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Written on Poll: Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

I agree that we should support the coach since he is starting from ground level and he is 0-0 at the University of Tennessee. It could work out great. I am surprised this is who Hart went after, after the Strong, Gundy, Fedora denial though. The two things that concern me are 1)Recruiting--Does he have enough ties nationally to pull top tier recruits from the big dogs? Time will tell. 2) His offense-- All of these studs that we did bring in on offense, quarterback, wide receivers, OFFENSIVE LINE, don't really matchup to what his scheme normally calls for. Because of that, it may be another slow transition to wins for Tennessee as he has to get personnel that Tennessee has never had. I wish him the best. I wish the program the best. Hopefully this will be a great hire. Go Vols.

Written on Should Tennessee consider re-hiring Phillip Fulmer?:

in response to MiserableFloridaVol:

We just need somebody to watch the program til Peyton retires!!! Part of the stipulation for the next hire should be, whenever Peyton wants it, you're out of here.

Maybe the most ignorant post I've ever seen on here.....then again, probably not.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

Probably won't happen, but man I'd love to get David Shaw. We'll probably end up with the OC at Riverdale High School though.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

in response to Vol86:

Why wouldn't someone play for him. I just read he was put in the hall of fame. Oh! I forgot kids these days do not read.

Hall of Fame means he was good in the PAST. Losers live in the past. Football is a different game now than it was in the mid to late 90's, and if you don't see that, then you probably have no clue about football.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

in response to Volsguy:

Hire Fulmer! The Chief comes back and maybe keep Jim as well. I don't care what anyone has to say about Fulmer, yes he got a little complacent but I think he realizes hes not untouchable and we would not settle for mediocrity. I mean what is it 151-52-1 and I also think he would be a little wise as to whom he chooses staff wise and we have Chaney to stop the run run punt play calling. There is nobody like Fulmer out there and don't care who tries to call me out, as Les Miles is not coming here nor Spurrier or Saban. Things would change Fulmer knows that and we also get Tee Martin back here as well. I think we work a short term deal as Fulmer would agree to a betcha and if not we hire another in 3 years. Yes we would have to start over in 3 years if it didn't work but there is NOBODY out there I feel could turn it around like us crazy UT fans expect, at least realistically. 2 bad seasons and we fired a guy who bleed orange for people who would less us just as fast for a better offer. Blast away I don't care thats my opinion and you are welcome to yours and no amout of bashing is going to change my mind nor yours. I just think we all can agree we need to get this done and find someone who can actually lead and coach. GBO!!!!

It's 2012. You may play for Phil Fulmer, but no 17 or 18 year old high school athlete would.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

Just a question, but is Fedora not an option this morning?

Written on UT says Debby Jennings was 'insubordinate, disrespectful' :

The only people who care about women's sports are old people in knoxville and connecticut. No one else in the world cares.

Written on Plate inserted in Tyler Bray's thumb; timetable for return doesn't change :

I think I speak for all of Vol Nation when I say Good! Because Matt Simms is a straight BALLER!

Written on Eric Berry signs with adidas :

in response to JBVols1698:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

completely 100% correct!...Adidas sucks so bad! i can't even buy Tennessee stuff because it's adidas and nike is the only way to go...if we changed to nike, whether you like it or not, i promise we would get better recruits in football and basketball. i've talked to many ut athletes and they hate that they have to wear adidas. the kids love Nike.

Written on UT won't clear Negedu to play basketball:

in response to always_vol:

Some people can only express themselves in literal ways. Virtually all on here who want to see Emmanuel play do so for HIS sake, they just happen to be Vol fans too.

My personal argument is based more upon the desire to see him be allowed to compete if his doctors have established that he is reasonably capable of doing so, and that he is mentally competent to make that decision. At this point, I wouldn't care if it was Marching Band or Water Polo. It's a matter of a man making a decision.

untamed- i also hate the fact that e can't make his own decision. you make great points, but unfortunately that's the society we have to live in because of lawsuits and things of that nature. the thing that is amazing to me is when people on here can only think, "boy i sure would like to have him inside for depth." or "i would hate to see him get good minutes for another team." you're talking about issues with society and some people can see past what goes on in between the lines. regardless, i just hope for the best for what seems like a good kid.

Written on UT won't clear Negedu to play basketball:

fans are unbelievable.....a kid has a heart problem where he almost dies and people still post on here thinking about his playing time here or other places? are you serious? it sucks that he has this heart condition, not if plays again or who he plays for. sports are cool people, but they aren't everything. if he truly is the great kid and leader everyone speaks about, he will find tons of areas to be successful in. open your eyes! there are bigger things than tennessee sports.

Written on Adams: Departure adds to losing streak :

as a coach (and a fan as well) i want kids who want to be recruit as hard as you can to get a guy, but when he gets there and doesn't seem all in, then he's not the right guy for you. bottom line. i get a sense from some of these posts that if some of these guys were coaches they would let the players run the program as long as they get the best players out. that's cool for a few seasons, but then you become the tusculum of division 1 football. always looking for short term fixes.

Written on Johnson upbeat after Vanderbilt scrimmage:

i had 2 season tickets to vandy football this year and left them in my car on the dash....i went into the grocery store and when i came out, i found that someone had broken into my car and left two more.

Written on Lack of spotlight suits Vols :

not all espn is bashing ut though....colin cowherd said yesterday that he likes kentucky, duke, and tennessee....he said he really likes the fact that tennessee has a lot of tatoos. seriously...he said that.

