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Allan Houston is very supportive of Cuonzo as well as Bernard King; I trust their judgment more than any of these posters.. any how GBO!

We just got spoiled with Coach Pearl. Great recruiter, good coach, going to Big Dance every year. Getting the most from his team, night in, night out. Now that Pearl is gone, Coach Martin will do. He will need to make the Big Dance in the next three years and go far into it.

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Pay the man. He has earned a nice new contract. I had my doubts if he was the right guy earlier in the season but he has proved me wrong as can be. Sorry Coach for doubting you.


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Looking forward to this year, should be another good one.

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For what? Trying to be a good person, trying to do the right thing?

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Vandy is a hard place to win, we can still do this.

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Where do I send my resume?

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Does anyone know where we rank in Volleyball recruiting for the SEC?

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Baby steps, 7 wins, 6 + 1 bowl.

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Great get, in BB every year you have to build.

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Maybe we can get up to a 8th ranking in the polls.

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Good families, make good kids.

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Always nice to see locals choose to stay home.

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Here is my hope for next year:
Football - a 6 - 6 year with a bowl win.
Basketball - Big Dance with 1 win.
Baseball - SEC tournament.
Baby steps.

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We need the big bats to come out today. Let's go Lady VOLS!!!

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We are holding out hope that Melissa will heal up by WCWS. I flew into Knoxville tonight and I am attending her Dr appt with her tomorrow. She had a plate and 9 screws placed in her hand which was going to give her the best chance to heal correctly and heal quickly. The earliest that she would be ready was 3 weeks.... 4 weeks was WCWS... Go Lady Vols!!!!

Mike Davin

Wow!!! Good luck and thanks for the update.

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19 in a row, wow!!!

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I would not leave school early unless I was being told I would be a 1st or 2nd round pick. I don't get these kids.

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Dang!!! I remember the old days when the VOLS were winning championships and our players where getting arrested. Good times.

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Here is the bad part, you may be right. If Jones can not win 6 or 7 games next year, then no one will want to come to UT. We will have another below 25 class and the losing will continue.

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Pathetic article. Why even write it?

For the information, now we know what odds we may be looking at.

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Wow! If we get the 3 that we have the odds on we will still be 12th in the SEC. We may never get to go to a bowl game again.

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Reminds me of the ending of the LSU game and the UNC game....just when you think Dooley may have been successful.....wrong!

Best comment of the tread.

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We have middle of the pack talent. Yes, we have to.

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James Franklin has shown he is one of the best coaches in coaching and recruiting in the country. I do not know why he was not on the top of our list. I do see BJ doing well, but not as well as JF would had done.

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My daughter I went to see the VB team play SC. She finished her HS freshman year and was interested in UT until she saw Coach Patrick temper. Now I don't know if she will ever get to play big time VB, and no I didn't think anything about his temper. He is a hardask and some girls just can’t handle it.

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Just win 6 games so we can go to a bowl, 6 games.

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Recruit, recruit, recruit. They can be the best coaching staff, but you have to recruit like Fulmer to win SEC rings.

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Watching the Texas game, I was impressed how well the LV shot the ball. Then this happen, I guess they were too pumped.

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Ok, Skylar needs to ride the bench. His shooting is way off and his D is lacking. Maybe sometime this year he might get his stroke back.

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Coach Martin took a team picked last in the East and finished tied for 2nd...nearly beat KY. Played 7 games without Maymon and are 4-3...could have have beaten Georgetown who took #1 Indiana in overtime...even though they had a bad offensive night. Miller is out as well...2 bigs with Maymon being he heart of the team with both being impact players. Yeah, you talk already of getting rid of CM. Stokes will develop leaps and bounds this year...he is only supposed to be a freshman this year ya know.... Sell your gosh darn tickets and dont let the door hit you in the butt...I suppose the injuries were CM's fault. Go ahead and say it. Ask Georgetown if they want to play us in Ktown. Bet not. Hope Santa gives you a Christmas tree supository.

"Hope Santa gives you a Christmas tree supository." LOL!!! I bet you waited all year to use that one.

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Butch Jones is a good hire, if he can recruit, he will be a great hire.

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He's a winner, and we like winners.

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Our 1998 team could beat ND by 13 and Bama will beat them by 10.

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I think you are 100% correct. Move on people, nothing to see here.

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I think Mark can improve KY, they will happy with the hire for a couple of years.

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All it takes is the right coach. With the right coach we will be playing for the east in two years and playing for a NC in four. But remember when we hired Dooley, no one wanted it.

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there soft world is coming to end...soon it will be time to learn what it means to be a Tennessee Volunteer.

It's their, not there, your knowledge of grammar and football is about the same.

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Put a good product of the field and you don't have to worry about being the fall guy.

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I don't think we would had lost the KY game last year if Bray didn't play. He was sick all week and really didn't want to play in the first place.

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Hey Dooley, your whole rebuilding would go better if you recruited better.

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Being ranked is huge. Means we will be seen more on TV, not just games, but highlights too. This game is UTs biggest game since we lost to LSU on the final play.

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This season depends on the running and kicking games. Period. Fix one and we win 7 games...fix both and we win 9-10...and yes, its that simple.

That's sounds about right.

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It is really not a bad deal. You figure you get 7 couples to split $800 and everyone bring a dish. For $115 you have a prime spot with a TV and you only need to bring beer and food.

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You can't keep winners down.