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I remember some great recruiting classes reeled in by Fulmer, but I never ever remember having such a good class by July.

Let's get some Big Uglies and finish this class!

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I am thinking 14-0 with all that talent!!!!

I've read some of your posts, thinking is not your forte.

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They should be heavily penalized for wearing those uniforms.

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Great win -- super excited! Yesterday, I was one of the few here in Washington cheering for the Lady Vols - following up with a huge win over the fake UT is incredible! Bring it home!

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That's what trolls do

Wow - they really do not have a life. So pathetic and sad.

The site owners need to block on associated emails or better yet ips.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

"...practicing electrical engineer" must be a euphemism for playing with toy trains.

I will take that chance in h3lsquared and challenge you at making idiotic comments.

Oops, I lost.

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Too bad about Gray, he was torched a lot last year but would likely be better this year.

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It looks like the loser troll with no friends and no life and multiple screen names is a critic of my arithmetic! Too funny!

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Sorry to burst your bubble. But the SEC does not "dominate" the number of NFL players. The following post shows the total number of NFL players from each major conference. The SEC does have the most but not by much.

SEC- 308
ACC- 278
Big 10-256
Big 12-221
Big East-115

You really should not post ignorant statements.

Just Saying

What's really ignorant are folks that can't do simple arithmetic.

According to your undocumented numbers (from 2012?) the SEC averages 41% more players in the pros than the average of the BCS conferences - Let me help you that's 217 vs. 308 (roughly what the Big 12 has put in).

Here are some more numbers for you to chew on -- you've posted 923 times in under 2 years. Thus, you've literally spent -- at a mere 10 minutes per post thus you spent at least 154 hours spitting out garbage.

Thanks for the advice and here's some for you. Quit Sayin - you have nothing important to say. - get a hobby.

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The SEC dominates other conferences with respect to the number of players in the NFL. The SEC dominates in the recruiting rankings. There is no dispute in this.

So to believe Climer and Stoopid - the SEC players aren't dominant when they're in college. We have the best players coming in -- and going out -- but they're just okay in between. Who believes that?

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The Trolls are out because they're scared! They're chatting on this blog like little school girls!

CBJ has the #5 ranked recruiting class according to Scout - higher than Bammer, higher than FU - and he hasn't coached a game!

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How can the NFL question the maturity of the QB that said "I'm paid to win football games"?

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It was a bad year for QBs. I expected Tyler to be drafted about the 4th round or so. However, if I knew that Geno Smith would slip to round 2 and Matt Barkley would slip to round 4 I would not have been surprised that Tyler would not be drafted.

Tyler's lack of maturity was evident from his early games with his loco gestures and throat slashing. While some might attribute this to his age, his subsequent behavior indicates that it's something more innate. The NFL wants leaders at QB.

Maybe he'll still make it in the NFL - just like Arian Foster - and I hope he does. But this snubbing needs to be a wake up call and he needs to grow up quickly.

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My pick -- round 4.

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He is electric. He will be a great returner and when he gets the ball in his hands he will know what to do with it. That written, running routes in the NFL is extremely complicated. Routes change and/or are broken off based on coverage packages. It's difficult. I do think he will struggle for awhile.

I concur! But as some others think, he will not struggle forever!

He'll look stupid on a few plays - run an out route when he's supposed to curl in - be outsmarted by a safety -- but he'll figure out that stuff.

Written on Tennesse's Cordarrelle Patterson picked 29th by Vikings:

CP is pure electricity! A steal!

With practice anyone can learn a pass route or how to block.

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in response to Ironcity:

What I am saying is Foster wasn't horrible like EVERYONE said he was. bray was not the problem like most want to believe. Its incredible that we can discuss him not coming through after he lead our teams to 49 pts against UGA. Whats sad is we had to score a TD even tough we had over 40pts on the board. Had Bray thrown a strike for a TD against UGA does anyone believe they would not have gone down field in 30 seconds and score? I believe that if put in the right situation, Bray will be a good QB. His biggest issue is he isn't quick enough and that has nothing to do with his will or his brains. Bray was thrown into a terrible situation and he did a lot to make it tolerable but no matter how talented he was or is nothing was going to stop Coach Dooley from going down as the worst coach in UT history.