Written on Top football prospects in the Knoxville area :

in response to SATCHMOE:

Why is that some feel you got to go after the name and the stars to be competitive against the big boys.I had rather have heart and compassion.I guess we forget Goliath had popularity but David had heart,drive, and was a home boy that would stone your azz for making threats against His God and Homeland.Thank God for my Homeland(TENNESSEE) and pray that her sons would want to defend her on the field of battle.

ha ok....i'll take peyton manning (no ties to tennessee) and you can take jim bob cooter all day long....we'll see who wins. heart is all warm and fuzzy, but 97% of the time talent is gonna get you W's.

Written on Top football prospects in the Knoxville area :

in response to DaddyVol:

O.K. Someone younger than me needs to run for office...then PUSH legislation to change state rules for athletics. We NEED to enhance football programs now.

And by the way, I disagree with StickMove pertaining to the inner city. He obviously hasn't been to Memphis.

One more thing...we need to STOP focusing only on Knoxville talent. The campus of the University of TENNESSEE is the entire State of Tennessee.

See that's where you're missing it. Every inner city is going to have good prospects. Memphis and Nashville are hot beds for football. The thing that separates Tennessee high school football and GA, AL,MS, SC, and FL is the huge disparity between rural schools. Those states are turning out prospects from places like Calhoun, Pahokee (?), not to mention Mississippi doesn't even have urban centers but still turns out more prospects than Tennessee. Tell me what program that isn't near the inner city that is turning out D 1 prospects year in and year out in Tennessee. I'm talking SEC caliber players. So don't give me Alcoa or Maryville.

Written on Top football prospects in the Knoxville area :

ok everyone is beating around the bush and is too afraid to just say the answer. we don't have as many african americans in tennessee as georgia, alabama, louisiana, florida, or california. there you go. black kids dominate football. just the facts. i'm a white coach in east tennessee. so don't blame me for trying to be racist or anything. just the truth.

Written on Linebacker Jackson visiting UT this weekend:

football scoop is reporting that Garza WAS offered a position with the Trojans and he turned it down. They are also saying that Pete Carroll is going after a few big time college coaches to be on his staff but will wait until after signing day to do it. Just to address the USC/Seattle rumor.

Written on A qualified black coach is overlooked again:

This dude is an idiot! Talk about not qualified for a position. He still thinks Western Kentucky is in the same division as Montana. Maybe the only reason he got a job at the Tennesseean is because of affirmative action.

Written on Air Force's Calhoun calls team meeting:

my mistake on jumping to the spread flex option conclusion before i actually looked at this guy. he will run a pro style offense at ut if he is hired. he has definitely proven he can coach x's and o's. i wonder about his ability to recruit. he hasn't had a chance to really prove it yet.

Written on Air Force's Calhoun calls team meeting:

in response to ZCat:

Um, Air Force doesn't run the option. Hasn't for a while.

they sure did against houston in their bowl game.

Written on Air Force's Calhoun calls team meeting: flexbone option!!!!!!!!!

Written on Four UT basketball players face drug and weapon charges:

Look on the bright side. At least we won't have to see brian williams suck anymore. maybe he could advertise for nutrisystem for losing all that weight. that's all he seems to be good at anyway.

Written on UT receivers coach Wilson offered position at LSU:

Wilson is gone. We are interested in a guy from Central Florida it looks like that has worked with Lance Thompson already. He has a lot of experience recruiting florida, georgia, and i believe louisiana. at least that's what it looks like.

Written on Kiffin: Players' status on hold:

ok now all these people are going to look at kiffin so they can point fingers and call ut "thug U" or something. That's not even an area that a coach has any control over. This is a personal "I was raised crazy" issue. They'll be dismissed. This is crazy though. Who does that?

Written on Kiffin's contract finally completed:

i just want to suggest reading 'meat market'. the book about the entire recruiting process that followed CEO during his years at Ole Miss. if you haven't read it then you should! especially if you love football recruiting. it gave me a new type of respect for the work that these coaches put in. they definitely earn their money.

Written on Kiffin: Incident during Auburn game not sole reason for Warren's dismissal:

why do so many people think they know more than this coaching staff??? or any division I coaching staff for that matter? there is a reason we are on message boards and they are getting paid to coach. it's ridiculous to think that anybody that's ever posted on here knows more than kiffin, orgeron, fulmer, meyer...whoever. if we were great at coaching or evaluating talent we would be where they are. we're not.

Written on Kiffin: Incident during Auburn game not sole reason for Warren's dismissal:

all these goobers that are calling for JC to be benched must all be former linemen or band members and have no clue as to how easy catching the football is. Crompton is not perfect...he's actually not that good, but our receivers are playing really bad. they finally started making catches at the end of the auburn game. all footballs are not going to be perfect. division I receivers should catch slightly underthrown or passes behind them. they get new gloves every game. have any of you ever felt how sticky new gloves are?

Written on Stephens says he's ready:

Did any of you people even go to the game on Saturday? People catching the ball are not getting the job done. Cooper, our fullback, is our best receiver! Idiots blame the quarterback for everything because that's the only thing they see. I feel like Lane and this staff know something about football. Him and Orgeron played huge roles in the rebuilding of USC. Look what it is now. Crompton had a good game against a veteran secondary in Ohio. Should have been great if receivers just catch the ones they should catch. Some "Vol Fans" need to open their eyes a little.

Written on ‘We're all bummed out':

Everybody stop complaining and whining like little babies. Who cares whether we're a 2 or 1 seed and who cares where we're playing.....either way, we're gonna have to play the top teams in the nation in order to win it all anyway. Just because North Carolina is the 1 seed overall doesn't mean they've given the championship to them....They have a tougher road ahead than Tennessee.....doesn't anyone remember that in order to be the best, you've got to beat the best, so screw everybody in Tennessee's way, we're gonna win.....stop being little girls about everything.

Written on Vols stand behind Ainge :

Everybody questioning Ainge's heart and skill: That's why he's about to get drafted, and you're in the stands and in the forum running your mouth and doing nothing but getting fat.

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