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Actually, if the only concern is that the players not receive pay for autographs, even UT's rule that everything be personalized is misguided. Hey, UTAD, the NCAA's concern is not that some guy would try to sell something on eBay. Their concern is that the player would make money selling autographs.

Another typical debacle from UTAD, sort of like the safety plan that had UT closing the gates at the Montana game and leaving late-arriving fans in a severe thunderstorm.

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I was at this event tonight. My son and I drove all the way from Charlotte and it was quite the disappointment for him. We had an autograph ball like we usually do and were told we could not have it autographed, but the players could autograph a UT poster provided. Said poster was of Butch Jones with a black background. With a black sharpie, there was little room for signatures. To top it off, Curt Maggitt and AJ Johnson were not even allowed to sign. I understand the premise, but this just ruins it for the kids. To top it off, the event was much shorter than the previous 3 years we have attended and we barely had time to even get to the players. It was disappointing to explain to my 10 year old that he could not get his ball signed or have his favorite players even sign the poster. Now I see in this article where Hart says “We’ll find ways for people to interact, but not necessarily with the players.” Not with the players??? Fans can’t even be around players anymore? Ridiculous.

This article and your comment very much concern me, because they show that UTAD is apparently still being run by a bunch of nitwits. No planning, no thought, just a heavy-handed new policy.

How much was your son planning to pay each player to get his autograph? Nothing, of course. So I don't understand what Tennessee's problem was.

The only part I understand is personalizing everything, to get rid of the non-fans who just want something signed so that they can try to resell it on eBay.

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Hopefully UK fans will develop some sense of ethics and boot the shyster out of Lexington but I ain't holding my breath. Once you sell out, it's hard to regain your direction.

The sellout at Kentucky started in 1930 when Adolph Corrupt took over as head coach. Kentucky has played in Knoxville every year since 1953, until 2014. Why not in 1953? Because the Kentucky Wildcats were serving their NCAA "death penalty" (giving players illegal spending money, allowing ineligible players to compete).

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On the first Saturday of 2014, January 4, Kentucky has an open date while Tennessee faces mighty Tusculum. I call on Dave Hart to buy out Tusculum, Mitch Barnhart to buy out one of the cupcakes on the Kentucky schedule(UNC Asheville, Northern Kentucky) and for Tennessee and Kentucky to face each other in a matchup at Thompson-Boling Arena which does not count in the conference standings.

There is NO EXCUSE for not doing this.

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The drip-drip-drip of slowing putting together the Tennessee basketball schedule continues. Put together a dozen press releases from various non-conference schools and other sources, and you can get some idea about the dates and times of UT's non-conference schedule, plus two SEC games now. When does the SEC plan on releasing a conference schedule so that the schools can release their respective schedules? Hopefully the SEC is using this extra time to correct their initial idiotic decision to only have UT and Kentucky play each other once next year.

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Leave that umbrella at home when the real games start.

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Two potentially challenging games for Alabama, with an open date before each. Playing Kentucky in the SEC East while LSU has to play at Georgia and Florida. The SEC office is protecting their beloved Crimson Tide.

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It's not like they're gonna wear these new uniforms for EVERY home game. Maybe once or twice during the season. They'll still wear the Orange and Whites. Don't worry guys. These young athletes like cool uniforms. Current players play better, and in-coming recruits WANT to play in them. The best game we've played in the past few years was on Halloween in the Blacks. Change is good. Can't wait to see them.

OK, hopefully they will wear them at one of the many cupcake games I won't be attending -- maybe the yearly pay-for-view game, since I won't even see that one on TV.

And I'm ok with wearing the black uniforms at Oct 31 Halloween night home games only, which means they will be worn once every 14 years or so.

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rupp has been a house of horrors for ut like many other teams. tennessee has played well there a few times, but can't seem to close it out even when they have a good team.

It's Corrupt Arena, not rupp, named after the legendary coach Adolph Corrupt. If Corrupt had not established Kentucky's tradition of skirting the rules, UK basketball would have about the same history as Auburn or Ole Miss.

