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WD says CP will continue to have trouble running routes and see a lot of bench time. JH will be special for Titans now he has had time to fully recover, pending Locker's ability to get the ball to him.
Bones never lie!

I agree with you WD, but I voted for CP because of punt and or kickoff returns. CP will also be good on screen passes and reverses.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Who is Fill Fulmer?

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Bray can be as good as he wants to be...It`s all up to him!

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Will it be 9 or 10 in a row this year, I've lost count?

I don`t think we will win that many in a row this year...But we thank you for the vote of confidence!

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Auburn abuse the rules...Who would believe a thing like that?

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Some team will grab him early and be proud they did!

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

I get offended every time I see a picture of Franklin...His name should have been Frankenstein!

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Whatever.....he has more Final Fours. He will have more National Titles. A better winning % in the regular season as well as the tournament. He wiped the floor head to head with Pat and did all of this in less time than she did. Not to mention he did it in a better era without the benefits of outlaw transfers the way Pat built her teams.

Get it through your head. In every, not some, category Gino is the better coach....PERIOD!!!

If Geno wins 40,000 games and 1,000 NC`s he will still be the AH of women`s basketball!

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Well you don't know me and you don't know an idiot from your rear end. But my point, which you obviously missed, is that a former Florida football player is not likely a Vol fan now. He is a professional and the money and a chance to further his career are why he is here.

Perhaps you are not aware that several of Jones' assistants though Vol was pronounced vole, which in case you are the idiot, is a small rodent in the same family as a mole.

I have followed UT football -- and pulled for them win or lose -- since Doug Dickey (another former Gator) was head coach, so you obviously don't even understand the concept of a true fan.

Oh yeah, it's you're, not your, but I guess maybe it's different in Texas?

If you are a vol fan you need to act like it or just shutup and enjoy the ride!

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Maybe Nick should contact Urban about how to dole out punishment. Maybe 10 lashes across the forehead with a wet noodle. No college team needs this kind of embarrasment.

Ole Urban would make them pay...He would make them sit out the kickoff of the 1st game!

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Yea and we are trying to figure out are you Dumb or Dumber.


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Lighten up, Francis.

Is that Francis the talking mule?

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Until we recruit more depth and some better players we need the JUCO`s!

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2nd grade? My Father would have blistered my arse for that poor of a sentence structure in the 2nd grade..This guy is either purposely writing like a dimwit or he's still in kindergarten.

Sarcasm to a troll you dimwit!

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....looks as though things may get worse be for they get better....poor ole Tennessee...!

Be for you post you to learn how to spell!

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You state the "Vols need help everywhere) (including a good mobile quarterback.

You can get all the good mobile QB's in the country, and if you keep recruiting 2-star OL's...a mobile QB won't make it past the 2nd series of the 1st quarter.

There are dozens of kids as large and athletic in TN as the guy from Ohio---and NOT 1 IN 10 IS GOING TO MATURE BY HIS SENIOR YEAR TO BE ABLE TO PLAY AS AN SEC TACKLE.

To do what UT has historically done under Phillip Fulmer, Johnny Majors or Doug Dickey, these coaches need to be signing 4-star and 5-star players...with about 10-15% of the overall class as 3-stars---who will be redshirted in order to be able to mature.

The State of Tennessee does not have those players. Jones tells reporters and East Tennesseans and Memphis people that he thinks Tennessee produces that kind of player in-state.

Enter Phillip Fulmer---Mister in-the-living-room, National Champion 1998, and a dozen years of Top 10 teams---saying that is not true, that UT HAS TO RECRUIT NATIONALLY.

What exactly is wrong about that. Is a bad fan somebody who wants UT to it did before the kind of administrators and athletics directors UT has had for over 12 years destroyed the athletics department.

From a business standpoint---every five years, UT is spending $1-BILLION dollars to deliver what coaches who go 3-and-out...or 1 and gone...or never won anywhere but second-tier scvhools.

I am not the one with the problem, here, bud. You, and Orange Country Vol may want to read some facts about The University of Tennessee Athletics before calling names and acting superior. I can assure you that in both your cases doing so would not waste time.

Neither of you is superior, obviously, from what you post.

