loss and what the LV's have done.
This team failed to compete.

Racism? You mean the fact their isn't a single white player on the team? Yea I thought so.

Written on Tennessee's new assistant football coaches: Biography capsules :

Previous coach began with a much better staff than these guys but Dooley was as bad a head coach as his last hire(Sal) was a defensive coordinator. Still, If Dooley hadn't hit his head and hired Bubba Sal, this program was on its way. This new bunch are in way over their heads. I HATE TO SAY IT BUT... enthuziasm and rah rah speechs don't recruit great players or win games in the SEC, therefore I give them almost zero chance of competing and predict we will likely be the SEC doormat for the foreseable future.

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

Not ideal, but since we have lost all the good hires, I think we offer Chavis the job and keep Chaney as OC.

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

Two more years...

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

The truth is, unfortunately, that Dooley is responsible for the hires he has made and the direction of the team. It was his decision to go with Bama Bubba Sal and his 3-4 scheme. He can blame no one else for the defensive disaster that has occurred. Had he been smart enough to pick a smart young up and coming 4-3 man who could build on the schemes of our previous defensive coordinator, we would have beat 4 of the last 5 teams we played. But he foolishly choose 'Sal'. If you are no smarter than hiring Sal then you need to be gone, even though you have done a good job of upgrading the roster and built a nice offense with Chaney running the show. UT caliber head coaches aren't that stupid cause if they are, they find themselves unemployed. Don't believe me? ask Phil Fulmer.

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley doesn't hold back at press conference :

in response to pcshowtime:

The Die was cast this season with the switch to the 3-4 defense. even the dooley supporters agree that it is a difficult process and you practically give a year away on defense in the process.

I personally do not believe it is a good move for any college team. GA is back to getting gashed in their 3rd year in 3-4 system. Kids are familiar with the 4-3 defense from High School. Bottom line if your name is not Saban do not try it.

Back to the Die being cast on the season. More than likely our defense under a competent 4-3 coordinator would have stayed in the top 25. We could have come into the bama game 6-0. Would we have beat bama no. We would be 6-1 and in the drivers seat in the east. The offense would have more confidence and also be playing better.

But the decision was made and it is really not fair to the players who struggled through the last 2 seasons and were poised to finally be competitive in the SEC. Only to have a coach change rafts mid stream. I said it at the beginning of the year and I stand by it today the 3-4 disaster is the most stupid career move of Dooley time at Tennessee and will cost him his job.

I agree, had the defense performed as last years team did, we would have won against Florida,Georgia and Mississippi State. When it was announced that a 3-4 was being implemented, considering Dooley's precarious position, I had to think that Dooley had been reassured by Hart that this year would not be counted against him. At least as long as the offense was improved and progress was being shown in the implementation of the 3-4. Dooley will not be fired this year unless he shoots himself with his big mouth. Neither should he be. All the idiots out there calling for his head are being completely unrealistic in their expectations. The one two punch that UT suffered with Fulmer and Kiffin decimated this program. We were worse off than any team in the SEC after that fiasco. How long has Spurrier been rebuilding South Carolina? Look what he had when he took over and still, this year is the first year where you have to say they are true contenders. Yet they got waxed by Florida. As it was, we still did better than South Carolina against them. So, I think it was monumentally stupid to implement a 3-4 given the hostile fan base here at UT. So, you got to wonder, what the hell were they thinking?

Written on MTSU ends UT's season, 71-64 :

in response to farmdog:

Points were shaved, plain and simple.

It makes you wonder, what was the spread?

Written on DB Mackensie Alexander decommits, cites Terry Joseph's departure:

5'11 175lbs? Just how good do you think you are dude? Truth is you don't have the size to be anything other than a practice dummy. You just left the best offer your gonna get Nimrod.

