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Karma!! it will come back and getcha Counzo!!

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Good luck Francher, I wish you well. If you want to win games though, leave the Counzo defense without offense alone, it doesn’t work. .

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Brian Banks lived a nightmare for the past ten years. Convicted and imprisoned for a rape that never happened, Banks was finally exonerated when his accuser recanted her story. And after missing out on the opportunity to play big-time college football, he has been signed by the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons, and will have the opportunity to resume his dream of playing professional football.

It's a great story with the potential to have an unbelievably positive ending. But to me, the ethical and legal issues left unresolved are extremely troubling.

A teenaged football star falsely accused of rape

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Stokes needs to go, one more year and no tourny will not look good for him. JMO.

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Stokes was the 11th rated prospect in his class and if he had stayed in HS he would have just finished his freshman year. A lottery pick? Not hardly. If more than 3 or 4 of those guys in his class come out they better be able to speak a foreign language.

Some people act like going overseas is the worst possible thing that can happened to a player when in fact it’s not at all. At least playing professional basketball overseas will teach you the fundamentals of basketball while being paid. There have been college hoops players that started overseas and ended up in the NBA. I like the coach and UT but the style of play and not to mention player development is non-existing here, he should leave. 2 years and no tourney, why should he stay…I know, I know, next year things will turn around.

Learning a foreign language is a good thing.

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before Stokes came to UT he was a lottery pick,now he's not even on the draft board, UT is killing his chances at the next level, this team has hurt him dearly. JMO

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Jordan, that makes two of us. One other thing: when Hall was a Freshman, I made the astute observation that he reminded me of Bernard King. Shows how dumb I am.

Dumb describes you perfect. Lose some weight and buy another wheelchair loser.

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The players came out and played with the same attitude as the head coach, dry. The coach was negative from the start of the NIT and the players just followed his lead. Well if Jarnell and Jordy stay we should make some noise, but I don’t see it. Why should a five star Jarnell stay with a team that can’t make the big dance two years in a row, oh yea, next year….:/

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I rarely comment on this site because it is my opinion that the people who post on this site are comedians at best! The "Regulars" who post about every UT football/basketball story have absolutley no knowledge of what it takes to coach or play organized sports. One minute they are loving Cuonzo Martin and the next minute they hate him and he can no longer coach in the SEC. Cuonzo Martin has done more with the group of players he has been dealt then alot of other coaches including the "holy than thou" Bruce Pearl could ever do. What did Pearl get out of his players? They played street ball with no discipline or defense. He never developed talent i.e. Scotty Hopson. And before you write back, what about Lofton and Smith, he did not recruit those players. They were already here before he took over.

I just get tired of the garbage that gets posted to this site after every win or loss. I love UT sports but if the majority of our fanbase thought like 90% of the people on this site, I think I would end up hating them. I have one question to the know it alls who know what it takes to coach "Big Time SEC" basketball, have you gotten up out of your double wide in the past two weeks besides to go the bathroom or to answer the door for pizza delivery man? By the way, what is big time SEC basketball? This is a football conference. You wonder why kids don't want to come here to play sports. Its because of idiots like YOU! The guys who have never played a sport in thier life but know exactly what it takes to win every game.

Get a life! Bunch of babbling idiots!


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Goods win Vols...let's Dance

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the tourney that is.

Written on David Paschall: Four will need five in SEC:

i say we are IN...jmo

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whatever it is keep it going..rematch ole miss

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one word...NICE

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we didnt have an answer for Pope. there should have been 2 or 3 guys on him at all times.

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Wasn't this guy talking about mental toughness in a printed interview the other day? I stopped being a fan of his in his junior year when I saw he just wasn't gonna improve his game and would just waste his athletic talent. I'm afraid your diagnosis of him may, sad to say it, just be true.

it must have been nice for you to be a perfect 20-22 and 23 year old.

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Most likely he went to jail because he was giving the officer some lip. Just speculating though. It seems that it would most likely just be a ticket in most cases. Probably more to the story than what we know. I'd think if you were courteous to the officer and treated them with respect you would find yourself walking away from this rather than going to jail. Also, we don't know what kind of previous charges he has or doesn't have regarding this same problem.

or the cop is a racist that hates jocks. just speculating though.

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LOL...I have Coach Martin post game report memorized

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LOL...he sounds like Coach Martin...Mental toughness...

