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The man's name is Cutcliffe and he has done a solid job resurrecting two programs at Ole Miss and Duke since he left UT.

And let's not fail to mention propping Fulmer's sorry a-- up for his entire career.

It's no coincidence that once Cutcliffe left, this program slipped. Cutcliffe did his friend a favor in 2007 and got it out of the ditch and Fulmer ran it back in for the final time in 2008.

Tennessee became a powerhouse IN SPITE of Fulmer.

Did Cut win an NC? What is his winning percentage? How is his recruiting record outside of Eli? You got your type of football the last 5 years so root for Duke and you guy. Is he hall of fame, has he won a conference championship. Maybe you should examine your standards a little more. It may have been Fulmer that made Cut.

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John Adams hates and always hated Phil Fulmer. He hated him because he thought Fulmer gave players too many chances after screwing up. Adams, for example, was a big reason why Fulmer ended up sitting Nilo Sylvan for his senior season when a girl lied on him. The lie was found out after Nilo lost his senior season and any chance of proving his worth as a pro. Adams has YET to accept any of the blame for this. He fails to acknowledge his own shortcomings and has the gall to blame others for having the same failures. HYPOCRIT. Beyond that Hamilton was WRONG about the football program. Had he not fired Fulmer the Vols would have had a better past 4 years than they have enjoyed. Also, if someone needs to get "thrown under the bus" for Fulmer's last year it is Daniel Lincoln. He missed easily makeable field goals against both UCLA and Auburn, which, had he made would have prevented Hamilton from firing Fulmer before the Wyoming game which, in turn, would have prevented that loss and, again in turn, would have led to an overall 8 win season and an automatic contract extension for Fulmer.

Amen to your post. And to all the Fulmer haters you are the ones responsible for the last 5 years of misery. Tennessee became a powerhouse because of FULMER not ADAMS. And none of you including Adams were privy to what was going on behind closed doors. Cutliff hasn't won as a head coach but he was a great offensive coordinator for us. Chief is the real deal and I think you still will find ill will in his heart about the way UT and you, treated his boss. So let it die. You all got what you deserved and the rest of us had to live through it and even though I love what Butch Jones has started, till he wins an NC and has the won lost record Fulmer had, he ain't no legend yet. Choke on it.

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Our O Line is good but what about their downfield speed. Can they lead Rajon or just watch him.

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Tiny runs the ball on 1st and goal from 2 yd line. The Fridge returns.

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10-2 write it down.

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Do you realize how many injuries a schedule like that would mean. With lower limits on scholarships that 30 yrs ago, you can't play an Alabama every week and not put your team's health at risk.

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I am excited too death about this recruiting class. But remember they are only verbal commits. Will we lose a bunch of them if we lose a lot of games this year? Are these guys truly committed to becoming a Vol regardless of the season we have this year. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the season will be bad but alot of writers do.

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6'11" and he committed to Western Carolina.....that's all you need to know. I'm sure he will stack up well with the likes of Dakari Johnson, Julius Randle and Chris Walker. What a joke.

Please enlighten us to your coaching credintials and make us feel better. I have questions too but till the product is on the floor, I can't tell any more than you. Obviously there is something coach likes about this kid and there must be a house cleaning coming for some reason we are not privy to the information. After this team got over the loss of Maymon they progressed and got better throughout the season. So let's wait and see before we as only fans are negative about the outlook.

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Merciful Ending!

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The recruiting sites are very political. Recruits are only 5* when they sign with certain teams. Too many times you see a player rated high. He signs with someone other than the BAMA's of the world and his star will drop at least one place maybe two. The services are all about maintaing the status quo and selling ads. Trust the coaches when they offer, not the paid heads.

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So no Bray, Hunter, Rivera, Patterson?

You think THIS year was bad?

I can now see UK lambasting the Vols in Lexington next year to cap a winless SEC season.....

I think this fan base should start calling for Jones head now.... ROFL.....