Written on John Chavis grateful for new chance:

in response to Noogaorange:

John is a outstanding DC and we could use him...but his comments made earlier about loyality i.e lack of it on Tennesse's part in letting him go is BS! He served as DC at the will of the HC who was let go because of the direction the program was headed, he was part of coaching staff responsible for the slide. It's not about loyality it's about new coachs coming in wanting their choices for coachs. Noting wrong with that and Tennessee had been pretty good to Mr.Chavis for a very long time. He's a good one and we could definitely could use him but I don't want to hear about Tennessee not being loyal that's a bunch of bull. Apparently he's only a VFL when Tennessee is signing the check. Having said all this I will be pulling for him and his defense Monday night. Can't imagine listing to Alabama fans if they win it I'll rather dig a ditch!!! GBO

You hit the nail right on the head my man. Chavis's comments show where he is at, actually pouting and blaming UT for his demise is wrong headed. He should look in the mirror and at his bud PF if he wants to blame someone. He should be grateful that him and PF got over 5 years to get their act together. They should have been gone the minute it was known they were coasting.

Written on Justin Worley to start at quarterback against South Carolina :

in response to FWBVol:

The most incompetent people on this site are the ones that have to resort to name calling to make a point. And by the way, most of your points aren't valid.

We ran for more yards against Alabama than anyone did all year so our run game is improving. I could try to give you a few coaching points about run blocking, but they would be over your head.

I think this is not only the right move, but a great move. I appreciate all that Simms has tried to do for the program, but with five (hopefully six) games left in his college career he's not the future of Tennessee football. Worely getting meaningful game experience will make us a better football team in the short term as well as the long term.

Your break at the fast food place should be over by now so you can go back and flip those burgers.

I know its hard to do but it is best to just ignore this guy. It just encourages him to write more stupid stuff that nobody wants to read if you respond. The best thing to do is ignore him and he will eventually go back into the hole he crawled out of.

Written on Rebuilding process about more than results for Derek Dooley:

LSU is dismantling Auburn, one year removed from a national championship. Who here thinks Chiznick is a terrible coach, can't cut it in the SEC and should be fired? Tennessee looked better than Auburn, much better, and with half the talent. You goof balls calling for Dooley's head are just stupid.

Written on Matt Simms says 'this isn't my first rodeo' :

in response to ProfessionalHandicapper:

Listened to ex Titan Blane Bishop yesterday on a Nashville talk show and his comments were this about Ut..Why is the running game worse this year than last year? Basicly same line with more experience and same talent at running backs. He went on to say the running backs are not very talented but the line is poorly coached and has no explosion off the ball. With good coaching this line should be better and its not. Both guys said UT was a poorly coached team on fundamentals and alignment problems still excist.He also said the defensive backfield returned more starters with experience than last year and is much worse. Georgia had WR's running wide open deep patterns all day. Blaine is not a troll its just his professional oppinion, one I have preached since the season started. I like Matt Simms but Im not sure I would add Locker room material knowing the offensive line he is playing behind has allowed more sacks than any SEC school the last 1.5 years. LSU plays Bama next week, better to let them overlook UT rather than make comments to wake them up.

If you had a clue who you were talking about you wouldn't swallow some ex Titan's opinion who has never coached a single player. Harry Hiestand knows more about coaching an OL than almost anyone in college or professional football. In 2006 the Chicago Bears won an NFC championship and played in the Super bowl with Harry Hienstand as the OL coach. Year in and year out, throughout his career, his OL's have exceled. If the OL at UT is sucking hind tit it isn’t about coaching, its about a bunch of young players who are generally up against junior and senior DL players from the best teams in the nation, from the best damn conference in the nation, with the best damn defenses in the nation. Go Big Orange!

Written on David Climer: Vols' loss to Georgia was merely prelude to SEC disaster:

The truth of the matter is that the officials took this game away from Tennessee early by two no calls for pass interference by Georgia and another two interference calls against us that shouldn't have been called. If the game had been called correctly, Tennessee wins. It seems every year Tennessee gets hosed by terrible officiating at critical times with games against Georgia, LSU and Alabama. It happens every year. The head office at UT needs to kick a@@ and literally take names to the SEC commissioner and put a stop to this horse manure.

Written on Derek Dooley on potential recruiting violation: 'I can't change what happened' :

in response to Central_IL_Vol:


Get on with it!

