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You need to stop posting if your that idiotic. Big Ben benched for Bray?

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Thompson could develop into a good player. But I don't understand why Martin signed the JUCO player who only averaged 2 points and 3 rebounds. Seems like another wasted scholarship.

We are 2 over. It must mean Stokes is going to the NBA. Also heard Yemi is transferring. Not good. If Martin does not make the NCAA next year he Is a goner.

Not necessarily on stokes.

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This battle will go back and forth all season in my opinion.. I hope the fans will remember that it will take more than a season to install this new offense and many times the offenses failure wont be the QBs fault at all.. WR running or reading wrong route, RB missing a pick up block or going to the wrong hole on a read, or OLine calling the wrong blocking assignment, all very real probabilities for a totally new offensive system.

Dobbs or Ferguson will start. Worley and Peterman can't play.

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Stokes is not ready for the league. The NBA doesn't have time to teach basic fundamentals which Stokes lacks. Stokes has no offensive game other than lay ups and that little shot he takes couple of steps across the lane to shoot. that running shot he does. He could learn a lot with coaching next year.10 to 15 foot jumpers thousand per day please Jarnell.He has the talent just needs to polish it up. Awesome rebounder. Footwork and quickness work on it Jarnell. With Maymon back his stock should rise. Four players on next years squad will have a shot at NBA. Its been a while since we have had four players with a shot at the NBA on the floor at the same time.Martin should make the tourney no problemo. Sweet sixteen should be expected.

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Sounds like Pig may be a playmaker but I keep seeing he fumbled here and fumbled there. I knew Marlin Lanes uncle cannabis was ill.

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PM recruits to only one school, UT..I can see where CBJ and Peyton would admire each others passion for the game, because they both demand attention to detail. They both work like heck and have the respect of their peers.

He just got thru recruiting Butch Jones to Colorado.

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Wow! A post that averages 2.5 ppg and the PG from Huntsville who averages 2.7 ppg ! Someone please explain...

These are two defensive specialists, You see if they can hold the man they are guarding to 1 point per game we will be just fine with them.

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He averaged 2.5 points and 3.5 rebounds per game in 13 appearances last season. And we're recruiting him because???

He sounds like a monster don't he? Another Nerlins noel

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Dogs are also excited when humping somebodys leg. Doesn't mean the end result is gonna be good. But I think Jones can coach lets hope so

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Guys one of the freshmen is going to be the starter.They are players.Its not like worley or peterman have time in the system. The system is new to the whole team. Dobbs is going to study to be a rocket scientist. Ferguson seems like a tough cocky kid and is big enough physically to take the punishment.

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Agree. I think that CBJ will have his quarterback by the opening game. It may be Ferguson or Dobbs but I think Gurley or Peterman will win out. Who knows, we may have another Manziel in the bunch.

worley and peterman don't have a flippin chance

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Martin said the team gelled to win 8 of last 9 but the fact remains that they choked in SEC tourney. I dont give a phooey about the NIT. I played hard if it was a pick up game out in the yard but kids today don't. They should have been pissed that they were playing Mercer and beat the hell out of them but they didn't. Really who cares bout NIT though we missed the dance We likely would have made the tourney with Maymon.We will see next year ther wil be no excuses barring major injury lol

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Actually, Dooley did a great job recruiting 4* and 5* players (e.g., Hunter, Rogers, Patterson, etc.). I remember Stone came to UT because Kiffin was gone and Dooley had arrived. The only reason UT was in the mix for Derrick Henry was because of Dooley's assistants. However, it's also true that Von Bell and others weren't in the mix because of Dooley.

If you look at past Rivals' reports during Dooley's era, UT was right in the mix with a lot of the Rivals 150 guys, despite having bad teams. When it came to in-state talent, however, Dooley and his assistants took more of a nationwide approach.

Jones appears to be a very aggressive and positive recruiter. I'm also hoping that he's a much better in-game coach, especially in the 2nd half.

b tough to be worse in game coach

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No big surprise to me. This is where I bought into Martin last year only to have my eyes opened with his lack of coaching knowledge and then followed by disappointment [lost to MTSU]. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me [and there is no shame on me tonight].

I dislike being negative, but I simply cannot see anything to be excited about next year with UT Men's Basketball unless there are personnel changes within Martin's coaching staff, which I do not see. I find it very disheartening and disappointing to see the VOLS repeatedly playing without emotion, direction, and game plan. Also, it appears to me that the VOLS continually gets beat by what seems to be less talented teams that are simply better coached.

If college basketball games were won by drinking water, shuffling feet, and licking fingers, Martin would be undefeated.


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Cal probably is going to leave cause KY may be about to get caught cheating.Cal always jets before the hammer falls.If he is open to discussions hes jumping ship.

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Vols not ready .Jordan could care less.Could this be his last game? He was extremely upset after the BAma loss.

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Oh, you can count on me sticking up for real UT fans; And, not backing down from trolls like ewe..You have a nice day, loser.

