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Written on SEC teleconference with Holly Warlick:

Bob, go have lunch with your buddy Fulmer. Holly has done a great job in her first year as HC. Nikki has struggled at LSU. Holly should be SEC Coach of the Year. Nikki won't even be in the running. Get over it and support our current staff. They have done a wonderful job this year and have a fantastic set of incoming freshmen for this fall.

Written on Early detection key in Maria Cornelius' cancer battle:

Maria can be a poster patient for early detection and she has been great throughout the entire process. She is the lead journalist covering the Lady Vols in a wonderful and thorough manner. We, the posters on The SUmmiTT, have missed Maria, but our prayers for her full recovery have been unending.

Our "Live Pink, Bleed Orange" face is now Maria. It couldn't have a better representative. Go Lady Vols!!! Go Maria!!!

Written on Isabelle Harrison to undergo knee surgery:

in response to Noogaorange:

"She brings a credibility that none of the coaches bring to bear"???? What credibility is that? Just wondering. GBO VFL17

Credibility? ARE YOU SERIOUS????

Catchings, current MVP in the WNBA, gold medalist in multiple Olympics, multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards in the WNBA, and member of the current WNBA champions.

I'm sure I left something out but that will hit the high spots for you.

Written on Holly Warlick's good cheer goes by the wayside :

in response to emailnodata:

If warlick wants to get this team to do something, she's going to have to get them to believe she's right their with them. Maybe that means running the floor at practice, or getting a technical, or whatever.

This team has a very, very small margin of talent. In fact, I think the strength may lie in the young posts.

Can anyone remember the LV guards working hard to get the posts the ball??
Hint: Anosike, Parker.

What team are you watching? It certainly isn't the current Lady Vol team! "very, very small margin of talent..." WTH!!!!!

The lost of Draya was HUGE, especially on the defensive end. This team is one year away from starting a four-year run at two or more NCs!!!

Our weakest position is center / 5 slot. Next year, Mercedes Russell will start and only have to worry about protecting the paint. Her more experienced teammates will take carry of the rest.

We have the pieces for a NC team--Holly is putting it together NOW. Her work won't really bear fruit for two more years, so you better learn some patience!!! You will need it.

Written on Meighan Simmons, Lady Vols have 1,000 reasons to celebrate:

in response to kazoo:

This is UT's most athletic team in a decade. Not sure why PS got hung up on big, slow players, but we're now playing fast and well.

Kazoo, Pat recruited all these girls except Nia Moore (brought in by Coach Law from IL) and Jasmine Phillips (JUCO player - first player recruited by Holly Warlick as HC).

The "corn-fed chicks" of old were the best athletes of their time. Pat always recruited the best, regardless of when the young ladies played.

The WCBB game has greatly improved the last five years with bigger, faster, & stronger young ladies than ever before. Because so many young girls watched Candace Parker play and win NCs for the Lady Vols, they now have a blueprint for their basketball success.

A couple of years ago, Pat was being roasted for running off Lyssi Brewer, a big, slow-footed post that would not get into physical condition to play this up-tempo LV game. She transferred to UCLA and has done well because they play a half-court game.

Holly has been trained by the greatest basketball coach, so she knows how to win. Her style will be similar to Pat's but it will be Holly's style. Let the Warlick Era begin!!!

Written on Meighan Simmons, Lady Vols have 1,000 reasons to celebrate:

in response to volfaninbuckeyeland:

I was thinking along the same lines, ed. I've been able to catch 2 of the men's games, OkSt & Gtown, and combined, the men's offensive output did not even equal what the ladies accomplished. Game was not shown in this area; but would loved to have seen it. Might be 1 or 2 key recruits away from making a NC run, but this kind of play has to be making a statement to high school stars throughout the country about PS's protege. Also says a lot to me about the level of competition from other in state schools such as MTSU & UTC. Those teams might be making some noise before tourney time. Congrats LVOLs!

Volfan, Holly got those "key recruits" in the Nov. signing period. Mercedes Russell, #1 recruit in the nation for 2013, will suit up for the Lady Vols next year. She is a 6'6" post but runs the floor like a small forward and handles the ball like a guard. She is the real deal.

