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OK,...just kidding....probably Georgia.....or maybe Florida... No wait,..might be South wait.,....Tennessee...OK, final answer is.....wait, let's see.?....ok my final answer is:


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I get so sick of this site running it's weekly Alabama story...who cares..... They don't give equal time to the other SEC schools.....needless to say I didn't read the article.

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Hmmmm.....wonder what this is all about?


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Seriously, I will never pay for 24/7 because KNS seems to have a love affair with Alabuba.....only thing I figure is Adams and Finebaum are lovers....

Please stop the love fest with the crimson turts ...


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You guys have posted some funny stuff here tonight. A good break from the rivalry stuff I was expecting. Hope everyone has a great week and I'm sure we'll be "doggin'" each other soon.

Go Vols!

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Possum will like this!


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Gotta believe Flutie made more than that!

Assuming inflation, I would guess QBs would have been making 30K in the '80s....just curious...


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I see Young being fearless crossing the middle so just get him the ball......


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Good point John, and a well written article...

However, the sentence above could have just ended wtih "...them on the field. (Period)..") the reference to the SEC results didn't add anything to the point being made and could easily have been omitted..." I prefer being excited for the future then to keep being reminded of what we've been through the last few years.


Anyway, it was still overall a good article.

Possum Rules!


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A banner!!! why not a statue!!!!


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They are, not their..

or They're....

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I have high hopes they will enter every game with a good chance of winning. It should be enjoyable to watch.


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If I were rtrchump would probably say "Nobody cares about me!..." that is whay I lay in wait to be "first" on another schools site and whine....." Not even gonna waste my time telling your what a looser you are...


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John, based on your recents writings, this is much improved work.

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Good article Mike....enjoyed reading it.

I don't think Ole miss looked that formidable.

Go Vols!

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in response to Central_IL_Vol:

It is an historical fact that the Bammer Moron Nation has zero class! You prove that by coming in here and bloviating about how great Bammer is. You did it twice within several hours after the Crimson TURD beat LSU. You gave a shout out to the 2008 class in one and announced the SI special edition in the other. Did you really think anyone here gave a rat's A#S that Bammer won? Why are you not on the Bammer Moron sites running your mouth?

The answer is simple, you and the other Bammer Morons are birds of a feather; all the same! You want to toot your horn and do it as trolls on opponent's sites. If you had any class, you would leave here and never return.

There is Harvey Updyke, Brian Downing and you proving my point about the total lack of class and sportsmanship of the Bammer Moron Nation.
Lest we forget another Bammer Moron several years ago who shot and killed a man and his wife (LSU fans) after ther Crimson TURD lost to LSU:

Hey Moron, if the shoe fits? You and your MORON bretheren are dangerous when you lose and when you win. I think it is time your great Nicky Satan step in and control the fans.


I can't wait to hear your "lack of intelligent" explanation!

Beautiful!......rtfchump is a typical bama redneck who must esteem himself on the highly exaggerated success of a bunch of kids....I live in Alabama and know first hand they will spend more time and money on bama phooey then textbooks because it's all they have...It is actually very sad but very true......GoVols!

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Well John, sounds to me like you're already trying to taint the verdict. You sure seemed to have continued to regress from: "It was Manning against boys Saturday night...."

So sad you've decided to keep at this ...


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This is great news!...Wasn't there another Miami commit that may have been waivering?


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Sweep right...sweep left....reverse....What a difference a first down would have made in that last drive....oh well...GBO

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we lost. a good year considering all of the drama the program has endured recently. i like dooley. alot. he's going to be a great one. going to be.....if.

he has to adjust to coaching at this level. we expect progress but we also expect the coach to be the professional. he has to do something with the responsibility ... when it counts. we want him winning.

no one has posted a critical shot at the coach for not managing the clock with 1:46 left in regulation. we had no running game all night and bray was performing well inspite of the earlier picks.

we ran three staight running plays to keep from loosing. we didn't let the kid win the game with his arm and the recievers were playing at a high level. we went conservative which is what we did before dooley got here. man up and learn to win we are ahead. we had first and ten inside UNC's 45. give us a break.

the players played as well as they could. we out coached ourselves down in the final 1:46....

Couldn't agree more....

Those should have been three sweeps to run some time off the clock...a quick pass to the back...this is when the game was lost (ok..I'll say could have been won)...leasons-learned: A second is a freakin' second and they are all first down and game is over...1:46...Just curious if that (to run up the middle...)is more Chaney's call or CDD? to be excited about next year...


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Great win and Bray is the guy.
Also, Congrats to Coach an Alabama resident the LSU win was sweet...

GoVols! Beat those Ole Miss Rebels (or whatever they are...)

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The only change I would recommend is that if there is no doubt about the best two teams in the conference at the end of the season then they need to play one another in the SEC Championship game no matter which division they are in.

Probably would have kept bama out of a few in the 90's...


(Bama troll in 3....2.....1......

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A great back and an even better person. Good Luck Montario!

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Coach, we hope your time here to be very lengthy and VERY SUCCESSFUL...GBO!

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Good to see the healthy competition. I've always beleived you can win with a bunch of two's and three's who are all trying to be fours and fives...GBO!

