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Blevins is the best feature writer I have seen on KNS in a LONG time. Give him a job.

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This is so meaningful to Vol fans. Thanks so much for sharing that a quarterback from Florida who's avg pass completion is 6 yards got drafted in the 29th (really 29th) round of the draft and plans to still try to play pro football. THAT IS TRULY BREAKING, I feel so informed now.

This is a big deal. He might actually be the first FU quarterback to actually make it in the NFL...but I doubt it.

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Let's see; Vandy's victory streak over UT is now ONE in a row. I can see why they're getting frisky.

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Did they stay within their own species?

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I'm surprised to see so many troll posts on here on father's day. You'd think they would be trying to figure out who to congratulate.

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You're kind of a weird guy actually? How do you get fame off of a freaking message board? And touting your elite athlete status when no one can verify that really doesn't count. My guess is you're a legend in your own mind.

And someone needs to tell the "elite athlete" that the cup should be worn underneath the uniform.

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Can't think of a GOOD high school program that would want him.

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Who cares where they come from if they can do the job?

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So "few words" can be a blessing in the artist without Googling....excitement lingering???

The Rooftop Singers. Late '50's or early '60's as best I remember. Some good guitar work too.

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Please quit responding to this clown "JANDS". I am sick of seeing his BS re-posted. Instead of hitting "reply", just call him out by name (and I have several) and make your comments.

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I guess they just "settled" for Franklin.

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What was Hurd's rating? even the great Sabini has 3*'s sprinkled in with his mega boyz................vac is your favorite Eureka or Hoover?

Isn't a "vac" something that sucks?

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I believe we have a COACH.

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Let he without sin cast the first stone....

That would be Adams.

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Interesting story that gives a glimpse of Jones' recruiting style:

Good read.

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We have officially reached the bottom of the barrel.

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Sounds like some of these guys are headed for a career in the fast food industry. Sad for them.

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Marlette, why do you think KNS has so many articles on the Gators? Because you guys LIKE us?

There have been many juniors opting out for the NFL, but KNS puts this article up because THE GATORS DRAW AUDIENCES!

And, KNS does a great job of covering the SEC, so I come here to read those articles, and to watch you guys whine when they post stories about THE GATORS.

I especially enjoyed the article on the Sugar Bowl.

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You mean the Go Daddy Dot Com Bowl won't count for anything?!?! That's a travesty.

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Moose-Chump reminds me a lot of his former boss, Mack Brown. They both get less out of more talent than anybody.

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Can't imagine Denton pronouncing season ticket holders' names correctly; he can't even get the players' names right.

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Let me start by saying I'm a Bama fan. My oldest son is one of you guys, a VFL. That being said, I have watched with much interest your recent search\ hire.In my humble opinion, the two things that hurt a program the most are lack of coaching continuity and a divided fan base. To make this as short as possible let me say this, you guys need to get behind this guy. He's a winner. The last time I paid any attention to a hire from another school was when LSU hired Saban. If you go back and read those interviews, I think the similarities are amazing. You guys made by far the best hire of anyone in my opinion. Just offering my unsolicited opinion here, if you guys will get behind this coach 110 %, he will get you there. Dooley was a nice guy but sadly, nice guys don't win in the SEC. It takes a hard nosed s.o.b. that will accpet nothing less then excellence. I believe you have that guy. Looking forward to seeing you back at the top of the mountain. Now let the flaming begin. RTR.

Thanks for the post. You echo what a lot of us less vocal fans think. I think we will be giving you guys a bit more competition in the future. In the meantime, bring home another National Championship to the SEC!

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Are we the only fanbase who brings up the same ol' worn out coaching names year after year? Kippy Brown? Really?

Worn out? He's coaching WR's in the NFL.

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Hopefully not so many ESPN games in the future.

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Trust me, there are others who would love to have the job.

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Please. Have you read anything about this man? Have you seen him speak? No, he doesn't have a southern drawl, or use near perfect grammar, or have poster-boy "republican" hair; but he came from nowhere (not now-here), speaks like my former high school math teacher/high school state-champion football head coach, and has a haircut as football coach-like as his moniker. The man exudes football coach. Everything I've seen and read about him tells me he's got the stuff, the guts, the character, the passion, and the wits of the quintessential football coach. Butch Jones was born for this. And heaven forbid a disgruntled fan like yourself would be willing to give this man who is literally building his empire your approval. Goodness knows he doesn't need yours, he got all the approval he needed from the man who gave him the pen to sign on that dotted line. Jones has earned this chance to live his dream (and part of that dream includes getting paid absurd money to do what he loves, jealous? Don't care...) and I for one am all-in. What are the alternatives? Whine until we get Gruden, who would be more likely than Kiffin was to jump ship for his dream (because I can tell you, coaching at ANY college is not his dream...)? Give up on Tennessee and cheer for Alabama? Georgia? Florida? Vanderbilt?! No thanks. I'm glad we have Butch, and I am excited to back a passionate man who wants to be here and wants to prove he's got the chops to shut people like you up; but far more importantly wants to prove to himself that he can cement his legacy as one of Tennessee's greats.

