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Let's not forget Worley was the Gatorade Player of the Year as a HS senior. I'm looking forward to seeing him play. I'm also looking forward to seeing Dobbs play. Both smart guys.

From what ive read Ferguson has really worked his way up the depth chart...he actually may be number 2....I guess we wait and see...

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Sure don't want this to turn into a slam Memphis board but it still AMAZES me to think of all the talent Pastner had had and done I mean absolutely NOTHING with's really a shame...

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On the morning walk this morning it occurred to me we have had t-shirts, sweat shirts, shorts, etc for as long as I can remember (I'm 56) that has the gray and orange combo....and I've always liked fact I have one on now....

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It's 4, the same as the Dawgs streak against the Big Gray will be on October 6th - 4!

It's fine having you here but if you're a Bulldog fan I think you could have come up with a more positive screen name...Dog Days is an extremely negative situation....

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This is a serious cloud to hang over your program...There is nothing...drugs, thief, etc that causes a program to look horrible more than sex crimes against innocent people....It affects not only the football program but reaches to every student...I think Vandy is still a respected institution but things like this will bring it down QUICKLY!!!!!

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Generational? I think its more conservative vs more open-minded. It's about time some "new" was introduced into our unis. I'm a '81 grad - and have been wanting a signal of change for years. Kiffin did it (black jersey) and now Hart/Jones push forward. UT has national exposure and recruits nationally, so showing "newness" keeps us in front of the public (see Oregon).
Great move.
Go Vols.

I am probably the most conservative guy on this site and I think the uniforms look great....

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76 percent get it

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Bingo....I agree...I mean...look at the dialogue on here over...UNIFORMS!!!!..I'm older enough to be most of you guys dad and I'm fine with them...They look great!!! WHO CARES!!!.

I'll reply to my own post....At least this shows the passion that people have for UT football...except for a couple of well known trollers....not many programs in the nation where fan actually "care" that much about their program to get riled up over....UNIFORMS...I do like the passion..carry on...

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Winning is the only tradition in Vol nation that I care about.

Bingo....I agree...I mean...look at the dialogue on here over...UNIFORMS!!!!..I'm older enough to be most of you guys dad and I'm fine with them...They look great!!! WHO CARES!!!.

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This is a silly statement. Which team has beaten Tennessee more than any other? Kentucky... AND which team has beaten Kentucky more than any other? Tennessee
This is a rivalry for both sides and always has been. UK has the upper hand but that doesn't diminish the rivalry for either side.

How could you read it with any flow...the tense were all off on his verbage and it made no sense...I read it three times and finally figured out what he was "trying" to say...then I saw who it was and realized he didnt care...he was lobbing a bomb hoping some pure smuck would respond to!!!

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Show some maturity and don't respond to set ups by trollers today Vols....just don't do it....

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What should be distrubing is the stat when a criminal(especially of such a nature as this)is caught in the act its RARELY the first offense of this nature...probably many more victims...I pray not...but criminology just says otherwise...THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!And while some may think this a harmless college activity you'll wake up in jail spending 10-20 years....

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Any arrests today douche? are becoming the joke...responding to that stuff...let it go man...let it go...

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T, if my life ever becomes as shallow and empty as yours, I'll eat the south end of a northbound 38 special!!!!! What a loser....

lahvolman2..question...why would you respond to that type of a post? He throws it out there and next checks back...let that phooey go...

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Now granted we were and still are woefully slow on defense...especially in the secondary...but that defense was the perfect storm...trying to install a whole different look on defense with a rookie DC and for good measure throw in some key injuries along with a lame duck head coach and questionable talent in several spots and wallah...the perfect storm for the worst defense in UT history(statically speaking)...oh...and a murderers row schedule...lets be patient because we may be in for a rough ride again...However, I just don't see the defense being anywhere close to how bad it was last year...

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WHY pray tell would the NC from the last two years get involved with a kid like this? I mean, you dont have to. You are already picking and choosing who you want and I would think you would want a pass on this kid...the only word that comes to mind is STUPID...both for the Tide and this kid...

