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Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

Time for the coach to stop whining and man up, look to improve team consistency. No big let down games. That is why they are playing in the B league NIT. Can't beat a mediocre bama team on a neutral floor when you know an NCAA bid is still on the line. Actually sounds like he thought a NCAA bid was already in the bag. Big assumption considering the SEC was the weakest top to bottom it has been in several years. Why be in the tournament just to say you were in if you can't play at a higher level and thus advance deep. It's okay just to say you made it if your are a rinkydink small time school. Its mostly a joke half those teams are in but it makes for more whoopla as everyone has a chance, like playing the lottery, a million to one for some of those small schools.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

Not much of a game. So if this is any indicator of how they would play in the big show, just as well they don't go anyway. Overall they did exceed expectations for the season but the team is still far from being the type UT had just a few years ago that got to the Elite 8.

Written on Never Better: Vols score biggest victory ever against Kentucky, 88-58 :

The basketball program can only build to greater heights with play and win such as this one. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

I think it a positive Bray is leaving. He only had the last year to improve and become a solid QB and what is one year for this team. Much better to have an underclassman who can get better with the team and have something to build on for 2014 rather than starting out cold with an inexperienced QB again. Overall, Bray was a biiiiiiig disappointment.

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I hear a lot of negativity on this site about the coaching hires, etc. I know its hard to please everyone. Sure, we hoped to get a proven coach like a young Charlie Strong but he along with many more guys than we will ever know about gave UT the thumbs down. So I don't think we should be bad mouthing the guys that accepted UT as their workplace of choice. This program won't be built back over night either. It didnt' get to the low point it is now over night. 2-3 years too long with Fulmer, a bad coaching hire in Kiffin did nothing for the schools reputation then the extremely poor hire in Dooley that had everyone scratching their heads. In reality it's been 10 solid years since this program went to a good bowl game and won against a respectful team. It will be a long road back. But a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step.

Written on Terry Fair 'nervous, but extremely excited' to join Butch Jones' support staff:

I know that Terry was a player in his day. Could hold his own against the best. Now if he can just use that talent in coaching he should do just fine. Likely a good hire!!

Written on USC gave Lane Kiffin loan for house, but there's a catch:

Stupid article. Give up the revenge satisfaction factor regarding Kiffin and move on. Yeah, he was a snake, uses unscrupulous techniques in recruiting and doesn't acknowledge actions of his assistant coaches even though everyone knows he was aware of them. But the fact is most head coaches would bolt out if accustomed to living in the big cities and warm climates just like Kiffin did. I don't know who thought he would have stayed at UT long term if successful even if the SC job never came along. I didn't.

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

He may make it in the NFL but never will be great. Is too undisciplined in running his routes. Has great raw talent but I doubt it will ever be fully realized. Good luck to him, he still was a positive on the team.

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I like the way Jones talks. He seems to be a no nonsense type of guy with a tough football mentality. Even has the tough physical stature for the job. Will say I was more skeptical at first and he still isn't proven but I like the hire better now than initially.

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I will say only he likely is a better game coach than Dooley. Whether he will have better assistant coaches and can recruit well nationally, only time will tell. No way anyone can say he built something at the Cincinnati program being it was on concrete footing when he got there from Kelley. But I suspect after getting the door slammed in his (Hart's) face by so many other prospects, Jones might be as good as expected available that wanted to come to UT.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

That is extremely bad news for the university. I think the handwriting is on the wall again at this point. No solid proven head coach at a higher level program will take the UT coaching position. At this point they would be best going after a well known assistant coach. Someone at a major school with a great track record who appears to be solid but just needs a chance to break into the head coaching ranks.

Written on Power player: Heath Shuler to work for Duke Energy:

And we all know what the lobby for power companies typically push. Lower regulation so they can push up utility rates and lower emission controls so they can pollute more. Not the most godly profession I can think of entering if I had a choice.