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The UT vs. UK game in Knoxville is, without question, the biggest basketball game of the year each and every year. The fact that the UT athletic department knew this game would not be held this year, and chose to withhold the information from fans until after season ticket renewal is LOUSY!

If the UT athletic department knew the game would not be held, they should have gone to Birmingham first to camp out in Slive's and Womack's offices and demand that the schedule be adjusted.

I agree. UTAD should now do the right thing and allow basketball season ticket purchasers to revoke their commitments to renew, with a full refund of ticket costs and all stupid add-ons (shipping, "handling", etc...).

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The UK basketball program, due to their success, has a lot of power in the SEC offices when it comes to basketball issues. UK is the SEC's basketball cash cow and with that comes additional influence. If UK wanted the home/home setup this year with UT, it would have happened.

It's similar to football when the three teams with the easiest schedules since the SEC went to 12 teams in the early 90s are Bama, UGA, and UF. I don't think it's a coincidence that Bama has played Vandy more times in that time period than UGA/UF combined or that every time the SEC readjusts the scheduling format, UGA drops Bama and picks up a MS school (like last year).

Exactly. It's the reason I've been saying for years that the SEC headquarters needs to be moved out of Birmingham to a more neutral location, like Atlanta or Memphis, or for that matter, Chicago or Seattle. Almost everybody at SEC headquarters from the janitors to Slive's right hand man, Mark Womack, is an Alabama fan or graduate. Womack even played QB for Tuscaloosa High before heading across town to UA, then in the SEC office. So during these so-called "bridge seasons" in football, they send LSU to play at Georgia and Florida, while the Tide gets to go to Lexington to play the mighty football Kats.

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Which idiot in the SEC office is responsible for this? Probably the same Alabama [expletive deleted] who was responsible for sending LSU to play at Georgia in football while Alabama gets to play Kentucky.

The football equivalent would be playing the Georgia - Auburn game every other year. Tennessee v Kentucky is the most played basketball rivalry in the SEC. Tennessee has defeated those low-life cheaters more than any other team.

NO_DIGGITY is on target. Kentucky has been skirting the rules and often outright breaking the rules basically since the time of the Korean War. SevenT won't learn about that in school, because Kentucky's corruption is one topic that is off-limits in classrooms in the Commonwealth.

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Lived there 21 years, 11 months, 3 days. Acquired my screen name while there. Four years later, leaving still is hopefully the closest I ever get to knowing what it feels like to be released from prison. No desire to go back for any reason.

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Alabama vs Virginia Tech, Auburn v Washington St, and Georgia v Clemson are on at the same time. Tenn-AP will be a radio game for me.

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Speaking of schedules, when can we expect a Tennessee basketball schedule to be published? Last year by this time, the SEC had already issued one attempt that had to be amended.

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Nice to know already which cupcake game I will skip in 2014...

Yes. I'm sure it will be the first of 3 or 4 I will skip. I have started attending Georgia Tech games at Grant Field on days when Tennessee is playing these garbage games. Since you're in ATL, I recommend it highly to you.

When the Chattanooga Moccasins announced that UT asked them to move the game scheduled to kickoff 2014 to an October date, I was curious who the Vols would bring in. I see that Utah State won 11 games last year, including the Potato Bowl, lost to Wisconsin by 2 and BYU by 3. So it's not the sort of opponent I hoped, but I guess it could be worse.

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Calling me a moron, nerd, idiot, etc... doesn't do much to dispute my assertion that college coaches are overpaid.

Could someone please send me a link to the detailed financial statements for the University of Tennessee Athletic Department, showing at a minimum revenues and expenses for each sport and how said revenues are allocated?

I thought Eduardo had a reasonable insight and was about to post a "+1" when the comment was removed.

