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Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

Wow. Who could have seen this coming unless the game was played at Ole Miss? What a complete offensive and defensive no-show.

Trey Golden - Absent. Seven points on 30 % shooting, no free throws - fouls out. (Probably deserves a mulligan because of his shoulder, although that doesn't extend to bad decisions on offense.

Kenny Hall - Absent. No points. No throws. Fouls out.

Skylar McBee - Absent. Three points. No throws. Three fouls.

Jamal Stokes - Absent for such a hyped player (granted, he didn't initiate the hype). 15 points, under 50% free throw shooting.

It's senseless to go on. No one but maybe Jordan MacRae can claim they showed up tonight. This team needs to become more two - dimensional. If Martin thinks he can win with defense, then tonite is all he needs to think otherwise.

He is a disciple of Gene Keady, who preached defense above all at Purdue, yet they never won anything. As we saw tonite, when the defense ain't gettin' it done, then whattaya gonna do?

I fear these guys are the offensive product of the Rocky Top League, where there's no defense played and a ton of bad habits formed. I just hope that CCM doesn't turn out to be the reincarnation of Buzz Peterson.

Written on John Adams: 2013 could be bad for blondes, good for Vols :

No one will ever mistake Adams for Rick Reilly.

Written on John Adams: Vols make impression from a distance :

Not trying to be negative, but since when is 18 for 31, "throwing effectively"? That's 58%, which is no where in the neighborhood of UT's vaunted passing offense hype.

Written on Vols picked to finish fifth in SEC East:

So, what if all the experts picked UT to win the East? Would that be any more believable?

Written on Tom Anderson was a one-of-a-kind columnist :

It's great to read these posts from folks who remember the great sports writers of the past that I, along with them, grew up with. I was too young to appreciate Anderson, but Tom Siler, along with Ben Byrd, were my idols.

Written on Arkansas football coach John L. Smith facing bankruptcy:

in response to TallHillBillyVol:

I kind of feel a bit (again, a bit) sorry for this guy. American capitalism is about taking risks. 5 out of 5 businesses everyone traded with today exists because someone took a risk. If no one takes a risk and aspires to more, then it's not America anymore. Aren't we the land of opportunity? Of course, an educated, smart risk is the best risk to take.

My philosophy about risk as an independent business owner for over 40 years is:
• Never risk money you can't afford to lose

• The only safe risk is on yourself

• NEVER borrow money to risk on something you can't control

Written on Undressed: Turnovers, poor shooting doom Vols, 65-47:

I've said it for years -college basketball teams need shooters. The price of admission to a college basketball team should be the ability to SHOOT. Vandy has kids who can shoot. And, they proved it tonite. UT has no shooters on either the mens' or womens' teams. And, until they do, we can expect to have the same results against teams like Notre Dame and Vanderbilt that we experienced in the last three days.
Having said that, I keep wondering why UT can't recruit players who can shoot.

Written on Georgia beats Tennessee, 57-53 in overtime :

I continue to be amazed that UT doesn't have anyone, perhaps other than Golden, who can shoot. When I played college basketball, the price of admission was the ability to shoot. If you couldn't shoot, you didn't make the team or play. Guys who got scholarships were expected to be able to shoot. Nowdays, shooting is considered to be a specialty. Kids are recruited because they're "athletes."

Tennessee needs "shooters." Period. Why don't we have any?

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

in response to fasteddy41:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You're right. It could have turned out differently. Only worse. That's why you're not the coach and Dooley is.

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

in response to ACWLY:

Tapeworm (fits), this is the stupidest post I've ever read.

Then post something better.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

in response to walt2010:

Are you a freshman in college who's never followed football before now?

I've refrained, up until now, for all of this season from posting on here, because it seems that people are pretty quick to name-call and it gets childish on both sides. I've also tried to give Dooley the benefit of the doubt, consider the possibility that maybe it really just is all the youth and lack of depth, etc. But it takes someone who is really willfully in denial to a very serious degree to watch this team play week in and week out, and say that they are well-coached, regardless of how young they are and how much depth they lack.

If you think this staff will get another five years playing like this, you are either eighteen years old with absolutely no clue what Tennessee football is all about, or you are related to DD. Perhaps you're a freshman who's had a little too much to drink at the moment and is a little confused?

It's okay to be not quite knowledgeable on the subject of your school's football team; it's okay to drink a little here and there (I had one or two beers when I was a freshman). Not that great of an idea though to brandish your confusion to the rest of the world.

