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Yes I am still sore about the Fulmer situation

Yes if Coach Jones can get it done I will be on board.

Let's look at some facts here:
1. You say your bitterness stems from the screwing that UT gave Coach Fulmer.
2. You now say that if UT starts winning again, you'll be on board as a fan again.
3. Winning doesn't change the circumstances surrounding Fulmer's firing.

1. You're not really bitter about Fulmer's firing and all this time you've been pretending that's the fuel for your hate, or
2. You're truly bitter about his dismissal which has no direct relation to any future success of the program.

If conclusion #1 is correct, you're a fraud
If conclusion #2 is correct, you're a liar.

I vote for both.

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The biggest problem that I now have is with Coach Butch Jones talking out of both sides of his mouth about maintaining Tennessee Traditions...Jones by his own choice junked the Orange & White traditions of Tennessee. I have no more confidence in him as a person...another super "slick" talking Kiffin!

First, thank you for your service. I am a veteran myself and nearly 50 years old. I absolutely love the orange and white.
Second, I think that Coach Jones has been referring to the tradition of pride, conduct and the recognition of the rich history of the UT football program. Uniforms are just a part of a program. Fact is, in 2013 if you want to recruit the best kids, you need to wow them. If you don't, someone else will.

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This is Tennessee's Final Four game, Tennessee fan is obsessed with Kentucky. Kentucky fan could care less about Tennessee it is just another victory.

except when it's not.

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I'll put the over/under concerning decommitments between now and NSD at 5 and take the under. Dawg-boy, I'm putting you down for the over.

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My bad .... I read it as you were making a point about this years O line. Last year loss was all on your secondary. Your D line was equal to Georgia's... and that ain't special. Where you are weakest is the O skill spots and that secondary. That's gonna cost. Petrino will be a on it. I see a 5 win season and beat Missouri. Vandy and Auburn won't be a good match up for you cause their strengths are your weakness. If you upset someone that you shouldn't more power to you. And you earn bragging rights. BUT you got your work cut out for you.
just typin'
Just sayin'

CC, something to think about concerning the D. The switch to a 4-3 this year should yield better results with basically the same personnel. They are better suited for that scheme. Using the 3-4 was like putting a round peg into a square hole.

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I have to say that I'm completely in with JA on this one. UGA looks like the lowest hanging fruit. I would prefer seeing the upset come at FLA but I think the inexperienced skill position players will need a little more experience. The Oregon to Florida Express should toughen them up.

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Well said john. I don't often agree with Hector but this time I can see his point. This team has the potential to go 8-4 and the potential to go 4-8. Personally, I see 6-6 or 7-5 at best. Bottom line is that the Vols are definitely turning the ship around and better days are definitely coming. Go Vols!!

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No not at all. He was an FSU qb.. grad assistant, qb coach and O coordinator. He was there 10 years. He was promoted after Brad Scott left. There were no NC until he started running the O. And he put 10 years in to get to that point. Seriously do your home work. I'm feeling your Orange Pride thing and all. But I wonder if Butch isn't LameK with a flat top. He peddled himself like a used car salesman.

And I wonder if CBJ isn't the real deal. Point is, we can both just sit and wonder until a reasonable body of work has been created. Then we'll all know.

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Witch Doctor not care if their pants have big a_s holes cut out as long as Vols win. Witch Doctor say be kinda funny too.
Bones never lie.

So you're saying it would be OK to have a picture of Nick Saban on the back of the pants?

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The trolls just get on here to stir things up. Best not to feed them.

Now, on to UT football. Don't underestimate the value of competition. These QBs are going to be pushed this month to show their best and the clear winner is going to be the team. I like the fact that Jones isn't afraid to switch QBs if necessary.

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I would be surprised if there were more than just a couple of commits that changed their minds before NSD. Look at the way these guys recruit others to this program. You don't try to sell someone on UT if you're planning on leaving.

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And -- as much as I hate to admit it -- Florida.