Having worked in the 'for profit' capitalist world my entire career, I have never found an employer who would pay me 2 or 3 times more than my contribution to the profit-making function. The fact that LSU and Kentucky are be paying their women's basketball coaches between $950,000 and $1.2 million per year does not mean Warlick's salary needs to be increased. All it means to me is that Kentucky and LSU are acting absolutely insane.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

More evidence that the purpose of college athletics is to transfer money from TV contracts and football season ticket purchasers to coaches. There's not a women's basketball coach in the world who can justify a $550,000 salary. How much revenue does Lady Vols' basketball bring in every year?

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When does the week at Milligan College start?

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WKU has improved, but learning Petrino's system is no piece of cake and he's also playing with inferior talent. UT will win this game by 3 TD or more.

I agree.

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Please, Petrino, lead the Hilltoppers onto the field riding your motorcycle. It would be the funniest thing that's happened at Neyland Stadium since the Vanderbilt Commodores ran through the "T" in either 1979 or 1981.

Losing to WKU would definitely get things off to a very bad start.

The new SEC "all games on TV" format once again will leave fans roasting in the sun at noon for a Sunbelt vs SEC game in early September. It will probably be in the high 80s or 90s and most uncomfortable.

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We have a tradition of making changes. Let's not change tradition.

My favorite is when they do something new and call it a "new tradition."

Beat Alabama first, then worry about the uniforms.

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I hate to bring this up but it must be discussed. I wonder why Tennessee is having so much success at recruiting in light of our poor football performance over the last several years. Butch Jones seems like a very honest man but Nick Saban seemed like a good guy too. Could Tennessee just be more careful in its disbursement of funds to players, while Saban has not been quite as discreet.

I am not accusing anyone of anything. But in this day of must win football or get fired after two years, anything is possible.

I'm for doing whatever Alabama is doing, and nothing less.

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Nothing to worry about, Bammers. Mike Slive surely has the entire SEC headquarters working overtime today to make sure this story involving his beloved Crimson Tide is a non-issue.

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Tusculum? Morehead? The Citadel? Please don't give the football schedulers any ideas.

Seriously, only two of the eight non-conference home games are worth attending.

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in response to ReeseHallRelic:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my hunch is that UT's 2013 schedule was probably pretty well set long before CBJ was hired... like set in stone! So the notion that CBJ dictated this schedule so that he could obtain a bonus for winning 6 games (IF, indeed, such a bonus exists) is clearly nonsensical.

You're soooooo sure that CBJ is a terrible coach, even though he's not even coached one game at UT yet. His track record is pretty good, and you cannot possibly trash his recruiting, since UT is currently #1 in the country. So, basically, you're playing a hunch, and you prove over and over again that your knowledge and instincts about college football are minimal.

You whine about UT playing only one good team outside the SEC? Look at the other SEC teams' schedules. Three teams play two quality outside-the-SEC teams, and everybody else doesn't play more than one. Take a look at the schedules for Missouri, Texas A&M, and Vandy; they don't even have one quality non-SEC opponent.

Alabama = Virginia Tech, Colorado St, Georgia St, Chattanooga
Arkansas = Louisiana-Lafayette, Samford, Southern Miss, Rutgers
Auburn = Washington St, Arkansas St, Western Carolina, Florida Atlantic
Florida = Toledo, Miami, Georgia Southern, Florida State
Georgia = Clemson, North Texas, Appy St, Georgia Tech
Kentucky = Western Kentucky, Miami(OH), Louisville, Alabama St
LSU = TCU, UAB, Kent St, Furman
Ole Miss = SE Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Troy
Mississippi State = Oklahoma St, Alcorn St, Troy, Bowling Green
Missouri = Murray St, Toledo, Indiana, Arkansas St
S. Carolina = N. Carolina, UCF, Coastal Carolina, Clemson
Texas A&M = Rice, Sam Houston St, SMU, UTEP
Vanderbilt = Austin Peay, UMass, UAB, Wake Forest

You're truly an idiot, no matter what your name du jour happens to be.

Congrats to Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina for scheduling reasonable non-conference schedules. The other 11 are pathetic.