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I'm sure none of us know the whole story, and probably never will. G.B.O.!!!

Nor do we need to know everything...

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Are you stupid or what? You post some of the dumbest things i've ever read. Can't figure out if you're about 15 or if you're an adult who's just a little slow..

Quick question for you usafvol...why would you respond to this guy??? Its an obvious set up response...and not a very good one at that...this guy is an ametuer troller....dont waste my time and yours responding to this stuff...ok...I can move on...

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Man high school coaches are you that naive??? This is big time SEC football...hard to believe you guys dont understand how this thing works...oh, and that ACL is HUGE what with already was working against him...this is an absolute non article....teams over sign every year...what do you think happens to the overage that isnt needed???

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Do you realize how many injuries a schedule like that would mean. With lower limits on scholarships that 30 yrs ago, you can't play an Alabama every week and not put your team's health at risk.

And we have a winner...this aint basketball...and injury attrition would devastate a team in the SEC...I like playing one or even two OOC games against top flight schools but we need the "week off" to recover...thats just good business...

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I'll let you ladies worry about "what are you wearing tonite" and just watch UT play football...reminds me of a church split I once heard of over CARPET COLOR....absolutely ridiculous...

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He didn't really stop. He saw that Carlos Danger became available and nabbed it for himself.

Carlos Danger is without a doubt a sex addict and if elected to that office will bring GREAT embarrassment on that city. Sad really. The only way for him to defeat that demon is with SERIOUS, LONGTERM counselling....Wow...what a day we live in...

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Classic example of a kid on a self destructive road the whole way and you're driving up beside him before its too late to talk him into growing up...when you make it ALL ABOUT YOU as Marshall has done it becomes ALL ABOUT YOU when you crash and burn...not the first time and wont be the last...

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More bad news for UT. I wonder if this has been the worst five years in the school's athletic history. Like the rain, it just won't go away.

And still sitting at the top of the heap..... I agree with you the Vols have had more than their share of bad news but still finding a way to be in the mix....

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Now this boy must have a set of tater tots the size of Nashville if he's a commodore....silly boy!!!

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So by others respond you must be a gator fan...You must have chiclets the size of Montana to come on a UT Vols article about basketball and make ANY KIND OF COMMENT!!! But hurt people --- hurt people!!!!

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BP and TJ need to sign long term contracts with BMaze as this is the only coaching they will do above high school for many years to come. He had 3 assistants who can't even get an interview in D1 and he thinks he's getting back in? #pompousarse

Man what world are you living in? See Western Kentucky!!!!

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I firmly expect one of the incoming Freshman Quarterbacks to either win the job immediately or be inserted during the first or second games and to never let go. I just don't believe any of the quarterbacks already on campus will be able to win the job. They just haven't shown the talent required to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.

You could be right but if that happens we are in serious trouble....

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This IS something good but cant wait to see the "torching" by small minds that's sure to follow!!!

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We evaluated him two years ago. He's not 'SC or SEC material. Pretty good for KY or WKY though.

Monte said he's prjecting as a 2** with 3** potential.

CLK, Monte and Ed

Who is this Monte you speak of?

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meanwhile the rest of the SEC is recruiting top 5 classes

You shoo bout shoo bout that!!!

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Why are you such a negative TN fan ? You know UT will be back to the top soon. Be patient.

Man that was my thought exactly....I would hate to be married to a woman with that kind of negativity(while I do agree we may still be in for a rough road ahead at first)...But the attitude of someone like dat??? Wow....or maybe she's not orange at all...Who knows? Actually, who cares!!!

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Living out of town and never reading JA articles on a consistent basis over the years until the internet came along I was not one to overly critize JA...I had enough simpletons in my hometown that tried to be sports writers and were the object of my ire...BUT...I have to agree...this article by JA seems to validate what most of you have said for years...he seems to use all of our issues in the last 15 years against us...unnecessarily...hmmmmmm!!!