Actually for our new coaching staff these are great decisions. It lowers expectations giving them the chance to show their mettle. Worley or Peterman will be the men to lead and they are ready. They will have a great offensive line in front of them and a stable of backs behind them. And we still don't know what recruit might change their mind and come to the hill. I don't think any of them are ready for NFL but I don't blame them and wish them luck and really look forward to the tradition we use to have where we just reload, and on offense we have that possibility. Now defense is a different horse. We will score enough points to win games. Can we hold opponents from scoring. That worries me a lot more than the offensive situation.

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Tee is not convinced yet that coming to TN will help his coaching career. It could kill it, so his entire future as a coach is affected which means his family. If he comes and Butch falls on his face, so does TEE. Or he can stay at traitor Kiffs house and coach a top 10 team and build his resume. I love Tee as a Vol but he made the right decision for his career.

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Looks like we were not the only schools interested in Jones. HE obviously thinks he belongs here or he would have bolted UC for more money sooner. Don't know enough about him and his style but my suggestion would be keep Chaney, add TEE, pry Al out of business, find someone who knows how to recruit and build defense. In the SEC, defense wins titles.

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You Fulmer haters are like democrats. Fulmer had nothing to do with the past 4 years. He is not George Bush. Take responsibility for your actions. You wanted him fired, You got it. The program went into a tailspin and stayed there and got worse and you think it is his fault. Like many democrats you try to blame all your shortcomings on someone else. That my friends is true arrogance.

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I cannot believe I am hearing callers to UT talk radio,that are actually wanting the administration to bring CPF back as head coach.He's the one who started this mess and took his 6 million and smiled all the way to the bank.His time has passed,and we can do better.Coach Chizik would probably talk to UT,which would be ok with me.

I can't believe you said that. CPF's worst years were miles ahead of the last 4 we have suffered through. He is not going to be offered the job but I for one would not be disappointed if he was. Name me anyone outside Pat Summit that bleeds more orange the CPF. Go root for Ala.

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Not so fast my young man - Fulmer is in the past and had not been for Al Wilson and Tee leading the team we would not have a NC. So lets get a quality coach and go forward not backwards and for Gruden he is not going to leave a job with NO responsibility all he has to do is TALK not WALK!!

You might want to ask Tee and Al about how they feel about being coached by Fulmer. Yes they excelled but you are assuming it was without any coaching. WRONG! They excelled because they had good coaches.

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Any head coach would look seriously at making sure Chaney and Graham stay around. I want Gruden and his first hire be Al Wilson.

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Does anyone know if there is any truth the the report that Cordelle Patterson has basically quit going to classes. If that is right then there is the answer to that question. None of them are ready including Justin Hunter. No signature wins. Many dropped balls in crucial times. Still haven't learned their routes. Bray becomes erratic at times but does put up numbers against weak opponents. THEY ARE NOT READY! NFL though will throw enough money to make it a no choice situation and I wish them well but are they selling out their long term careers for short term money, even though it is a lot of money.

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Are you not worried about Gruden. Sure he won 2 super bowls with teams stocked ahead of his time and then during his tenure, they failed to continue to produce. I like him but I am a little leary about whether he can recruit. Maybe I am wrong but just don't go head over heels about him.

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IF Bobby the Liar Petrino is in the mix, I will have to start rooting for ALA. or FLA. No on second thought just shoot myself. He and Lane Kiffin are from the same mold. Find a good high school coach if he is the only choice.

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I heard on the Sports Animal today that Dooley wanted to hire Kevin Steele as DC but Hart wanted Sal. If true, I appreciate Dooley not throwing his boss under the bus even though he could have. Classy guy.

Actually this makes sense. If Hart pushed Sunseri on Dooley and it is the defense that is our main problem, then how can he fire Dooley if Dooley wanted someone else. This may be why Dooley gets another year and the defense coaches don't.

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I have to give them this credit and Dooley has been a big part of it. We have some solid recruits and one of the post potent offensive team in our history. Unfortunately defense wins games and right now we are awful.
If Dooley is replaced has anyone mentioned Chief as one of the candidates.

