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I loved Derrek Kentucky broke the 'Streak' unnder his watch


Worst thing Dooley did was bring back the rivalary of Kentucky and Vandy again. Pathetic excuse for a coach. This article is ridiculous.

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Because AL was willing to spend big where it counted, the head coach.

And said 'head coach' was also the LB's coach, DB's coach, D line coach, et al. Those under him were there to take direction and implement his coaching philosophy. That is the exact reason that they fail when they are left to do it on their own.

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I thought the Vols were broke (money wise)

Yeah ... pretty sure they just had a big press conference stating as much.

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So Arkansas and Auburn make the top 10 most valuable? USC, Oklahoma, and Ohio St are left off? I'm certainly an SEC homer but Forbes is full of ****.

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That may or may not be true but you wouldn't be able to guage any interest at this point in their season. They would have to be high to come out and publicly say they have interest in ANY job other than their current one.

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I know the beat writers here have to put a story out every day but this is pretty obvious. Does anyone think that either one of these coaches, with a conference championship game and possible BCS bowl looming, would come out and say, "heck yeah, I would love that UT job! Call me!"


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I think we should go after Gruden and throw the bank at him, he knows football period and he can reconize talent when he see it. He is a smart man he will put togeather a great staff with pro and collage experienc, he will do fine we need that big name guy for recruiting and our fan base. Tennessee will make their money or even double it if he comes. If we can't get him i say go after SEAN PAYTON Saints couch, then Lovie Smith, Jeff Fisher, Chairle Strong in that order i have more but that would be my first choices.

Speaking of Fisher ... I heard on XM Campus Radio that Fisher has thrown his hat in the ring for the UT job. I don't know how credible that is or from what source these guys got that information. Just letting you know what I heard. BTW, this was a guest on the show, not a caller.

Also, the same guest said that UTexas is making a run at Mark Richt. That made me wonder if he knew what he was talking about. I think Mack Brown gets at least another year. I think Texas re-hires Chizik as DC when Auburn lets him go. JMO.

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No, I do not believe that Gruden is a bad hire. But he is a gamble. I just suggest that many are so totally enthralled with Gruden's persona that they are ignoring one basic fact ... he has no experience as a college head coach. And ... I just do not see (my opinion) Gruden as a college HC.

And I agree, my opinion has no more substantiation than any other posters opinion. Basically, none of us have 1st hand facts to support our opinions and we're all FOS! But that's what a board like this is all about. Where I lose interest on here is when folks start with the name-calling and grossly ridiculing other folk's opinions. But, if need be, I can compete with the worst of you ... until you disappear from this board.

My choice? Hmmmmm? Purely my opinion? Mike Leach, Al Golden, Jim Mora Jr, Doug Marrone, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer. And yes, Bobby Petrino. I believe that we need a disciplinarian, something we haven't had in several decades. Probably since Gen. Neyland. And we, UT, have to decide whether we want to kick butt and win games or simply be fine, upstanding citizens. No one can do both.

OBTW, lil' DCGataBoy and I have been sparring for years. And to date neither one of us has claimed victory or defeat, and probably never will! If you find our banter to be argumentative, well ... so be it. Ignore our posts.

I think Gruden will be a good hire to turn the recruiting classes for a few years. If he is hired, I think he's a short term fix and wouldn't be interested in being the "fixture" of the UT program for 20 years. Just my opinion.

I don't like Leach, too much baggage from him over player controversy (and he already has players quitting on him at WaSU and blasting him on every social media site). Saban/Meyer are Mount Rushmore college coaches but they aren't coming here and we all know that. I think Petrino moves out west to the PAC12 conference, maybe the Cal job that just opened up in order to outrun his demons for a while.

Jim Mora Jr? Take him in a second ... wouldn't blink an eye if they hired him. I like him a lot. The way he stands up for his players, hard-nosed never quit attitude, disciplinarian ... I would be excited about that hire.

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Gruden did not start at the "top" in the NFL. Facts:

1990 49ers (Offensive Assistant)

1991 Univ of Pittsburgh (Wide Receiver Coach)

1992 Packers (Offensive Assistant)

1993–1994 Packers (Wide Receiver Coach)

1995–1997 Eagles (Offensive Coordinator)

1998–2001 Raiders (Head Coach)

2002–2008 Buccaneers (Head Coach)

But, then again, maybe you are only 15 years old and for you the history of the NFL started in 1998?

