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Open articles and posts? Nice experiment.

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They better be able to run the ball because they couldn't catch a decent case of the clap last night

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After the arse whoopin' they took last winter, I'm not surprised.

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How sad that some of my fellow Vol fans seem to take pleasure in the fact that Vandy now officially has a few thugs, like all the other college football programs. Good for these fans for showing up and supporting the team. The bad apples do not represent everyone else. God knows UT has had more than it's share of problem athletes. I am glad all our fans didn't quit on our team every time one of our players did something wrong. Yes, this situation is worse than most, but it was certainly not in any way the result of behavior by the coaches or other players. Therefore the coaches and other players should still have the support of the administration and fans.
I will cheer against Vandy when we play them, but I will cheer for all those good kids who play for them when it comes to the game of life.
I think the coach and school dealt with this correctly and quickly. Really don't see how they could have done anything better in dealing with it. I hope UT would have done the same, and I think we would have. I would then hope our fans would have turned out for a team rally like these fans did.

Like Coach Cafego, I hate vander-body and their elitist attitudes. Their favorite bumper sticker "Vanderbilt: THE university of Tennessee" has always ticked me off to no end. Football to hopscotch, I want to beat their eyes shut!

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Alabama vs Virginia Tech, Auburn v Washington St, and Georgia v Clemson are on at the same time. Tenn-AP will be a radio game for me.

Amen! Too many good games on TV to spend a dime on Peay

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There is nothing quite so pathetic as a fan going to a rival's site to talk trash about recruiting. Recruiting? I think I can speak for everyone when I say "get a life." Invest your time in something you can actually a job.

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Recruiting is a dirty business. I friend of mine's son was recruited hard by the state school (not in the South). He turned down other offers to go to his state school, his dream. On signing day, the coach never made contact with the letter of intent to fax back. Mid-afternoon, the coach called and made up some story about the offer was always "preferred walk on." The kid called the other D1 schools he turned down....too late. A crappy lesson to learn at 18!

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Yep! Especially when Peay beats us. Or was that basketball. Anyhow it's sometimes fun to sit in the stands and watch UT slaughter somebody any body. It's happened before with even "big" name schools. I remember the first UT game I attended we slaughtered Ga. Tech. It doesn't really matter who the teams are for the first few games. Play down and win and work on game plans and getting some guys field experience. It's a great time especially the Tailgating and BBQ!

From "beat everybody" to "beat anybody" is 10 years. Ugh! I was there during the late Battle and early Major years (stinkers) to the glory days (stayed in Vegas and drove to Phoenix for the NC) and back down again. Can't wait to watch Butch bring back the good ol' days!

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Lets see, go watch UT v Peay and spend a hundo or two or stay home and watch two ranked teams (UGA v Clemson), plus Bama v Va Tech and LSU v TCU. Our non conference schedule stinks out loud!

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Vandy coach jumps off cliff. Impresses himself. Collective Yawn heard around the South.

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Not gonna depend on a video game. Just win, baby!

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I don't mean to tinkle in anyone's kool-aid cause I'm as excited about our future as I've been in a long, long time but He-who-shan't-be-named had a great signing class too. But too many of those guys had as much class as that coach. Lets hope the young men committing to our school has the same level of class as the guy leading the team! GBO!!!

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The worst opener since SW Louisiana in 92. Didn't Bobby Boucher play for them?

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Price of tix + terrible non-conference home schedule = other Saturday options.

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Baylor...what cowards.

"Sounds familiar" said the the UNC fans

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Watching Bray act like a spoiled brat rather than the leader of an SEC football team was brutal, too. Good luck!

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I would have preferred "The SEC Invitational"

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Million dollar arm with a nickel head

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A big mouth don't make a big man. So far, Peabody beat a sorry UT and caught a few others napping. But the biggest change in their program has been with his jaws flapping rather than anything between the sidelines. Not impressed. Nothing to see here, move along.

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New Fox prime time program: "When Ashtma Attacks". What the heck is ashtma? Doesn't anyone use spellcheck anymore?

Maybe ashtma is a rare disease from India that the KNS is researching?

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Good grief! At least more people were present to see UT get embarrassed than see UK get embarrassed. Face it, SEC basketball stinks on ice!

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4-7 on the road. Needed to beat Alabubba in the tourney but didn't. Should have beat UGA at home but didn't.

