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Written on Mississippi football players disrupt campus play:

The questions is will Dean Wormer place the football player on double secret probation?

Written on How many wins will the Vols have this season?:

Jones just has to win about 6 or the vampires will show their fangs! Go Big Orange!

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

John Adams is 100% correct on this issue. Fulmer did help build us into a powerhouse in the late 80's and into the 90's but he also led us in the opposite direction shortly after the 2002 season.

Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

in response to Caspian:

Jenny worked miracles in the therapy room over the years. Very compassionate person. So long, and thanks for all the ice.

Please don't forget that she was well compensated for her work with the women. She made over $102,000 a year as a trainer, good work if you can get it.

Written on Johnny Majors donates memorabilia to state library:

The entire Major's family has and always will have my love and respect. They are truly the
First Football Family of Tennessee. Go Big Orange!

Written on 2 more ex-Vandy football players now in custody:

Now that it has happened to the Dorks maybe we and the other schools in the SEC can catch some slack. It not the University but the people in the University that sometimes gives it a bad name.

Written on Picture of Alabama commitment holding wads of cash goes viral:

If the money came from a Bammer Booster then that is a big violation of NCAA rules. Hope they don't turn a blind eye to this issue. Bet Auburn fans keep this one alive, sure hope so.

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

I know it is going to take coach Jones a few years to get us back where we once were but I consider it an absolute insult that Vandy is rated above us. Coach Doofus is no longer our coach and we WILL be better coached, motivated, and better schemes. GO VOLS!!!!!

Written on Saban's scheduled Tennessee appearance causes stir:

in response to GOJO:

Athens has been on my list of stops for overnight stays & dining when I was working in or near the area. No more.
The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce just blew it for me.
I'm sure they will do nicely without my business.

I drive through Athens between 5 to 6 times a year. I stop sometimes and get something to eat and buy gas. NEVER AGAIN. Will totally boycott all Athens businesses in the future. Also will bet that more than half of the people that attend this function will be Bama fans. Way to promote the enemy Athens Chamber of Commerce, hope you are proud of yourself.

Written on Butch Jones doesn't bite on Saban bait:

Coach Jones, as a 60 year Vol fan I can truly say that I am excited and well pleased that you are our coach. Keep up the good work, don't get discouraged when some things don't work out as planned. The entire Big Orange Nation is 100% behind you. One of the greatest compliments I can bestow upon you is that you remind me of a young "John Majors". You are doing everything right!!! Proud of your efforts for my beloved VOLS!!!

Written on Butch Jones: Marlin Lane working out with Vols:

Hang in there Marlin Lane. Keep working and all will come out for the better. You will be our man this fall and all of the Big Orange Nation is pulling for you.

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

Regardless of what anyone says, when we lost that heartbreaker in 12 innings monday night, it did take the wind out of or sails. Oklahoma was to talented and powerful of a team for us to let that one get away from us monday night. Still I am proud of our Lady Vols and they are truly the second best softball program in America in my opiniion. As the t.v. announcers said many times, "Tennessee has more collective world Series victory that any other team that has never won a world series.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

in response to TBone5:

Have you ever caught a fly ball with the wind involved? Judging by your spelling you have probably never played an organized sport in your life. I have seen grown men drop an infield fly ball. Don't criticize something you just started watching cause you heard or read that Tennessee was involved. That's not a true fan!

Oklahoma didn't seem to have a problem with it, only us. On a positive note, The Lady Vols don't have anything to be ashamed of. They did lose to the best women's college softball team in America.

Written on Rutgers' new athletic director faces fresh questions about her Tennessee past:

Sounds like she makes Bobby Knight seem like choir boy. Don't think I would want her for my school. Zebras dont change their stripes.

Written on John Adams: Hurd's commitment makes Beech a Tennessee team:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Might be the biggest commit since Peyton Manning, and certainly one of the state of Tennessee's biggest names in a long while. Stay healthy and bring Beech another state title this year.

I agree and will be pulling for Beech High School this fall.

Written on Former Vol, Knoxville native Michael Cofer fights an incurable disease:

God bless you and your family. I will be praying for you.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

Feel sorry for Bray. As an old saying goes people have two lives. One that your hopefully learn from and one you live with after that lesson. Sure hope he and others learn.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

So much for the Vol for Life title.

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

Proud of the Big Orange today! Now lets not have a letdown for the next game. Keep up the great work young men! All of the Big Orange Nation is happy today.

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

It all about leadership and being responsible. I like it a lot. Good job Coach Jones.