Look pal, I'm really not interested in you immature mindless nonsense. Go bother someone else. OK?

I see no point in either you or DC3s posts ... other than you two just want to be argumentative. If you think Gruden is a bad hire, so be it ... but you really don't have anything other than your opinion to back that up, which is no more relevant than the posters who support Gruden. Who do you suggest they go after? And please don't give me that Franklin/Petrino/Tubberville BS.

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You people who keep talking about Gruden's pro record makes me laugh. If that were the criteria we wouldn't even hire Saban, he wasn't successful in pros. We wouldn't hire Spurrier, ditto. Gruden is the best choice. Now whether he comes or not, it is to be determined. I do know from sources of mine which I can't name but they are tied to past UT coaches, that Gruden is one of the sharpest football minds in the game.

Thank you sir! I refrained from posting on all of the "Gruden wasn't successful in the NFL" posts because I was afraid I couldn't contain my foul mouth.

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The fact that you think anyone would make UT relevant in 5 years makes you one of the fantasy land expectations fans. Tenn was not relevant in the vast majority of it's history pre Phil. Why on earth would anyone think they will be relevant for decades at a school with leadership issues, money problems, expectation problems, NCAA problems and most importantly an in state talent problem?

You all wanted this change. I told everyone the stupidity of it all. You got it now embrace it. It is what you wanted. Enjoy another 5-7 or 4-8. That is your future regardless of who they hire or what you want it to be.

So your solution was staying with Dooley for another 4-7 season?

In-state recruiting problem: UT has never been a hot bed of talent. We always recruit GA, FL, CA, AL is some cases, and the midwestern states. Any coach that comes here knows full well what the recruiting areas are. That hasn't changed for 30 years.

Relevant in 5 years: The right coach is out there. Nueheisal left UCLA in shambles and Mora Jr is on the cusp of winning the PAC 12 South. Albeit in a lesser conference but there are still some good schools and he has some signature wins out there with that lack of talent. It is more than possible with the right coach to get the program back in an 8 win state within a couple of years and move on up from there. All of these coaches being mentioned by everyone have taken basement programs to respectability or they wouldn't be mentioned!

Not relevant for decades: Please ... just stop it. That's a ridiculous statement.

Money problems: The AD pretty much squashed the beef with Cheeks and made him realize that this hire had to be a homerun to get the turnstyles moving again. When the hill is packed with 110,000, money is no longer a problem.

The program is in a rough spot, I agree, but what do you want them to do? Stay with Dooley and just give up? Heck why don't we all just go buy an Alabama hat. Good grief.

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I think I would go after someone who would be serious about the opportunity and work extremely hard to be successful. someone who has proven that he is good but wants to elevate his position. Someone like a Charlie Strong or a Gary Patterson or the Baylor coach. all those have been successful in their respective positions but would relish the chance to be a head coach in the SEC and work hard. I am guessing that Gruden would not take it as serious as some of the up and comers would.

You mean like Dooley? His work ethic was second to none and he couldn't win in the SEC. I have my own opinions about the coaching hierarchy search but to say that we need a coach that works hard and is serious about success is a little short sighted in my opinion. They all work hard ... that doesn't always equate to success.

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Good college QBs don't always make it in the NFL so that premise you made is nothing more than apples and oranges. There have been a host of really good college guys that suffered in the NFL. Heath Shuler comes to mind. Heck...Tee Martin and yes...Tim Tebow both won NCs and didn't or won't make in the Pros. There are a bunch of guys who were just good solid QBs in college that didn't translate into the NFL, so your logic that "tells you enough" doesn't quite hold water. Below tells me enough that he was a good solid QB for the Vols...

Agree ... Wuerffel/Palmer/Doug Johnson kicked Manning (well, the defense actually) all over the field and look how all of those turned out ...

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Quicker would only be better if we get the right guy!

If it comes down to the right guy or the recruiting class, I say forgo the recruiting class and get the right guy!

I think Hart has done a better job than I thought if he is getting some changes on the academic side as well as other changes made.

Cheeks may have seen the light on how much money a top football program generates for your university in ALL other areas and not just sports.


The recruiting class will suffer this year ... most of the top talent will be committed by the time the HC is announced. I'm not worried too much about the '13 season results. How the new coach recruits in '13/14 will be the indicator.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Cheek/Hart relationship. I think Hart must have said, ok boss, we can keep operating in the red or you can get the heck out of my way and let me get this train back on the rails while you watch the money roll in ... so get on board or GTF out of the way!