Please. I've followed Tennessee football for 50 plus years, so don't even pretend to lecture me about not having a clue about it.

Apparently, while you have been spending your time degrading the quality of my post, you have not been looking at the performance of your professed team.

The reason I believe this program (not necessarily this team) will succeed under Dooley is because they continue to exhibit continued improvement. People like you refuse to see that because all you want is wins.

Well, wins are coming and when they do, what will you say?

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

in response to lowerbamavol:

have been dooley supporter. but fact is, other than defense playing very hard, this team has not improved. we cannot afford to make a change unless we are guaranteed a big name coach but this is pretty sad. Between us and KY for worst team in league. unbelievable... how did we get this bad.

I'm amazed when I hear Tennessee has to have a "Big Name Coach" to be successful. The only reason Tennessee needs to have a "Big Name Coach," is to placate the stupid, ill-informed fans, who need a "Big Name Coach" to stroke their Viagra-filled egos so they can be a part of the society that values a winning football team over anything meaningful.

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

in response to Gmoney58:

I am embarrassed to be a Vol fan....My last penny spent on a ticket. We are a FN joke.

For you and all the "Vol fans" like you, take your penny and put it where the moon don't shine.

Written on Third Quarter: South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3:

I continue to be amazed at all the negativity here. UT played the No. 10 team in the country and only lost 14-3. With an untested, true freshman QB, and without its best wide receiver, its starting QB, and its best safety. For those of you who continue to call for Dooley's head, or those of his coordinators - you better check yourselves. Dooley is going to get his five years, no matter what. UT can't go to the well again for more payouts. So, suck it up and get behind this staff and these players. These guys and those who are recruited in the next three years are your team. Either support them, or find another team.

Written on Dentarius Locke calls UT 'cold-blooded' :

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say after carefully rubbing one out...Witch Doctor still not really care one way or another about this one. Witch Doctor say its been a tough year and a track guy pinches a little..
Eh whatever
Bones never lie.

Once again, Witch Doctor brings nothing to the party except "Look at me." Bones never say anything.

Written on Emmanuel Negedu recommends Vols to Lekan Ajayi:

What's this story doing on here? Did the KNS accidentally post recruiting information on the free site?

Written on Tennessee falls at home to Kentucky, 64-58:

in response to One_in_West_Knox:

In the category of biggest states, Tennessee is ranked 34th. The Vols' basketball it even ranked NEAR this high?? Especially after Scotty Hopson not thinking something like, "About 30 seconds left, no shot clock, we are ahead by 9, we have the ball, and we may still be ahead by at least 9 at halftime, JUST DO NOT LET KENTUCKY SCORE!!" And what about the fact that Kentucky had only one timeout to use for the second half?? Couldn't the team and the coaching staff used this to their advantage??

Don't know where you're getting your information. Tennessee currently ranks 17th in size by population, which is closer to the actual BB IQ of this bunch.

Written on GVX247: Vols welcoming more visitors this weekend :

in response to abnerPeabody:

Thanks. The recruits must be a secret or KNS needs money to not post this on their free site.
I want fall for their tatics.

I tried to use the 7 day free offer only to be told my birthday was not legit.Dang KNS,I know the date my mom gave me life.

I stopped worrying about recruits several years ago, because until they sign, it's a waste of time to get all worked up about them. Now, I wait until signing day and read all the free stuff I want about who's actually coming and what they bring to the table. What I would like to see more than a recruiting site is a site devoted to tracking recruiting classes for four years to see how they actually performed based on their promise as recruits.

Written on Vols can't hold down UConn, 72-61:

in response to volaboard:

Pearl quote after the game. "We are inconsistent because our best player, Scotty Hopson, is inconsistent". I agree we are inconsistent, but without question Tobias Harris is our best player. The offense should run through this guy ever time down the court.

I believe Hopson may be our best player in terms of talent, but Harris is certainly our most consistent and dependable player - and basketball-wise beyond his years. However, I still have to hold both my breath and my nose when he shoots the three. Hope he spends a lot of time in the off-season working on that. Without it, he's not the complete player he needs to be for the next level.

Written on Vols beat Georgia on Brian Williams' shot at buzzer, 59-57:

Bad calls and bad luck aside, I'll always go with what Bill Parcells said, "You are who your record says you are." In the world of competitive athletics, the only thing that matters is "what was,"- not "what if." Tonite, only Georgia is saying, "what if."

