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Written on John Adams: UT's tradition is changing :

Dear Mr Adams, If you do not have something worthwhile, keep your mouth shut!

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley needs to help UT Vols at the bank as well:

If Mr Slimer cannot say something positive, he need to keep his mouth shut. Who cares what a another biased assho== has to say.

Written on Dooley calls practice 'Monday Morning Blues':

The only positive for this year is that Tennessee will have good reason to fire Dooley.

Written on MTSU ends UT's season, 71-64 :

Last 10 minutes showed Tennessee players did not care and coach could not or did not fix. One sorry bunch.

Written on Phillip Fulmer, Willie Gault, Bobby Majors, Paul Naumoff on College Football Hall of Fame ballot:

Way to many negative comments here about a man who returned Tennessee football to greatness. Nobody is perfect, including Fulmer, but his contribution was excellent, and results speak volumes.

Written on Hog-tied: Arkansas women win in Knoxville for first time, 72-71 :

Uninspired, pathetic Lady Vol team. The future coach is not on the bench presently.

Written on Holly Warlick: 'Our program was built on defense and rebounding' :

Neither DeMoss or Warlick are capable of coaching a grammer school basketball team. Sad but true.

Written on Lady Vols not defensive in loss, and that's the problem :

Winners make it happen, and those who do not wonder what happened. Will to win and commitment to win is the missing part for the Lady Vols.

Written on Which loss was MORE shocking?:

Poll should really state-- Which athletic program can get any worse, Football or Basketball?

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

Lets see now Mr Hamilton, tell me again why you hired Dooley and Martin. You're an idiot!

Written on Letters to the Sports Editor: Dec. 4 :

The idiot Hamilton has destroyed Tennessee football and basketball.

Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :

Give credit where credit is due, Hamilton hired Kiffen and Dooley, at least he will not be responsible for the coach after this fiasco. Dooley is really a joke, just look at his record.

Written on Give Them (0 and) 6: Big plays lead to Arkansas onslaught, 49-7 :

Tennessee is an awful football team. Mike Hamilton made another serious mistake in hiring Derek DOOLITTLE and it will cost dearly to get rid of him. No hope until he and his sorry coaches are gone.

Written on Third Quarter: Alabama 27, Tennessee 6:

Fulmer, Kiffin, Dooley and Hamilton are all best reasons for a doomed football program. Wow, I did not think that it could ever get this bad!

Written on Pat Summitt 'anticipated' Mike Hamilton's resignation, doesn't want the job:

Summitt is top shelf and real class!

Written on Was it time for Mike Hamilton to go?:

in response to Futurecoach16:

People said the same thing during Fulmer's last year, and we brought in Kiffin. May want to be careful what you say.

Mr Hamilton has caused the problem in football, basketball and baseball. Fulmer is a saint compared to the Clemson bean counter.

Written on Was it time for Mike Hamilton to go?:

How could a program be made any worse than what this bean counter has caused?

Written on Mike Hamilton has notified potential candidates for baseball opening:

Hamilton should be fired and replaced by someone with some smarts.

Written on Todd Raleigh fired as Tennessee baseball coach:

How much more will the leadership allow from this loser Hamilton?

Written on Signs of life flatline; LSU finishes sweep of Vols, 15-5:

Please give a good reason why Mike Hamilton is the AD. Okay, there is no good reason.

Written on Vols battle through problems, 5-4 :

Tennessee baseball is a joke.

Written on Vols come up short against Georgia, 5-3:

Tennessee baseball sucks, along with Raleigh and Hamilton!

Written on Tennessee Baseball weekly update:

Another poor job of selection by Mike Hammy. Should not of been hired and should have been fired already. Same for Hamilton.

Written on Todd Raleigh: 'We're just in a funk right now', 2-0:

What an honor to have this loser again this year. He must have a pic of Hammy with a sheep, or goat better yet.

Written on Lady Vols sweep No. 2 Georgia in softball:

The Bulldogs are overrated as #2.