I'm not buying it -- I don't see the same degree of criticism for Hunter, Patterson, Rivera, or Rogers from the UT fan base.

Foster wasn't drafted because of UT fan base comments but his performance.

It's the NFL scouts that are confirming Bray's immaturity.

Just like Foster, Bray may go onto to successful NFL career but just like Foster it will be a gamble.

Written on After enduring doubters, Cordarrelle Patterson hopes to celebrate with 1st round NFL draft selection:

“Running routes — he doesn’t know how to do any of that stuff."

As they say in New York "Fuggedaboutit!"

From what I saw, the defense didn't know what he was doing either!

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You can't teach talent. Bray's problems are above his shoulders. If he grows up he can be a very good NFL Quarterback.

Manning doesn't have the best arm in the history of the game but he may be the most cerebral. Bray might be the dumbest QB in recent UT history.

Russell Wilson was the QB steal of the 2012 draft. A short undersized QB that was a 2-star recruit coming out of High School and wasn't drafted until the 3rd round. Wilson is unflappable, a leader, and comes through in big games. I don't see many similarities between him and Bray.

Best of luck to Tyler. He has the tools but needs to grew up in a hurry.

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"Bryce Brown, ......played well as a rookie with Philadelphia" --

4 TD and 4 Fumbles -- it's playing well for the other team.

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I love the UFC! If you watch 10 minutes of WWE choreography you've seen a lifetime of it.

I'll say this - the Vols need more defensive players that can wrestle. A wrestler knows how to wrap up.

Anyone every hear of that Florida State Wrestling Champion - Ray Lewis?

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Or just go to and click replay - if you have an x-box you can stream it to your tv.

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in response to Show-me-your-TDs:

The dude can really Launch a football

Yes, against Memphis.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Listen here Kim Jong Un want a be. You've posted 75 times in 50 days. That's indicative of mental problems. Seek help.

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More importantly, Charlie Brown still has aspirations of kicking the football.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

Great talent but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I just don't see him being a leader in the NFL. I hope he proves me wrong.

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

", Will Muschamp, calling him into his office. “I had no clue what it was about because I’d never directly asked him for anything,” says McNeil. “He slid about $400 over to me. He went into a drawer and gave me money and said, ‘Is this enough? Is this good?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’” Muschamp, now the head football coach at the University of Florida, denied the payment through a spokesperson."

But all the Florida Trolls that spend their hours on this site because they have no life say Muschump is the greatest coach ever!

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Congratulations Lady Vols. It was a good season and their comeback showed a lot of heart. Making the Elite 8 is nothing to sneeze at. The future looks bright.

Written on Lady Vols must deal with 'head of the snake' against Sooners:

in response to fake_basketball: other news a tree fell in the forest and no one cared! How many will be there? 4,000??

A better question is "How many people think you have something of value to say here?"

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One can forget about strategy if the tactics aren't good.

Learn where to be - how to tackle - how to beat off a block - pursuit angles - how to read the QB - where to line up - play recognition - etc.

Get good at that stuff and the coaches can call any play they want.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Smart is better than stupid. Very sad.

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I'm no one of importance with regard to this subject and I endorse this proposal!

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There are a few givens in life: death taxes and Tennessee losing to Alabama

I'd add the psychological imbalance of a troll as another given.

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A lot of tenn's tackling problems in the past came from trying to make the big hit that got all the crowd noise.

The interesting thing: the really good teams, and the NFL, would rather you stand a runner up when possible to gang tackle and strip the ball.

However, the crowd loves smackdowns, so the players play to the crowd at UT.

I totally agree.

From the stands and in front of the TV with a beer in hand, I say wrap up first and let the next guy deliver the big hit.

I certainly don't let my beer slip away while trying for the big chug.

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“I think we’re a poor tackling team right now,” said defensive coordinator John Jancek.

Unless tucking the arms and lunging is good technique, I don't think we've every been a fundamentally good tackling team ever. Even in our glory days we had more talent than technique.

Need to get some wrestlers on the team.

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I have met Phil Fulmer several times and can honestly say I believe he is a good person and a respectable coach.