I don't like what happened with Fulmer! I still think that he was a good coach and the Vols would probably be in better shape right now, but I am not going to argue about something that happened 3 years ago. We cannot change the past, so why make a big deal of it. Let me reiterate; FULMER IS NO LONGER COACH, IT'S PAST TIME TO MOVE ON!!

Derek Dooley is now coach and he has my full support and we would all be better off if Dooley had every Vol fan's support.

If Phil was so good and shouldn't have been fired, why has no other school ever offered him a job?

Written on Bruce Pearl disappointed; Tony Jones criticizes Jimmy Cheek:

Mike did the right thing finally, Cheek on the other hand is the root of the problem that exists at UT with its Athletics programs. He should be relieved of his responsibilities where UT athletics is concerned.

Written on Melrose senior Chris Jones wants immediate release from Tennessee:

in response to BolivarBob:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So you think it is unreasonable in this situation for this kid to expect the new coach to return his family's call's and show some real interest by stopping in to see him on the way to Houston? He waited as he was asked to do and then was promptly dissed by our new coach. He has every right to expect a visit right away given the circumstances and frankly there are 100 other programs that would drop what they are doing and return a phone call and travel to see him on the next plane out if he expressed interest in coming to there school. Not a good sign, especially to the top recruits out there who have earned a top 100 rating.

Written on Tennessee Baseball weekly update:

yea... but they sure are a smarter bunch these past few years... right?

Written on Erik Ainge opens up about ongoing battle with drug addiction:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say dave one smart cookie!
Bones never lie.

How is it they cut him off and then didn't monitor him by drug testing afterwords?

Written on Erik Ainge opens up about ongoing battle with drug addiction:


Obviously you can't read. Fulmer didn't know who Ainge was when he started with drugs at AGE 12. Idiot.

Idiot? what class!!! I must say, very typical of Fulmerite's though. I'm not the coach who recruited a drug addict and had him on the team for four years without ever testing him for drugs (if he was using like he says he was and had been tested, his drug use would have shown... hmmm wonder why he was never tested? he was here for 4 years) so reserve you name calling for the guilty, unless you think Ainge was intentionally not tested, then the word cheater comes to mind.

Written on Erik Ainge opens up about ongoing battle with drug addiction:

What!!! On Phil Fulmer's Watch!!! Oh!!! No!!! Say It Ain't Soooooooo!!!

Written on Tennessee hires Cuonzo Martin to replace Bruce Pearl as men's basketball coach:

in response to RoadTrip:

I know you are angry gc, but not all of us are as ignorant as some of the posters on this site. You will be able to tell I have great respect for Coach's accomplishments from past posts. If you want to discuss with more in tune Vol fans go to

you know I just have to put in my two cents here.... the point here is not personal. Many fans are objecting because the truth is that Cuonzo was quite obviously not the best candidate for the job. There are many other candidate's that are considerably more qualified for this job. So here it is in a nutshell: Cheek and Hamilton are not doing their jobs so every one get's 'the job' because of it! So, just because you disagree doesn't make you ignorant or out of tune, the ignorance would be to think yourself superior because you hold a particular view and then attempt to degrade those who disagree.

Written on Tennessee hires Cuonzo Martin to replace Bruce Pearl as men's basketball coach:

All you people wanting Hamilton fired need to realize he is just Jimmy Cheeks puppet. Both these guys need to go if Cuonzo doesn't hold things together (which he obviously will not be able to do). Cheek and Hamilton have collectively thumbed their noses at the fans and have stupidly hired a no name coach (not necessarily a bad coach), a cheap hire who doesn't have the name recognition or proven track record to keep or attract top recruits and excite the fan base. I am not excited about this guy are you? I don't believe this guy can keep the recruits we have and keep the current team intact, do you? I don't think he will bring in top recruits in the foreseeable future, do you? I feel this way because he has never done those things before. He has only been a head coach for three years and I don't see any NBA types on his roster at Missouri State. Good luck at selling tickets to this show Cheek and Hammy. I will be surprised if you can get 8,000 fans to show up after the initial grace period wears off and fans just go do something else rather than be hoodwinked into supporting this fiasco under the pretense of 'not being a true Vol' unless you buy in to the mediocrity that Cheek and Hamilton are trying to ram down the throats of the 4th largest basketball fan base in the country. Fire them both!!!