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What about mike leach. any thoughts

Randy Sanders, Joker Philips, all need jobs. Why not them. The cupboard is bare, the sugar bin is empty and the boat has sprung a leak.
If we have to hire a lying Petrino, a cheating Tressel, or a pirate. Then lower ticket prices to $3 and only accept $3 bills as payment.

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Why would Gruden take a paycut to come to UT.
Face it folks, there is no instant fix out there especially if we get alot of early defects to the NFL and if I were those players and there was even a hope of first round status, take the money and run. This is a sinking ship right now with no rudder(coach) and a ripped to shreds sail (defense) and the NFL is about to shoot a hole in what's left of the hull. Find a good high school coach and save money to cover lost ticket sales.

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As far as a new coach. Here would be my first set of questions if I were a candidate. 1. Justin are you staying. 2. Tyler are you staying. 2. Cordelle are you staying. If 3 yeses, then a good coach will come because he will have a NC caliber offense. Go back to the old 4-3 and recruit 2 Eric Berry's. Find one more big linebacker and 2 corner backs and you are on top. But if there is a bus load of defects leaving early, then maybe we can get Western Ky coach or maybe La Tech's coaches and we will have 4 more years of misery.

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What was Fulmer's records the last 3 years of his career? Just asking. Can we get our money back from Mike Hamilton.

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Gutless coach. Dooley, your legacy will be killing the clock when you had 2 timeouts and amazing field position at the end of regulation. Resign now and save us the money to payout out your sorry self.

I hate to say this but I agree. Twice this year I felt our team quit when they got down. Today I watched a coach 30 yds from at least a chance to kick a field goal, great field position, a quarterback hotter than anyone in the country, throw in the towel without even trying. I mean run it down to 4 seconds and try a hail mary. How can players trust him anymore. We were beat right then and there for all in the country to see. What recruit wants to play for that. I am disappointed we lost A GAME. That was all it was, a game. But today we lost much more than that. We lost respect on national TV.

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If the defense shows remarkable improvement and we win, what will the trolls say. On the other hand Dooley has set himself up for the end if the defense is worse. Got to hand it to him. He is taking responsibility and putting his behind out there unlike our present politicians. Hope it works coach.

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Stupid article.

Amen! I don't care how disappointed I am, I will never pull against the VOLS. But John needs to go now! What a stupid suggestion and article.

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Never ever be critical of a player. They are still, after all, YOUNG men. Being critical of the coaching staff on the other hand is acceptable since it is their job to prepare these young men. As we can see, the coaching staff apparently cannot do what they are being paid to do.


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I feel sorry for Bray in a way. Compare his passing skills to Tee Martin. Tee was not a pro quarterback, but in the clutch there was no one better. He knew how to take over a game. Bray has more natural skill but in the clutch there is always that big mistake. If you could put his talent with Tee's charisma and leadership, you would have a quarterback that would be a no. 1 pick in the NFL. But as it is right now, he will be later round pick next year if even drafted. To go early he has to have a great senior season. Is it his fault completely or his coaches? Good Question? Is he Ryan Leaf II?

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Here is the hard truth of this situation.
1. The AD needs to make a decision now and make it public. Dooley is done at the end of the season or Dooley is our man regardless. They do not need to pull a Bruce Pearl and keep saying he is our man and then pull the rug out at the last minute. Recruits need to know who the new coaches are next year by Thanksgiving or know now the coaches are the same.
2. If you are going to fire the coaches, you must raise ticket prices to afford the payout or have some deep pocket boosters who know that even though they can afford it, we will be 3 years away from success, unless they could talke Saban into coming or Peyton into retiring with Al Wilson agreeing to be an assistant.
The defensve backs have the worst cover schemes I have ever seen in my 52 years of following TN. Every quarterback is NFL quality against us.
Frustration University!

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I'm not 100% sure, but Dooley may be the most unlucky coach in Tennessee history. And Bray is one, if not the, most un-clutch starting QB we have ever had

Agreed but Dooley picked his defensive coach.
Tyler did not let the Dlineman through to get him and for the last play of the game? Well why did we try to go for all of it at once. If you look back, when we get behind, Bray usually resorts to throwing long balls to Justin Hunter only to be intercepted. This isn't the first time which makes me believe it is the OC calling it. Either way a couple of times this season that long pass just didn't make sense or there is panic on someone's part.