It is of my opinion that both divisions pertaining to Coach Fulmer are over exaggerating exactly how great and how poor of a coach he was. Coach Fulmer was neither a great coach nor a poor coach, he was actually an average to above-average coach. He was smart enough to surround himself with decent coaches that were good recruiters which translated into him winning most of his games by simply having better athletes, which is fine, as a win is a win.

Not to bash Coach Fulmer, but to address what is blatantly obvious, no other school other than UT has approached Fulmer about being a head coach. In 2007, Coach Fulmer thought he had his choice between the Clemson and University of Virginia positions and neither school even interviewed him. As much as the Fulmer elitists state how great of a coach he was, a person cannot ignore the fact that no other university has even offered to interview Fulmer let alone hire Fulmer.

If the ETSU position is offered to Fulmer and he does accept, I hope it is due to him truly wanting to coach again, not simply to keep his name afloat in the coaching world.

That's an intelligent, logical, well-thought out post.

How dare you post that on a Govols-Xtra blog!

What are you thinking?

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I agree the days of the extra large stadiums are over. If UT was smart, they'd tear out all those bleachers seats and install individual seats like the NFL stadiums have. It would decrease capacity, but would also make it for a more pleasant environment in attending a game. Those seats are so cramped now, it's not a lot of fun to be squeezed in there especially on a hot day.

I concur Mr. Morris!

Shazzon Bradley (okay, not really)

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UT 2010: #9
UT 2011: #13
UT 2012: #17

Vandy 2010: #61
Vandy 2011: #70
Vandy 2012: #29

Vandy pretty much beat up on his with those inferior recruits. We'll be quite alright if this class is anywhere near it's #20 ranking.

BTW - for all the naysayers that say UT never had a class this bad -- 2006: #23 2008: #35

Our 2007: #3 made a list of most overrated classes.

Let's keep these kids in school and make 'em football playes over the next 4 years.

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why recruiting rankings mean more than you think :

Why they mean less than you imply:

The r-square for that model is roughly .20 -- meaning that 80% of the variation in final ranking is not explained by the model. The number gets a bit smaller if you include the final not ranked teams.

Just because preseason rankings stink doesn't make recruiting rankings more predictive.

Written on Quarterback Tyler Bray selects agent Don Yee :

Hear Yee! Hear Yee!

Bray's not ready but Yee wish him luck.

Written on Louisville upsets Florida 33-23 in Sugar Bowl:

Florida may be the most overrated SEC team of all time.

Written on Driskel, Gators upset by Louisville 33-23 in Sugar:

What a joke!

We all know that their fans are pathetic loser trolls that feel compelled to post here. We all know that their QBs are the laughing stock of the NFL. We all know they never went undefeated.

This is a new low -- a mediocre Big-East team destroying a heavily favored SEC team loaded with 5-star talent.

Florida fans have always been the disgrace of the SEC now the Gators embarrass the entire conference.

I cheer for every SEC team during the bowls except Florida - mostly because their fans are such losers - but this is a new low for the entire conference.

Congratulations Florida - you join USC as the Biggest Loser!!!!

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in response to TheRealDragonSlayer:

Almost every prediction you make on this board is wrong. You are more than 30 years old and still live with your mother. Nobody takes you seriously in real life, so you try to build some sort of an identity online to somehow garner respect. And still fail. Nobody except rabid Gator fans, who have no business on this site anyway, even cares about any of your useless opinions regarding Tennessee football...especially since you have been proven wrong again and again and again. You are rejected by your own teammates and colleagues. Your life literally amounts to nothing.

So how is that working out for ya?

..and those are his good attributes!!!

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I have the best staff in the country. But further discussion of this subject is not appropriate material for this forum.

Written on Cincinnati AD: Dave Hart was "first class" throughout process:

Congratulations to Coach Jones! He has a good lifetime record and is ready for the big stage!

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

in response to jimr07:

No. All the best experts are on here.

Many on this site try to exploit the 'E' gap. That's the gap between their left and right shoulder.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Are you honestly going to claim that Tony Dungy knows more about football than the geniuses on this site?

More than VOLSnTitans? More the Volzfan? SIDESHOWBOB? No Way!!

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Dave Hart dropped the ball with the Gruden hire.

Remember posting this?

"Gruden = Kiffin
I hope we don't get Chucky."

I'd like to see you committed (in more ways than one).