Just how do you suggest that he bring in 4 & 5* recruits when he has had 2 or 3 weeks to recruit them and every other coach has 2 or 3 years? We can not start judging his recruiting skills until next year!

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Thank you. You understand. THAT is the truth...and people trying to obscure that truth do not change the fact that UT Football is in deep trouble, if this guy and his "best staff in the USA" think Tennessee high school players and 2-star athletes from outside Tennessee are going to be able to compete at all in the SEC, much less in that time window you outlined.

And a coach or coaching staff that believe what has been said about instate recruiting's being able to win in the SEC, or who recruits 2-star athletes from anywhere---instate or outside---is not able to win in the SEC.

Terry Fair and the guy who gave us "The Run" have played in the SEC...and one of 'em has position coached successfully in it.

Hopefully hiring them is not just a gambit to appease UT Fans.

UT Fans want wins---the SEC East, and in the Championship game. And that takes 4 and 5 star players.


Thank you for understanding the truth. Notice also that those who holler "troll" are not able to put down the truth when multiple somebodies understand it.


You make it sound like 2* players are the only thing CBJ is trying to sign and he only has commits from 1 maybe 2 and they are 3* on some of the sites! It seems that you do not have a clue about what is going on!

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Taylor is also under NCAA investigation.

Yeah, he was helping us while still @ Auburn!

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I apologize tennezz my reply was intended for the idiot that goes by Professional Handicapper

No problem, I did the same thing once and had to go back and apologize!

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Corch Irvan Meyers brought a staff from a small background when he went he left Utah for the Gata's.

I would like to gradulate corch Myra and the Gata`s

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I just can not see us matching up with Oregon. They may have the best team speed in CFB and that is our biggest weakness. Our OL is as good or better than Oregon`s, but we are over matched every where else!

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I predicted dooley was a huge mistake from day one. I predicted UT would lose to UT and Vandy the last two years or both in the same year. Lost to both and went into overtimne to win the other. I predicted bryce brown would play in the NFl after you fans trashed him. I predicted UT would become the Boston College of the SEC. I told you UT was a sinking ship nobody wanted to be a part of. 7 coaches quit that year..Im actually 51 and have a home in St Pete and Tn. Now tell me what was wrong with those predictions. Firing Fulmer has become the biggest financial and win percentage dissaster in the SEC.. And blind fans like you deserve it. All you can do is sit back and call people childish names. You have no stats that are good .

When was it that UT lost to UT? I do not remember that one!

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It is great to be a Florida Gator.

I am sure it is with all the scales, slime, leaches and algae!

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trooper taylor is a fraud!

Like him or not, Trooper Taylor is a good coach and a good recruiter! Every position he coached @ Tenn. showed improvement!

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Mediocrity here we come

We are below that...It only gets better now!

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Like most people on this site I am not pleased with this hire, but if we do hire jones we need to all support him as long as he is our coach. His job will be better and recruiting will be a lot better. Dooley was not a good game day coach, but his recruiting would have been a lot better without the negative stuff and our new coach would have had better players! The AD knows when it is time to hire a new coach without us telling him 500 times a day!

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Thanks coach Fulmer for 1998 I thought I would never see another NC in my life time!

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The thing I remember most about Chavis is that even when we had a great defense he could not stop anyone on 3rd and long! His prevent defense prevented us from winning several big games!

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UT's next coach is coming from the clearance aisle--where the merchandise is cheap and nobody else wants them.

Is that you Dooley?

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1)Gruden 2)Tressel 3)Stoops 4)Fisher 5)Patterson Everyone else will be a major let down.Hart will be viewed as a Tide spy that is trying to kill the program from within.Hart must hire one of these guys.Vol nation wants the best.PAY ONE OF THESE MEN WHATEVER THEY WANT!!

I like Fisher, he is a very good recruiter and this is something we must have!

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Herman Lathers broke a Tenn. record today...He played for 4 Different head coaches!

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Does he get to count the million he donated to the University in 2006?

No he has already subtracted that from his Income tax!

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You sir, are pathetic. I don't badmouth your program until some jerk like you talks your trash. So here goes. At least we don't lose to Flea Bucket U. If we lose it is close and against a top team. If anyone is a redneck, it is you! And, unlike a Vol fan such as yourself when losing, we congratulate the winners and act like respectable people once we've lost. No one held their head down. Of course, we want to win...and usually do (unlike your team who can't beat an SEC school except your November wimp schedule). So, take your own medicine bum.