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martin better get ready to eat more than humble pie...i just dont think he's a SEC calabar coach,he's got the talent but cant coach em...sorda like our football program

I did not know that that funky stuff you smoke came in orange. Is that a new hybrid. You need to be careful because you have defintely had too much of it.

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I don't have as much trouble with the defensive line or linebackers as I do with the corners and safeties. Why was the Alabama receiver left all alone and not one defender within 10-15 yards of him? How come Florida's DB's are shadowing the receiver and we can't stay within 10 feet of the receiver. I thought we were going to play a tough physical game. They may be working hard but something just isn't registering with them. It's getting too painful to watch.


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Reality is reality. Our defensive backs and linebackers are more confused about this defense than they were 6 games ago. I said it on other posts. Either they can't learn or the coaches can't teach, or a little of both. Losing to those ranked teams is not okay but tolerable. But watching them quitin the Fla game and the Ala game is unacceptable. I guess our coaches felt a moral victory with those last 3 points we scored. Embarassing!!!! If I am a recruit and saw my coaches give up like that, why would I want to come here. We have more talent than the previous 2 years and are playing worse. Not acceptable.

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Watching a defense not improve and still confused is insanity!!!

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I think its time as a fan base, that we quit thinking we are above it all. This is humbling to say the least, but we cant get down on our coaches and players right now when they need us most at this point.

Look, carolina is down now after losing back to back. If we take them down, theres our first win over a ranked opponent for dooley. Plus, we have a chance to win out from here on for the season.

Yes, it sucks to see our team like this, and really, until last night for whatever reason, its been the Defense that has been our weak spot. But we knew this would happen with a new D coach. What were we expecting?

I hate that the players looked like they quit on themselves again, and Im glad Dooley benched Bray. When you have no leadership coming from your qb, its about time someone did something about it.

I like Dooley and I really want him to get some wins. Temper your frustration fans. We cant make this worse on them.

Here is the frustration. Our defense is as confused as they were after the first week of practice. No improvement in the secondary. That means our players are too slow to learn or our defensive coaches are poor teachers or it is a combination. Being confused on defense is not a depth problem or a tired problem so those excuses work no more.

On offense, Bray seems to lack grey matter between the ears as his recent excapades proved. Poor decision making. Yes he can throw but there is a lot more to being a quarterback than just throwing. There are a lot of much less talented qb's out there doing much better jobs.

Offensive play calling on 3rd and 1 has cost us momentum in at least 3 games. Unless Bray checked off to his own play this reflects badly on the OC.

Kicking a field goal late and saying the kicking game needed practice. You practice during the week. What it said was as coaches we don't trust our QB whether it is Bray or Worley.

We insulted ourselves with those last 3 points.
I have been a rabid Vol fan my entire life but the things going on on the field this year are embarrassing because there is more talent out there than the last 2 years and they play worse, esp on Defensive.

Tenn cannot be favored in any game coming up except maybe Troy and I don't have much confidence in that . If we were really going to improve this year we would be seeing it weekly. IT IS NOT HAPPENING.

One last thing. Our recievers might as well forget going NFL this year. They can't catch balls in the clutch. Until they can do that no NFL team will waste f first round pic on hope and change. The Govt proved that didn't work.

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Whether we like it or not and whether Cal gets caught now or never the only way to change it is to win. We have a team that can pull it off so we just have to be the 6th man and pull behind them to get it done. Ky will pay the price eventually. And I suspect that Cal will get more than just the hand slaps he got in the past. AH but I can't wait for those UK UT games. GO VOLS!

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Will the defense ever learn their positions????

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Shouldn't the players on defense look like they know what they are doing or at least show some improvement week to week. We don't look any better on defense than we did before practice began. Is there any teaching going on during the week??? We have a lack of depth on defense but depth shouldn't be a problem in the first quarter. This whole new defensive alignemnt needs a quick evaluation. We have maybe 2 wins left on this schedule with this defense and after we couldn't hold KY last year, I am not sure that is one of the 2 with this defense. There sure seems to be a lot of talent on the field being wasted.