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no one on this team knows their role and this is a problem that the coaching staff has to fix.

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Awwww, now samvol. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but I'm entitled to my opinion just as you are. This is a high dollar program in a high dollar venue with a high dollar coaching staff and the results just aren't there. As a long time supporter and a paying customer I do expect more. I do not expect these guys to win every game, but I do expect a far better effort in finishing games out. When the going gets tough this group folds like a cheap suit.

Hurt my feelings...LOL!!! I’m a grown man and as such I couldn’t see myself degrading and bullying the young men of Tennessee basketball and football by calling them names like you and your cronies do. I guess doing so makes you feel real special though. Keep paying for scholarships, I’m sure they as well as the parents appreciate you for it.

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It has nothing to do with being "smart" enough born2ride. These guys are all given a gift in the form of a free education at a major university in exchange for enertaining the alumni and fan base who pay the bills for the athletic department, and frankly they're not doing much entertaining. And I challenge you to write down the name of every current player on the roster and at the end of their 4 years of "paid in full" at the University of Tennessee which ones have a diploma in hand.

You are being entertained....just not by your standard. And who cares what you think.

Sklar Mcbee
Dwight Miller
Kenny Hall

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in response to born2ride:

McRae - the best and most improved player.

Golden - terrible point guard.

Stokes - lazy and horrible free throw shooter.

Kenny Hall - pathetic (sorry but true)

Richardson - good for an unheralded player.

Skylar - did an outstanding job on Henderson in first half.

Moore - has potential.

Yemi - a project.

Martin - boring

I suppose you can do better? one thing i can say for all the players you are demeaning is that they were smart enough to get a FREE education...unlike you who never had any talent to do so.

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Golly samvol! I understand defending against rants on players and coaches. But I've learned that on these "blog sights" you can't be too defensive. Most of us on here are just here when we're not doing anything else important. Except maybe the ones who are PAID to disrespect the Vols.

its only when the players a being demeaned by fans. players do not place stars beside thier names, fans put all these expectations on players based on what someone thats probable never even played college ball says about them, then the players are being bullied when they dont live up to the fans expectations..its stupid.

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As you all know Ive been saying McRae is the key to success but unfortunately at the same time Golden once the leading scorer has lost his Mojo..Had Golden played to his past potential we easily beat Bama and maybe KY too..Now the pressure is on Golden and his up and down play has our guards playing a different style..McRae totally took the faster Goodwin to school..Gonna need 3 players having double digit games to win games. Richardson is our most consistent player and him and Stokes must help Jordan with double digit games..As a senior Hall needs to get his head out of his b%tt..His defense against KY was awful as I watched him stand there and just watch players blow by him and do nothing..The sooner Golden returns to form the sooner we win..Martins offensive plan in the last 7 minutes against KY was awful.He basically turned the game into McRae vs the whole KY team and KY got smart and smothered him

most of you "Fans" are so clueless that you cant tell when a player is hurting but yet still play and do what they can. i dont care if Hall and Mcbee are seniors, they are doing what they can. its offiseve to see what is written, i played ball and i know what it feels like to try and play through. how do you know his head was up his butte...were you up there to see it?

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Billy Gillispie = Counzo Martin

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WOW!!! Gotta love UT fans. most of you must have been beat up and picked last.

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Martin needs an offensive plan period.

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This team is lost on offense and that on the coach. Our big guys should not be floating around the perimeter waiting for something to happen, they run the floor pretty well, beat our opponents down the stretch but the PG walks the ball up the court and now the big guys have to fight to get into position. This is NOT on the players, this is a coaching problem. Pearl at least had an offensive plan, Cuonzo does not and it’s killing this team.

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There's plenty of talent on this team to beat the teams we're losing to. We have an identity problem and a cohesiveness problem right now because we're searching for who we need to be to win ball games. We should have been figuring that out 10 games ago.


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With this style of ball we will never win against better teams. The whole offense looks lost and this is due to coaching. Jarnell, Kenny and Yemi should touch the ball 10 to 15 times a night instead they are floating around the perimeter guarding and hoping they can do something. Our big guys run the floor pretty good and usually beat the opponent down the stretch but buy the time the PG brings the ball up the court it’s too late and our bigs are fighting to get in position, it’s no wonder why they get fouled so much. Our guards either cannot or will not create opportunities in the paint. The players don’t play as a team, they don’t communicate…. It’s the style of coaching and it’s not all on the players.