It's a new day!

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Get past the disappointment of this disaster of a season and give those guys some credit.

The only drama from Bray this year has been some poor decisions at times on the field and his head coach throwing him under the bus publicly.

Hunter is coming off a major knee injury but has been getting stronger each week.

Exactly ... this offense is prolific and can score points with most any team in the country. Heck, if not for Bray and this offense, Dooley would definitely not still be head coach. Scoring 40 per game has put a bandaid on the severed limb, i.e., the defense.

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And the thing that people seem to forget, is that in addition to Bray (who'll leave because he's tired of it all), Hunter (who don't want to get hurt again), and Patterson (who's not attending class he's so sure he's leaving), that draft analyst are saying Juwann James will be a late first rounder or early second rounder if he comes out. Dallas Thomas (Sr.) will be gone and may make the All American team. Michael Rivera graduates, and don't forget Zach Rogers. He graduates too. The cupboard will definitely be thinner for the new guy. Reminds us all of just how poorly coached this team is. We arguably have the best wideouts in the nation, and certainly one of the top 5 QB's and many say THE best offensive line, as well as TE, and we can't win a conference game. It's an absolute travesty.

Right on all counts except one ... we aren't losing games because of the offense. If you score 40 points in a game you should feel comfortable that you can pull out a win. The offense isn't the problem.

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I had heard that he was practicing time-out signaling as well to ensure that when the time comes, everyone will be prepared to deliver a timeout when it counts. That was the issue last week he had focused on the defense and not the necessary hand formation for timeouts. He will rectify that this week, I'm confident.

Everyone was up in arms over the 4th and 3 call in the 4th overtime ... I was more upset with the way he handled the end of the first half and end of regulation like you say. It was ridiculous ... there is no excuse for that. How can time management still be this much of an issue for him after 3 years? This job is just too big for him ... end of story.

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I didn't see any articles discussing what Dooley is focusing on this week. After his successful transformation of our defense last week, I was eager to hear what he was going to transform this week...Anybody heard?

Well he's successfully transformed special teams and kicking game, offense and now defense ... moving on to the cheerleaders! Listen up ladies ... here's what we're gonna do!

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One part I believe to be true, Hart will wait until the last game is over to announce the firing. That could change if Vandy wins. But who really knows? Again, as an earlier poster said, the media loves to stir and push and pump and incite. The biggest joke is to think fan pressure will be the undoing of this coaching staff. If the powers that be want to give him more time, they can do it with or without our approval or money. Maybe it is all about not yet having a solid replacement. If not, then hold off the so called inevitable until someone is secured. Otherwise, we might be looking at a desperation return of Fulmer.....Here come the chants...BRING BACK PHIL! BRING BACK PHIL! I know, I know, some of you would rather have it that way. OK, I'm done just as many think is the case with Coach Dooley. Let's wait and see.

I've read some articles suggesting Hart may be waiting to see if we make a bowl game. I'm not sure anymore what is going on. I do know that turnout for the Troy game was less than 60K as reported on several sites so if the University continues to lose revenue at that pace, then the fans may actually be the impetus for change.

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Vandy 4 point favorite. Shew

Depressing ... at least they can't take 1998 away from us.

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Control is a little strong, wouldn't you say. They won by five points and easily could have lost it in the final minute. But, I wouldn't call it controlling the Tide. And, Alabama will still go to the Sugar Bowl; not national champions again, but still a very good year, 13-1 when it's over and two natl' championships in the past three years. Not bad!

Can you please give us Vol fans the satisfaction of seeing your program take a hit without pointing out how good the Bama brand is right now? Lol

And btw ... you did only lose by 5 points but you and I both know that isn't indicative of how one sided it was ... especially in that first half. Your defense got much better in the second half but it was too much for McCarron to win that way two weeks in a row against top competition.

I've never had a problem with anything I've seen you post on this board Joe ... but I live in North Alabama and I can't stand the fans here. Can't stand them.