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While I too am really proud of Josh I think we have some of the best, moral, real deal kids at UT than I have seen since maybe the Reggie White/Alan Duncan like Drae Bowles etc...really glad they are here!!!!

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I agree with the Vols great win but my word are you just absolutely wrong about Joan wanting the AD job....why would someone just carelessly throw that out when Joan has been so honest about her position on that issue...just blows me away...

She's been honest BOTH publicly and privately in fact....Great woman...and honest

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I agree with the Vols great win but my word are you just absolutely wrong about Joan wanting the AD job....why would someone just carelessly throw that out when Joan has been so honest about her position on that issue...just blows me away...

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What Mike Greenberg on ESPN got out of all this is Governor Christie(sp) make a comment supporting the AD and it was all for political reasons...and the obvious reason Greenie slammed him ????...political views...funny!!!

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As UT us not on Memphis' schedule next season...Josh could have cared less where Antonio played.

You are kiddin right?????

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Dont know if this has been mentioned or not but to throw a negative at it(dont like it but its worth discussion) remember most of the stats achieved at Memphis for, oh the last 7-8 years at least has been against FAR inferior talent than Barton will see at UT...having said that I think he'll be just fine...So dont get carried away with the stats from the Tigers schedule...JMO...

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Once in a lifetime QB. Just hope someday we will just get another with close to having as much talent and work ethic.

Yeah you're exactly right...will go down with all the greats from the past, no doubt about it...not only at UT but in college and pro football...Not weak in any area both on and off the field....RAISED RIGHT BY A MAMA AND A DADDY!!!!

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I heard an interview with Tiger Woods and when ask what non golfer beats you regularly and who gigs the hardest he never batted and eye and said "John Smoltz takes all my money because that dude can flat out play and Peyton Manning is the best at gigging Ive ever seen..he's FAR too quick for me to stay up with"....

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Well until I see something unethical from CCM...I will stand with him...let the rest of the non Vollers rant on bro...rant on....Funny!

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Most of these responses here have to be made by 10 year olds who are use to people making their decisions for them or people who dont care looking like the biggest morons in town...Yeah thats Martin is going to evily kick off his team a man that he was going to rely on heavily this fall...Goodness...ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS ARE OUT TONIGHT...Funny!!!and this stuff happens at every program...besides...a lot of folks here wanted to run him out of the program most of last season...

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Let's see now. Hart is staring down a sworn affidavit, in a U.S. District Court, by Coach Summitt, swearing that he fired her (that flimsy recantation he got doesn't mean anything yet). Hart sends Blackburn to UTC with a glowing recommendation to Hart's own son, Rick Hart, the then UTC AD who's assisting with the search.

Presto! Tyler winds up on the short list for a job he'd otherwise have gotten a form letter response to. Let's see if ol' Dave can sweeten the pot a little, so as to get him out of this trick bag he's put himself into. This guy's rotten to the core.

"Hey Clyde, you remember the perfect idiot you and I were trying to find?...HERE HE IS!!!!!"

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Kind of throws a monkey wrench into jeffy an toddy's conspiracy theory about the lawsuits, doesn't it? I'm sure they will try to spin it their usual manner. You know, blame Hart, blame Dooley, blame the delusional, sycophant, know nothing Big Orange fans. After all, that's what they do best.

Man do us all a favor and study the root word, meaning and usage of "sycophant" and use accordingly....its a great word...when used've used it on several occassions...still not properly...other than that...carry on....

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Finally somebody made a wise decision about entering the draft early. Jarnell has a smart head on his shoulders (knew that in high school) and comes from a devoted, committed, smart, educated family(there's the difference).

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Another bammer? Come on!!!

Quick question...when we were looking for a football coach and Saban said he was interested in leaving Bama, you're saying u wouldn't be interested in hiring him...just asking....

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Losing a class guy to another class guy...wish him well and i wish we could have kept him...Great job for the orange Houston!!!

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Check the definition of Sycophants...your usage of the term in this context doesnt fit...nice try though...just dont be recalcitrant.....

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I gotta tell you...I tried...I really did...YOU MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER...but I tried...