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I agree tonight's loss was very hard to stomach. The defense needs time to jell and hopefully quickly. No one should be calling for Coach Dooley to be fired or anything of the such. Keep this in mind IF coach is let go just think about the repercussions of that will follow, players have to learn another new system which takes even more time, recruits decommit etc. Basically we'll end up back where we were right before Coach Dooley was hired. Our time will come but patience is needed and as much I hate to say it but it's true and if you're a REAL VOL FAN you understand this with no question. Stay behind OUR team 100% and for all you haters go kick rocks!!! #GoVols #VFL

We are an embarassment. We don't know what we are doing and it shows no improvement week to week. We are still making the same mistakes. Sorry Sal, but we know you have a lack of depth but shouldn't the ones we have begin to understand what they are doing. We are either very slow of thought or lack of teaching is obvious. There is no other explanation. Lack of depth means we get tired. But we were not tired in the 1st quarter we just don't know what we are doing. It is a circus out there. To have an offense that can score 30-50 points but a defense that allows 50+ is the old Hal Mumme era of Kentucky. This is Tennessee. We know defense!(use to know defense) Bad season brewing big time. May only have 2 possible wins left, if we get lucky. I am dejected beyond reason as a fan and I don't see any hope and change out there.

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Okay we scored 10 points and it is a game. Can the defense keep up this time. At least there is a glimmer of hope right now. Did the defense get mad enough at half to start playing now.

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Our defense is an embarassment to the SEC right now. We do not understand what the assignments are and this is with two weeks to prepare. Got to score on the first possession of the second half or look for one of our biggest blowouts by an only above avg team.

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I think Sal can handle the fire on the sidelines for him and Dooley. Get well soon coach.

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Johnny Majors, Philip Fulmer, Bruce Pearl, Pat Summitt, and Jennings. Tennesse has developed the image that its AD's could care less about any loyalty. Majors had problems but the replacement wasn't handled correctly. Fulmer had problems but his wasn't handled correctly either. Pearl was guilty but the way we supported him then dropped him was almost a scandal in itself. Pat was upset about not being the coach. No where has it been said that Summitt retired on her own terms. Jennings has been there for years and has had Pat's back. She may have acted badly, but as you say, Hart had the chance to correct her misundertanding but did not. He fired her. Sounds to me like she was right. It is time we hire an AD that actually bleeds orange. Hiring from Fla and ALA? Am I the only one beginning to smell a rat.

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Georgia was over rated. We proved that. SC looked good but don't panic yet. What I was impressed by was their defense speed and agressiveness but Georgia looked stunned and confused. Reminded me alot of Ark several years back when they came to Neyland and everything went wrong and they were down 31 in first quarter. We were not that good and they were not that bad. Same goes for SC. Win Miss. St. first then concentrate on BAMA. SC is too far down the road to worry. Ky is awful and yet gave Miss State a game. Time to silence those cowbells.

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THere are no moral victory. You lose or you win. That is why we keep score. Many improvements shown but not enough to overcome today. GO VOls and use the off week to study.

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Are our D backs as bad as they keep looking. Bad angles, slow to make up ground, and alot of missed assignments. Our outside linebackers/defensive ends crashed inward all afternoon allowing their speedy backs outside and once they got to our D backs we were chasing tail. We are or should be a better defense than what we are showing by allowing teams the big play. A lot to be positive about today but I wonder id some of our problems can be fixed without different personel which will only come through recruiting. Stop the two long runs, different ball game. Keep someone home on the outside, different ballgame. Learn proper pursuit angles different ball game. Wow, I can't imagine their frustration if the fans feel this much and we don't play the game. Sal I hope you have a quick plan on fixing these shortcomings.

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I agree that our offensive line is experienced, big, and supposedly stronger. Why can't we block better for both pass and runs? Granted we do block better for the passer but running against the good teams is still a real problem. WHY?