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So short sighted you are!
Both schools have a storied past. Tennessee chose to dismiss a coach who fell on hard times,not once, but twice! Then had the audacity to "honor" them at a halftime show.
You probably do not remember Bear Bryant's 68, 69, and 70 teams that finished 8-3, 6-5,and 6-5-1. Alabama finished 3rd, 8th,and 7th in a ten team SEC. The Tide also suffered convincing losses to Tennessee and Auburn during that time as well as humiliating bowl defeats. Alabama stuck with Bryant and the rest is history.
I will not elaborate on the many years it took for Majors to return Tennessee to dominance. He came in 77, did not win a conference title until 85 and even afterward had two losing seasons before winning a second. By the time health issues took it's toll in 1992, Tennessee was a solid football team.
Tennessee was fortunate to have an equally good coach in Fulmer after unjustly firing Majors; not so lucky after running off Fulmer and Chavis.
As for my allegience, it must take a "special" talent to determine that based on a single comment.

Alright pix ... fair enough. So, I'm still not sure which side of this argument you remain based on this post. Are you arguing that Dooley receive more time to get this right? One thing that I would vehemently disagree is that Dooley can even be mentioned in the same breath as Bear Bryant. Please offer me any indication that Dooley is putting things in place to turn this around because, honestly, I don't see it.

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What a bunch of idiots! If there is going to be a replacement, it will come after the season. If there is someone in mind, they are probably under contract where they are now! All your histrionics and rumor mongering, including all the writers, doesn't help a dam* thing. Grow up. They don't give a hoot about your feelings, opinions, or anything else you put on this site. This is a business and they will make a business decision, whether you like it or not, when they feel the time is right!

But we're fans ... short for fanatics. This is what we do ... and we enjoy it and will continue to do it. If there weren't websites to post on we would be talking about the program with the guys at the local bar. Why do we have to be idiots as you say? I mean, here you are posting as well ... even came up with your own little username like the rest of us. We know we don't make a difference in when/where/how the decisions are made. That's not why we do this. We want the program on the right track, we're angry, frustrated, lacking in patience, and it's time for a change ... thus, we gripe and whine and make declarations about Dooley's fate. Fanatics ... it's what we do.

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Tennessee football is irrelevent! Your past is only as good as what you build upon it.
Alabama, built a fortress, Tennessee played in the sand.

Bama built a fortress ... and Johnny football blew the ****ing walls down!! LOL!

Just like a bammer to bash on another program to make them look better. Stay classy!

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I told you people 3 weeks ago Vandy would be favored in this game. The Vegas Line today is Vandy -4 over UT. I can't ever remember Vandy opening as the favorite in this game. What more needs to be said about the depths this program has fallen.

Nothing more needs be said.

And one other thing ... it's a very sad day when I can't shrug off my UT football funk enough to go crazy over the bammers getting skull drug up and down the field by a freshman qb. Sad days indeed.

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Ding ding ding, here comes the idiot train. For those of you who actually believe Dooley hasn't been fired have their heads in the sand. It happened last month folks. Dooley says Hart hasn't made up his mind? LOL, I remember Hamilton saying the same thing when Fulmer was fired.

Dooley is gone, and there has been a plan in place for 2 months (yes, even before Dooley was canned) to get his replacement in. UT will be prepared this time...this won't be another Kiffin repeat.

I believe he is gone as well but I believe the Miss St game was his undoing. He lost me after the Florida game this year. As for UT being prepared ... maybe but there is also the possibility that they aren't as prepared as you think. If there was a big name coach waiting in the wings I believe the announcement would have already been made. I also believe that the Cheek and the UTAD are having a turf war that is making this process that much harder. This program is in shambles from the equipment manager to the Chancellor. This job has to look like Mount Everest to even the most seasoned coaching veterans. We'll see what happens.

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Dooley inherited a mess, the previous coaches wrecked the program, and Dooley needs 4 more years to fix this mess. He is doing all he can we just got to keep moving foward!

C'mon man!

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Wow I love finally people realize how bad this Tight Ends cisch ftom Sabans unfamous coaching tree really is.Remember tge Movie Remember the Titans when the Denzell says you better get a hold of that Defense or Im taking over.In most cases a good coach would do this. If an aspect of the team looks so bad he might jump in there and take ovet.Our problem is Dooley cant on either side of the ball.The passion and effort of the players is always in the players hands.However the positionong and knowing your assignments who to cover is up to the coaches and yhe play and stats reflect the coaches.I have thought this guy wss a bad coach when he couldnt realize we had 15 guys on the field to defend a goaline stat.I have thought he was a bad coach when he couldnt notice Bray wss immediately better than Simms. I. Guess some people Just Keep Their Job Based on theur Lady Name.its kinds like Fraternity's have to let the biggest snot running dork in the Frat because of the Pledges Daddy. Dooley and his staff are terrible coaches.Fire this guy and let him go back to be Sabbans Tight End coach like he was.