The other two recruits are top-notch also. Mercedes will help Holly hang two National Championship banners in TBA.

With this solid core of young players returning year, Mercedes won't have to carry the team, just defend & own the paint. She will do that as a freshman while her teammates grab most of the early highlight videos.

These next five years will be great for the Lady Vols and Holly. It will be the start of the Warlick Era in Knoxville. Go Lady Vols!!!!

Written on Who should Tennessee go after as its next coach?:

Hey, go after the biggest fish in the pond -- Nick Saban.

His past history has proven that he only goes for the money. He has done everything at other schools that needs to be done at UT. Would it not be a wonderful poke in the eye to all those hateful Bama fans!!!!! Go Big Orange!

Written on Debby Jennings suit amended to include Pat Summitt affidavit :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

VA, had you done that, your employment status would have changed almost immediately to UNEMPLOYED & STUPID!!!

You need to strongly consider embracing this Ben Franklin quote: "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Written on Lady Vols commitment Jannah Tucker has torn ACL :

in response to voloffaith:

Morgan Tuck Lady Vols or uconn huskettes?

Tuck was a high school teammate of Airel Massingale and was an All-American. Yes, I think she did commit to UCAN'T but she can always transfer out after one year. That seems to be the trend for them now.

The Lady Vols must get Mercedes Russell and either Cooper or Henderson in this 2013 group. UT has lacked a dominating center for too many years. Kelley Cain was great before the injuries and surgeries but couldn't stay in the daily starting lineup. With Russell at center and Cooper or Henderson backing up Graves at the 4 spot, the LVs will be set for another NC run.

Henderson is also a two-sport athlete. She was the #2 shotput thrower in the nation last year! Her body build and strength make up for any disadvantage she has with her height. She could be like Wes Unsel (old NBA star with Baltimore Bullets), short on height but nothing else!!!

Written on Lady Vols assured of another tough schedule:

in response to LVFan2012:

I know playing Baylor in Waco will be tough but you can learn a lot about your team by doing so. Putting that game off till next year would seem to imply Holly doesn't have confidence in her team. I say play 'em!

It was a tongue-in-cheek comment by Holly, meant as a joke. It loses its humor when you have to explain it!

Written on Daedra Charles-Furlow was left out of plans:

in response to jpark001:


I've read your posts on the Summit regard these ongoing issues but wanted to respond to one ancillary comment you made regarding Pat Summit and John Wooden as role models but I do not post on that board.

Lumping Pat with John Wooden can be seen an insult to Pat. John Wooden oversaw a program that blatantly cheated (Sam Gilbert scandal... link ) to win those 10 National Championships while the NCAA choose to do nothing about UCLA (they put schools that dared to play too many black players on probation instead... story: ) until he retired (1981 NCAA probation for two years) and even then failed to vacate any/all of those purchased championships.

To date, there is no evidence to suggested Pat's eight championships are tainted by any rogue booster as Wooden's clearly are (Bill Walton's book, NCAA investigation) proven to have been.

Wooden was at worst a liar and at best ignorant of his surrounding regarding Sam Gilbert's player activities and there is much more evidence of the former being true than the latter.

JPark, I am aware of the issues pertaining to John Wooden. As a young boy, I watched those teams play great ball. It was much later in my adult life that the "problems" surfaced, especially Walton's book.

My main point was that these two coaches had the greatest stats and impact on the current game. Geno is considered a great coach but an even greater cheater. I will not put him in the same class as Pat regardless of how many NCs he wins.

It is my character flaw. I can forgive John Wooden because I saw things thru the eyes of a young boy. With Geno, I see him thru the eyes of an older, cycnical man who coached and had to make decisions based on ethics and morals. I made the correct decisions, but paid a terrible price for them.

Your point is well made and taken.

Written on Daedra Charles-Furlow was left out of plans:

in response to underthehill:

Doubt Holly had any say in this matter..just as I doubt Holly had any say in hiring the Ole Miss guy ..

Holly helped recruit and coach Dae as a player. It was not Holly's place to inform Dae of anything. As AD, it was Hart's job because Dae was under his responsibility, not Holly.