Written on Vols hold off UT Martin, 68-62:

in response to RoadTrip:

SP played more minutes than Williams, Bone, McRae, Maymon and Fields. He plays at the end of the game when it was still up for grabs. He has no production other than 2 assists. What is going on over there? Why is the athletic department putting up with this?

If the team starts losing because of the sorry subbing, the money stops coming in because the fans stop supporting the program. That's something they ought to understand and remember, It hasn't been that long ago.

I hear you, man. But the question I have is how has the substitution pattern changed since we beat teams like Villanova and Pitt? I don't think it's been that different. I remember SPearl having a great game against Pitt. There's something else at play here.

Written on Vols hold off UT Martin, 68-62:

Does anybody know where UT's basketball team went? Seems like they showed up for the first seven games, but then their doppelgangers took over. Same thing happened to their coach this past summer.

Written on Hopson's drive ends three-game losing streak, 66-65:

It's a good thing for UT that Belmont had a horrible shooting first half, or the outcome would have been much different. Our post play was horrible and our defense the first half was a no-show in transition. Belmont had a gazillion open threes that they failed to convert. Down the line, the Vols are going to pay for both bad transition defense and poor free-throw shooting.

Written on Kings of New York: Vols knock off Villanova for NIT title, 78-68:

Who knows what this tournament victory really means. But, ask Villanova, and it probably means a huge disappointment. It's the first SEC win of the year against a Big East team. And, against a team that was highly-ranked as well. So, why don't we just appreciate the quality of the win and the hard work of the players and forget everything else. Like Bill Parcells has always said, "You are who your record says you are," and, right now, UT is undefeated against some pretty good teams.

Written on Four-star WR Arnett chooses Vols:

in response to Oenoboy:

Come on is short for fanatic. We all have our lives outside of UT sports but I consider it one of the greatest distractions there is. I'm busy opening a new business in Louisville, KY but find time to pop on here every day to keep up with our Vols.

I do not condone the behavior of the gas station incident you described because you have to be gracious in everything you do in life. That however does not define the majority of Vol fans. I've sat next to Bama fans at Neyland stadium and everyone around them treated them with respect and courtesy even though we lost.

Let your fellow fans be the fans they want to be and leave judgements to a higher power.

I appreciate your response, as I, too, have enjoyed great relationships with all of Tennessee's opponents. I was trying to touch the small minority of UT fans who are giving the university a bad name. I recently moved back to my home in Tennessee after 25 years of living in Louisville, and I can honestly say that all my best wishes are with you in your new venture, as I found Louisville to be one of the brightest spots of my life. I hope you will find it to be the same.

Written on Four-star WR Arnett chooses Vols:

in response to Lostvolinhighweeds:

Tapeworms are parasites.
Parasites are vexations.

Is that all you have? I'm no parasite. I've been a UT fan probably longer than you've been alive. If you can't bring anything more than some stupid take on my screen name, then save your energy for the more important of your vexations.

Written on Four-star WR Arnett chooses Vols:

in response to Lostvolinhighweeds:

Tennessee Football is life.
Everything else is a vexation.

Then regrettably, you really are "Lost in High Weeds." Again, not being judgmental - just sorry you have to define Tennessee football as life.

Written on Four-star WR Arnett chooses Vols:

in response to wazzya69vol:

Just saw the news--OUTSTANDING !!! I just read this to my wife, and she screamed she was so excited. Then she texted our son in LA, Ca., who's an ICE Fed'l Agent, and bleeds Orange. Go CDD!! I'm sure Arnett sees Bray in his future as a good QB--and he can play in a Bowl game, unlike surfer boy. Just as important is CDD's integrity, which I'm sure impressed his parents. Let's take care of Ole' Miss--lock down your computers. One game at a time, and stand by our Big Orange!

Just wondering. Is Tennessee football so important to folks like you that it defines who you are? I mean, if your wife actually screams upon hearing the news that a highly regarded recruit has committed, then that sends up flares. I'm not trying to be judgmental - I'm really curious. I can remember going to the Alabama game back in the 80's, and my buddy and I had to stop and buy gas. While we were filling our car up, an Alabama car rolled in to the pumps, and the station refused to serve them. That's when it occurred to me that maybe as fans, we were out of control. Again, I'm not trying to be "holier than thou," 'cause I love UT winning as much as the next guy. I just hate seeing what big time college football is doing to good people. If you need any examples, just read some of the posts on this board.