As sorry as college basketball is this year, any team not in the NCAA only need look in the mirror.

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Any team not in the tourney has no one to blame but themselves. College basketball stinks!

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Dumb da dumb, dumb. Dumb da dumb, dumb az!

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Cuonzo, please recruit a point guard before you too are coaching WRs for the Dallas Cowboys.

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We've had to put up with the arrogance of ND for a long, long time. Even when they stunk, they were arrogant. Therefore, let the South rise again! RTR! SEC, SEC, SEC!

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The cream always rises to the top

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First, who was Dane "Breadshaw"? I remember a Bradshaw kid who was pretty good. Second, now we know how UNC feels when Hammy ducked out of the football contract. Makes Memphis High look small just like it made UT look small in football.

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Hunter's gonna have to get stronger & tougher. He had to wear 11 cause it was the only double digit number to fit his skinny frame.

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After watching the presser, I can confidently say that little John asks the dumbest, most insulting questions in the world. No wonder he has no access within the department. What an embarrassment to the kns. Just another reason that newspapers are losing relevance by the minute.

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Bama 23 SEC titles....

UT 13 SEC titles....

Fla 8 SEC titles....

Do the math and fight over second place.... The 2 of you COMBINED are still second best.... FACT ROLL TIDE

Tell us about that Alabubba fan who got two years in prison for tea bagging an LSU fan and posting the video. You stay classy Alabubba!

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Finally the Grudenites can STHU.

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Two words: Ryan Leaf

Exactly what I was thinking

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Bobby Petrino deserves a second shot. He wins everywhere he goes.

We could probably get him for a tricked out Harley & a box of condoms

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The DBs are slow and seem to get beat often. The OL is really the strength of the team which allows Bray time to get the ball to our above avg WRs.

I saw Al Wilson before the game and really miss those days when teams feared the "T" on the helmet rather than jeered the pants on the sideline.

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I wonder if John Adams realizes people have been "pulling" against him to stay with KNS for some time now.

Amen! I've been pulling for this Horse's arse to be gone a long, long time. Stopped buying the paper solely because of him.. He must be a miserable person to wrie such hate-filled tripe.

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You must get a bonus for every coach you run down and run off cause that's about all you ever write. You must be miserable to live with!

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When the AP starts writing these kind of stories, the end is on this side of the horizon.

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My bad, it was '88 w a loss to Spurrier's Duke team at home & a complete meltdown v. Washington State, also at home.

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UT football is the lowest I have ever seen in my 40 years of following them. As an alumnus, this is unwatchable even though I suffer through it. Tyler Bray reminds me of "Butthead" from "Beavis and Butthead"). He has a good arm but not the intellect to play quarterback. I like Dooley, but he's not the guy for UT right now. We need a big name that can recruit like Petrino. It's time!

Don't remember that 0-6 start back in early '80s? THAT was the lowest UT football has ever been.

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Best wishes for a quick recovery, Coach!

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Shula won ten games his third year at BAma. Dooley couldn't carry Mike Shula's jockstrap. Zook was 16-8 (.667) in SEC play... Dooley is 4-13 (.235)...

Shula's record at Alabama had one good season, which still didn't win the SECW that year (3rd). I was wrong. Typically Shula was worth 6 wins. That other guy you mentioned, where is he now? Fla loved him so much he lasted 3 years &Illinois just separated him from the love of their institution.

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And I can't find 7 wins on the schedule this year

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I hate to say it but Dooley is to UT what Shula was to Alabama. Young, good looking, great pedigree, but not gonna win more than 7 or 8.

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Would love to see a leader take the snaps rather than a drunk, throat slashing, beer bottle & golf ball throwing child.

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In the team yearbook, the strength coach has a gut and the guy's son is wearing gamecock gear. Nice!

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"filthy fantasies"? Defined by whom? Come on Matt, be better than that. Your comment of "filthy" is purely conjecture, prejudicial, and judgemental. If you quote someone without giving them credit, that's plagarism. The editor should know better and so should you.

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"gald". Do you guys have any pride in your work? If I worked in a dying industry, I probably wouldn't either.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

USC is gonna be ranked #1 or 2 in the first preseason poll this summer. That doesn't win an NC, but it does mean a lot of writers think they've got a shot.