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this offense sucks...

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If you know how to coach a D-1 team better than Martin, then apply for the job.

it will prolly become open in a couple years and i might just take up that offer. idiot!

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This coach is in charge of these players, he has got to create some type of an offensive game. He lets the players take bad shoots, turn over the ball and miss free throws and it seems without any consequence, and I say this because I see no improvement in those areas. You cannot just say “the player has to make plays” that comment makes no sense to me. I’m no basketball expert but I know what my eyes see and I see a coach letting his players do whatever they want. Each game you see the guards passing the ball back and forth on the perimeter, you see the bigs roaming around trying to defend guards instead of being set up for a play (no wonder why they turn the ball over), you see bad passes and the shot clock running down and then a bad shot. Every game…..

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I hope the course is free throws. Maymon is good but he will not take us to an sec or national championship. Martin need to focus on what he has to work with right now and stop with the mind set of if we had maymon bs...non of that is making any diffrence right now...focus on getting your players to make free throw and stop turmnng the ball over. geeze

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I was at the game tonite. People on here who are badmouthing this team and coach are way off base. Georgetown is a QUALITY defensive team - extremely well coached in defense, and extremely long and talented defenders. That was one of the best zone defenses I've ever seen. They took away our inside game and still left no open shots at the three point line. Very physical and very active - unusual qualities for a zone. When you combine that with our loss of Maymon, and our lack of more than one outside shooter (they were all over McBee. They were on him like white on rice), it made for a tough, tough game. There were no open shots to be found. There were no open passing lanes. entry passes were hard to make.

On the other hand, our defense - with smaller and less talented players - was even more effective than theirs. The effort these kids gave (except for Hall) was something to be proud of. You just don't waltz in there and beat Georgetown on their home floor. Their record in that gym is terrific against a lot of quality foes. That we had a great chance to win this one at the end was testimony to a lot of grit on this team and excellent coaching.

With Maymon out - and even if he is in there - we simply don't have the offensive players to expect sterling offensive performances against tough defensive teams like Gtown. One thing disappointing to me was to see Hall was completely outclassed. I don't understand how he ever got a four star recruit rating. He is a senior and the Gtown sophomores were schooling him. Bad feet, bad hands, lacks quickness, anticipation, etc. If maymon is in this game we win it cause they couldn't double and triple down on Stokes. With Hall in there, they didn't have to worry about him at all. Yemi was no different. Chievous is too small to play with their forwards. The truth is that we don't have the depth inside that we thought we would have this year. Maymon being out hurts this team like hell.

The lack of free throw shooting was very frustrating. We make two more and we win, one more and maybe we win. I thought the rims were really tight, as the home team struggled with their free throws, too. Almost everything that hit the rims bounced out, especially free throws.

We lost the game in the first five minutes of the second half, when we went from a two point lead to a seven point deficit. We played down six or seven for a long time in that half. In such a defensive game, it's really hard to make a run and make it stick. That deficit was huge, took so much defensive effort to work it down. With our lack of offensive weaponry, seven points looked like twenty. That our kids fought back and didn't quit when they got behind by that much without an offense was a very good sign for the season ahead.

We need Maymon. With him we are a top team, and we win games like this.

maybe you should coach and play. the vols held a ranked GT to below 40 points.

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the bright side is that the vols defense held a ranked GT to below 40

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lets go vols, play like you did against Oakland and we got this...GBO!!!

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We just cant seem to catch a break...GBO!

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didnt see the game but from the box score it must have been pretty ugly.


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wow with some of these comments you would have thought we lost by 30. and the comments about some so much trash comments from people who wouldnt get picked to play on a girls jv team. some of the phooey on these message boards... smdh. and only one game into the season

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maymon should have been recovered...whats really wrong...

Written on Third quarter: Florida 27, Tennessee 20 :


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mediocre ball player, mediocre rapper. Get your degree son, and stay out of prison.

idiot comment from an idiot person

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Hall has greatly improved but he should have been kicked off the team. I am surprised he was allowed to come back.

why do you say that? do you know what happend?

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She deserves every award she gets. Classy Lady Vol!!!

Happy birthday Pat