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to volsdominate38:

Oh my gosh!!! Rick Byrd of all people??!!! Yes, he's had sucess at Belmont but he's NOT going to be able to recurit worth a d*** much less the McDonald All-American's!!!! We need a coach that can fill Bruce's shoes and bring the energy and excitment like he did. YOU GOTTA STOP BEING A FOOL SOMETIME MIKE!!! HIRE SHAKA SMART...I'M SAYING THIS AGAIN...HIRE SHAKA SMART!!! He's a great coach that will not only recruit the much needed talent Tennessee needs but might be able to sit down and talk Tobias and Scotty into staying another year!! At this point that's the only thing that might keep Mikey out of the hot seat.

ahhhhmen brother!

Written on Joe Biddle: Vols need to make a safe pick to replace Pearl:

in response to bigdisbig:

Shaka Smart is the Tubby Smith of the ACC. Tubby won a championship with Rick Pitino's recruits and then started losing when his own recruits came in. Like another poster said...Shaka is winning with someone else's recruits. You give me a bench load of great players and I can win. I'm not saying Shaka is not a great coach....he is just not a proven coach. I would take Rick Byrd over Shaka. Rick can win with 2 and 3 star recruits. Imagine what he could do with some 4 star recruits......IF he can recruit that is.

Tennessee will get what is left over from Ga. Tech, NC State, Oklahoma and the other couple of schools seeking a coach. Like it or not.....Tennessee is not that attractive especially with NCAA sanctions hanging over our head.

THANK YOU MIKE are as much the cause of this mess as Pearl.

you gotta being kidding me... Byrd over Smart? That's just not "SMART" it's stupid!

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to MikeInTN:

Bring me up to six years how many players has Pearl gotten into the NBA?

That's yet to be seen, pretty sure Harris will be there in the next year or two for sure. Others are still working towards that goal. Pearl was still building this program, he didn't get all the guys he wanted but was in the mix to get many players that have gone on to be in the NBA these past six years. That is why we need to bring in someone who is at least as good as Pearl was, who has a reputation recognized by recruits and will go after the best players and continue to try and build a program that future recruits see as a pathway to the NBA.

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to FWBVol:

I'm going out on a limb here and say maybe Rick Byrd could recruit nationally if he had a recruiting budget that would allow him to do so. I doubt if Belmont, a small privite school, has much a recruiting budget that is even one tenth of Tennessee's or Florida's recruiting budget.

Even if Belmont had the same recruiting budget as Tennessee, I would dare say that almost every big name player would choose UT over Belmont.

Maybe Byrd wouldn't be able to recruit nationally at Tennessee, I really don't know, and neither does anyone else. But to say that Byrd, or any coach at a Belmont type school can't recruit nationally because they aren't recruiting nationally at their current school, IMO, is a weak argument.

You missed the point and I never said what you are implying. I would assume that a coach anywhere would try to recruit the best players regardless of where they live and I believe Rick does, and I know other Belmont type schools do, recruit nationally. I'm sure he try's to get the most talented recruits to come and play for him. But he is not successful at attracting them. That's the point. Gonzaga is relatively the same size university and is very successful at recruiting the best players in the county. Are you saying Rick doesn't try to recruit them? that he doesn't have the budget and can't reach them? ...Gonzaga does. Or are you saying he knows they wouldn't come to Belmont because... hey it's just Belmont so he doesn't try to go after them? My point is that if Calipari were at Belmont, the roster at Belmont would very likely have potential NBA players because he is able to recruit those type of players and has a reputation of putting players in the NBA... and that is the point with Rick. He has never done it his entire career. Why would you go there when you have other candidates just as qualified from and X's and O's standpoint, have good integrity like Rick, younger and plus... have a reputation of bringing in the best talent.