So... maybe you deserve some minimal amount of credit for recognizing that your original comment was full of BS. UT's nonconference schedule is as tough/easy as anybody else's in the SEC.

Except for Vandy and the two newbies, Texas A&M and Mizzou.

The catch to that is that Georgia, S Carolina and Florida have long-standing agreements to play in-state rivals that happen to be in other conferences. Otherwise, they likely wouldn't have those second P5 games.

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I'm as much a VFL as anybody. My question is, how is CBJ getting these kids?? I would have expected a few good prospects, getting kids to sign up on a rebuilding program, and offering a lot of early playtime, but he just seems to be reeling them in.... WOW!!!

Apologies for the previous post. That was a twitter link. Here is the URL:

Written on Govols247: Four-star linebacker Kevin Mouhon's commitment makes six in a week for Tennessee:

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I'm as much a VFL as anybody. My question is, how is CBJ getting these kids?? I would have expected a few good prospects, getting kids to sign up on a rebuilding program, and offering a lot of early playtime, but he just seems to be reeling them in.... WOW!!!

This might just answer your question. Very nice read.

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I read somewhere earlier where someone posted a concern that a 4-8 or 5-7 season might cause some verbal commitments to change their minds. It's an interesting thought. I think that CBJ is selling the turnaround beginning in earnest in 2014. Besides, 6-6 or 7-5 isn't out of the question in '13.

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Let's put this in perspective. Auburn's coach makes more than CCM and they haven't even sniffed the NIT the last 2 years. In the world on D1 coaches, a 50K bump is more like a ripple. Kennedy went 27-9 at Ole Miss and got 400K more. Martin does that this coming year and he might be looking at a similar bump.

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The way team #117 plays will be the big indicator of CBJ's long term success. This year isn't gonna be pretty, next year will be better simply due to the increase in talent, and then 2015 should be the year that the word elite should be thrown around. The future is definitely bright with CBJ. GBO!!

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Volunteers need to pour a strong one and brace themselves. It feels like 2010. Again. An unprecedented third consecutive losing season is not out of the question.

UT breaks in a new QB, new WRs, and still have no real threat in the backfield (that we know of). They return one of the worst defenses in UT history. And both sides of the ball must learn a new system. On the schedule? Oregon and Florida on consecutive weeks. Alabama and South Carolina. And Gus Malzahn at Auburn who has given numerous coaches fits through the years. 7-5 would be a fantastic accomplishment, imho.

Don't get me wrong, I will never stop pulling for UT. But realistically, this will not be a great year for UT.

I think this season is more about next season, if that makes sense. How does the team respond to Jones? How much effort do they produce? Are there signs of improvement? If this team can do these things, then I think it will only help Jones to impress a few other recruits (like perhaps some stud linemen), fill out some glaring needs, and set the stage for an 8-10 win campaign in 2014 that puts UT back onto the map.

Jones is sweeping up the mess from the Lindsay Lohan of coaches and the Derek Zoolander of coaches. It's unreasonable to expect big wins in 2013, but effort is an absolute must.

definite +1.

My heart says 8-4 but my head says 6-6 would be a very good year considering the circumstances. CBJ has shown very well so far. He can recruit so the talent level is sure to rise. We know he has done well at his previous stops but this is the SEC. I believe he will do well in this league. For those who haven't seen it, check out this video:

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I totally agree.

At the time when all this Bruce situation got started, everyone was saying “UT will get the death penalty” with scholarship reductions and no post season play. Well, what difference does it make if a team is on post season ban with six players versus a team that has all players and cannot make the NCAA tournament? As all UT fans know, since the departure of Bruce, we have not made the NCAA tournament, and lost very quickly in the NIT, so really UT is currently somewhat living the death penalty. As a basketball fan, my hope is for wins and a deep run in the NCAA tournament which has not been delivered under the current coach, so as a fan am I better off with a non-penalized Martin versus a penalized Bruce---no I am not.