Written on Alabama student details alleged beating at hands of football players:

If these Bama football players were or are thugs then why in the world did the admissions office allow them to enter the University of Alabama. Something must be wrong with their admission standards. Can not believe it was their first rodeo for this type of behavior or any type of mis-behavior. Guess as a minor that kind of behavior is sealed by the courts?

Written on All-American Kelsey Robinson among 4 players transferring from Tennessee volleyball program:

I don't know what it is but something is not right with the Lady Vols Volleyball team. The two Florida Gators that he spoke about are not transferringn to another school but are foregoing their senior year in order to have their names entered into this years NFL draft. Somethings wrong and I believe we are not being told the whole story.

Written on David Climer: Time to give Derek Dooley some credit:

bullcrap david climer. dooley and hamilton almost totally destroyrd a once proud top 10 program. save your propaganda for john adams.

Written on John Adams: Avoiding Oregon would be worse than losing to it:

My question is who was the genius that scheduled Oregon before the Florida game. That man needs to be fired if he already hasn't.

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

Dropping t.d. passes in the nfl is not a good thing Justin. Good luck with that.

Written on Tennessee's Stokely Athletics Center closing down :

in response to sjagold#565602:

Saw a lot of great Ernie and Bernie games there. Remember when ole Bernie got tagged leaving the building with a tv one night?

I believe it was at the U C and not Stokley where he got the t.v.

Written on Tennessee's Stokely Athletics Center closing down :

I was eleven years old when I saw my first game at Stokley. Every football game that I attended for over four decades, I would always go in Stokley, use the bathroom, and look at the pictures on the walls. One of my first dates with my wife of 39 years was at Stokley. I sure do wish they could have saved this historic building. It holds alot of personal memories for me as well.

Written on Tee Martin to remain USC assistant:

in response to VolzsFan:

forget VFL, what about his illegitimate son here in Knoxville. At least he came and watched him play the other day. I guess coaching that wr at USC is more important than that boy he is leaving behind. Tee showed his true colors as a man. I am done with him.

Didn't know he had a son living in Knoxville. Does he ever spend any time with him or is he an absentee father. This just adds insult to injury. If his statue is still on the campus in Knoxville and street named after him, then both need to be taken down. He is not a Vol For Life!!!

Written on Tee Martin to remain USC assistant:

Tee just threw his Vol For Life rigbt out the door. When times get hard for him at USC I hope we turn our back on him.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

so much for tee martin and his vol for life issue. i believe when kiffen gets fired from usc and martin is shown the door also, i hope we never offer him a coaching position in the future. he is not a traitor but had more loyality to usc than to the vol nation.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

don't beg tee to come, if he turns us down tell him he will never get a second chance. now or never.

Written on John Adams: Charlie Strong's strengths match up with UT's weaknesses :

This BCA just plain doesn't mean anything to me as a football fan and Vol supporter. I don't care what color the man is that we hire as long as he is the best candidate that we can get. People need to get over this black -white thing and move on. The Civil War ended in 1865 and the Civil Rights Acts were passed in 1965. The best candidate should get UT's job regardless of color. Enough said!

Written on Tennessee, Kentucky prepare for kickoff at Neyland Stadium :

I don't know what is going on with some of you and Glennford but y'all need to cut this Vol fan some slack. He is only stating what he heard or believes just like everyone else. I believe there are more people that agree with him than disagree. As far as Dooley goes, I don't feel sorry for a man who will walk away with 5 million from of athletic dept. for NOT DOING HIS JOB. Sorry but that is what I believe about Dooley. If he was a man of HONOR he would not accept the money for NOT DOING HIS JOB but the lawyer in him will not allow that to happen. Maybe, just maybe, he is a better lawyer than an SEC coach. Sure looks that way to me!

Written on Tennessee, Kentucky prepare for kickoff at Neyland Stadium :

in response to GerryOP:

It's a sad day at the end of a long, sad year ... but the idiot naysaying negaVols keep on showing their lack of class. Anything to attract attention to themselves. What a pitiful, miserable bunch of losers these make-belief so-called Vol fans are.

Not to take up for glennford but I think he was just making fun of how our athletic director tried to deflect some of the negative issues about Dooley when he fired him. Those were things that Hart said about Dooley and they were not true, just trying to be civil without telling the truth about how bad our program had fallen.

Written on Tennessee, Kentucky prepare for kickoff at Neyland Stadium :

Has anyone in our secondardy run down any player on another team even when we had the angle on him? the Kentucky back ran right through the middle on us and we had the angle. I can not remember a single one but there must have been a few!

Written on Could you pull for Lane Kiffin?:

Not just no but Hell No!!!!