100% agree!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Butch took two out of three from Charlie in the Big East.

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I say give him a 5 year deal: no quit/no fire; and name your successor. He would probably take it for relatively small bucks so he could have the budget to hire quality assistants. Quality assistants would be open to working for him because they would know they would have a five year gig, and that one of them would likely be his successor.

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Charlie Strong is the best choice. He won 10 games and the Big East Championship and won the last game against a 9 win team on the road Thursday night with a quarterback who had a broken wrist and bad ankle. Urban Meyer had a great defense at UF as long as Strong was his DC.
We should have hired the young Brian Kelley instead of Kiffen. He was a proven winner and so is Charlie Strong.

"Big East Champion". Kinda like being the World's Tallest Midget.

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Dan Mullen may be good. But didn't he lose the last 5 games of the season after starting out hot? Just saying

Lost to Bama, LSU, A&M, and Ole Miss. Three of the four losses were away games.

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Never thought much of the idea of Gruden. I like Dan Mullen. He's proved he can win as a head coach in the SEC. Isn't that what we want?

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Couldn't stop the run in the NFL; couldn't stop it in college.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Didn't have my calculator handy-the point being, he was just BARELY a winning coach in the pros.

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His winning percentage happens to be one of the highest all-time in the NFL. Look it up.

I looked it up. His all-time record is 100-85 which works out to 51.3%. Idiot.

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You Gruden people want a "name" coach? How about John Madden? There's a name everybody knows.

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Hope he is looking for his next "dream job" VERY soon. Al Davis was right: he is a liar.

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Good point! I spent last summer in Oklahoma City/Norman. Knoxville is like nirvana in comparison.

I have pondered what a Dan Mullin or Mullin clone could do with UT resources.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

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Dan Mullin at Mississippi State.

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Dan Mullen has quietly built a very good Mississippi State program, is young enough to be here awhile, and doesn't have Cut's health problems. I love Cutcliffe, but I don't think he would want to risk his life coming into a pressure cooker like UT.

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So this is the day of waiting for the press conference that never happened. Who are the sources of all the bogus rumours??

The reputed source was "Geraldo" Basilio, local radio hack.

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Lest you "coaches" forget, Mississippi State beat Troy by SIX; 30-24.

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Well, here comes Sandy. Figured while we still have power here, I'd get this out.
First, Mr Lattimore, sir, you are in my prayers. I saw the video on my phone (I had duty yesterday, so I couldn't see the game). It was horrific. I was nearly moved to tears after I saw that. But I also was moved by the support by all the players from BOTH teams after he got hurt. It's refreshing to see that at least the players on the field have a clear understanding tnat there's more to life than a football game. Just a great show of sportsmanship, and the guys are to be commended.

If this was Dooley's last game as HC, I wish him the best. He took over a program that quite frankly a s**t show. No, he didn't have a sparkling resume'. But he was willing to take charge and try to turn this program around. My position on Dooley hasn't changed a bit (to the amazement of most on here I'm sure); I think personally he needs more time, but I'm done fighting people over it. He has brought character to this team (evidenced again by what I saw in the wake of the Lattimore injury yesterday.) He is a great man, and has worked really hard (even while recovering from hip surgery and NO pain medication).

I just hope the next guy gets a fair shot. He may not win an SEC championship his first year. I hope if that's the case that the same hordes don't come out and call for his firing. We need patience. We live in a fast-food culture now where everybody wants what they want, yesterday. Support this team; support the new coach, no matter who it is. We are all Vol, all the time.

And preachervol, if you're here, hit the speed dial to God and hurl some prayers our way. It's about to get real here weatherwise. Thanks.

I echo your thoughts. I hope Dooley has a chance to reap the harvest of what he has sown.

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It's obvious what needs to be done: fire Spurrier. The game has passed him by. He's been there way too long and has not produced an SEC or National Championship. Maybe South Carolina can hire Jon Gruden.

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If you want instant gratification, order a pizza-thirty minutes or less. Saban's first three years at Michigan State: From 1995 to 1997, Michigan State finished 6–5–1, 6–6, and 7–5. Will that be crispy or deep dish?

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Lost in all this talk is the fact that NC State beat Florida State. Turns out that the season opener was a quality win for UT.