I have a close friend who is a very good donor at a rival SEC university, and he has told me that Bruce has been discussed about being their coach, and UT usually plays this team twice per year. The only obstacle blocking Bruce's SEC return will be Slive pulling a “Petrino” on Bruce.

Bruce is a proven winner and as I have stated above, whether you like it or not, it is all about the wins (and the money the wins generate).

I don't disagree with your post. However, you're making the comparison in hindsight. At the time, UT did what they had to do and cut ties with BP.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You're wrong. Either all of history means something or none of it means anything. Ooh, you're brilliant, cherry picking 1 game to make your point when you know Vandy has always been substandard. If you're a VU grad...stop embarrassing your school with such an illogical argument.
We could talk about the future but I'm pretty sure you don't want to go there. Look at the recruiting results. We all know that this years game could go either way and after that the scale will tip back where it's always been. Do us all a favor, enjoy last year's results and just accept that VU has been, is and always will be a second tier football program.

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This is pure Adams. I have no problem with the truth but to say that the ONLY way UT rises to prominence is for all others to fall is pure stupidity. I'm not even talking about 2013. He proposes that it never will happen until Nicky and Spurrier both retire. I accept that returning to the upper level of the SEC is going to take a few years but basically Adams is saying that it will be next to impossible.
Also, to General Neyland, I think there is a place where fans can "support"(hope for good things) their team without getting drunk on the Kool Aid.

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So, what was OU's problem ... 0 runs through 10 innings?

Unfortunately, OU leads the series 1-0. I'd say they don't have a problem.

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I don't think that slap hitting was the problem. Unfortunately, against this left handed pitcher UT struggled with it. She was able to throw that pitch down and away from the lefties making it much harder to make contact as they were moving away from it.

Allow me to clarify my comment. Slap hitting has it's place but last night it was largely ineffective against a pitcher with the ability to wear out the low-and-away portion of the plate to lefties. After the 4th or 5th inning, change the approach and just focus on making a short, quick swing. Let the pitcher supply the power.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I don't think that slap hitting was the problem. Unfortunately, against this left handed pitcher UT struggled with it. She was able to throw that pitch down and away from the lefties making it much harder to make contact as they were moving away from it.

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I am a huge Vol fan and a realist. I didn't have a problem with this JA article. I will say that his usual MO is to look at only the negative about UT athletics. In this case I thought he stuck to the facts pretty well. He acknowledges that CBJ has recruited his butt off, he says that this years basketball team should be Top 25, he notes that baseball losses will be minimal. What's the problem with any of that? Sounds like reality to me.

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here's to stealing a W! go vols.


I would love for that to happen. I just don't see it. UT has that great O-line with no proven skill players to do anything behind it. I think it'll be 37-17. Too much Oregon talent and too much UT inexperience at the skill positions. These are the kind of lumps a program takes when the previous regime has left the cupboard bare.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I agree that Dooley and his staff left the football program in shambles. I also agree that Jones has proven nothing on the field yet and that 8-4 next season is a pipe dream. I still think that 6-6 is not out of the question, but I wouldn't be shocked at 4 or 5 wins. I've said in earlier posts that 2013 for me is more about seeing HOW the team plays as opposed to their win total.
Given that, I think that Jones has shown a strong ability to recruit. I also think that Jones has the potential to be a good coach given his track record (albeit at programs in much less powerful conferences). I'm not sold on the Xs and Os yet but I am sold on his ability to create enthusiasm in his recruiting efforts and get a much better quality athlete than his predecessor ever had a shot at.

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Hapless..I have a question? If previous Dooley supporters look back and acknowledge they were wrong about their assessment of him, doesn't that reflect their recognition of the truth?

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I love the optimism from some of the people on here. I hope some of the projections come true. However, Jones inherited a mess and a very difficult schedule with 5 teams potentially in the Top 10. He inherited a historically bad defense, no QB/WR experience, players with 3 years of Dooley "coaching", and a shaky kicking game. Let's keep the big picture in mind if the team struggles at times this year and not try to run him out of town. The combined first year record of Saban at Bama, Petrino at Arkansas, and Spurrier at SC was 19-19 and none inherited the mess that Jones did. If the team improves as the season progresses, eliminates the boneheaded mistakes that have plauged us the past three years, and continues the recruiting momentum, the wins will come.

