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Mopes and Gomers, experts all before and after the starter is named!

Once Coach Jones names the starter, watch how many come on here afterwards and share their expert opinions on why he is wrong and how much smarter they are, who they would have selected instead based on their expert observations and analysis ... from their couch.

It will be hilarious reading, something to look forward to soon!

...from the couch. At least they will be comfortable.

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perhaps the best schedule in decades

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Fulmer was quoted stating Hamilton was over his head as AD. That is the part that gets me as Fulmer campaigned for Hammy.

The AD is responsible for making solid decisions. Giving Fulmer an extension and raise after 07 season was plain idiocy, as many alumni felt Fulmer should have been fired after 05, as we were #3 in the preseason poll but finished below 500.

That's sorta what I'm getting at. Why would Fulmer blame Hammy for the demise of the football program? Hammy had nothing to do with recruiting, coaching, hiring coaches. The blame game. Everyone's to blame except looking within.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

Fair statements. But what did Hamilton have to do with the success or lack thereof of the football program?

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I like it when we progress.

Written on RB Brandon Powell rescinds commitment to Vols:

Might have too many receivers anyway. Hope this actually works in favor of the Vols by allowing more room for the needed big uglies.

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Lesser passing game + better running game + better defense + better kicking game + better coach + intangibles + better hotdog prices = 8 wins.

Written on Salaries in Tennessee athletic department rise 9.1 percent over a year ago:

If Jones' salary is at all contingent upon how much more effective he is than Dooley, he'd be making $10B/yr.

Written on AP Source: Tide froze football staffer's contract:

Pannunzio. Ponzi. Sounds about the same to me.

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Seriously!! I sure don't want to see anything that reminds me of our previous "coach." Maybe orange plaid or orange/white stripes. But not solid orange.

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I just don't understand why Dooley couldn't recruit at TN? Kiffin could, Butch can, what was he doing besides laughing all the way to the bank. Coaches left. Players didn't improve. Like Dooley said, "You are what you record says your are." Loser!!!! He was obviously a better lawyer than Hamilton. Glad Hamilton is gone. He reminds me of the AD that let Jimmy Johnson go in Miami.

Dooley wasn't a coach willing to "live the lifestyle" or put forth the effort. He had a last name, lots of hair, made "funny" remarks and that was it. Probably took lots of vacations and mowed his own grass. Game day coaching? Well...

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Jeanne Dixon fans where ard you? Watching the sta*rs..............As sais earlier by many, going to trust coaches on what they see after evaluations of film and in person interviews............

Yep. Now it's time for some big uglies.

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The one quote I remember from Jones when he was hired, "We're going to hire the best coaching staff in the country." So far so good. It's really hard to imagine this coaching staff being superstar recruiters but not able to coach. If we get good QB play come mid-October, I see good things happening.

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Can't go from good to great without pulling anchor. Seems Vandy actually does have it right: anchor down and don't move. By November, we'll see if that big anchor fell right through that little canoe's floor, pulling both anchor and little canoe to the bottom of the lake.

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I think this is great news for Coach Martin. Something tells me that Coach Martin is going to advance this team pretty deap in the Big Dance and wouldn't be surprised if we don't find outselves in the final 8. In my opinion, I think Coach Martin's salary increase is much overdue. If I remember correctly, when Coach Martin was brought to Tennessee he was operating under something called a Memorandum of Understanding for a little over a year. I don't know about anyone else but there is no way I could go 3 months, much less a year wthout being paid by my employer. Not only should we all be fortunate that Coach Martin's wife makes enough for them to be able to take the year hit without pay, but even more fortunate that he didn't get fed up and leave for another program that could pay him. Anyway, congratulations Coach Martin and best of luck this winter. Can't wait to see how far you can take our ball team! Go Vooooools!!!

The MoU doesn't mean he wasn't getting paid. He's been making $1.something million a year since he signed the MoU. The MoU is simply a short version of a contract, or a gentleman's agreement with a signature.

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I know I'm supposed to care about this, since the media thinks so.

Written on Men's sprint coach Rohsaan Griffin resigns; throws coach position filled by John Newell:

Throws Coach? I shall try out for the Sits Coach. Sleeps Coach? Walks Coach? Stands Coach?

Written on Mike Strange: Will SEC have Tennessee to kick around again?:

Was the question in the headline answered? Or even addressed? I'd like to know the answer before the season starts.

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Good stuff. Even more to come soon, I hope.

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Experience Vanderbilt, and you too can work at a toll booth. Wonder what James Franklin would have to say about that.

Written on At 'Meet Your Seats' event, UT tries to woo fans back to Neyland:

Required donations should go down very soon, with the income from the TV package. UTAD's going to have to decide what's more important: selling out games or getting TV revenue. My solution: sell beer at games. Students are already bringing it and adults would flock if available.

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A myriad of transgressions hath a myriad of consequences... Proverbs something:something. Or Pat Summit circa 198x.

Hope the little feller changes. Otherwise a squander of God-given talent.

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All I got from this was, "Some of the violations released in the reports can seem absurdly minor."

Written on Ole Miss walk-on lineman killed in car wreck:

How tragic. I'm sure he had big plans. Rest in peace, pal.

