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I think this is the game that was tied with Ut on offense when Doolittle threw in the towel with around 40 seconda left in the game and 2-3 plays left in the game. Doolittle ran the clock out for overtime and the rest is another loss.

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Congratulations to Coach Warlick and the rest of the Lady Vols!

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One of the best games for the Vols in a long time. Any time UT beats Stallings and Vandy, it's a good day in Vol country.

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11th in the SEC

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Let's take time to give a special THANKS! to all that have cotributed to this big mess!
Please tell me that records do not matter? Good luck! Coach Jones and staff

I would say you can thank former AD Mike Hamilton for hiring a coach who had a losing record and apparently did not know very much about communicating with high school coaches in the state (according to some reports). What, if anything, did Dooley and his staff do as far as recruiting the last 4-6 of the season?

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Steal and layup by Bama
Steal and layup by Bama
Steal and layup by Bama

Game over.......

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As a Bama fan I'm in full agreement ND had no business in that game! But the media drove ND to the top. Can we say "fall from grace"! Just in case anyone didn't notice Notre Dame is not back! Six SEC teams GA, FL, Ole Miss, A&M, and Vandy would all have beaten ND last night.

Agree except I would add LSU and probably South Carolina. Notre Dame would not have reached the SEC Championship game.

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Yea, another great job by the BCS ranking Notre Dame #1. What if they had not had the playoff game, Notre Dame would have ended the season #1.
Let's get on with the playoffs.

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Let's see now. Notre Dame finished #1 in the country ahead of Alabama in the great BCS rating system. Yet, Alabama is favored by 9 and a half points. What happened?

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What is wrong with McBee? For a player with a 3pt speciality, he must make all of them in the warm up before the game. Then, he gets an open shot and passes the ball. Go figure!

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Yea, thanks Hammy for the great buyout you gave ole Dooley. A coach with a record of 17-20.

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Who hired our present AD and when is the time to start looking for another? Is his main goal to return to Alabama as AD when Mal Moore retires?

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I wonder if ole Strong sent UT and AD Hart a thank you note for getting him the big raise at Louisville.

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I don't thing Strong will be coming to UT or he would already be here. The money will be matched by Louisville and Strong will probably stay put.

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I didn't know the Eagles had made a coaching change. I watched them play the other day and ole Reid was still on the sideline.

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Thanks Sal. If you are not retained, best of luck to you and your family.

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Bray seems to do better against the weaker teams, but not against the better teams in the SEC.

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Heard an interested stat on the radio. Dooley has never won a game as a head coach when trailing at halftime. Well, he still holds that stat.

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Poor play calling by Chaney. Run for 6/7 yards, then pass, pass, punt. Poorly coached.

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One of the most embarrassing games in the history of TN football along with one of the worst defenses.

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Hey Mike Hamilton wherever you are - thanks for helping bring this football program to a new low. How does a coach going 4-8 at Louisiana Tech his last year qualify for a SEC coach? Maybe there was something there that Vol fans didn't know.

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Dooley quit before the game was over by running the clock out.

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Any offense would keep Sal's defense on its toes. One of the worst defenses in the history of TN football under Dooley's watch.

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It seems like every QB against the TN defense has a record day so this is nothing new. How about doing an article on the decision to hire Sal, who was not a defensive cordinator, and others who could have been hired with more experience? It all comes back to Dooley.

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Watching the game and toward the end they said the QB for SC, Shaw had a record day. What else is new against the UT defense? Everyone seems to have a record day against Sal's defense. They seem to make any QB look like a Heisman winner.

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SC will be ready for the Vols and the ole ball coach will not stop at running the score up as the Tide did. Saban showed a lot of class by not running the score up on the Vols.

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Is Tyler Bray coaching the team? This should have been Dooley's decision because he is the coach and leader.

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I'm just glad we had two weeks to get ready for Mississippi State. Could have been a lot worse with just one week.

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Oh no! Not on national tv!

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Surely Dooley was joking when he told everyone that you're not going to have Tennessee to kick around anymore. I guess Mississippi State didn't get the message.

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One of the worst defenses in the history of UT football.

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Sorry Dooley, no more moral victories.

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Well, looks like another moral victory for ole Dooley. How many does this make now?

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Let's see now - the Georgia offense gains 560 yards and on some of the big runs of 72, 75 and 51 yards, no one touched the runner. The defense gets a C. That's how low the expectations for this program has dropped.

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Driskel showed Bray how a QB is suppose to lead his team. Looked much better than Bray.

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Maybe you should go to USC and follow him around for a year and write articles for the LA Times. Or, you could comment about what the Raider organization said about him - he lied to the team, he lied to the fans, and he lied to the media. He will destroy that university like he tried to destroy the Raiders. He was well on his to put UT, along with Hammy, on sanctions by the NCAA except he bolted for USC. I think UT fans should be glad he left and Hamilton not long afterwards.

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CM needs to go out and recruit some players that can shoot from the outside because next year other teams will load up on the inside.

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I think this was a game that came down to the team that wanted it the most - game, set, match - MTSU

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CM needs to go and recruit some players that can put the ball in the basket from 3pt range.

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Good-bye to ole Tebow as he may be headed to Jacksonville. Elway will probably be in a hurry to get him on his way.

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Nice things being said about the Vols from ole
Calipari. Hope they do well in the tournament.

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Where was the ole box and one or another defense to stop Mathies? Put two on her during the last possession to keep her from getting the ball. Poor defensive coaching and game plan by the coaches.

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Let's see now. Is this the same DC that had the great defensive plan against Kentucky when they called on the WR to play QB. Three to the right, three to the left and three up the middle with no passes? Good luck! I think those playing Washington won't have to worry much about their defense.

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By the way these teams played, I didn't think we had a special teams coach.

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Interesting article on the this morning. Gives some insight on the attitude of some of the players toward coaches and the other players. Makes you wonder who is in charge of the program. Dooley or some players.

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No upset here, it was clear that Oakland was the better team.

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Let's don't blame this on ole Phil. He never lost to Kentucky. If Dooley wants to solve some of the problems, maybe he needs to look in the mirror instead of pushing all the blame to youth and inexperience of the players.

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Well after reading some of the players comments, at least they improved in one area and that is quitting. They didn't wait until the half, they quit at the beginning.

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Hey Hammy whereever you are, thanks for helping bring this program to a new low.
Good Job!