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I am an old UT fan also. And the main thing most of us old UT fans remembers is Majors left a Pitt program where he had just won a National Championship with legendary players like Tony Dorsett,(an NFL Hall of Fame running back), Hugh Green (LB), great receivers and Matt Cavanaugh, among countless other great players to an undefeated season. To return to a school that had totally lost the ability to recruit, was coming off a 4-7 season, was recruiting lineman 30-40 lbs under the going SEC type athelete. Overall a very bad scene he was walking into. The one today left by even Dooley pales in comparison to the dispair the program was left in after Bill Battle. In only a few years he was competing for conference championships. Even his first recruiting class was a top 5 nationally! That is why Johnny Majors will always be credited for turning the program around for the depth of depression.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

At last this farce has ended. Gruden if coaching anywhere will be in the NFL next year. All was in fans minds, nothing ever meaningful exchanged among persons that make a difference.
Now as to a real head coach, based on their failures of a few years ago to secure a top candidate, I think they should go after Charlie Strong. He is the best guy available they have a shot at for the job. And he won't be if he is Auburn's target guy. They might beat out Arkansas for him. At this point UT has developed a negative stigma out there among coaches. Each think "the job wasn't good enough to accept for X or X, so why should I accept it. There are a few others but the talk of a Jimbo Fisher, Bob Stoops, etc, is more nonsense. As for Cutcliffe, are you kidding?

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

That was a horrible game. Sure ESPN hated broadcasting it as I suspect not 1 in 5 people watched the entire game. Looked like 2 sub .500 teams and each having an off night at that. So goes the basketball season also.

Written on Coaching Carousel: After wild day of Jon Gruden rumors, Tennessee's pursuit uncertain :

Sad that there continues this pursuit of Gruden which is a big waste of time. Meanwhile other colleges that need a coach are likely making progress in hiring their next coach. I suspect this endless pursuit of Gruden is likely because slim as it may be, they are getting 0 positive feedback from other major candidates contacted.

Written on Tennessee beats Kentucky 37-17 :

One note. IMO the longer the search for a new HC drags out from here, the more likely it won't be a hire most will think very good. Typically a HC unless he is playing for a NC would want to proceed with talks and get a contract so they can go after recruits this year not making this recruiting year a bust. More or less hit the ground running. There are still many blue chips prospects that can be turned with still over 2 months to go before signing.

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It would be nice to get someone already with an established track record as a HC and has known ability to recruit nationwide. Lets not forget, Hamilton made an honest try before and failed. Settled for "Dooley", likely the biggest flop of a hire by any major college program other than Michigan's in the past 3 years.

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

Well, No better than 5-7 so Dooley is likely out. And I can say for the 40 years I have followed UT football, he is the worst coach. Bill Battle was a coaching genus compared to Dooley and his crew. Sure there are Georgia fans that will still say "give him more time".

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

It's like I said weeks ago. Too much money for them to cough up and get rid of their "over hyped name" coach this year. So while everyone and their brother knows he should be gotten rid of this year, be prepared for another losing season next year. Chapter 4 in the on going saga "Wacky Do Little". Does very little in the way of winning that is. As far as Hart goes, if he really knows Dooley has been fired at this point, that would show great lack of character as in a (Nick Saban) to not say such is true.

Written on Final score: Tennessee survives with a 55-48 win over Troy :

Dooley got one of the two wins he needs to secure his job for next year. I suspect Kentucky will be the other. Vandy, no way they beat Vandy, first loss since 82' at Vandy. How many down years and coaches does that span! Mind boggling just like the average points/game this defense gives up! Anyhow all the Georgia fans will continue to say "give Dooley more time, he is turning it around". I am beginning to wonder now if their statements are based on their love for the Dooley legacy at UGA or they want UT to stay in the gutter.

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

Folks, Dooley needs to win no more than 2 of the remaining 4 games if that against mediocre teams to avoid being ousted this year. Because of the money required to shove him and his staff out the door, it ain't likely going to happen this year. So hang in there, in time change will come but it won't be this year due to $$$$. Hopefully some good prospect for replacing him will still be available. We know Auburn and Arkansas will likely be looking for good high profile coaches this year. And the Gruden rumor, forget it. Gruden will not return to UT. An Auburn, very slight chance. I suspect he will coach again in the NFL.

Written on After struggling against Alabama, Tennessee's Tyler Bray skips post-game interviews :

Yeah, bench Bray. He only has one more year anyway. And then the new head coach for 2014 will have a QB with 1.5 years experience coming in.
In reality we know they aren't going to eat Dooley's contract. He will get another year unless they go 4-8 which isn't impossible. Bray can't run a lick.
And when will head coaches every learn, pure pro style QB's that can't run don't come out on top in college football. It's a different game than the pros. There are examples too numerous to count out there. (UT history, T. Martin vs. Manning, who won the NC.) Look what Driskell has done with UF this year. He is the main reason they are #2 and not bottom of the top 20. His legs.