Dang brother ... I agree with everything you said but that was like reading the birthday card my daughter gave. Turn on spell check.

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What was the official attendance yesterday?

Said 84K announced during the game ... but there is no way. 70K at most.

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These are the golden years of the SEC. This proud conference has dominated college football of late, winning 6 straight championships and possibly a seventh. Where does our program fit into the conversation years from now when talking about how dominant the SEC was in this era? This is unacceptable. Utterly unacceptable. How the athletic department can continue to allow this to happen is beyond me. These coaches are unable to put a quality product on the field. It cannot be debated ... it's a fact. The proof is there. It's time.

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Name-calling as far as I'm concerned is reserved for the name callers who started this mess about firing Dooley. Why would anybody EVER bring up firing someone like they have. Their AGENDA! Maybe I'm too paranoid but I DO believe that the majority of "pretend fans" on here calling for Dooley's firing are the same people who have dogged him before he had a chance to even coach here. They began raggin' his coaching history which I understand somewhat but did not give Dooley a chance for anything before he even stepped foot on campus. It's extremely understandable to suspect anyone else who continues the trashing of not being a fan. You and the "responded to" may genuinely be great fans. You of course have a right to your opinions. But it's the "REAL trolls that the "name-calling" is intended. I personally know people(in Cleveland) that are life long fans. some love Dooley and some seem to hate him. To me this is not about Dooley but about the program's health. I don't see firing Dooley now as a positive for recruiting nor for UT's image. We have an image problem.
1. We fire coaches (not really true but we've lost Pearl, Fulmer, baseball guy?, plus staffs involved too many times and it is blasted all over by ESPdarN.
2. Our attendance of course is low compared to past years. It isn't necessarily true that it's all due to Dooley.
3. Dishonesty in the program however small or unintended at a time when media is full of themselves.
4. Local papers have not been nor ever have been fans.
5. Positive- We have a consistent loyal fan base that does not listen to media nor negative posting. They still go to the games and they still enjoy the game even when and if we lose. It's a game and meant to be fun either way.
6. While it may make some stomachs sick...Weeelll I don't know. Maybe see a doc.hehe

The Dooley firing possibly will be real. I don't know. But I support the team and coach till I see reasons other than the won loss record. I have only seen improvement on the offense. No one expected the defense to be good this year.
We didn't expect it to be as bad though.
I'll always be a UT fan. Coach doesn't matter as much to me.

That's fair and I appreciate your passion for the program. I share that passion with you. I truly wanted Dooley to succeed here in Knoxville ... I would have supported anyone that came in after Kiffin and the way things went down with him. It really had nothing to do with Dooley. I was optimistic that he was the guy. But, volsfan, you have to admit that things are pretty bleak and it's going to take a very long time at the pace we are on for Dooley to get this ship turned around.

Let me point out some of the negatives and these are mere observations that I can back up with fact. We are losing the recruiting battles in the states of Georgia and California to the other SEC schools. It's a fact. We just lost another one two days ago. We HAVE to show that we can beat these top tier SEC programs to be able to sell a kid on our own program. They are a "what have you done for me lately" crowd. Believe me, I have two teenage boys who play baseball, I should know how dang fickle and frustrating kids are.

As I said, I want him to do good things but I believe it's just a matter of the mountain being a little bit bigger than he anticipated and he doesn't have the stomach for it. It doesn't mean he's a loser ... just means it's time to go a different direction in my opinion.

I will give you one thing though ... the Knoxville media, et. al., turned on this dude from the jump ... he never had a chance. I wouldn't piss on John Adams if he were on fire.

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As a diehard Vol fan, I am very confused about a few things... How Dooley is still even being considered for another year? How a big time division 1 program is accepting losing? How people are still showing up to watch this team? How come the Tennessee Vols are happy going from 1-7 to maybe 3-5 in the SEC? I am a HUGE Tennessee fan and have been my entire life, but it is hard for me to watch what is happening in Knoxville! It makes me sick to my stomach that Dooley is still the coach. It makes me sick to my stomach that we get 0 recruits because of how bad our coaching is and we accept that as fans. Is there anyone out there that can offer me hope that the future is bright? As of now, I feel like I am in Cleveland where losing is accepted! Please tell me that there are others of you out there that feel the same way????