Awesome post!
I'm in the 6-6 group. I can't see the Vols realistically winning more than 6 games. They are weakest at the skill positions and that will hurt. The young players might be experienced enough by the time they go to Mizzou to win that game but the chances are good that they will drop an early winnable game to balance it out. I think 6 wins would be a good year when you take into account the mess that was left behind.

As for the CBJ discussion, I will say this. Up to this point I like what he has done as far as recruiting goes. I agree that Dooley was in way over his head. I hoped he would do well but I always felt that he was more attorney than football coach. He was obviously a scramble hire and we all saw that he was in too deep. We really only have two things to judge CBJ on..his track record and his recruiting ability. Both look favorable but time will tell.

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Bennigan's that's a watering hole I haven't thought of in decades..Fond memories.

Ahhh...Bennigan's. I used to work at the one that was on Kingston Pike on the west side of Knoxville.

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I really wish The Tennessean posted more UT articles. The only reason I get on this site is because it offers so much. And then of course I like to see what fellow UT fans have to say. It starts out good, and then about five or six posts in, the arses step in. And I'm not just referring to the "truth squad". It's both sides. Yes I have had my tangles with one or two of them, but I try to stay out of it. Why can't everybody quit their bellyaching and have a meaningful conversation. The fact is, both sides are wrong. Hart is not out to destroy UT athletics. That's simply ludacris. And on the other side, yeah Butch has done good SO FAR, and I like what he says, but stop pumping your heads full of thoughts of rainbows, wins, and championships. Most UT fans know where we are. Why make it worse on ourselves by acting like 10 year olds arguing about which group gets to be the cops and which is the robbers? It's silly, and it ruins the site. I was gonna pay for 247, but at this point, it's not worth my time.

Definitely +1.
I understand true fans that get passionate about their school and its teams. I will always wear my orange and white here in the heart of Big 10..11..whatever, country. I also understand the frustrations of those "truth squad" members. It sucks to see greatness reduced to rubble. I believe that things are on their way back up, though. There is much work left to do and I think it can be done with the people who are there to do it.

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I read this article and was shocked. I expected JA to be raining all over the good feelings that CBJ had fostered so far. I can't believe it..JA actually thinks Coach Jones has done a good job and is advocating patience when judging the on-field performance? Holy phooey...the end must be near.
Me? I am not going to look as much at the record this fall. I am going to see HOW they play. I believe it will take another strong class in 2015 to fully see where this program is going long term. GO VOLS!!

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Lopez might be the dark horse here. If he averages 8+ assists and fewer turnovers, I could care less how many points he scores.

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My comments were not based on what is best for the quality of the UT basketball team. (Yes I'm an alumni and I watch every game that is on I have a rooting interest). It's based on coaches making promises to kids, the kids accepting those offers, being committed for over a year, signing a NLI, and then at the last minute being "persuaded" to ask for a release because the coach over committed or messed up on his assessment of the player. I coach in another sport and have had 20 of my players sign D1 scholarships over the past 3 years. I can tell you this, if a coach did this to one of my kids or kids in our organization, that coach wouldn't get another kid from us. Maybe it will work out best for the kid. The Dad took the high road but you can tell he wasn't happy about it and it put them in a bad spot. But the coach, who these players are supposed to put all their trust in, pulls a fast one when the player didn't develop as projected. That's on the coach and his assessment of the player. When you make a commitment as a coach, you hold up your end. It sends a really poor message about your level of commitment to the kids. I had one prominent D1 coach tell me if I take your player and they don't pan out, then it's on me. That's the right approach. Be a stand-up guy. As for what happened in this case, some say it's part of recruiting, but it's shady. And it's not a practice I want the coach of my university involved in. It makes for a bad reputation on the recruiting trails and trust me, these players share their stories. Practice what you preach to your players. Stand by your commitments and be accountable.