It would be wiser, TROLLING, if you just kept your flap shut since nothing good comes out of it. If you think Holly forced out or kicked Dae to the curb, you know nothing about the Lady Vol family.

Written on John Adams: UT's tradition is changing :

in response to AlexAndersonAAradio:

The Lady Vol emblem should be replaced by the Power T. It's all University of Tennessee sports. The emblem is ugly anyway with blue in it. We aren't Kentucky we are the University of Tennessee by gosh!!!

Well, if everything is about winning, then the Lady Vol logo should replace the power T. How many National Championships has football won in the last 38 years???

Could you combine all the NCs from other sports at UT and get 8 National Championships which have been produced by the Lady Vol's basketball program??? Until you can start producing the hardware to go with those loose lips flapping in the wind, then shut up!!!

FYI, the blue in the Lady Vol logo is NOTHING like KY blue. Thought you football homers would know that.

Man, you must have REALLY HATED YOUR MOTHER!!!! Did she not teach you to respect & honor ladies?

Written on Dave Hart says Debby Jennings 'fostered an atmosphere of negativity and division' :

in response to russ5111#228043:

can't wait for Hart to ditch the old stupid looking LV logo and make the power T the logo for both the men and women. Hart is just cutting the fat!!

Russ, you are saying to throw away more money??? The Lady Vol logo is branded and brings in money plus is internationally known. The power T stands for football and men's athletics.

Pat made sure that the Lady Vol logo stood for National Championships (8 - how many does the great men's program have???) and a clean program(No Pearl or Kiffen scandals in the Lady Vol program).

Do you realize how TOTALLY STUPID you sound when making these kinds of remarks??? Unfortunately for you, stupid can't be fixed.

Written on Dave Hart says Debby Jennings 'fostered an atmosphere of negativity and division' :

in response to russ5111#228043:

can't wait for Hart to ditch the old stupid looking LV logo and make the power T the logo for both the men and women. Hart is just cutting the fat!!

Russ, you are saying to throw away more money??? The Lady Vol logo is branded and brings in money plus is internationally known. The power T stands for football and men's athletics.

Pat made sure that the Lady Vol logo stood for National Championships (8 - how many does the great men's program have???) and a clean program(No Pearl or Kiffen scandals in the Lady Vol program).

Do you realize how TOTALLY STUPID you sound when making these kinds of remarks??? Unfortunately for you, stupid can't be fixed.

Written on Lawyer details Debby Jennings' departure from UT; legal action considered :

in response to TennVolAlum:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Your comments & other similar statements are EXACTLY why the Lady Vols needed a separate AD. The Lady Vols have never had the scandals associated with the men's teams. Pat has won 8 National Championships, the last one is 2008, ten years after the most recent NC for a football team. The Lady Vols treat their personnel with respect. Hart only wants to consolidate HIS POWER, not cut costs. Your comments sound like an envious child, whining to Dad to beat up the bully. Hart is WRONG on these points and will tear UT apart because of his actions.

Written on Kentucky extends coach Matthew Mitchell's contract:

in response to born2ride:

Do the UK Women cheat like the UK Men?

Not so far but that may change now that Recruiting Coordinator & Associate Head Coach Kyra Elzy has joined the Lady Vol staff.

MM will be hurting without Elzy for two reasons. One, she was his BEST RECRUITER and was responsible for the talent level that KY has enjoyed the last four years. She did this without cheating because that is the way she learned basketball, from Pat & Holly.

Second, she taught the KY players how to play a tough brand of defense. When Elzy played at UT with Holdsclaw, defense was her top priority. Elzy was a lock-down defender on the leading scorer for the other team. She was wonderful to watch, if you liked great defense.

MM is a good coach but not worth $1.1 million per year. KY is overpaying him so he won't leave. The pressure will really be on for him to produce this fall since Pat has stepped down.

Written on Lady Vols signee Bashaara Graves invited to U18 National Team Trials :

in response to butch31:

This will keep Bashara in shape and ahead of the competition.

She plans to enroll in summer school at UT and participate in the Strength & Conditioning pre-season program with Coach Heather Mason.

Coach Mason will make sure that Graves and the other Lady Vols will be "in shape" long before fall practice begins.