Written on Pat Summitt makes a point about lack of point guard play:

in response to jeff1vol:

Pat is past her prime. She's the greatest of all time, but we all lose it after a while. This staff is NOT very good at all. Haven't been since the dude left for Duke. You can't get better players than what they have right now and they were extremely ill prepared. We can spin it any way you want to, but that is the truth to anyone that knows bball. Go Vols!

Fully agree with your comments, There seemed to be NO STRATEGY, NO GAME PLAN, and the defense was lackluster at best. Ballhandling and hustle was inferior to Notre Dame.

Written on Cuonzo Martin wants to meet with Kevin Ware before granting release:

Nothing gets better with football or basketball until Mike Hamilton is gone.

Written on Obama has Lady Vols in Final Four but UConn to win it all:

Obama is a slime bucket bottom feeder who does not know jack about anything but buying votes.

Written on Vols crushed by Michigan in NCAA tournament, 75-45:

Thank you Mr Hamilton for all you have screwed up, hopefully your sorry rear end will be fired.

Written on Debate on Bruce Pearl's future entering 'when, not if' territory:

No controls from Hamilton, he is a liability. The buck stops with Mr Hanilton.

Written on Florida ends Vols' SEC tournament, 85-74:

UT basketball- one sorry bunch, starting with(no rules) Hamilton, then Pearl, then the rest. Time for a fresh start.

Written on Don DeVoe 'very surprised' by UT's support of Bruce Pearl :

Mr Hamilton was at the reigns for the past wrongdoings. Hamilton needs to go, he had zero controls in place.

Written on Vols' NCAA resume takes a hit, 69-63 :

This was like a pickup game today. Looks like team has no teamwork!

Written on Todd Raleigh knows heat is on for his fourth season :

Todd should have been fired two years ago. Hamilton is spineless.

Written on Missed free throw late in game costly as Vols falter :

Vols, welcome to the NIT, if anything.

Written on Shooting dead-off: Lady Vols can't pull the trigger against Baylor, 65-54:

The Lady Vols were defeated before that game started. Some of our players need to be aggressive with their leadership and EACH player needs to lead by example. There was NO will to win, must have already known that they cannot beat Baylor, let alone a team like CONNECTICUT. Is this the end of the season. I hope not, but that game was awful!

Written on Adonis Thomas' 'gut feeling' was to pick Memphis:

Too bad he will never play in a REAL conference.

Written on Adonis Thomas: Memphis really had a place in my heart:

in response to CatScratchFever:

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Are there any newspapers in Kentucky? Do they look a lot like 1 page Kroger ads? You're an idiot!

Written on Dawg day afternoon: Georgia 41, Vols 14 :

Blame this one on Fulmer and Kiffin, the Vols now have a lot of hope with the preceding ones gone. Go Vols!

Written on Final: Vols 32, UAB 29, 2OT :

Those Vols are a sorry bunch. One and maybe only redeeming factor, Fulmer and the replacement are both gone. Just need to get rid of Hamilton!

Written on Georgia’s A.J. Green suspended for 4 games for selling jersey to agent:

Mr Green is a great receiver, but can he spell stupid?

Written on Mike Hamilton says UT football tickets sales down:

It will take 3-5 years to turn around a football program that started a significant slide down- ward several years ago, top level recruits will need to want to come to Tennessee, only a very few will come until the program is reestablished. Dooley will need to learn how to win at Tennessee, his La Tech record is not one to be proud of.

Written on Todd Raleigh returning as UT baseball coach:

How many years will Hamilton waste on this loser?

Written on No SEC tournament again for Vols :

The problem is the ineptness of the coach. Mr Mikey, it is time to do your job.

Written on Do you approve of UT's hiring of Derek Dooley?:

in response to 10cvolnga:

The Vol Nation could really do without some of the pathetic so-called supporters that post on this site. Derek Dooly is our coach, like it or not. Give the man a chance. He has the credentials and has the proven energy and integrity this program deserves. I think many of you are going to be surprised. Let's get behind our coach and support the VOLS!!

Fully agree with 10cvolnga. Any new coach should be given the benefit of the doubt. I like the way Dooley presents himself, he speaks well.

Written on Off the Hook: Looking at the candidates:

How much do we have to pay to dump Hamilton?