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

When Dooley came to UT I thought if he did make it big (successful), he would jump to UGA being Richt is a consistent under performer with the talent level they have just like Kiffin did to USC. Now we can forget about that ever happening. UGA wouldn't have such a loser even if he is the son of their legend.

Written on Third quarter: Alabama 30, Tennessee 10 :

Don't worry about UT going 7-5 if that is what it takes for Dooley getting an extension. Most likely will go 5-7 with best case scenario 6-6. Troy and Kentucky, likley wins, all else either very likely losses or toss ups.

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

in response to Vols4Ever:

My points are:

1. Mike Hamilton's actions (not decisions, because that involves logical thought) set back the program decades.

2. Changing head coaches now will put us back, not forward.

3. Don't question the loyalty of VOL brethren that have a different viewpoint, but to those that say they have quit and won't support, good fricking-bye and don't let the door hit you on the way out because the team hasn't. Those aren't fans and are juvenile in their tantrums.

I hear a lot of Hamilton bashing. Someone always has to be found to blame/whip in these type of situations. Hamilton beat the bushes with everything he had in looking for well established, respected head coaches. He came up with Pearl, Kiffin and now Dooley. So what were the results? A basketball coach that took UT to it's first Elite 8 in the tourney, its first #1 ranking in the country, an SEC title and in general, put the team back on the map for the first time in over 25 years. As for Kiffin, had the circumstance of the SC opening not came up, who knows where they would be now. Maybe top 10 maybe on probation for recruiting violations, no one knows. But they were turning around under Kiffin, I don't think anyone truthfully can deny that. Maybe instead of those who object to the coaches hired should better ask, what is it about the university or alumni that no good established coaches want to come there. Is it money, politics, atmosphere, what is it? Both coaches of 2 current top ten schools, Notre Dame and UF were approached hard by Hamilton for the job, both declined.

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After seeing how tough Vandy hung in there with UF, is there anyone in the SEC this Tennessee team with this defense can beat? Worst record in years coming up folks, count on it now. Still SC and Alabama left on the schedule, those two can be auto pencil ins the lost column with no given wins anywhere. Haven't looked at the stat but this UT defense must be averaging giving up mid 30's points/game. My how they miss Chavis. Never saw such a D at UT in all his time there.

Written on Five key points five games into the Tennessee football season :

Petrino is a cheat and a quitter. His record speaks for itself. Call Chavis. UT has good athletes on D, just not well coached and disciplined. Dooley with strong assistant coaches can likely win big games IMO.

Written on Five key points five games into the Tennessee football season :

After seening the beating UG took from SC, the SC game will likely be very ugly. I have big UG fans as neighbors. I warned them that UT putting up 44 points on them didn't show that many positives for UG even though they won the game.
If there is any chance Chavis could be lured away from LSU, UT should try. Not sure if he has an attitude about UT the way they parted ways at this point but you don't know unless you ask. The UT D is their biggest weakness. The biggest weakness on offense is QB inconsistency and decision making. That may or may not get better but Bray doesn't have but 1.5 more years max.

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Problem with the Vols: lack of discipline

Until the coaching staff learn and coach discipline, Volunteer football will be sub-par. A poster on another thread, tomkat, called it spot on. Players play for themselves, not putting team first.

I would like to see a game without all the chest bumping and rituals going on after every stink'n play. You aint done squat with one play. Make the play, get off the field, or get back to the line of scrimmage, get set and focus on the next play? That is discipline. That is teamwork. That is the winning spirit.

I am so sick of the arrogance, the 'me-attitudes' going on all over the field. Win the game, then celebrate in the locker room. Grow up. There's several thousand fans shelling out big $$ to see Tennessee football. Could you please act like a Tennessee Team?

So many of these guys think it is all about "how good can I look?" Winning or at least playing with the heart of a winner is all about team-first discipline.

Penalties killed us. Missed tackles killed us. Showing off killed us. Immaturity killed us. This include coaching staff as well. If you don't coach discipline first, you don't deserve to coach. Period.