Graves is closer to 6'3" than the stated height in the story. She is a rebounding machine.

I believe she was listed as the #1 power forward in the nation. She probably will start for Holly this fall. She is that good!

Written on Jolette Law: 'It's an honor' to join Lady Vols staff :

in response to Volinflan:

I thought Davis had just "decommitted". That's not nearly the same as parting of ways. Her family indicated that with the uncertaintity of Coach Summitt's situation she wanted more time to evaluate the situation. She is however (according to good friends with Andraya Carter and now with a new recruiting team I think Tennessee is very much in the running. Is there a thing between K. Davis and D. DeShields? I've seen references before that they wouldn't likely go to the same school. I know that Geno is hot after DeShields.

Reasons will not be discussed on a board but both parties have moved on, re: Davis' recruitment.

She is a strong lean to go to N. Dame with her great friend & teammate, Kristen Nelson, who just accepted an Irish scholarship.

Davis & DeShields are almost identical players. There is not enough room on the same team for both of them. Ms. Carter is still Davis' friend but won't try to influence her former teammate. Carter will surprise many people that watch the Lady Vols. Before her ACL injury, Carter was the #1 recruit in her class. She is fully healed now and ready to prove all the nay-sayers wrong.

Yes, Weno and everybody else in WCBB is hot after Diamond DeShields. She has potential to be in the same conversation with Candace Parker.

Speaking of Parker, she is Davis' god-sister and former babysitter. Candace is staying far away from the Davis recruitment.

Channel your energy toward the Lady Vols getting Mercedes Russell, Becca Greenwell, Jannah Tucker, & a couple more of the great recruits in the 2013 class.

Written on Holly Warlick, Nikki Caldwell team up again for benefit motorcycle ride :

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor feel like playing a game....
Witch Doctor say what other words rhymes with "Bikes"? Witch Doctor say hmmmmmm?
Hmmmmmm? Witch Doctor say jump in anytime! hehe
Bones never lie.


Pick on Dooley or Martin, but not Holly Warlick. She has faithfully worked in the best WCBB program in the nation. The Vol Nation can be quite proud of the Lady Vols. Don't screw up,WD.

Written on Jolette Law: 'It's an honor' to join Lady Vols staff :

in response to HanQ7:

No need to worry at all. I think this 2013 will be a class like that of the Stricklen and Johnson led class. I think UT will get Russell and Steph, Greenwell, Davis and Gray. I'm willing to bet this will be a 5-6 player class. With all impact players. I hope people arent writing off UT Lady Vols, just mark my word..... Holly and the team she has assembled are about to do some great things!

I expect Graves to come in and start and possibly be FOY. Keep watch my fellow Vol fans, dont doubt us yet!

Han, you can take Kaela Davis out of the recruiting mesh. UT & Davis had a parting of the ways several months ago. She is actively looking elsewhere.

However, with Davis moving on, our chances of getting Diamond DeShields has greatly improved. We are also getting very positive feedback from a MD recruit, ranked 13th.

The 2013 class compares closer to the 2004 class with Parker & Hornbuckle. There isn't a Parker in the class, but Mercedes Russell has the capacity to lead her team to multiple NCs with some help from her teammates.

Written on John Adams: Countless connections among Pat Summitt's 1,098 wins:

Occasionally, you hit it spot-on, John. Try writing more positive articles like this. You will be surprised at how warmly they are received.

Written on Report: Holly Warlick offers former Illinois coach assistant position :

in response to Theo:

Found it myself - Played at Iowa and played for the Harlem Globtrotters - bet she has some stories.
Was on C. Vivian Stringers staff for around 10 years before going to Ill. Evidently Stringers top recruiter - brought in 8 top 10 classes and 3 #1 classes while there.
Sounds very enthusiastic - super involved in the community.
Specialty is Post players.
Man this sounds like Holly is loading up on the recruiters. Love it!

Theo, Ms. Law found out that other colleges give lip service to WCBB, but don't pony up with the resources necessary to build a top program. Illi never followed up on promised resources and she could not push Illi up all by herself.

I'm sure that is where she gained a new respect for her former boss, Vivian Stringer at Rutgers University.