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College athletics has turned into a conduit for transferring money from television networks and donors / season ticket holders to the coaches. College costs in general are out of control largely for the same reason that health care costs are out of control: because the federal government throws money at the education industry (in the form of subsidized student loans, Pell grants, and direct grants to the universities) with almost no accountability.

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I'll be giving away to various friends four season tickets to the first three home games. Pre-October, I will see Vandy v Ole Miss in Nashville and Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech and maybe Georgia Tech v North Carolina in Atlanta. If UT is going to schedule teams from the Sunbelt & OVC, I'll listen on the radio while I attend quality games at other schools - or I'll stay home and watch 3 good games on television instead of one meaningless game at Neyland Stadium. My first game at Knoxville is October 5 when Georgia comes to town.

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I was generous and voted "3". I actually think it should be "4" Any fewer than 2 is a disgrace and cheats the season ticket holders.

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Saban wouldn't have to negotiate a phalanx of white trash if the SEC would move the Media Days out of Hoover, Alabama, like Mike Slive said he was going to do years ago.

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The use of police dogs is the real crime. There was a time in this country when the people objected to the use of police dogs as a dehumanizing relic of Nazi Germany or Selma, Ala. Now, dogs are used in routine patrol stops by police, even though they are often incorrect when scenting for drugs or explosives. In any event, police often lie when they claim that dogs have scented drugs.

If my county ever starts using dogs in law enforcement, I'll be down at the county commission complaining at the next meeting.

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in response to WetumpkaThumpa:

Way too many other games in that time slot to purchase PPV. Way too many other games on to go! This is where scheduling Austin Peay State University hurts, move to a 9 game SEC schedule and play three respectable non-conf schools. That's how you boost attendance.

+1 -- no, make that +1000

Alabama vs Virginia Tech and Georgia vs Clemson are on TV at the same time as UT vs Austin Peay. Tennessee vs Austin Peay will be a radio game for me.

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Has it really been ten years since Mike Slive said SEC Media Days would be moved out of Hoover Alabama, after some trashy Alabama fans harassed Phil Fulmer at the event? We are still waiting, Mr. Slive.

Written on At 'Meet Your Seats' event, UT tries to woo fans back to Neyland:

I will meet my seats for home Game #4, on October 5, when a real opponent comes to town.

For instance, on Sept 28, I can drive 150 miles each way to see UT play South Alabama, or I can stay home and watch it on HDTV, plus watch LSU v Georgia and Texas A&M v Arkansas and Oklahoma v Notre Dame. It's an easy choice. You can say I'm not a real Tennessee fan, but unless you've seen nearly 250 Tennessee games in person, as I have, I won't give much weight to your opinion.

Written on Jacques Smith, Ja'Wuan James, Tiny Richardson picked for media days:

Media Days, once again being held at Hoover, Alabama, since it's so convenient for the Gumps. I do recall Slive saying that he would move Media Days out of Hoover after the Alabama fans harassed Fulmer to the point that he didn't even show up for the event one year. Slive lied.

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in response to Olddogsrule:

Good points all. But I personally consider The Third Saturday in October a national holiday. D&%# the networks and Slive for messin' with that!

How many years out does the new system run? Anybody got a link?

Yes, Tennessee vs Alabama is the only game that matters to me. But still, they sent Alabama to Kentucky on October 12, the same day LSU hosts Florida. I'd like to see LSU offer Monday morning to give up a home game to play Kentucky at Lexington that day while Alabama plays Florida for a 5th home game. See if the Crimson Tahd and Slive will accept that offer.

Written on SEC coaches not thrilled to submit schedules:

Now who is going to review the SEC FOOTBALL schedule, drawn up by Mike Slive and Mark Womack? Yes, the Mark Womack who was high school QB at Tuscaloosa High School, Alabama alumnus, Univ of Alabama athletic dept employee, and now Executive Associate Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference?

These are the guys who have LSU playing Georgia and Florida in the SEC East, while Alabama plays Kentucky and Tennessee.

