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I am ready to forget it & move on to high hopes for next year. I know the team was disappointed & not excited about the NIT...neither was I. If I were them, spring break would have been much more appealing.

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It will be interesting to see just how boring this tournament is when it gets going with so many mediocre teams included. It will take getting to the sweet 16 before we can enjoy some good basketball.

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I am proud of how the Vols finished out the regular season & they should have made the NCAA tourney. I know at least 2 teams that made it without earning it. I hope all Big Orange fans will support our team in the NIT & they can show their talent & commitment to prove they were "left out". To know that Ole Miss is in & people will have to watch their goon's antics just might make the selection committee wish Florida had won the SEC tournament. What a horrible role model for young kids watching the sport! Something should be put in place as a rule for such behavior on the court in college games. Such a classless act is hard to watch even if he is a scoring machine. I feel bad for his coach & team that have to literally hold him back & try to keep him in control. They need to hire a psychiatrist for him instead of a trainer!

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I haven't ruled Tenn out yet. I have high hopes that they will break the SEC tourney jinx this year & do very well. Why not? Every other crazy thing has happened in basketball this year.

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I choose to think positive & believe this team can deliver on the last games. They had some players playing injured when Georgia beat us. We are a healthier team now & definitely more focused. Looking forward to beating Georgia!

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worst officiating of the year

I keep wondering where we are getting these crews to officiate...used to recognize a lot from previous years games but not this season. Had some real duds this year.

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This is an exciting team to watch right now. I haven't missed a home game & those guys are improving & playing with true grit. I agree with another post, we have really had some bad officiating crews this year. Usually I recognize some from previous years but we have had a lot of newcomers. I feel bad for Stokes because he gets a lot of bad calls. I don't know why the officials can't see what poor calls they are making on him. It has to be very frustrating for him & I wish they would get in the game with his style of play & quit calling a foul on him when it is totally uncalled for. Tonight was terrible, they refs almost got blown off the court by boos, especially after fans saw replays on the Jumbo-tron.

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Just please ESPN don't make me have to listen to or look at Bobby Knight again! That man's drivel makes it hard to watch a game.

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I never thought I would be cheering for Ky. but I was last night. SO glad to see Ole Miss go down & Henderson didn't get to celebrate.

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Jordan is a very exciting player to watch & can really make a huge difference in the outcome of the ballgame. A very athletic player with a ton of energy. He is a huge asset to our team. Just keep up the good work, Jordan!

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This was still hard to watch. Most boring basketball since o 'neil Its truly hard to watch this team. Its not fun at all. We don't get up and down like we could wasting Kenny Halls athletic ability as well as other players like Moore. Always let the D get back and setup then one player dribbles the ball to death tryin to get shot off.Stokes has a terrible habit of putting ball on floor before he shoots. He has to take a dribble every time to gather himself Martin should have broken this habit in practice. Im grateful for the win don't get me wrong but the coaching is horrible. McBee looks like anything but an SEC guard nowadays. Golden has regressed to the point that he can't make a free throw when we need it. I suppose a real point guard would help tremendously. i thought Moore was a point guard but he isn't either. Boring team.

Apparently you were not at the game. Thompson Boling was rocking! Most exciting game in a long time. Great fun to watch!

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Take the win. Was not pretty, but bottom line is TN did better than the other team on the court today. Had less turnovers, even though ball handling is still a big issue. Missed clutch free throws, but still better than AL today.
McBrick should have red shirted as well--if his elbow is the problem with his shooting.
Even with the win, this team is just so hard to watch.

I enjoyed watching the team play. It was a great atmosphere with an exciting finish. So happy to see our players go off the court smiling. They have had some tough breaks but havnt given up. I plan to be there to see them beat Vandy on Tuesday.

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You need to watch the replay buddy!! Stokes actually turned his back to the shot as it was going up..Lacy was out of control, lost the ball going up and did the only thing he could do which was jump into Stokes and make an academy award winning landing..Hard to call a foul when the defenders hands are nowhere near Lacy,s arms unless Stokes grew arms out of his back

You nailed that one! We watched it replay over & over on the Jumbo-tron. Stokes didn't foul him. lacey was behind Stokes & made an off balance attempt at a shot & fell down. No non-call this time.

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Great win for the Vols! Thanks to Coach Martin for contacting the SEC about the officials. There have been some pretty ugly games this year all around.

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nahhhh. trash talk is part of sports. or don't you know that???

yeah....i'll stick with McBRICK

Whatever......I think I've made my point

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Why CCM didn't hold the refs accountable last night is beyond me?? Any coach worth his salt would get T'd up once in a while..Has he even been T'd one time while coaching at UT??


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it's "McBRICK", not McBee

Why not stick to basic basketball facts & stop the childish name calling. His name is McBEE whether you like his talent or not.