If she accepts the offer, there will be no question about whether UT will provide the necessary resources. Really, I can't see ANY REASON why she would not accept the position.

Personally, I see it as a good hire. She can get the recruits and UT has a grand history of training them to reach their potential. We do have the most former players currently in the WNBA.

Ms. Law will probably accept the position on Monday. It may "seem to be a step down" but in reality, it is a step up to a quality program that keeps its promises and wins cleanly.

Remember, Mickie and Dean were head coaches before they accepted their assistant position at UT.

Written on Kyra Elzy named assistant women's basketball coach at Tennessee:

in response to Razor784:

Good hire we're in sore need of a recruiter, first move should be to go talk to Kaela Davis.

The Lady Vols are no longer actively recruiting Davis.

On the other hand, we are STRONGLY RECRUITING DeShields and in the top of her mix.

Written on Kyra Elzy named assistant women's basketball coach at Tennessee:

in response to ccjensen:

I remember when Elzy played here. In the opponents locker room, players were still trying to get Elzy off their uniform.

A smart, tough and "been there, done that" gal. Excellent hire.

LOL!!!! So true, so very true!!! Now, she can teach our girls the same thing! Welcome back, Kyra!!!!

Written on Pat Summitt to get $1 million bonus :

in response to gerrybla:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Gerry, didn't you read the previous posts??? This money DID NOT COME FROM UNIVERSITY FUNDS SO WE DON'T HAVE TO "RAISE TUITION AGAIN."

Please, don't get stuck on stupid!!!!

Written on Jim Bob Cooter joins coaching staff for Kansas City Chiefs:

in response to taylorsvolfan:

I am just thankful his first name is not Harry. BTW, did the boy ever play a down at UT ? I can remember hearing one of the coaches on the WIVK call-in show after a game saying that he just did not have what it takes to be a SEC QB. How in the heck did he get on the team ?

He was on an academic scholarship so Fulmer didn't have to use a scholarship on him. Fulmer liked having a really smart guy that knew the system to help signal in the plays.

He led his team (Lincoln County HS, Fayetteville, TN) to a state title in the large school class.

Written on Jim Bob Cooter joins coaching staff for Kansas City Chiefs:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEAR:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hey, his mother is an elementary/middle school teacher. Can you imagine the 6th grade jokes?!?!?!

Written on Lady Vols bounce back from upset to beat Auburn, 82-61:

in response to mspiggy37:

It was good to see Pat take an active role on the sidelines. Why does Holly try to take over?
Micki just sits there and stares into space and she is one of the better coaches in the SEC. She beat Pat's team when she was head coach at KY. After this season there will be a change in the LV program in my prediction. It will be a rebuilding team under "whoever the new coach will be". I hate to see the Pat era be over. Great Coach & Person! Go Lady Vols

In the post-game radio show, Pat stated that Mickie was ill and would not be on the show today. That is why she did not look good on the bench!

Written on Number of Vols not back with team :

in response to DavidB:

It was my understanding that Dooley recruited (or actually got them) to UT. They are Sophomores, Dooley been here two years so on signing day it was Dooley.

Some kids get a free ride in HS and when they get to college it is a culture shock and when things dont go there way they dont know how to handle it.

Good Hire on the DC job. Should be able to grab a few extra defensive players this year with that hire. I am sure he was recruiting players for Bama that he will now contact for UT.

It accomplishes two things. It opens up another spot on the roster and allows Nance to go somewhere else to play. Remember, he de-committed from Vandy to go to UT.

Second, it sends a shot across Rogers' bow. Straighten up or you can go with your homeboy, too. The lessons of reality must be learned and it benefits UT if the players get that message NOW!

Written on Faith Dupree shines for Chattanooga in homecoming:

in response to Theo:

Would you care to rethink the "chicks" reference?

You have got to be a new fan because some of Pat's earlier teams were referred to as the "corn-fed chicks" by writers and fans. It was a loving term, not unkind in the least. They won some championships, too! Study up on some Lady Vol history and you'll enjoy the games more. Good reading & watching!!! GO LADY VOLS!!! CUT DOWN THE NETS FOR PAT AND YOUR TEAMMATES IN 2012.