You certainly aren't alone. There are thousands of other fans that feel the same way you feel. Many of us have just been very hesitant to get in on the Dooley bashing because, in my opinion, it is classles to call him names, etc. Serves no purpose. What I can tell, for me anyway, is he lost me after Florida this year. I rode with him on this roller coaster but that was it for me. I don't get on here and call people names for having a different view of things than I do ... but there is absolutely no evidence that this program is heading in the right direction. This is the right time to begin the regime change at UT. The UTAD knows this and his lack of comments speak volumes. There is no way anyone can tell you with 100% certainty that Dooley will not be there next year but it's very unlikely. If he loses any one of these last 4, I believe that will make it 100%. I believe, as I am on many other boards, that there are things going on behind the scenes that Hart isn't involved with just yet. It isn't time for him to get involved ... he needs plausible deniability at this point because we are still playing football, still trying to win games, and still trying fill the seats as much as possible. I am a lifelong fan as well and I can tell you that, even though I will watch every game next year, I will be very disappointed and believe Hart will lose the fan base if Dooley remains the coach. Just my opinion.

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The question is a drop in "Whose" bucket. The well at Pilot isn't endless. At some point they will cry uncle unless UT gets this right. There are two issues at work here, first the cost of the buyout and second, who will be the "Hire" that puts butts in the seats and sells merchandise in the stores.

I do not think Gruden will come. That is just my opinion. Further, I don't think if he did he will become a super recruiter and we become 100% better. I just don't see it.

I would personally love a change to a Big Name, Kick Butt coach the rest of the country envys. However, I don't know and no one else has come up with who that might be.

Gruden is the talk because he is available and would generate the buzz that the fans are wanting again. He may or may not come, but as I said there are many other coaches out there that could provide an upgrade. As for the "big name, kick butt" coaching hire ... I just don't know who you are referring to. Most of the coaches that would immediately take the program skyward are locked into long term deals at their respective schools. I mean, a coach of that magnitude would have to be a Bob Stoops, Chip Kelly, Jimbo Fisher type name and I can see Gruden coming before any of those guys. The other names in the fray don't generate as much excitement but for those who know the game, there are coaches out there who can turn this program around. Charlie Strong for one ... but he is being considered for about a dozen jobs so who knows where he winds up. Gary Patterson at TCU but it seems to be more difficult to get him out of there than most initially thought. Bottom line is, we either need a name like Gruden to get the recruits fired up about him and whatever staff he could obviously put together or we need a coach that has fought these SEC battles and knows what kind of talent and attention to detail it takes to WIN in this league.

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WHO THE DEVIL IS BURDEN??????I don't think he would be a very good coach and Gruden isn't coming either

I don't care who you are ... that's funny right there

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The NFL is a whole different story when it comes to "other coaches players". As a general rule in the NFL it is the GM making the calls on who is on a roster with input from the HC. Few NFL HC's have any control.....Gruden managed the Buc players and won the Super Bowl....he did not manage Dungey's players. Then again by your thinking Dungey won his Super Bowl with Mora's players. Would Gruden come here.....who knows, but it sure would be interesting to see what he could do if he did. If Gruden came to Knoxville and had instant and lasting success he would own Knoxville.

I agree that the NFL business is much different than college. Good post. I'm not necessarily rooting for Gruden over any other, I just get pissed off when these posters spew "knowledge" that just doesn't make sense. I think there are several good candidates out there that will be a considerable upgrade over the current staff.

As for Gruden ... this stupid notion that his dream job is to sit in a booth the rest of his life is way off the mark and just a baseless claim altogether. A coach wants to coach ... period. It may or may not be at UT but he'll be back on the sidelines somewhere. His winning percentage in the NFL is such a load of phooey statistic that I won't even dignify it with a e response. Hey, how about we look at Dooley's winning percentage in a basement conference ... which is a far cry from the Tampa Bay Bucs or the Oakland Raiders. So many of these folks say keep Dooley, but dismiss Gruden over his NFL record? Good grief ...

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Think it through. It won't happen. Ever.