Why would the idiot spend time on another teams board instead of his favorite team?Probably jealous of the passion of the big orange nation.We are down but not out. I would rather be a vol than a cat in bball or a tide in football. We will never have as many championships as Bama in fball or Ky in bball but we got somethin they don't. Even though they may be beating us now they are still jealous cause they never had a john ward, they never had a T to run through they never had a stokely center they don't have the smokey mountains they don't have a song like rocky top. A tear doesn't form in their eye when the Pride of the southland band forms that T and chill bumps don't rise on them when they here its football time in Tennessee baby.We are Vol Nation and they will never understand. they never watched a late night replay on channel two out of sneedville. but some of them do still play cobra golf clubs and believe Greg Norman will win the Masters.

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Well, 5 recruits committed in one week should give you an inkling that CBJ knows what he's doing..However, if you're not convinced he can coach, take a look at his record in the MAC and compare it with Urbie and Nick when they coached in that league..

I feel good about him. Hope your right. Its just this is The SEC not the MAC Your right he is recruiting like a man on a mission. Lets hold Strong as VFLs

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Also baffled bY fast breaks. Back door cuts.Zone defenses. Scoring on inbounds. Breaking presses etc.

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I just hope Jones is not a rah rah guy in way over his head. Love the energy but I'm taking a wait and see approach. I think hes gonna be good but I'm scared. We as a fan base have been burned more than Sunseri's defense. what a terrible notion that Jones may just be a cheerleader saying all the right things who can't get it done on Saturdays. I think he will get it done just scared boys.

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Dude, you need to put that bottle or pipe down.

Hopson and Harris leaving had little to do with the fact that this team plays when they want to. That is directly attributable to coaching.

And a 4 seed in next year's tourney is laughable.

No its not.Fla is 3 seed and Vols will be as good as they r. Maymon and Hubbs are ballers and I think we have a juco PG comin in.Vols just need a PG who can push the ball, handle the ball, shoot free throws get us inot our offense earlier in the shot clock and lock down on D. We don't have to have a big scorer at point. If Trae would lose about 15 lbs. He may be the man to do it.

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I don't see this team being much better next year, Maymon or not. Its an ugly team playing an ugly style of ball. Where is it written that Tennessee HAS to run the shot clock inside of :07 before attacking the basket. And someone besides McRae who can hit an open jumper would help too. Just saw Hubbs play three games at state tourneyand he was a no-show in two of them. I don't see a lot of help there either.

Tennessee has 4 or 5 wins more with Maymon. But they do need a PG desperately

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Well, he's only one of the best football coaches in the history of the sport.


UT '81

LOl really One of the best recruiters u mean.

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How can u keep vols out if they beat state. I can't believe we still have to beat bama to be sure of a berth. Thats crazy.

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More will follow him here. I think we are gonna pick up most all of the legacy class.Jones seems to be repairing the in state damage idiot caused. We are solid at Qb and now the backfield is taking shape.receivers look good for future. Need o-lineman for sure but offense is lookin good at the skill positions.

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Deputy just so you feel better the team is workin like heck. Coaches don't know how practice went til they see the film. But I think we will be in the mix and in the hunt.

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You are a BLANK BLANK idiot. Fell free to fill in the blanks anyway you want and get over the fact that CPF is not coming back. I believe CBJ is going to do well at UT. He has never been with a team that can bring him the type of athletes and the facilites that UT has to offer.You are bashing the guy before he has had a chance to coach a single game.

Because he is a dumbaxx Fulmerite.I liked Fulmer as well.But Tennessee Football is not Mike Hamilton or donors or presidents.I agreed with his firing even though I liked him.Coach Jones had nothin to do with the great pumpkins, firing nor did Tennessee football.It was individuals ,not the program.Not pulling for current coaches or the team because you are bitter about Filmer is as about as stupid a thing I ever heard.

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We have
-dog-awful defensive personnel
-no prove wr's...
-no qb; if someone does not beat out Worley, it's a waste (Worley = Joey Matthews).

Jones better be working on "plan B", whether that is a Pig Howard spread or a really juiced-up running attack.

He's got about a week to get that rolling in spring training.

What are u talking about. Worley doesn't have a prayer of getting the job anyway. We got plenty of talent at QB and receiver just young. Not going to abandon it for pig howard spread. Good Lord

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If I played cobra clubs I'd be too embarrased to even post a comment. Did you pick those up at Sam's Club? Was the bag and a glove included?

he actually plays kingsnakes

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Martin definitely got outcoached today but Trae and Sweet t couldn't hit shhet. So that had a lot to do with it.I agree with some of the comments on rebounding. Especially on the offensive end. I wonder if they are coached to not follow shots. How many times do u see 4 of their guys on the boards and us with Stokes rebounding against 4. Not to be too critical because they have played well to win 6 in a row. I just think with the talent that has emerged we should have won more games. McRae may be playing as well as any wing player in country. Stokes has 12 double doubles. Golden ,although injured ,is in the top four or five scorers at his position. Big Mac is decent.Hall used to be a pretty good player. Richardson and Armani are serviceable. McBee whom I love but he is really somebody that should come off the bench and give us a quick lift with couple of threes.He gets abused time after time in crucial situations defensively and its Zos fault not his. Zo thought he could guard a 6'4" Elston turner Jr.among other forwards and guards Zo has put him in bad match ups with. Mcbee is not Rodman Zo.