SEC headquarters is teeming with Gumps, all the way from the janitors to the secretaries to Womack himself - and Slive, in my opinion. When are the other SEC schools going to clean up this mess? Probably when Texas A&M decides to do it; they have enough money and power to not give one whit what the Bammers think.

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1. No charge for students.
2. UTAD must demand better behavior from the Knoxville Police Dept. which seems to use football games as an excuse to harass fans - adults and students alike.
3. Schedule some decent opponents for a change.

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in response to twicevolalum:

It would be awesome if Fuller would read these comments. 1) What is with the schedule. I don't remember 15 years ago spending 3/4 of the season watching the likes of MTSU. I think the expansion of the non conference schedule combined with the downgrade of the non conference schedule makes the appeal of attending at UT game pretty low. As a twice vol alum who now lives the distance of an expensive plane trip away, I will not spend the money to go see UT play these second tier teams and I'm not spending the money to watch UT get their butt beat in the SEC! 2) Until really recently, Tennessee never had a home game during fall break. Seriously, y'all know when fall break will be! Work out the schedule so you're not sitting there holding 5,000 student tickets and scratching your head wondering where all the students are over fall break! 3)Charges were added to student tickets after Orange Nation was dissolved. I loved Orange Nation as a grad student. It was a unifying experience and gave some benefits to students like seats within the first 12 rows. Either eliminate the cost for student tickets (which I know you won't do) or bring back some form of Orange Nation to have a loud and proud club of students who STAND in support of the team. Or take your own piece of advice and do a general admission ticket. God knows I spent many games standing turned sideways watching Tennessee because there were so many people crammed into the student section. That may be something you want to evaluate. 4) Butch Jones (blah) needs to take on the larger than life persona of Bruce Pearl (also blah, but did wonders for creating a student following). Butch Jones needs to put in an appearance in the cafeteria, organize with the pride and do special appearances on campus. There needs to be some true orange home pride put back on campus through cookouts, special appearances, WELCOME WEEK, Night in neyland, Freshman Picnic, Pep Rallies with food in circle Park. Seriously that SEC TV contract should give the athletic department enough funds to invest in some free food and events for students on campus! 5) Neyland stadium has become more corporate than I can stand! Because of the exclusivity of the athletic department, the opportunities to share the gameday experience with families is pretty low. Make it possible at least for the time being for a student to be able to bring his or her parents to the game. 15 years ago, it was about fitting as many Tennessee fans as possible into Neyland Stadium. Today, it's about making as much as possible off of people while giving special catering to the ultra rich. Figure out ways for students and their families to come to Neyland together. 6) Tennessee needs a hero. Heroes are found in signature wins (Jeff Hall and the Tennessee defensive line).

+1 Shamilton was jealous of Florida's fancy third deck, where you can't see the game but at least get free hot dogs and ice cream. Then he got bamboozled by architects who convinced him to turn Neyland into the Taj Mahal. But to have the money to do that, he had to try to find 'big money' willing to pay. The Great Recession hit at just about the same time. Now, here we are in a scenario I'm sure is worse than the "worse case" ever projected when Neyland was upgraded. They just sent me an offer to buy 6 more season tickets, with no premium required this year. I'm not even going to use most of the tickets I had to buy (to Austin Peay, W Ky, So Alabama).

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"No one likes spending hours in a cellphone dead zone." I had to laugh at this one. Say they get great cell phone service inside Neyland Stadium. What would the calls and text messages look like? "I'm in DD. Where are you?" "DD. OMG! I'm on 5th row of E. Come down here." "No, too crowded. You come up here." And so forth.

Why would any student buy a ticket for $10 when they could buy one on the street for less to the Austin Peay, Western Kentucky, South Alabama, Auburn, and Vanderbilt games?" Let the students in for free.

Another thing not mentioned in the story is the behavior of the Knoxville Police Dept thugs whom I have seen treat paying customers like dirt numerous times over the years. If that's the way they act toward adults, I imagine they use the games as an excuse to treat students even worse.