Written on John Adams: Carryover effect could be in play vs. UCLA :

in response to johnlg00:

It may just be that people are holding their breath to see if the LVs can get through the UCLA game without stumbling. Unfortunately, the history of this team has been an inability to sustain a high level of play over a series of games, especially road games. As Adams said, the win over Rutgers was more about effort and resourcefulness than it was execution. While effort and grit are essential attributes of a championship team, steady, habitual execution of the fundamentals, especially against quality opposition, can get a team wins even when the emotional spark isn't there. If the LVs get through this West Coast swing with two wins, EVERYBODY will be talking about them, because that is what a championship-caliber team does.

Excellent comment, John. You are spot on in your thoughts, especially the last comment. Winning on the road at hostile arenas is EXACTLY what championship teams do!!! Go Lady Vols!!!!

Written on Would you favor SEC expansion at the expense of losing the UT-Alabama rivalry?:

A rivalry is when two teams are close in talent, coaching, & skill. Unfortunately, AL leads in all three columns. The "Rocky Block" game is as close as we'll get for many years to come. The Bama staff doesn't worry about us because they know we don't have it anymore. Thanks for all your help in that area, Coach Fulmer!!!

IF Saban wins another NC this year, he will retire at UA. He'll get the best recruits because he wins NCs and his players go high in the NFL draft.

In T-town, they'll be saying "Bear who?"

Maybe somewhere in the next ten years, we'll beat him at least once!!! Until then, I have to listen to all the c*#p from the Bama fans at work!!!

Written on John Adams: Point guard of the present doing OK :

Next year will be even greater for Meighan because she won't have to worry about playing PG. She has learned a great deal from playing PG as a freshman but will really let go when she only has to play her natural position, shooting guard.

Miss Massengale is a truly fine incoming Lady Vol but she will have some great help in Cierra Burdick and Hillsboro High School's own Isabelle Harrison. The Lady Vols will be much better next year than they are this year. Now, that's a scary thought for all the other teams!!!

Written on Alabama LB Dont'a Hightower rebounds from tough start:

Gentlemen, Mr. Hightower graduated from Marshall County High School in Lewisburg,TN. It is a AA-level high school that has turned out some quality players over the years.

Yes, Fulmer dropped the ball on him because he played for a AA school, just like many people only rank recruits by how many stars are by their names on the recruiting rosters.

If Dooley had the opportunity to get Hightower now, he would be wearing Orange. Remember that the next time you read about a little known recruit that Dooley got to sign & play for the Orange. You may be reading about the next defensive or offensive star at Knoxville!!

Go Big Orange!!! Beat the Heels!!!

Written on Newton, Peterson score top SEC honors :

in response to 10SE:

I meant to say he is one heck of a football player, but he has one heck of an agent.

Correct on the first point, totally wrong on the agent point. Are you a covert Bama-lover???

Written on UT sells out ticket allotment for Music City Bowl:

in response to rockytopatl:

Anyone on this site ever heard of Google? She was born December 13, 1989, which means she is five days away from being able to legally buy a drink.

Plus, she has made over $45 MILLION each of the last two years!!! She loves sports and has really adopted Tennessee as her home state. Hey, you might see her on the side line with Kenny Chesney!!

Written on ODU coach Larry: Simmons 'versatile' :

in response to dead_vol_foul:

Pink, I actually don't see that with the ladies as much. As they get older, they get, well, more woman-like in the hips and other cool places.

They certainly get smarter on the court, but rarely are as fast or quick as they are as freshmen.

So...enjoy this young'un now!!

Dead, you have the right handle because your thinking is "dead" -- dead wrong!!!

Elite athletes like Simmons don't slow down as they mature! They increase their strength with their speed as they mature physically. The biggest jump is from their freshman to sophmore year. Meighan is a special Lady Vol and will only get better with each game. She has improved greatly in her last five games which is why she is starting and now running the point.

Really, don't be so sexist! It makes you sound so stupid and backward. Think through your comments before writing them for the world to see.

Written on Post player Kiah Stokes picks UConn; will Elizabeth Williams pick Lady Vols?:

in response to ddayvolsfan#238252:

As Mark Twain is credited as saying. "Tis better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

Sorry DD but this quote came from Ben Franklin first, MT just borrowed it from him.