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McBrick started the 2nd half. He did not play any more than he did because he cannot play basketball. He was 0 for 2 from the field in shooting and when I say zero, I mean zero in that he hit nothing. He may be a good, hard working, Tennessee boy, but he just is not a division 1 basketball player. I wish he were, but he is not.

McBEE ssed his shots but the most important thing in this game was keeping Henderson from hitting the 3's & that is what McBEE did. If he could have stayed on him the 2nd half the score would have been different. We didn't need McBEE for offense but for defense this time.

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Henderson is a punk.

I agree!! I really wanted him to be triple teamed & not score whether we won or not. He acts like something gone wild & as long as he can make them win his coach is going to allow his behavior. You would think someone could teach him how to win with class.

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Sorry, but Richardson had that assignment in the first half.

When I was watching the game it was McBee that kept Henderson in check.

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Skylar McBee held Henderson in the 1st half to NO field goals. Yet in the 2nd half McBee was on the bench until 4 seconds in the game & Henderson turned the whole thing around. I want to know why McBee was on the bench the 2nd half??

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Henderson of Ole Miss acted like a goon even if he did score a lot of points. I'm sure our guys won't forget his bad behavior any time soon. What I don't like is the fact that his Coach allowed it. He could have shut him up by benching him & maybe taught him some class giving him some lessons in sportsmanlike conduct..

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I don't think starting McBee will work..hope I am wrong..also might have Yemi ready early to replace spite of the record..Ky is talented and presented a strong challenge to highly ranked Louisville..hope Ky plays like they did against Vandy..but they were on the road for that one...don't look promising ..but it could happen..if UT plays their best and Ky don't ..would be a great win..

I agree about McBee. He has been very disappointing this year. His shots are way off & a 3 is all he can attempt. He can't handle the ball & many times either gets trapped or get it stolen away. Usually winding up fouling. Last year I gave him credit for good defense but that is lackluster this year. I see other players that certainly should be starting over McBee.

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In judging those refs you got to look at past games..In the past we played way more intense defense and never got close to 30 fouls.When a team goes in to the double bonus with just 7 minutes of play in the half something is definitely wrong..Kennedy knew he had the refs in his pocket and had a smug face that was deserving of a slap..Coaches rarely call refs out on fouls but I saw Summers drive to the basket 3 times totally untouched and get rewarded with an and one..At some point Martin should have defended his players and got in the refs face for a T..Out of desperation Martin had to go zone which he has spent ZERO time on in practice; just to find a way not to pick up more fouls..By the way I watched half of the FL vs GA game and this could be the best gator team Ive ever seen!!There defense was unbelievable.I actually felt sorry for GA because they literally could not even get a shot off

Coach Martin needs to get in the game more. I watched him last night when so many fouls were called that absolutely were NOT fouls & he just sat in his chair. I was wishing to see an orange blazer go flying over the player's bench like in the good old days.

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I think Coach Martin is a super person, but he isn't in the same league with Bruce Pearl when it comes to coaching.

Bruce Pearl WILL be back in college coaching before long and when he is, you can bet he will be handing out a lot of butt whippings on the other teams. I just hope he doesn't come back to the SEC, unless it is with UT again.

I totally agree!! When the concession people have to start walking up & down the stairs trying to sell popcorn like at a circus, it tells me there is a serious money problem going on over there. I saw that last night for the first time & I've been at the games for years.

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True that. When you are doing it, you don't have to talk about it, just maybe point at the scoreboard if the losing team is trying to provoke you. When you aren't doing it, nothing you say matters. Most of the Vols don't seem to get caught up too much in the yapping, but Hall seems to fall into it a lot.

I applaud our players for not falling into the trap of really knocking the phooey out of that guy & coming down to his level of behavior. But I won't be surprised if it happens in some other game if he continues to behave like that. Some teams won't be as mannerly as ours were & he might wind up with a bloody nose.

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When you walk the walk you get to talk the talk.I didn't like it either but the team did nothing to shut them up.

A player can "walk the walk" and do it with class and sportsmanship. He would have gotten more acclaim & come out of it with some pride if he hadn't acted like a true punk. Blame is on him as well as his coach for allowing such behavior. These kids need to be taught more than just basketball, this is a true, perfect example.

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So much for that shutdown defense.I think it was pretty clear Ole Miss knew they had the Refs in their pocket and used it to their advantage..Not one to complain about refs but no way a team should shot 44 free throws and be in the double bonus with only 7 minutes gone in the 2nd half..Frankly it's unheard of!!! It got so bad the players were afraid to defend and had to resort to a zone defense..Pretty much accepted this is a NIT team unless Golden gets his game back.Second game he missed 12 foot pull ups that used to be automatic..