"It won't happen. Ever" I really don't understand this logic. I don't understand why you believe that I guess. Is it because Gruden is sitting in a booth watching his friends from the coaching community on the field with the players, the adrenaline, the sounds, the intensity ... while he sits in a booth with fat little Mike Tirico. Do you think he enjoys that? I just don't understand it when people say that he has his dream job ... so announcing is the dream job of a life long coach? That's just stupid.

Now as for the reasons he wouldn't come. I don't think money is one of them. He may make, at most, $4M, but that is questionable because ESPN hasn't released his contract so we don't really know. The one big reason I can see them not getting him is if an NFL team starts pursuing him. If that happens, then good on him because that's where he came from and that's what he knows. I'll still hold out hope that he comes here though. Just the announcement will cement the recruits that are even considering coming to UT.

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3 touchdowns in the game against USCe, the foundation of the receiving corps, the example for younger players in his work ethic ... it's about time they put the spotlight on this young man. Very proud to see him get some well deserved attention.

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Another one Bits the Dust !!!..

No Team Disipline....

I'm certainly not a Dooley supporter but I can't agree with you on this one. This kind of punishment is exactly how you develop team discipline.

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The "this is our second season" comment really ticked me off. I've held my tongue and let the other folks bash him non-stop without piling on. HOW-EVA ... this is TENNESSEE football and we don't play for the consolation of beating up on the Troys of the world to have a "nice" season. It's too little too late for me. I must say that the team fought until the end and I am very proud that they are still playing for Dooley. I will never blame a coach for the players quitting on the field. Man up and fight until the end. The head coaches position is out of the players control ... what they do control is how they fight on the field and they proved they still have that fight in them. Go Vols!

P.S. Much respect to Marcus Lattimore and wishing him a full recovery and a long NFL career.

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A lot of truth in that statement USA..The mistakes made by our secondary are preventable by basic football skills you learn in HS..It really is unbelievable to me that at some point your basic football smarts don't take over..The 2 TD's we gave up to a very average Bama WR were embarrassingly easy!! To make matters worse this secondary gets worse every game..Ansley and Conklin are obviously bad coaches but how can a college level player repeatedly play that Stupid

I agree that fundamentals should be second nature to college football players but you also see this type of tackling in the NFL ... rather than wrapping up the runner, they all just put their head down and hope to knock the guy off his feet ... ridiculous.

I will add, though, that UT doesn't have a cornerback on this current roster. Not a true corner anyway. There are 5 safeties on the field and those that are assuming the position of corner can't run with the wideouts ... they just can't cover without giving a 10yd cushion at the line of scrimmage which makes it too easy to throw those 10 yard in/out/hitch routes for first downs. If they play bump and run, they let the receiver behind them every play. Frustrating.

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Can you please just once run for a first down to keep a drive going. Maybe your mindset is more suited for the NFL. College quarterbacks go all out for the team. No shame in wanting to be a pro, I hope you give it a try after this season

Amen ... 3rd and half a yard ... time for the 60 yd fade route baby. What in the world are they doing ... I give up.

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A win would send an earthquake with a 9 on the Richter scale, if the Vols pulls this off. To be honest, our defense scares the willies out of me.
Hope the offense can take up the slack and I hope the kickers show up. Go Vols.

I thought I had figured out a way for the Vols to overcome all of the issues facing them in this game ... and then you mentioned kickers. Ugh

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Receivers have become the weak-link as college offenses have become more pro-style.

Receivers are being asked to read defenses and change their routes accordingly--and do so in synch with the QB. QBs have the advantage of seeing the D in symmetry, from the middle of the field. It's much tougher reading the D from a wide split, as evidenced in the NFL.

I think that's the reason why the most impressive hookups in college play are coming in man-to-man situations.

And if Bray is not confident that a receiver is reading what he's reading, defensive coordinators can game plan that to take any receiver effectively out of the game.

Is that what's going on with Hunter this year? I dunno. We know Patterson was running the wrong routes earlier in the season. Is that why he's been getting the ball handed to him more lately?

Not criticizing them--it's challenging to be a receiver in today's SEC without a few years' experience.

Thank you! I've said this a hundred times and get bashed every time I mention it. It can't only be the defense fooling the offense into thinking they are in a certain coverage only to roll into another look after the snap. The QB/receivers can do this also. I don't know if one is reading one thing and Bray is reading another or if they just don't check out of the planned route and let come what may. If the DB is playing man tight to the line of scrimmage there is no way that any DB can match Hunter's speed down the field but if you have a 10 yard cushion, why not check out of that fade, throw an 8 yard hitch and see if he can make him miss.