Written on Simms upset with benching after fumbles :

Now we're beginning to see the Simms that Louisville basically ran off. I can't say that I disagree with his sentiments about being benched, but his concerns belong in the locker room with Dooley - not in the press. When he was at Louisville, his big problem was a sense of entitlement, and it was also advanced by his father, Phil as well. Needless to say, he was a divisive force in the locker room. That behavior bought him a ticket to a jr. college.

Written on Consistency still short for UT ground game :

For all you folks who are Chaney haters, it could be worse. Former offensive coordinator and potential offensive savior, Dave Clawson, is now 1-7 as head coach at Bowling Green. Not exactly Urban Meyer numbers there.

Written on Derek Dooley taking fire for comments about team, World War II and Germans:

in response to Classof85:

Aside from the fact that comparing a football game to a war, and particularly WWII, and more particularly to the German army in WWII, is offensive - there is something else odd about Coach Dooley's remarks.

His point seemed to be that our team is like the German army in the sense that the latter were insufficiently prepared and effectively leaderless. If that were true for the Vols, whose fault would it be? Is Coach Dooley admitting he doesn't have the players ready for the games, or that he is unable to lead them?

Everybody on this board needs to read this post, because '85 got it right. Nobody cares about PC - it's the fact that CDD compared this team to a confused, leaderless group. How do you think this will resonate with the team, much less recruits? In one, "Conan Moment," Dooley dissed both his team and his coaches. How is that OK?

Written on Derek Dooley taking fire for comments about team, World War II and Germans:

in response to JoeMama:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I didn't realize this site had a restriction that all posts had to be positive. My bad. And now, you can have the last word. You're not worth sparring with anymore.

Written on Derek Dooley taking fire for comments about team, World War II and Germans:

in response to JoeMama:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Gosh, I'm just tryin' to have some fun with my name. You need to lighten up and stop being so PC. I didn't say anything about Yo Mama.

Written on Derek Dooley taking fire for comments about team, World War II and Germans:

in response to jobrando#216494:

Got to hand it to Coach when recruiting is not going to well play some Kiffin psychology on the potential recruits. Stir the media pot. The kids will eat this up. Three 4-5 stars in the pot soon.

Recruits will really eat up seeing their potential teammates being compared to a bunch of confused, rudderless Germans.

Written on No stopping Julio Jones as Crimson Tide romps in second half :

I remember being in the stands the day UT pulled out the win against Arkansas in '98. When Stoener fumbled, half the crowd had already left in disgust. But they returned when they heard all the cheering. These are the same fans who are calling for DD's head today. All they care about is the cheering, because it fills their miserable, unproductive, unfulfilling, little lives with a measure of joy that they cannot provide for themselves.

Written on Adams: Can't count on much progress :

All of you "John Adams haters" are the same ones who would hate him more if he were a UT "homer." Let the man do his job and then agree or disagree with his articles based on content - not personal bias. The lack of civility and reasonable discourse on this site is a sorry reflection on the state of education and common decency among rabid UT fans.

Written on Third Quarter: Alabama 34, Tennessee 10:

in response to gobigorange1:

The clearest indication for me personally that all hope is virtually lost for this team: When you are at work and you check the score, seeing that Tennessee is within 3 with five minutes left in the first half, you still know you're going to lose and lose badly...

People can say this is a young team, that it's a learning process for players and coaches, that we should be patient all they want... the fact is this team is getting worse, not better, with each passing game - and the scary part is that the responsibility for that falls on a group of coaches that have shown a consistent inability to even make sure they have the right number of players on the field, to say nothing of inexplicable play calling.

I've already written off this season. I'm not crying about it, I still bleed orange, it's just a fact; and though I'm willing to give CDD and the staff through this point next year to make improvements and show legitimate progress, through the first half of this season I must say I am not impressed. I'm 50/50 on whether or not Hamilton's killed us for another three or four seasons at this point.

No offense to anyone who's still carrying the CDD banner on high, but idiocy is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If he doesn't know that you shouldn't run the same play a second time against a Bama D that stuffed it the first time, not sure you belong in D1.

I hear you, but given our youth and lack of depth, I think another year is in order to determine just how deep the problems are.

Written on Third Quarter: Alabama 34, Tennessee 10:

Doesn't look much different from Fulmer's last year. While I realize we're young, I also realize we're a LONG way off.

Written on Mattingly: QB Kelly at the forefront of turnaround :

Nice story, I guess. Wonder if anyone wants to read my accounts of Andy Kelly playing for the Nashville Kats? Seems like the KNS is continuing to opt for "historical perspectives" instead of actually spending the time to weed out stories on what's happening with today's Vols. Oh well, we still have ESPN, The Chattanooga Times/Free Press and The Tennessean.