Written on Vols try avenging streak-snapping loss to Kentucky :

I was in Lesington last year and when we lost the Kentucky fans gave all the Vols fans ever living hell. You would have had to be there to understand how bad it actually was. Hope we beat them as bad as we can.

Written on Who should Tennessee go after as its next coach?:

With the Tennessee fan base solidly behind John Gruden, if he is not hired the man who is will catch hell if he is not successful. Gruden is the only hire that can bring our fan base back like it was in the later 60's and 80's & 90's. Go get Chucky!!

Written on UT Athletics halts academic donations; money needed to fund coaching change :

About damn time! When was the last time 100,000 people showed up and paid $50 each to see a math contest. GO BIG ORANGE ATHLETIC!!!!

Written on Cutcliffe says he's staying at Duke in 2013:

The Vols don't want Cutcliff as head coach. Let him stay at Duke which is and will always be a basketball school first.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Anyone that gets a 5 million dollar buy out for NOT doing the job he was hired to do is not a good man of solid character. He is a slick lawyer that looked out for his own future rather than the well being of Big Orange Country. When Dooley says he will not take the 5 million buy out I will say he is a man of high character but until then he is a snake in the grass that has almost totally ruined our football program while making millions of dollars off of loyal volunteer fans. This is not a man of high character but a lawyer trying to be a college coach.

Written on David Climer: Loss to Vanderbilt will seal Derek Dooley's fate:

former tennessee coach Doug Matthews said on his talk show out of Nashville this morning that at this point it really does not matter who we bring in as our new head coach because Tennessee has bigger problems that just the coaching. He hinted that there were problems much higher up in the athletic department as well as from the administration at the university. Until these problems are brought out IN THE OPEN and solved changing coaches will help but will not solve the overall problems with our football program. Dooleu needs to be fired today, Hart needs a good calling on the carpet from the trustees, and Cheek might need to be replaced. Tennessee football is a BUSINESS and business is not good right now. Get rid of the dead weight from the coaching staff to any and all administrators that are not trying to solve this problem. As I said three weeks ago, for our athletic director not to come out and inform the Vol Nation what is going on is an outright slap in the face of all Vol fans that love the University of Tennessee. One last thing that Doug said was it was the people that are running the university that is killing our football program. Iam very ashamed, embarrassed, and mad as hell at what Cheek and Hart has set back and allowed, yes allowed, to happen to this storied, historic, and proud ole football program. This might not help but if you love Tennessee football CALL your state rep. and senator and tell them of your displeasure at how our university is being run. All they can say is sorry I can not help you but they can.

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

I don't feel sorry for Dooley. He has made millions of dollars running our once proud football team into the ground and making us the laughing stock of the SEC. I will no long be happy with just firing Dooley. Anyone from the Pres. of the school to the athletic director who kept Dooley in place after the Kentucky game last year also needs to be shown the front door. I would not pay Dooley another penny, make he take us to court to get his buy out money. I feel very ashamed of our program right now and if I was a high school senior I would not want to play for the Vols UNLESS they get the TOP coach to come in here and turn this thing around.

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

in response to tuscawinah:

OK, lookin' good!!!! Vandy's pretty tough, so there's no shame in being behind 34-10 to the doormat of the SEC. Oh...wait....Vandy ain't the doormat of the SEC anymore......<snark>

We are not to mention being the laughing stock of the SEC.

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

in response to shipperman#280095:

If they lose tonight, Hart will announce it by Monday, if not before

Most everyone knew that Dooley had to go after the Kentucky game last year. He totally lost control but some people said let him have one more year. Well, you got that extra year and how do you feel now. We are, no question about it, the laughing stock of the SEC. I want to thank all the trustees and athletic dept. for ruining a once proud football program by its approval of hiring Dooley three years ago and not having the guts to fire him last year. Iam out of here until we have a new head coach and maybe athletic director and why stop there fire Cheek as well. Clean out the whole damn house and govols you can edit my post all you want because Iam tired of you too.

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

Vol fans do not respond to ANYTHING that the GatorS say on this board. Just ignore them and talk to other vol fans. We are just playing into their hands.

Written on First quarter: Vanderbilt 3, Tennessee 0 :

If Bray had any nuts he would tell Dooley to get !!!!!!!! and catch the first ride he could get back to Knoxville.

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

in response to ok_with_failure:

Can you please tell us what it's like to be 0-6 in conference play? We don't know the feeling..

You Florida fans just don't get it. Second place is just the first loser.

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

Every one knows Florida sucks, it started with Teeblow many years ago. Why do you think they played so hard for him.

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What was the famous comment Dale Earnhart used to say, "Second place is just the first LOSER." Your a loser and are just to dumb to know it. Crawl back under the rock where you sister gave birth to you.