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to carbonzip:

A couple of other Belmont guards... Justin Hare and Alex Renfroe. I have no connection to UT other than two kids who graduated from there. I just think Byrd is a guy who puts his players in position to win. He gets a lot from his "big" men, too. I don't think Pearl developed his players and did not have answers when opposing coaches made halftime adjustments. I think Byrd can win at UT and help people get to the NBA.

If he could help players get to the NBA the top recruits would be beating a path to Belmont...who at Belmont, coached by Rick Byrd, has gone to the NBA?

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to SummittsCourt:

The problem is if any coach is hired before hammy is fired, it makes it harder to fire hammy from a PR standpoint.

Fire hammy first, hire a good AD, then go after a great coach looking to move up.

Byrd may be a good coach, but he has been at Belmont for 26 years for a reason.

Putting the AD issue aside for the moment. I agree with you, if Byrd could recruit nationally he would have already done so and been playing with some future NBA players on his roster. What he has shown after 26 years at Belmont is that he is a very good X's and O's coach that can't recruit the future NBA players that we are looking for in our program.

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

in response to OwensboroVol:

Hiring Byrd would be an indicator that Tennessee is not interested in having a nationally relevant program. To be successful at Tennessee you will have to be able to recruit nationally and lets face Rick Byrd is minor league. A top prep player wouldn't even return his calls.

You are absolutely correct! As much as I admire Rick, the goal here is to compete nationally, to pick up where Pearl left off and recruit with the like's of Calipari. Rick Byrd is not in that league and if chosen to coach at UT he will not be able to bring in the kind of talent that it will take to compete with Florida and Kentucky let alone Georgia and Alabama. We will sink to the middle of the back in the SEC. We absolutely have to have a Brad Stevens or Shaka Smart to keep the ball rolling and retain the current players and fan base.

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

As I stated before, I think it has been shown by the fan base that they will not support mediocrity but will come out in droves to watch a top notch coach and team that competes nationally. If Hamilton and Cheek do not hire a big time coach that can pick up where Pearl left off and persuade the current recruits to remain, and in addition bring a few more top recruits in himself before next season begins, then Thompson Boling is going to be emptier than it has ever been before. Our fan base deserves the best coach out there. We support the team not Hamilton and Cheek so they better listen to what we want or they will find themselves with a basketball program that is "in the red" every year like it was before Bruce Pearl came here. If that happens Jimmy and Hammy should both be fired as they da@n well ought to be for ignoring the fan base and cheaping out on the hire.

Written on David Climer: Vols' athletics director is next on hot seat:

Keep swinging for the fence! there is a big time coach out there who will come to Tennessee. Go back with 2.5 Mil a year, then 3 if that is what it takes.

Written on Joe Biddle: Vols need to make a safe pick to replace Pearl:

It think it has been shown by the fan base that they will not support mediocrity but will come out in droves to watch a top notch coach and team that competes nationally. If Hamilton and Cheek do not hire a big time coach that can pick up where Pearl left off and persuade the current recruits to remain, and in addition bring a few more top recruits in himself before next season begins, then Thompson Boling is going to be emptier than it has ever been before. Our fan base deserves the best coach out there. We support the team not Hamilton and Cheek so they better listen to what we want or they will find themselves with a basketball program that is "in the red" every year like it was before Bruce Pearl came here. If that happens Jimmy and Hammy should both be fired as they da@n well ought to be for ignoring the fan base and cheaping out on the hire.

Written on David Climer: Belmont's Rick Byrd has game, if not name, for UT job:

I'd like to hear from the AD that he consulted with the current player's about who our next coach should be. Their buyin is critical for a successful transition so if Mike Hamilton would set down with those guys and get there input I believe they would be more successful at retaining the current players and recruits. Even if Hamilton and Cheek don't pick the coach the player's want, they will at least feel that they were part of the process and hopefully more willing to accept the coaching change and stay with the program. That being said, if UT doesn't open up their billfold and secure a guy who can successfully recruit the best players to this school every year like Calipari, then Mike Hamilton and Jimmy Cheek should both be fired. Shaka Smart or Brad Stevens or better is the standard.

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