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If Tennessee can keep up the D they will beat MSU.....IMHO

Ok, here we go:

UT 75
MSU 67

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Final Four PT Baby!!!!!

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in response to volsn3:

prince can take us to the final four

I hope he does...

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Man, those Aztecs were tall and big on the inside. Vols looked OK at times but could never pull away. We'll find out tomorrow who they play on Saturday.

Lemme Guess.....Ohio?

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I think the lack-luster play of the tournement cost the Vols..they played well at the end of the season and maybe knowing they were in the tourney played into it. I think we played well against UK but our shots just didn't fall and I mean a lot of's not like we handed it to UK (until it was over of course)...UT controls their destiny and can overcome their seeding if they keep winning...UT needs to dish on the fast break and play more "we" ball than "I"...definitely a tough bracket but my hearts gotta take the Vols through at least one game...I'm still thinkin on the rest..???


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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Good post...

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I'm thinking when Scotty hit those two free-throws: "OK he's got his grove, have him launch a three next time down... but it didn't happen...I say if he just hit two shots let him try a jump or set shot and maybe he can get in a grove...otherwise, good game...cause we won!...GBO!

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I can't wait for the first guy that says: "I'll take it!" when offered a chance to play and will want to play for UT from day 1 and not need to go through the recruitement process....?..probably be an in-state kid and may not happen for a while ...just wondering...GBO!

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Way to go Quinn.

Hope you have 8 or 9 more games....GBO.

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Good Article John...

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I hope Lance is happy with his role and will stay for 3 -4 years...I think he and CDD believe in the same thing and hopefully CLT is willing to learn and develope. We will then wish him well as he would advance and may need to leave but hopefully not for 4-5 five years after our 2nd NC!

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in response to ALock4UT:

He is not the highest rated player ever. Scotty Hopson was also number 5 on Rivals.

Being a five-star just gets you on the list...

All five-stars are then ranked and he ranks higher than Scotty did for his 5-star group.

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Chill out everyone...

We outscored them 61-60....

(after it was 30-10)...

I'm betting we play better against KY


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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hey AtLeastYouDontHaveaPecker...

TeeBow is a great athlete but he will never throw a pass as a NFL Quaterback...

Book it.....

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cool...need the big guy...GBO!

Written on Dooley goes by book in first public appearance:

CDD has done an amazing job...All Vols fans express our sincerest gratitude to Coach for bringing such a class act to the University.

It's GREAT to be a Tennessee Vol!

Can't wait till the spring game...

Has the date been set?...can't find it on UTSports......

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The new defense will have to stop the last 4 national champions (albeit 3 teams) next year. Not to mention GA, Ole Miss, and South Carolina, and Oregon. That's Baptism by Fire.

Interesting perspective...

CDD is accepting the challenge. Could be painful but could be the story of ages....We'll see...GBO!

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Can the recruits send in their LOIs after midnight local or do they have to wait until tomorrow?....just curious..GBO!.

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Someone in the know please advise...

Can the LOIs start rolling on the fax machine after midnight local or is there a start time on Wednesday after which the LOIs can be recieved?...

I am loking forward to CDDs next press conference...I believe there will be a lots of smiles in the room....GBO!

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It wouldn't sell anyway...(unless they dropped it to $9.95 and cut all images of the POS)...

Nothing against the guys, just time to move on...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You sir, are correct.

The 5*'s think they are pimadonas (although not all) and don't have to work as hard....the 1's and 2's work their butt's off to try to become a 5 and because they are still physicaly and emotionally developing these guys rise to the top...the trick is seeing it in the guys. The empirical evidence would indicate the CDD knows what he is doing. Hang on for a fun ride...GBO!

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I haven't had the chance to read all the posts, but surely I'm not the only one who thinks Dave Clark's number should be 5. (Sorry, couldn't help it...showing my age.)

Good one...GBO!

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I thought it was a 3 also. The brief replay did make it look like he had one foot on the line. Thanks goodness for our inbounds defense or Florida would have had a timeout and could have run a set play for a 2.

If you watch one of the replays from across the floor you can see the foreground ref indicating it to be a two right after he releases the ball. A the time I also thought it to be a three and thought the missed shot by Florida would have tied the game but it would have actually won and just rimmed out...Whew!

Our "owning" Florida in basketball, especially during their NC runs is nothing short of got to know the BB affeciados (probably not spelled that way but I don't care) of Florida must hate our guts....


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I also hear that Kiffin was behind Damien Robinson's not being able to come to Knoxville to take his official visit this weekend.

this snowstorm did start off the coast of California...just saying.

Good one...

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<Sigh!> Articles posted on GVX are mostly written for inclusion in the NEXT day's KNS. The articles have to be written BEFORE the day they are to be published so they can make the MORNING paper. We just get to see them first on here.


Hopefully it is a sign a new folks coming on board but I get (minutely) annoyed by those folks always making the same observation:

"...I thought the game was tomorrow...stupid KNS..."

Anyway, I almost think to post the disclaimer immediately whenever I read a reference to "tonight" in an article...but, what the I said hopefully it's a bunch of newbies and not a bunch of goobs who can never figure it out.