GO LADY VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Lady Vols waiting to complete recruiting class :

in response to go_vols:

I like Pat a lot, but when she is wrong, she is wrong and in this case she is. If Pat put as much effort & time in trying to destroy Geno into her own program, then we would not be talking about Uconn winning streek or undefeated seasons. I serioulsy think it's becoming an obsession, because she seems to have Geno on the brain 24/7.

How else do you expain her actions. Accusing the U S Women National Coach and smearing Uconn without any proof. She reported 11 Violations to the NCAA about Uconn. The NCAA dismissed 10 and fined Uconn for a secondary violation for arranging a tour of ESPN for a recruit: a slap on the wrist. Keep in mind, tours at ESPN were free to the public. That's the extent of the issue. Absolutely baseless accusations. If it's about losing Maya, say it and move on. Sometimes we can't always get what we want. Nobody does. It's just time to move on already

Now her latest action is lashing out and impugning both Uconn and Geno again. This makes no sense and a law suit may well be on it's way. That my friend is called character assassination, and as loyal as I am to the Lady Vols, I cannot support her actions. She's the first lady of Women Basketball, and as such, is held to a higher standard. Words do have consequences, and Pat's reputation and our institution will suffer for her laps in judgement. I'm afraid to say it, but coach Pat now comes off as bitter, mean spirited, petty, shrill, and finally irrelevant. Characteristics unbecoming a coach especially one as famous as ours.

Therefore Pat, for the good of the game and the sport you worked so hard to build, support, and profess to love so much; please, put aside the pettiness, play the game, and beat Geno where it hurts the most: Winning Championships

go_vols, it seems that you need to stop putting so much faith in UCAN'T posters. Slander - that is a joke!!! No proven damage, only whining and crying from the North!!! Sounds good to me.

Also, all those adjectives you used to describe Pat--hey, by UCAN'T standards, YOU JUST COMMITTED SLANDER! SEE YOU IN COURT!!!!!

Do you see how silly & foolish you seem now??

Written on Lady Vols benefit from dinner with former players :

in response to Timed_vol:

"A lot of teams, when you can't measure up with the Tennessees of the world, you have no chance but maybe to become a running team,'' he said"

Now see, I think this is dumb. If you are playing a plodding team, then yeah, run. If you are playing a running team, slow it down and 'pound the rock'. For a deep team like UConn or UT, you may even have to adjust in game.

I think what hurts a lot of these coaches is they have NO IDEA on how to evaluate young post players. They get all in love with the 'wing' style posts, the quick, agile girls. Then, they can't understand why a Cain or Brewer kicks their butt, even though they aren't 'pretty' doing it.

One thing is for sure: when you watch teams coached by Geno or Pat, and you see them mess up on's the kid and not the coach.

Don't put the Italian Whiner in the same breath or sentence with Pat regarding coaching skills. The only thing he does better than Pat is CHEAT!!!

Written on Summitt: Comments at SEC media day not about Pearl:

in response to go_vols:

Very disappointing Pat. I'ave lost all respect for you. You accuse another institution of recruiting violations, not supported by NCAA findings, yet when your fellow coach actually admits that he knowingly violated NCAA rules, you embrace him. That's the definition of hypocrisy, and you have no standing now or in the future on this issue. Very disappointed.

Sorry but your logic is flawed. Bruce is being punished and is under the glare of the media. Geno, on the other hand, NEVER was punished or even questioned. He was even made coach of the USA Team!!! Pat didn't complain about Geno to the NCAA first, it was Andy Landers. Pat stopped the series because that was the only way Geno was going to get punished. It has worked, too!

Pat never said the Bruce wasn't wrong. He was guilty and stated it. Now, he will take his punishment and move forward. Pat was supporting Bruce as a fellow UT coach and friend. She was not judging him, just supporting a forgiven sinner.

Written on Lady Vols want practice players to be careful :

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Don't FEED THE FLAMING TROLL. Maybe he'll look in a mirror and die of fright!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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associate athletic director for sports medicine


"Miracle worker" would be a better title but it is already taken. Jenny moved past "trainer" YEARS AGO!!!!!!! Many former Lady Vol players rehab in Knoxville during the off-season with Jenny. She is simply the best.