Yep, I agree 100%. Like the guys making a catch, then staring the DB down. Its just a catch, it's not the NC game and you're leading late in the 4 th quarter! Some of these guys act like they have never made a big play before, never been recognized for making a big play. Please, act like you expect to make that play time and again rather than like "oh, look what I put on you" when they make a play. In reality it only belittles what they just accomplished on the play by their "circus actor" actions afterward. This will likely be the 3rd straight year without winning a game that really means anything. Maybe SC simply because they are SC, they might pull an upset but we all know SC will never be a UF, Alabama or LSU. And Georgia, UT can only hope Reich stays there so they can continue to underachieve. They should be winning at least 1/3 of the crowns with the talent level in that state.

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Recap. Not enough overall team talent to compete well in the SEC. What you have in UT is many players are C's (average division I players), about 50% of the team. You have B's (35%)(potential pro quality) and a sprinkling of A's (15%), (pro material quality). That ratio doesn't get you into the top 5 in the SEC. And then there is the coaching staff which ranges from C to F. They wouldn't get it done if they had Alabama's team talent level. 8-4 is all this coaching staff will ever achieve any year down the road and that won't be achieved this year. History has shown UT can't attract big name college coaches. I don't blame Hamilton. He made the calls, no one was interested. I think their best bet is to go after a solid pro team assistant coach with a good track record. Someone young and with a lot of spark. It's going to be a long climb back, years and years. And it can't even start for another 1.5 years being Dooley has at least that much time left.

Written on Final: Florida 37, Tennessee 20:

Nothing sets up disappointment more than for a team to play two powder puff opponents, whipping them and then play a good team and thoroughly get their tails kicked, knocked back to reality. That is what happened tonight. This is still not a top 25 type team.

Written on Final: Florida 37, Tennessee 20:

I don't think the UT players believe themselves they can beat UF. Once they got behind, it was lights out, game over. And don't think for a moment this is a great UF team. One that will challenge Alabama for the crown. It may not be any better than # 5 in the SEC. Yet it was good enough to totally dominate UT on both sides of the ball in the second half on UT's home turf. Its not just that their players overall are superior athletes. You can see UF has far better coaching too. ESPN tried to blow the game up that "Tennessee was back ready to challenge for the SEC east". Tonight in front of a nation wide audience that notion was put to rest. But Dooley will get another year even if UT goes 7-5, no doubt.

Written on For which team/coach is Saturday's game more of a must-win?:

in response to Rumblefish:

Gene Chizk for Auburn is on the hot seat...if not the hottest. Yeah yeah...I know about Cam and his NC. But Mahlzan (the man calling Cam's plays) has since left, and Aub is barely above .500 since then. Add to that, Aub has started off 0-2 this year...and only have 3 games they "should win" lined up for the rest of the year. Their QB actually had -2 passing yards at halftime against Miss St last week. How does that happen???

Yeah, Chizk had a big run, won the NC and avoided heat later on related to Cam whom would have likley stayed at UF had he not got caught with the hot notebook computer. Alabama is of course eating their lunch taking all the prime players in state now with Auburn getting the second tier crumbs. Its slime eating for Chizk and his years are numbered. Will be for anyone at Auburn as long as snake Satan rules the roost in that state. He is too big for anyone else to live well around him. Alabama doesn't have the high raw numbers of blue chip recruits such as Florida, Louisiana, Texas or California have.

Written on For which team/coach is Saturday's game more of a must-win?:

I vote equally important for both coaches. Dooley has yet to win a game that says anything. The NC loss in the bowl game was all about game calling and confidence to play to win, not lose. His bad. The LSU thing, not all on him, but would have been his single big win. So now he has a chance to say "UT is back, on the upturn so you had better take us seriously upper SEC level teams". As far as Muschamp goes, UF fans are so fair weathered, they are sickening. That is why the tickets are available as they don't feel they will be competitive with Alabama or LSU for the SEC crown. So there aren't enough gator fans that will travel to Knoxville to see them. It's win it all or else the season means nothing for them. So it indeed is a must win for Muschamp also. Its a tough road for both teams in the SEC.

Written on DeAnthony Arnett transfer saga could end with all losing, if Tennessee remains heartless:

Yeah, maybe his dad's health is the main factor or maybe it's an excuse. Would have to know more about the facts before making a decision. Like when did his dad have the heart attacks? What is his families financial situation, etc. If legit, he should be allowed to go anywhere except an SEC school or someone on UT's schedule for the next 3 years.