I was at the game. Totally agree with you on the free throw situation. First half we have 3 of 4 & Stokes was the shooter. Ten minutes to go in the 2nd half we had the same thing with Ole Miss piling up the points on free throws. Some of our players got into foul trouble on calls that were ridiculous so they had to let up a bit in their style of play & Ole Miss continued shooting (and making) free throws. Their high point guy was taunting throughout the game, pointing up in the stands & really showing himself. A Coach with some class would have put him on the bench.

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Finally a paragraph that makes alot of sense to me, the chemistry was better inintially last year between Stokes and Maymon and I haven't seen the same team chemistry this year.Players are developing though especially Richardson,Mcrae,and Lopez.I'm concerned about Golden though don't know if he's injured or what but something is not right.We could be a beast of a team next year with this announcement if we can stay healthy of course.Go Vols!!!

We have heard that Golden has a shoulder injury. He has been wearing a shoulder wrap. It isn't his shooting arm but I am sure it has some bearing on his style of play. Hopefully it will heal soon. I have been wanting to see Maymon on the court all season but want what is best for him & his health. We can look forward to next year & I don't think Stokes plans to go anywhere. Be glad to see them back together under that basket!

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Amen. I was at the game and spent more time watching people in stands then the court. I will not be back for another game this year as it is sooooooooo boring.

The only thing I saw boring tonight was the halftime performance. I would rather they bring back the dogs that chased the frisbrees.

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On the bright side, this Team has only lost to OK State, Georgetown and Virginia. All very reputable schools and having good seasons. If we can pull out all of the games that we are favored then it will give us a chance at the dance.

Thank you Bubba for seeing the bright side! That is what I am doing & hoping everyone else will try to also.

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Defense and hustle keeps you in games but scoring wins them. I think you're going to be disappointed with of the rest of the season unless we see some offense.

Guess we will see later in the season but right now I believe in them & think they will work out the snags in the offense. I know I'm not down on them, they played hard tonight & came out with a win. To me that was enough & an exciting game to watch. We had our fans there tonight too...that always helps the team. I've been a season ticket holder for a long time & the teams have always responded to the fans & the noise they bring to the Arena. Let's all go out & support them, I know I will be there.

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Let's give this team & their Coach a chance to prove themselves. All these negative comments don't do anybody any good. I see a very good defensive team with plenty of hustle. Sure, they need to score more points but that is on the way. I am looking forward to the rest of the season because I believe they will pull out some big wins. Have complete faith in them. I don't think Maymon will be there to help play but he sure is good encouragement on the bench.

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I see a team that plays great defense & has a lot of hustle but need to put more points on the board. Our defense gets better every game, I think this team has a lot to offer & am looking forward to the rest of the season.

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I would love to hear an update on Maymon. Seems there isn't much being said about exactly what his knee problem is or if/when he will return. I want to see him on the floor & hopefully soon.

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Most of everyone on here should be ashamed of themselves. So much negativity.

They played a top ranked team close and we have one of the best defensive teams in the league. One shot goes differently and we win it. No one on these forums can ever be satisfied, what are we supposed to go 29-0? Too many high expectations.

And please never compare this basketball team to the football team... never.

I agree with you completely! This basketball team is exciting to watch & are greatly improved over last year & YES we do miss Maymon. They are NOT like the football team & it is ridiculous to even put them in the same paragraph or forum. I will be looking forward to the next game & this team should hold their heads high because they went out of town & played a top notch team right down to the wire. Georgetown coach said it was ugly, I think he meant he was extremely nervous that he was going to get beat.

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As far as I'm concerned we've came a long way, taking a top 20 team down to the wire. Not proud of the loss, not proud of all the missed shots and certainly not proud of the execution during the last moments, but proud we had a chance to win at the end, something we haven't seen much of in the last few years... Getting better, thanks to a GOOD coach.

I agree with you completely. Don't anybody compare basketball with football. We are making strides in basketball & I think Coach Martin is doing a good job. I am excited about this team, I think they are playing with intensity & sharing the ball, that is important. It is early in the season, folks...don't be so hard on them.

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As frustrated as I was watching this coyote-ugly basketball game, I think the Vols can take some positives away from this. They weren't intimidated. They competed strong on the glass at both ends. Their defense was outstanding for a full 40 minutes. Overall, this is a good basketball team in the making. The Hoyas scored 37 points on their home court. This is the same team that nearly took out Indiana on a neutral floor. UT took this team out of their rhythm and nearly got a W in DC.

All in all, I think this team has very good potential. Tonight proves they can play defense with anybody. But they still have to step it up consistently on offense to beat the best. And make some free throws!

I agree and finally love to hear some positive commenets on this forum. This team made a very good showing on a number 20 ranked team. It will help at the end of the season when the RPI comes into play.