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but, you are counting on these kids saying 'no' to immediate PT and significant roles. It might happen, but I have my doubts.

I say Stokes goes to UGA or Maryland. Willliams to UVA or UConn. Stokes could even end up at Iowa.

Hope I'm wrong, but it's my feeling.

#1 - E.Williams is not even CONSIDERING going to UCAN'T in CT.
#2 - Stokes IS STRONGLY CONSIDERING going to UCAN't in CT.
#3 - Andy Landers @ UGA would love to get Stokes away from UCAN'T in CT after they tampered and snatched up Maya Moore out of his backyard. He fingered Geno to the NCAA, not Pat.
#4 - Williams & Stokes WOULDN'T BOTH go to UT. Williams is the better fit for our system but Stokes is a post beast. Iowa is way in the back of the pack even though that is her home and a brother plays there.
#5 - With this extra scholarship, Pat may offer to I.Harrison whose older sister is a superstar on the Lady Vol volleyball team OR choose to save it for next year. If Spani stays healthy this year and plays some 4 spot/high post, I bet Pat will save the scholarship for later.
#6 - Since Mickie DeMoss is back, all bets on recruiting are off. Mickie was Pat's chief recruiter. Remember, Holdsclaw became a Lady Vol after Mickie convinced Pat to recruit & sign her.

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Your political thoughts on this forum are as unwanted as they are unfounded.

Enjoy the fact that he loves WCBB and asked to meet Pat and the Lady Vols. He spoke strictly about sports and life, sounding like Pat scripted his talk!!! Live the moment and enjoy the positive feedback that the Lady Vols received from a real sports fan who just happens to be a GA native and sitting Supreme Court justice.

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We will sign both and one of the Knoxville girls would give up their scholarship and receive financial aid and grants to cover tuition and room and board.

No, that is NOT going to happen!!! Glory & Faith will keep their full scholarships.

Basically, the pecking order is #1-E.Williams, #2-K.Stokes, & #3-I.Harrison. Everything depends on what E. Williams does. She will probably reveal her choice on signing day. She is the #1 recruit in one recruiting service and #2 in another.

We have three scholarships for 2011 and two are already taken. The third scholarship came open when Amber Gray left.

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The person to tour her should be (the future Dr.) Lauren Avant, freshman Lady Vol. Lauren was graduated from an academically rigorous Memphis high school and is DRIVEN to be a great player and a successful physician. Since she'd be Elizabeth's point guard, she would be the perfect hostess. If she needs academic encouragement from her peers at UT, how can you go wrong with two Webb Schoolers (Johnson and Dupree), an Atlanta Pius X graduate (Cain), and a classroom star from Lausanne Collegiate (Avant) sitting next to you in study hall? It's pretty hard to fault anybody on the LV roster in the classroom. The ones that wear torches on their jersies don't have them just for decoration!

KC, those are excellent points! However, we could have Dr. Sarah Edwards come over and show her around. Sarah wasn't the caliber of player that Elizabeth Williams is but she was a LV for three years and got her MD!!!

She is an ER doc and instructor at Wake Forest Medical School, so she has done well for herself. She credits Pat with teaching her to focus and give everything which Sarah uses constantly in her everyday life.

There is an excellent article on Dr. Sarah Edwards in the Mountain Press. I think she is being inducted into the Hall of Fame at her high school in Sevierville this weekend.

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Check the next to last paragraph of the article.

ab, KNS added that paragraph after my comment! Hey, at least they read the comments, so maybe some of our suggestions will get to the right folks!!

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Ms. Williams is looking at top-notch academic schools because her career goal is to be a physician, not a WNBA star.

No, she has never considered UCAN'T--to far North and not tough enough academics. Duke & VA are our toughest foes for Ms. Williams' basketball skills. VA would be her home school but Duke has a special medical program for athletes.

Pat & Mickie are working HARD to pull her to UT. If she becomes a Lady Vol, it will probably be due to Mickie DeMoss' recruiting skills.

Oh, by the way, the article forgot to mention that Ms. Burdick has already COMMITTED TO UT!!!