I don't disagree with your thoughts. Honoring commitments should be something we all do. It's sad that the culture of major college athletics encourages coaches to oversign. I would like to add another point. Oversigning wouldn't be as prevalent if athletes honored their commitments and stayed in school for their full academic careers. The will he/won't he game helps drive coaches to oversign.

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If another NIT season is what it takes to get rid of this clown then so be it. If you follow college basketball at all you know that the point guard is the most important spot on the floor. As Golden went last year so did UT. This is a disaster, Martin is in over his head. I'll bet the Landry family is having a good laugh right about now.

"As Golden went last year so did UT."

And they all made a brief stop in the NIT before being shown the door. Guess that makes a statement about Golden's game.

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I'm not saying that this is Martin but where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is a foul odor something stinks. Something bad is getting ready to happen. You may be praying to have Bruce Pearl back in the near future.

Bruce would take this team straight to NCAA probation. They'd be sitting home watching the tournament with their 23-7 record.

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Here is some information that may clear up questions that some people have.

What is the National Letter of Intent (NLI)?
The NLI is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and an NLI member institution.
 Prospective student-athlete agrees to attend the institution full-time for one academic year (two semesters or three quarters).
 Institution agrees to provide athletics financial aid for one academic year (two semesters or three quarters).

How can a signee be released from the NLI?
Release Request:
A request for release must be initiated by the NLI signee by submitting the NLI Release Request.

That is from What it doesn't say is how much a player will play, if at all. Likely in this case, Plan A was informing Landry of the amount of bench minutes he was going to get. Plan B (if he elected to stay) would have been to pull an existing scholarship.

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I didn't get a chance to post this earlier

It's not as uncommon as people might think. It's harsh reality for sure but coaches can't ever let the big one get away or it may cost them their jobs.

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in response to Ironcity:

I personally hate what just happened here. Martins best asset is his integrity and in this one move he has lost it with me and made it easy to recruit against him. This is consistent with what Buzz did and we saw how that worked out. Its bad enough that you would not have room for a kid who commits to you early in the process. It worse when you let said player sign his papers and then you shove him away leaving him with very limited opportunities. If you sign him then you should accept him. What happened here is a shame. Now that coach Martin has ventured into the sewer here he may find out as many other coaches have its hard to get out.

Maybe you don't realize this but this situation is the norm for college BB recruiting. It's certainly possible that the final decision wasn't made until just recently. Anybody that cries for this kid or any other recruit shouldn't misplace those tears. Personally, I don't like the practice of oversigning but teams need to do it to guard against the decisions that players make to leave early or not.

Written on Former Vol, Knoxville native Michael Cofer fights an incurable disease:

As my screenname suggests, my NFL fandom belongs to the Lions. I got to watch Mike Cofer go from UT orange to Honolulu Blue. He was a fierce defender who could get after the QB. My prayers go out to the Cofer family that God's strength will be with them.

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I moved to Tennessee in 1978 and immediately became a Big Orange fan. I had to watch the 1985 Sugar Bowl at a bar in California while I was in the Navy and you can bet I had my orange on. I remember Sports Illustrated coming to do a cover story on Bo Jackson, only to see UT put a beatdown on Auburn that day. Didn't some UT players end up on that cover? Coach Majors did a fine job in his time at UT. I think that Fullmer was probably a better coach and I was sad to see him go. The last 4 years have been hard to watch but it appears that CBJ has many of the same qualities that Fullmer had when he started and tat has me excited for the future. Since I live in the heart of Big 10(or 11 or whatever they're calling it these days)country, I will continue to root for the Vols from a distance and wear my orange with pride. The past has been written and is now history. The future looks pretty exciting.