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Go away, douche.


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With his age he should be able to relate to the kids and should have good relationships in Florida. Rather him be a great recruiter than great coach. Jimmys and Joes is what we need.

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Sooo, has any of you top scoop media types found out the real reason Jay Graham left his alma mater after he was don't leave your alma mater when you have been salary matched....unless of course there are other reasons.


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Caaarrraappppp on wishing these guys good luck on their future endeavors. I hope he rots down there!!!


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Just like when Dooley was coach, what the people around him did spoke volumes. For Graham to leave at this juncture is very worrying.


UT '81

No its not worrying Walt.My God. Its just shtty that he stabbed Vols in back after they kept him on during the coaching change.Very shtty. 40k is his reason for leqaving not Butch Jones.Hes bhole in my book.He didn't recruit nobody with our backfield as thin as it is. Terrible recruiting job with immediate playing time and real good Oline in place. We got a 2 star back one 2 star backis all he could land.175 lb injury plagued back nobody wanted.Have to move Pig Howard to running back cause Graham couldn't recruit. Not tooo worrying Walt

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I will take Pearl over Bozo any day.

Amen.Cal let Trae Golden on behalf of vol nation hand u your a##

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As long as they utilize a safety squeeze like they didn't do against Zona a few years back. That still galls me to this day.

The only thing more boring than women's basketball is women's softball.whoever heard of two head coaches. Weeklys bunt too much and slap too much to win it all.

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How about an automatic DQ for anyone yelling "Woooo" during Rocky Top.

Agree. or if they sing it like home sweet
home to meeeeueueeee. instead of just me. beat their a**

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With Hobbs Jarnell,Josh, Trae and Mcrae then add Maymon. Big Mac inside and Reese. A lot of coaches would love to have that base.Then bring in a good juco point guard. Just a good ball handler and defender and can score just a little bit, enuf to keep defender honest. A good coach could make some noise with that line-up. Cuonzo will get that shot next year. If he can't make the tourney with that line-up he needs to go. I hate this style of play on both ends. No gambling for steals and walking the ball up but I can put up with it for wins I guess. But I don't think we will see it. I just don't. Zo is as lost as Bo Peeps sheep.

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zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz

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The only thing more boring than Zos style of play is watching womens softball or the Lady Vols basketball.

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Great coaching by ZO. No fast breaks was great. We like to let defense get back and set up so we can run our offense great philosphy. Fast breaks lead to to many turnovers despite the aasy layups and dunks. Excellent coaching to play Chievous so much he is a stat sheet stuffer.His 5 fouls helped tremendously showing we are aggressive on D. zo kept our players between their man and the basket never gambling for steals prevents us from getting beat back door. Pearls overplaying the passing lanes style of play causes to much running and tires players out. Good offensive philosophy letting one player dribble and go one on one cause it limits our passes to cut down turnovers. By the other four players standing still on offense vols get the rest they need for defense. Zo is on his way to putting some banners up.

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if they r cheatin who cares how u catch them

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I told everyone this program's success was over when the "brain trust" fired Phillip. I was right. I told you we can only get a guy that needs a job since no name guys would go to a place that treats a Hall of Famer the way we did. We became a laughingstock with Lane. I told you we are down to someone that needs a break and it is over. That is when we got Dooley. I told you again, no one with a name wants this job. Leadership sucks. Expectations are fantasyland. No recruiting base. You have many in place that treated the most successful guy in school history bad. Face it, UT will be one of those programs with a big stadium and a 16 year era of big time football but they fell off the map never to return again. It is over. Have a tailgate, Vol walk and a smile. That is all that is left.

Let it go,man.Let it go. Fulmer is gone.I think the man deserved to finish his season. I would put money on Jones to outcoach Fulmer with equal talent anyday.. Philip was a hell of a recruiter and a great Vol. He is my favorite coach we have had. But as and X and Os coach or a tactician he was not. He had teams that had NFL players at almost every position and some of the 2s were NFL talent dude. He out talented people for years which I was good with. When everyone caught up we started losing. We should have ran off a Saban type streak. We got 1and almost lost that game with a third string QB starting against us. If Florida State had a QB of any type we would have lost. I hate to admit that but its the truth. You saw Spurrier outcoach him time and time again. He needed to go.Firing him is not the reason for the mess. Its the idiot admin. Maybe u should try put in your tapes from the 90s have a good cry and move on.

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yes martin will make it less safe, ZO MARTIN NOT FRANK AND VOLS ARE A STEPPING STONE.