I'll say this in agreement with you as well ... There have been a bunch of slant routes ran by Hunter where he beat EVERYONE and the ball just wasn't catchable. I think Bray still isn't used to Hunter's speed as he comes out of his cut because the ball is always behind him. That isn't Hunter's fault and at least two of those would have been TD's because the field in front of him was wide open.

As coaches, they have to know that teams game plan for Hunter for as the #1 receiver. That means that the safety is going to roll over to his side so they can close the top of that route. Maybe moving Hunter around like they do CP would help ... put him in the slot more often. That is if he understands the route combinations at that position.

Man there is a lot of talent at receiver and QB ... I hope they figure it out. Go Vols!

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As much as people may disagree, it was the right time to let him go.....but maybe it is the right time to bring him back. He clearly was a great recruiter and coach for a long time. There is no doubt that he probably learned a lot being away for a while. There is clear precedent for success on return engagements. A Fulmer/Chavis reunion does not sound so bad these days!

I wish I could say that I was not in the crowd that was saying it was time to move on but I was. However, I agree with your comments completely. I think deep down, he would say that he needed a break also. I have tried to stay off the "fire Dooley" bandwagon and just comment about the "on the field" things that are happening. I believe Dooley (in a press conference on Monday) hit the nail on the head when he admitted that his staff concentrated on recruiting offensive playmakers to compete in the SEC and he feels that he now has 9-10 legitimate SEC caliber players on that side of the ball. By contrast, he says they fell down on recruiting defense and would admit that they have about 3-4 SEC caliber players on defense. I believe he is working his tail off to get this team to compete and he may just do it. I don't want to be disappointed in myself for yelling to get him out, fire him, and then he takes another team to the top of the mountain. I don't think that will happen but I also didn't think getting rid of Fulmer was a bad idea at the time and now here we are.

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring him back. Who knows ... worked out really well for Kansas State. Go Vols!

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This is off topic as well. I saw Miss st had the pink on for breast cancer awareness. No other sec team that I saw on tv last weekend did. Is that something that they did on there on?

I believe South Carolina did also in the LSU game ... not sure if each of them did it on their own though.

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It's a good thing the Vols play the Barn next year, one of us has to have some relief.

LMAO ... nice Clower reference! Dang I'm old!

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Surely not a 7 million buyout. I would hope for not even 1 million. Coming from La Tech with no big school head coaching experience.

Another poster responded to me that his buyout was $5 million next year if they terminate his contract. That's a big hit ... I don't know if they would entertain eating that money.

I'll tell you one thing tho ... we are in the wrong profession! I wish I could find a job with a $5 million golden parachute! Where do I sign!

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It would be a miracle...but they do happen. Go Vols!

You think it would be wrong to ask God for a win Saturday? I live in AL and it would be awesome to be able to crow the rest of the season when I'm around all these bammer fans! Ugh

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I had no idea at the beginning of the season that we had such a shortage of speed in our defensive backfield. It is obvious now that is the case. I think Tim Priest first pointed that out to me. If they play up close, recievers blow by them, if they play off, the short slants, curls and out patterns kill us. There is no substitute for speed. It is said that speed kills, well in the world of defensive secondary football, a lack of speed will kill you also.

I agree ... we have about 5 safeties that are being forced into playing cornerback. They have good football skills but it's hard for them to match up with these speed receivers without a big cushion ... which opens up those throws underneath. Catch 22. However, I see the frustration on those guys faces when they give up a big play. They are trying to do everything they can but they are playing out of position. It's just a difficult thing to ask of them ...

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What smack talk? He just said that he wants to be Satin....... uh Sabin. How is that smack talk?

Fair enough ... let me rephrase. Was it not possible to muster enough intensity to beat State? How about Florida? Shouldn't we want to beat every single team? I just wish they could bring the same level of intensity no matter what man was standing on the other sideline. Bring the same effort you have for Saben's team to every game. But I tell u what ... I will talk so much trash if we find a way to win this game that my bammer friends won't be able to stand me! Heck I may even piss some of them off so bad that they never speak to me again! They'll just get all whiny and start bringing up their NC's, half of which were fake. Go Vols!