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in response to Johnny_Aint_No_Del_Shofner:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Way to go Johnny, you were right. Somebody give that man a cookie. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Being right.
You get on here and post stuff only concerned about being right. When you are, you pat yourself on the back and criticize all those who disagreed.
Real fans support their team even when the team makes decisions they may not agree with. That's what a true fan is..loyal and faithful, sometimes too much. They love their teams equally when they're 12-0 or 0-12. Results are just the icing on the cake. The true joy is being a fan. Too bad you're too shallow to understand.

Written on Butch Jones selling Tennessee's brand:

Am I the only one on here who has noticed that the "he can't recruit" talk has greatly died down. The haters and trolls can't be happy about the fact that they're being proven wrong every day that UT's recruiting class is in the Top 10. Now they're turning to "he can't coach". Well, we'll have to wait and see about that. My hope is that CBJ is gonna prove them wrong about that too.

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in response to HaplessVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

"Dooley had Bray roaming the back benches, cutting up and clowning like high school reserve on a Friday night."
Are you saying that Dooley told him to go clown around instead of being focused on the game? So you think that Dooley made him chuck beer bottles off of the balcony? Did Dooley have something to do with the jet ski incident? Understand this, I never was a Dooley fan and I am not praising him now. Your attitude of "even though he did bad things, it's not his fault" has this country in a whole lot of trouble.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

in response to rtrchatt:

Why all the TB dissing? 2 yrs ago he was a first round pick according to the big orange nation. Enough on Slash, lets talk some real college fb players and recruiting.

The 08 and 09 Bama classes have now produced 10 FIRST ROUND PICKS and multiple other selections with a few 5th yr Srs following in 2013. Set aside all the wins, championships, rings and here is another example of Alabama excellence. 9 drafted and 3 free agents to this point from this draft, 11 of the 12 kids leave with their college diploma in hand. Dee Milliner being the exception as a 3 yr player. Congrads to all that play and study like CHAMPIONS. Roll Tide

Regardless of the fact that you love throwing the Tide's success in UT fans faces, I won't disagree with you here. As a matter of fact, look at the early signs of CBJ recruiting. He has targeted solid character players with well above average football skills. The results are a top 10 recruiting class. Sound familiar?

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in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm not happy about TB not being drafted. I'd hardly say he gave his all, though. I'd say he gave as much as he thought he needed to.

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in response to jt45:

Most of the time I agree with the regular posters on this site, but all this trashing of TB is far more embarrassing than anything that kid ever did while he was here. Blah blah blah not mature enough, blah blah not smart enough.

Not one comment about how poor the leadership and staff situation was during his time here.

Fact is, reading the BS the usual trolls write is easier than seeing Vol fans turn against this kid. No wonder he left ! Its like watching a bunch of Vultures on this site sometimes, some of you just cant get through a day without taking a parting shot at a former Vol.

jt..I agree to a point. Dooley and his staff may not have been the strongest leaders. That said, Dooley had nothing to do with Bray chucking beer bottles at cars and being openly flippant about his work and study habits in the Gruden interview. I think it's a sad story that he didn't get drafted and hope he gains some much needed maturity so that, in a couple of years, he can play on Sundays.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You sir, are a tool. First, I seriously doubt that you know Dooley. Second, BB was not reveling in Bray's situation. He was simply pointing out that Bray has NO ONE to blame for his situation but himself. Third, the previous statement is dead-on-balls accurate. You, and those like you, who come on here and trash anybody who supports UT athletics in any way are simply haters. Nothing more. You're not UT fans, just fans of hate and negativity., pathetic.

Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

So now the big question becomes, who's the odd man out? My guess is either Reese or the juco kid coming in.

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in response to JudgeandJury:

Kentucky had 51,000 at their spring game and Vandy completely dominated the vols last year. I doubt the vols will have over 30k at their game. You are right about one thing, the vols are not in the same class as Florida, Alabama,LSU or Georgia.

You're right. They're not in the same class...yet. Check ESPN 2014 recruiting class rankings. Vols are currently #7 ahead of Bama with no sign of slowing down. That's step 1 toward getting in the same class.