The last time I went to Alabama to watch the Vols and Bama play one of the respectable fans throwed a cup of coke on my back! He was fast, I could not catch him!

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If only we had a healthy Bray and Hunter...


Before or after he pays back the 6 million?

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We will lose Derrick Green because we SUCK! I honestly don't understand how you Dooley drinking supporters can continue to enjoy losing seasons. When we hired him, I was stoked. I hoped he would succeed, but in 3 years with ZERO improvement, I just cannot understand people like you. It is time for changed, not more losing seasons.

We should have beaten Mizzou easily yesterday, but we changed our game plan after we were up by 14. Dooley has ZERO killer instinct. If you play conservative in the SEC, then you will continue to lose. It is time for him to go and let the healing process begin.

You need to go back and read his post again [or maybe twice] before you pounce on him!

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Good one! I made a similar suggestion, half in jest, much earlier in the season. Nothing else seems to be working, so why not give it a try? Seriously, if you have a new defense which your players seem not to be grasping, wouldn't it be better to go all-out even if you give up big plays than for everybody to be standing around looking at each other and STILL give up big plays? Work out the kinks in the 3-4 in the offseason, if Sal and staff are still here and still want to go that way. For now, turn the guys loose and see if anybody can get some sacks and turnovers. As I recall, that approach worked pretty well when an underdog Vol team demolished Miami in the '86 Sugar Bowl.

I still have a tape of the Miami game...It is one of my favorites!

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Remember you could always leave the country for the next four years. Nobody is making you stay.

Remember you ask for it so bend over and get ready for it!

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We are already giving up the big plays so why not blitz on every play? It would help our secondary and could cause more turnovers! It could not make things much worse!

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Four years since Chavis was fired and this is what we got. Someone on the hill needs to be tarred and feathered.

That`s what when you get when you change coaches...Kiffin wanted to bring "Grandpa" with him! I hope they do not fire these coaches they are not dumb and have been to war now and are learning what it takes to win in the SEC. Dooley will be a real good recruiter when he gets off the hot seat. These problems he has had will make him a better coach. Somebody will get a good one if we fire him.

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Dooley must fire Sunseri first thing in the morning. I believe it would earn him some respect in the locker room. They can't play any worse defensively. Maybe they win out the rest of the season and go to a bowl game!

Hart hired Sunseri.

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I will support Dooley and the Vols through thick and thin but when they decide to part ways with dooley this winter and hire gruden, i won't be the least bit upset.

What you are saying is you support Dooley and the Vols through thick and thin until the going gets thick and then you are going to thin out!

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Petrino is probably the most underhanded, deceptive, manipulative, dishonest, and unethical persons to have coached major college sports in recent years.

Just study his behavior/antics at Louisville, his attempt to overthrow Tuberville at Auburn, his cowardly departure from the Falcons, to his recent episode at Arkansas.

The guy is a walking liability/lawsuit waiting to happen, and any university that hires him is completely off their rocker!

Sounds like you are talking about John Calipari when you first started!

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Thats easy the Vols have to score more points than Georgia...Next question?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Welcome back to the real world samavolfan! Glad see that you have got your head screwed back on right!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I watched both games and Bowling Green is not a superior team to NCS! Florida just made them look better!

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Da'rick Rogers did not play! Nor did he have 9 catches. Edit checker missed a few details

He was talking about the Cincinnati game last year!

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NC State has the best OL in the ACC with 113 starts which also leads the ACC. The best secondary in the Nation and a true NFL QB. They return a running back off injury which is also very good.
Betting stats shows UT a dismal 1-4 straight up with a 0-5 against the spread log versus the ACC and and a 3-12-1 ATS mark when not getting points against this conference. This fits nicely into the fact Dooley has never won over a Top 50 team. The money is moving on NC State +3.5. I have to agree as NC State won 6 of the last 8 last season after they settled down from losing their AA-QB and O'Brien is a much better coach. Must back the underdog here.

Thanks, Now that we know whats going to happen we will not need to turn the tv on!

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SUGGEST REMOVAL. Thats all it takes.

I did my part...He is one of those swamp lizards from florida!