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Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

Would be excited to see Tee reunited with the Vol program where he belongs!

Written on Improbable 'dream job' for Butch Jones:

I'm down with Coach Jones,I like his style,confidence,& passion for Volunteer football.To me the most important thing he said was"Today I will give my all for Tennessee!"

Written on Should Tennessee consider re-hiring Phillip Fulmer?:

I voted yes but in the capacity of A.D. & then I'd go out on a limb & hire Tee Martin as our Head Coach.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

One name I haven't heard mentioned is Chris Petersen from Boise State.He's gone as far as he can go there,& might welcome the chance to run with the Big Dogs in the SEC.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

The boosters need to take Dave Hart out of the equation & take over the coaching search,& if Hart doesn't like it start a AD search as well!

Written on Louisville coach Charlie Strong meets with players:

in response to vfl76:

Saban makes over $5M, Miles makes over $5M, and we offer Strong $3.5M, come on now you want to play big boy ball, you have to pay big boy money. $3.5M won't do it, you see now that Strong cannot make up his mind whether to stay or go, probably because Louisv can match the $3.5...come on Tennessee open the pocketbook and go after a Big Boy Coach and pay the Big Boy Bucks.

The difference between Saban,Miles & Strong are National Championships.If he want's 5 mill let him bring home the hardware first!

Written on UT out? Gundy, Strong negotiating to stay at their schools:

Damn I'm starting to feel like it's deja vu all over again!

Written on Pat Summitt steps down:

God bless you Pat for all you've done for the State,the University,& so many young people.You will always be our Coach.This is a sad day for the State of Tennessee,& not only Vol fans,but Pat Summit fans all over the country.

Written on Running back David Oku to transfer:

Just another example of how recruiting ratings are over hyped,& over blown by the media,& fans.Oku & Brown were never the talents they were thought to be & I'll be surprised if either one ever makes any noise on a National level again,much less play's at the next level.The 6th player gone from Kiffin's only recruiting's not hard to see where the program was headed.

Written on Tee Martin, Peyton Manning statues in storage:


(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

LOL!You could mold all of Vandy's football heroes in the wax from a box of crayons!

Written on Motivation aplenty for 2011's early enrollees :

Yeah it's good to see these kids come in here early & work to earn a position.To often kids out of High School expect a starting job to be handed to them.I have to say I was worried about Worley holding to his commitment after the year Bray had,it'll be interesting to see how he is used.Like the rest of you I'm ready to see some big'un's in the fold.

Written on Reveiz, Revised: Linebacker focused on returning to Vols' lineup:

Players like Reveiz make me wonder about the value of recruiting a bunch of so called 5 star talent.

Written on Ex-Vol Smith says he knew early Dooley would coach :

If he's good enough for Chuck Smith he's good enough for me!

Written on Kiffin stain could be temporarily permanent:

Glad he's gone,sorry he ever came.I'll say one thing for 14 months we had the sissiest looking coach in the country.Now USC has that honor.

Written on Dooley's focus on UT's future:

Watched Coach Dooley's press conference,all I can say is WOW this guy is impressive!I like his honesty & candor,his sense of humor,& his energy.
I think if we give him a chance the wins will come although it may take awhile.Let's be patient & give the Coach the time it takes to bring in his system & players.

Written on JaWuan James says he'll return to campus Sunday:

If the only reason he's coming back is because he has to then I say we should release him from his commitment if possible.Who needs somebody who doesn't want to be here?

Written on Do you approve of UT's hiring of Derek Dooley?:

Yes but Hamilton has to go!!!!Like yesterday!!!

Written on Tennessee hires Dooley:

in response to metalhead223:

GODD*MN IT IS KIPPY STAYING? I can't find anything on the internet.

Kippy has a brand new 3 year contract,he ain't going nowhere man.

Written on Tennessee hires Dooley:

Welcome Coach Dooley,from the Big Orange Nation!

Written on Reports: Tennessee hiring Derek Dooley:

in response to DukeDeLuca:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You mean somebody like Lane Kiffin,didn't he have a losing record before being fired as the Raiders coach?

Written on Reports: Tennessee hiring Derek Dooley:

Personally I like the choice he's the son of an SEC coaching legend,was recruiting co ordinator for Nick Saban,coached on the Miami Dolphins staff.He's young,energetic & hungry to suceed but willing to do it right.Is he a sure thing?No,but neither was Bob Stoops,Jim Harbaugh,or
Urban Meyer at one time.I say we get behind this guy if the reports are true & see what he can do.

Written on David Cutcliffe to stay at Duke:

Hamilton is making UT look like a bunch of idiots in front of the whole nation.This debacle has damaged us as far as recruiting goes for the next 3-5 years at least.Mike Hamilton I beg you to step aside today & quit making bad matters worse!If he won't quit then the acting President(& I'm starting to wonder if there is one)should fire him before the sun sets on Rocky Top!!!!

Written on Muschamp says he's happy at Texas :

UT needs to make him happier in Knoxville!

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