Written on SEC unveils 2012 schedule; Vols avoid Arkansas :

Much weaker schedule overall than seen in years. Still unless Dooley picks it up several notches, no better than 6-6. Lets hope he surprises everyone. Hey, he is still young so maybe he will learn/improve on the fly!!!

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Lets see George O Leary turned around UCF as the 4th biggest 2 year turn around in NCAA History. OLeary was the DC at Georgia Tech when they went 11-1 and beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl for a National Championship. O Leary then went to the Vikings and took the 30th ranked defense to the 10th ranked defense in 1 years time. In 2010 he had UCF ranked in the Top 25 in all three polls for the first time in school history and won coach of the year in Conf USA.
Now UT fans laugh at UCF like UT is better than they. Dooley has never beaten a Top 50 team in his coaching career much less had a team in the Top 25. Go play for O'Leary young man, his resume is great and UCF is a much better program under him than UT with their Lame Duck coaching staff.

UCF has become a joke, a bad one at that. Located only 8 miles from my house (I should know a little something about them), they were suppose to build on last year's solid year and bowl win over Georgia. Instead they have fallen flat on their face losing to some of the weakest teams in division I football! The multi-million $ law suit over the kid dying during practice they just lost an appeal on will certainly hit their athletics dept. pocketbook, surely hasn't helped them either! Yeah, talk about them on an upswing, great coach? Who are you kidding!

Written on Alton 'Pig' Howard will choose Tennessee or UCF on Wednesday:

I think the players UT has playing on Sunday gives them publicity hard to buy. They certainly need that now with the year they just had. You take UF, LSU and Alabama with all their NC's neither seem to have any more if as many players in the NFL. And on the better teams. Saints and Packers are loaded with UT grads.

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I have found something positive about today's happenings. Had UT won by any margin and went to a mediocre bowl game, likely if next year they even go 6-6, Dooley would likely have a 4th year. Now with this year's record and extremely poor play, he will likely get one more year max. unless he goes 8-4 next season which is highly unlikely. So today's results may not be all that bad for the program longer term.

And in perspective, if you think UT has it bad, so does Gator fan with another loss to in-state rival Florida State! Now with a 7-5 record and their new coach Muschamp,and side kick Charlie Weis on the hot seats. Many of the Gator faithful thought they could challenge for the SEC east this year. They were out of the race early.

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in response to SummittsCourt:

All said and done the Vols are a 5-7 team with a 1-7 SEC record.

We all have a right to be mad, embarrassed and ashamed right now.

However, tomorrow the sun will rise.

Last four years in review

Fulmer 5-7, bad loss to Wyoming after being fired

Kiffen 7-6, bad loss to Va Tech in the Bowl game and then he quits

Dooley 6-7, should've been 8-5 (LSU/UNC)

Dooley 5-7, injuries & hard schedule not withstanding, but losing to a bad UK team with a bowl on the line = really bad

Overall - 23-27 (0-2 in bowls), loss to UK, 4 losses to UF & Bama and 3 coaching changes.

Is this the worst senior class ever? What will they be remembered for?

I am a Dooley supporter and I firmly believe next season will be better - we do not need more upheavel with another coaching change.

Yeah, your records speak for themselves. Dooley's staff's lack of on the field awarness flat out lost the LSU game after they had it won then their strategy to have the offense go into a shell after moving the ball the entire game lost the UNC bowl game as well. So that's two losses on the coaching staff in the first year. As far as Dooley's first year record goes, its not uncommon for a first year coach to do decent when taking over a program that has turned around (such as it had with Kiffin ) and had a winning record. But after the first year, well over half of the players from the preceding coaches team are gone and what remains are players only coached, trained and plays run by the new staff, in this case Dooley's. After that first take over year folks, it just keeps going downhill if the new coach and his staff aren't up to the task.

Written on Tauren Poole: 'No one wanted to be out there' :

Looks like the team is reverting back to playing as poorly as they did with Bill Battle in the early 70's. Actually, Battle couldn't recruit but the teams he had played with better coaching and enthusiasm than this team has. Can't say I saw any Fulmer team play this bad, especially on offense. I would bet you take this same group of players under Frank Beamer and his staff at VT and you see no worse than a 8-4 record and no embarrassing losses such as they had this year to 4 teams. And the worst part about it is, can we expect any better next year? Poole spoke of underclassmen not wanting to be out there. Isn't motivation and respect to play your best in every game part of the head coaches job?