Written on UT, N.C. State to play home-and-home series; Marco Harris to be named director of basketball operations:

This is good news, and I hope they schedule at least a couple more legitimate non-conference opponents.

Plus, I especially hope that this scheduling strategy rubs off on the football program - fewer Austin Peay, UT-Martin, Western Kentucky
and more Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, etc...

Written on Kentucky AD Barnhart sees positives in programs:

"Kentucky football" is the biggest oxymoron in collegiate athletics. Owensboro Vol explains why.

As for Kentucky basketball: if Adolph Corrupt had not started Kentucky's sordid tradition of skirting the NCAA rules, Kentucky basketball history would be no better than Auburn or Ole Miss.

I consider their accomplishments meaningless. The entire Kat basketball history should have a big fat asterick beside it.

Written on Sea of crimson in Big Orange country for Nick Saban speech:

"High achievers don't like mediocre people." I translate that as: "Sign 30 and keep the best 20."

Written on Butch Jones doesn't bite on Saban bait:

in response to CCLC:

The conference’s balance of power at this point in the off season: Long way to the top sports fans.
just sayin'

Tier 1
1. Alabama

Tier 2
2. LSU
3. Texas A&M
4. Georgia
5. South Carolina
6. Florida

Tier 3
7. Ole Miss
8. Vanderbilt
9. Missouri
10. Mississippi State
11. Arkansas
12. Tennessee
13. Auburn

Tier 4
14. Kentucky

and one reason that Alabama is in its own class and not listed with LSU, Georgia, and A&M is that the Birmingham-based SEC office gives Bama games with Kentucky and does whatever necessary to protect its beloved "bell cow"

My guess is that Texas A&M has the money and moxie to put an end to this Bama-boosting nonsense within a few years.

Written on Memphis transfer Antonio Barton completing online courses, due at UT in 'July, close to August':

Dave Hart should inform Memphis right now that there had better be no "unforeseen problems" related to Barton's graduation, if the Tigers want to have any prayer of continuing to play Tennessee in any sports.

Written on Poll: Which first-year SEC football coach will win the most games next season?:

One thing I know for certain: it will not be Kentucky.

Written on Ex-Auburn player indicted in point-shaving scheme:

in response to Ghost_Of_Neyland:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Well, despite my previous post, I agree with you also. If they see a history of a lot of "dumb money" being bet on a game, they might take a calculated risk and take the other side of that bet. Many early season games would be good examples. Tennessee vs Florida last year would have probably been a good example, with Gameday on campus and all the hype and certain Knoxville talk show hosts saying 3 hours before kickoff that Tennessee would win by 20. My guess is that there was a lot of "dumb money" or rather "emotional money" being bet.

But a late season games between two evenly matched teams with a lot of national exposure (say LSU vs Alabama) is probably not a game that the professionals are going to take any risk on.

Written on Ex-Auburn player indicted in point-shaving scheme:

Probably not many Kentucky fans realize it, since the sordid history of Wildcat basketball is not a topic discussed much in polite company in the Bluegrass State, but I do believe that the first SEC athletes ever to be involved in a point-shaving scandal were Kentucky basketball players in the 1950s.

ProfessionalHandicapper is correct. I have read somewhere that some past point-shaving scandals have been spotted and reported to FBI by the professional bookies who can spot when something "doesn't smell right." Their goal is to be close to even on the number of winning bets and losing bets, taking the spread ("vig" I think they call it) as their revenue.

Written on Bill Battle knows how much UT-Alabama rivalry matters:

Move Alabama and Auburn to the SEC East and Vanderbilt and Missouri to the SEC West. Play 9 conference games yearly. 4 of every 7 years, Tennessee plays Vanderbilt in a game that does not count in conference standings.

Written on Column: These guys are running college sports?:

Gordon Gee's biggest concern is Gordon Gee. He's the biggest self-promoter in academia.