Written on Letter details Pearl's possible NCAA violations:

Seems like every other day more information dribbles out about the extent of Pearl's violations, and they keep getting seamier and seamier. Makes me wonder how much the NCAA really has on him. There is no doubt now that serious penalties are coming down. How much longer can Hamilton hang on when it's obvious that he has no control over his coaches. Now that UT has a new president, perhaps order will be restored.

Written on Summitt: Comments at SEC media day not about Pearl:

While it's very noble of Pat Summitt to "clarify" her statement, as much as I like and respect her, I simply find it hard to believe that "Bruce Pearl never entered her mind." She's media savvy enough to know that question for her didn't just come out of left field. All that aside, there's no question that Pat Summitt has earned the right to be believed about anything she says. So, I defer to her clarification.

Written on Tobias Harris: At the top of his class :

in response to CatScratchFever:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Your assessment is way out of touch. Coaches don't ruin players - players do that on their own. Remember Vincent Yarbrough? He was Scotty Hopson before there was a Scotty Hopson. Never made it beyond his potential, because he was lazy, inconsistent, and uncommitted. Or maybe, he wasn't that good in the first place.

If Hopson wakes up and does what his coaches tell him to do, he may be special. Otherwise, he'll just be another player with "potential," who never reached it. Or, maybe, he wasn't that good after all.

Written on Strange: Pearl well aware that focus is on him :

in response to BigBadVol:

I will always be a Bruce Pearl fan. I think the man sometimes cares too much which gets him in hot water. I truly believe he has learned a valuable lesson by the way he has handled himself. The trolls will be here to insult coach Pearl and the fan base but it doesn't change a thing. We have one of the best coaches in college basketball. His players love him. I support him 100%.

While I admire your passion and loyalty, I think the thing that Pearl "cares too much" about is winning, and that's what got him in trouble. There's no doubt that he wants to give the UT fan base a team that they can be proud of, and he has done that like no other since Ray Mears. While I'm not as sure as you about him "learning a valuable lesson," I do think he has learned that he can't break the rules and get away with it. The good news is I don't think he did it for any personal gain - just a desire to deliver a great team for UT fans. Like you, I support him as well. Even coaches deserve second chances - especially when it's a Bruce Pearl, who has made so much of a difference in his players' lives.

Written on Bearden running back Devrin Young commits to Vols:

He better hope UT doesn't schedule Maryville High.

Written on Despite anger from the critics, Dooley defends Georgia coach Richt :

in response to oldschooltye:

Hey tapeworm,maybe brentrod doesn't get the paper.

I'm guessing that's not all he doesn't get.

Written on Despite anger from the critics, Dooley defends Georgia coach Richt :

in response to brod:

i'm sick of hearing about keeping it positive, bear bryant, joe paterno, and how phil fulmer sucked. tennessee needs improvement in all phases(including coaching). the coaches need to focus on that. fulmer wasn't going through a rough period. he was going through a down period. arian foster cost him his job, and he has no one to blame but himself for putting him in during clutch situations which was when he usually fumbled. i'm sick of hearing this optimism bullsh**. tennessee needs to get better, regardless of whether they win or lose. i'm sick of bad football.

And, I'm sick of bad posts. Yours might improve if you lay off the alcohol while posting, but I doubt it. One more tip - Fulmer doesn't coach here anymore. It was in all the papers. Did you miss it?

Written on Final: LSU 16, Vols 14:

in response to Bryanbleedsorange:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

By the way, which one are you - Beavis or Butthead?

Written on Tailgating at Vanderbilt game banned at two spots :

For those of you posting comments that reflect your ignorance of this situation, let me clarify. This neighborhood is one of the oldest and most historic in Nashville. Unlike the old, beautiful neighborhoods around UT that were demolished to make room for the university's expansion, this one retained its homes and character. The problems that have arisen as a result of tailgating can be traced to a handful of schools - most notably LSU. Two years ago, their fans took over one of the most beloved parks in the city in this neighborhood and turned it into a dump. If you think this is somehow humorous or acceptable behavior in the name of SEC football, then offer up your neighborhood for some of the same.

Written on Strange: Vols will learn a lot on tough road ahead:

Swagger has never won a football game. Usually, when you have swagger, it's accompanied by talent, heart, execution, and a refusal to quit.

Written on Steven Pearl held out of practice after concussion:

in response to TLepage:

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who cares...

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