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I hate watching basketball where so much emphasis is on defense to the total and complete exclusion of offense. It is boring. I will not watch teams that shoot under 30 percent from the floor or free throw line. The former might be attributed to the defense of the other team in some degree, but the lousy free throw shooting just proves that the coach does not care if his players can do the single most important thing in basketball - put the ball in the hoop.

This was unusual, they have certainly improved this year on their free throw shooting in the other games.

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Maymon coming back will help

tough loss..

Does anyone know when or if Maymon is coming back? I haven't heard a report on him in a long time.

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I can pull for Belmont.

I agree, I will pull for Belmont. Can't see me pulling for either Vandy or Memphis. Especially Vandy after Stallings showed such poor sportsmanship & absolutely NO class after getting beat at Thompson Boling.

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I think Coach Martin is showing a lot of class by not hanging the loss on the bad call at the end of the game but it doesn't change the fact that "the call" could have been the difference not only in that game but in an opportunity to advance to the NCAA tourney. I have been to all the home games for over 5 years & that particular referee is one that I hate to see walk in the Arena. He NEVER officiates a good game on either side of the court. I think the committee that controls the SEC officials should take a look at some of his games. Maybe he should be elimiinated from the position. It isn't fair to players, coaches or fans to have someone officiating that is that inefficient.

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I am proud of the Vols & how they finished out the season. They worked & played hard. I was at all of the home games & can tell you that every time that ref (that made the bad call) walked into Thompson Boling I just wanted to shrink in my seat. I know we missed a lot of shots & many plays didn't go as they should have but that was a VERY critical call at a turning point in the game. It could have cost us the fact, I will go as far to say it did. I hope the people in charge of the SEC referees will send that guy to another league. I don't want to see him work any more of our games. Plus many times it looked like football instead of basketball..that would be on both sides. We need better officiating crews all around.

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Today's game with UConn was very fun to watch even though I had 2 UConn fans sittig next to me. But they were very cordial & polite. We have season tickets in a section that is totally held by season ticket holders. Last week I sat by 2 Ky. fans. I would prefer this section to be filled with our own fans & if these season ticket holders don't want to attend the games then really they should put them back in the pot for a REAL UT fan to be able to purchase them. They are great seats. At the Ky. game there were Ky. fans actually sitting right behind our player's bench. UT fans, that just should NEVER happen. I don't care how much money you can make off of the Ky. people (which is usually a lot)..this should never happen. Where is your loyalty? To me it is only pure greed. Surely you could sell or give your tickets to some UT fan who doesn't get to sit in those good seats EVER. Wouldn't that be better than making a few bucks (which you probably don't even need) and allowing the opposing team to sit in the lower level seats. You don't see that happening at other schools...especially Kentucky!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I was right there with you & siree...I don't want to do that again! EVER

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Congratulations to Coach Martin on his first win at Tennessee.

The Vols looked good but this was against UNCG, whoever they are. I am sure we will also beat LA Monroe, Asheville, ETSU, and Citadel the other cupcakes but it is not the same as playing teams like Kentucky and Duke.

We will find out in the Maui how we stack up against Duke and Michigan or Memphis. 1-2 is probable if can beat Chaminade.

Our best players are the Pearl leftovers. Golden could become one of the best point guards in the SEC but he needs to mature, play under control and not turn the ball over.

Mcrae can score but hurts us on defense. Tatum is experienced and a steady player. Woolridge and Hall have been big disappointments although Renaldo looks improved. And we got Skylar!!!

Maymon played well tonight but not impressed with the newbies. Josh Richardson is not ready for the SEC. Don't expect much from Miller or Washpun and the big kid from Nigeria is a project.

We may surprise a few teams this year but we lack depth, size and experience. Our rebounding is weak. If we make mistakes and turnovers we will lose or get blown out.

Nice win but it doesn't look good for us when we play good teams and get to conference play.

The rebounding looked pretty good to me. We surpassed anything last year's team did all around.

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After attending both of the exhibition games all I have to say it where are you people?? When it comes to the point that LMU can come into OUR house & make more noise than Tenn. fans it is getting pretty bad. At least go watch them, cheer for them & give support before you get on here & be critical. Please...........

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Was former Coach Pearl invited to this event? He was the coach for these players their whole career at Tenn. He should have at least been invited whether he chose to attend or not.

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in response to samvol:

that was not an option.

The only REAL reason it was not an option is we let the NCAA make us run like scared dogs & didn't stand up for our great Coach. I sure wouldn't want Hamilton or Cheek to be the ones I depended on when the going got rough. They are the first ones to jump and run.

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jimmy hines said that chris jones and scotty hopson wasnt coming to ut lets hope he is wrong concerning hopson too

I don't care what Jimmy Hyamms says ever again.
He showed his true colors when he did the radio interview, I will never listen to him again & I wish everybody else would boycott him also. He stirred the pot at exactly the wrong time for our team. I give him a lot of the blame.