Written on Poll: How will the Vols fare against Vanderbilt?:

I suspect the question isn't can UT beat Vandy. But can they beat any half decent Divison 1 team any more. One more year and Dooley must put out else he is out. I am not seeing the output from his assistant coaches needed at SEC level. There are NFL players on this team. Even with the injuries, they should be more competitive. That is the bottom line.

Written on Vols Golden against UNC Greensboro, 92-63:

Looks like the new coach can coach. Not down playing what recruitiing ability he has yet, but if you can't get some 4 star players when the ones on this unit are gone, so will winning in the SEC.

Written on Tennessee gets 'pounded': LSU 38, Tennessee 7:

Outcome as expected being it was a total mismatch and would have made little difference if Bray and Hunter were both healthy and playing. I suspect Dooley will get another 2 years, then out if he can't compete with the big guns of the SEC. But it will take some money and a coach with big recruiting presence to turn it around it that indeed is the case. Is Dooley a good coach? The jury is still out on that one. I haven't seen or heard it mentioned anywhere but in reality if Dooley were to be a big success at UT, a jump to UGA would just be around the corner if they opened up their checkbook. The only way Dooley stays is if he has a fair to pretty good teams, not poor enough to get axed, not good enough for UGA to offer.

Written on LSU-Tennessee set for 3:30 on CBS :

in response to A_Voice_ofReason:

Well, the good thing is we'll be able to get home at a decent hour after getting run into the ground by LSU. If it were a night game, it would blow having to drive home at midnight after the beating that will be coming.

Yep, it will be a beating alright. I suspect between cheat'n bama and LSU, about a 60 point spread. That bama, after seeing how they handled UF, I will take them over LSU. Relentless ground game and a solid defense. I hate them but I like watching power smash mouth football such as they play.

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Agree on one thing you said. SC is floundering. Many thought this would be the breakout year for SC. Instead it is looking like the breakdown year. 5 th year senior QB keeps screwing up and working with QB's at one point was one of his strenght's. Guess the ole ball coach spends too much time on the golf course in his old age, not enough time coaching. Lol,lol.

Written on John Adams: Window of opportunity for making mistakes now shut :

No doubt it will be a very tough remainder of the season. Which brings me to question how the schedule is set, who determines it and is it set that certain teams in the SEC must be played the same week for decades? For instance Florida has been scheduled as the 3rd game for decades. This works decidedly in Florida's favor if there is close competition between the two schools as SEC contenders. The heat in Florida when the games are played in Gainesville is to their advantage. If the game was schedule anytime 3 weeks later, heat would not be a factor. Also, why have a bye week the 4 week of the year? Wouldn't a bye week be better at mid season or 2/3's the season down the road to as to enable the team to rest, heal, etc? 3rd, why schedule typically weak non-conference opponents the 4th game of the season. Wouldn't an average SEC team be best to have at this point and use a week down the road between tough SEC games for a typically weak non-conference foe? Maybe I am over thinking this, but it doesn't seen like scheduling works to the teams favor nearly as much it could.

Written on Final: Florida 33, Tennessee 23 :

Well, it's Sept. and UT under performs when playing UF again. What is it about them always under performing against UF. When Hunter went out with the injury he can only blame on himself in the first quarter, the game was over. Everyone knew it would have to be a scoring feast with Tenn's defense as it is. Anyhow, don't fool yourself, this is not a really good UF team. They will lose several games this season with their tough schedule. Like I told a friend whom is a big UF fan earlier in the week, "the UF win will make Muschamp and UF fans overconfident at where their team is in rebuilding". This was a must game for Muschamp as their schedule only gets more difficult. Dooley is lucky that at UT, losing to UF is normal. Heck, even lost in the best years of the Fulmer era when they had more talent then UF, just got out coached and out played on game day. That's a fact.

Written on Tobias Harris picked 19th, then traded; Scotty Hopson to become a free agent:

Too bad for Tobias. Going to the Bucks is OK as he will still get paid but they are just another middle of the pack NBA team on the road to no where. As for Scotty, guess he got what he wanted. Had a chance and no one took it on him. Should have stayed in school but he couldn't be told. Always believing he is better than what he is.