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I believe the phrase "anchor down" accurately describes Vandy's position in the SEC for the past few decades. Dropped anchor means you stay pretty much motionless and let the opposition pummel you into submission. It could have happened last year also but the Vols were playing without a coach who didn't know the first thing about what it took to win in the SEC. That's not the same anymore so once again Vandy drops anchor.

Yep. Vandy's been anchoring down for decades now. You'd figure with Vandy's alleged high IQ, they'd realize what dropping anchor actually means.

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Witch Doctor say save us the whining if you "aint" reading them..Witch Doctor say thats easy but once every six months or so your feelings cant take it so you post something like this on one of my post..Witch Doctor say shew go away fly.
Bones never lie.
*Dont see me reading or commenting on one of your post...speaks volumes.

Our paths don't cross because our comments carry different substance. I like taking about the Vols, you like talking with trolls. Just hoped you'd be mature enough to recognize back and forth comments with trolls is about as mature as a third grader. And that's fine. Some of us just stopped doing that since, well third grade. Proceed as you wish, over and out.

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Witch Doctor say dont read them..not required. lol.
Bones never lie.

Believe me, I don't read them, but it is a hassle sifting through to find decent comments from fellow fans. Just voicing an opinion for those who value the site for it's primary intents: report on the Vols and comment on the Vols. How 'bout you love birds exchange emails, meet face-to-face or otherwise take your personal conversation to a more appropriate forum?

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Witch Doctor just like mentioning SCREAMING by cap locks..and you do it..AGAIN[[jingle jingle]]. Witch Doctor say you are special..Witch Doctor know a good engraver for you Trophys plaque. haha
Witch Doctor ask why are you SCREAMING ..AND explaining your post again? haha.
Bones never lie.

Would you guys please take this outside? You're really stinchin' up the breathable air.

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Vol fans: elated
Miss-Chump: concerned

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83 Graduate. Activity fee covered everything. The 1982 game vs. #2 ranked Alabama was a classic. We snapped an 11 game loosing streak to the tide and won 35-28. A Kearns bread truck tried to come up Cumberland and a mob surrounded the truck and bread started flying. The KPD finally came to the rescue and cleared the streets around midnight. You could not get within 20 yards of the Last Lap. You could get 6 tickets as long as you had 6 activity cards. The student ticket ladies would randomly draw tickets for home games. Sometimes you got seats down low on the 40 yard line. Sometimes you got the upper deck. I always tried to be real nice to the ladies. I brought chocolates and slid them across the counter with a smile. It was not fool proof but it worked most weeks. We had to camp out in front of the University Center the night before the student tickets became available for the Alabama game that year. Student tickets were gone in two hours. Bring the activity card back and start winning some games and students will come back in droves.

'88 graduate here. Ditto on your comments. Those were some good times: unlimited meals; "free" sporting events; $800/qtr tuition/room/board.

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Product and cost. Why would you charge a student to any non conference game. For that matter why charge them at all? Tuition is through the roof, fees associated with building all sorts of things not needed is adding to the pain for students yet they cant get a ticket to an event. Heck in the 80s I believe the students got close to 15,000 tickets and we rarely didn't fill the place. Also back in the late 70s and early 80s UT wasn't that good yet we always came. We also had tickets from the 50 yard line all the way to the goal post. Seems to me every time we expand or make the game day experience better "for all" the students get the shaft. As long as everything is about making money their will be problems with getting students to the games. I find it interesting that Alabama is having trouble. It really shows that the problem is far greater and maybe more irreversible then college administrators want to admit.

Yep. Might as well go ahead and embrace the issues and start with making the seats 4" wider.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

This electronic generation of kids is the crowd you better cater to, as in, making the venue exciting enough to attract them to games. If not, they'll get older like me but won't be interested in even watching the game on HDTV. Then what?

Written on Govols247: Former Terps RB transferring to UT? :

Hope he has a good GPA.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' dilemma: ticket sales down, SEC travel costs up:

No worries. UT and every other SEC school will be getting a cool $20M/yr more soon.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm not sure what tossing salad means, but I never thought for a minute Dooley was a coach after the UNC game and only believed in Kiffin for 1/2 season.

Written on Butch Jones, Erik Spoelstra built friendship on coaching values:

Ability to create relationships inside and outside of the industry have been missing from the last 2 coaches. I really like this part about Jones.

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I don't buy into this theory that for us to catch up, the other teams have to somehow come back down to our level. This isn't some race to the bottom, this is the SEC. It's time for us to rise to the challenge and stop whining about the level of competition. Also, this isn't some game of chance as Adams puts it, this is a game of skill, and to win we have to once again get the level of skill it takes to compete. So far Jones seems to be able to do that, I just hope he can keep everything together through what will almost certainly be a challenging season. Go Vols!


Written on Former UT grad assistant Marc Gesualdo backs Julie Hermann, calls accusations 'a glorified witch hunt':

Last time I heard someone say witch hunt, they ended up on Oprah fessin' up.

Written on UT preferred walk-on kicker Andrew Gantz going to Cincinnati in same capacity:

Why is the 2nd best kicker in the country only a three star? This is "foot"ball right?

Written on Former UT volleyball player backs up allegations against Julie Hermann:

If Bobby Knight were female, he'd be Julie Hermann.

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" was a very frustrating time for everyone connected with the volleyball program, which had performed far below our expectations."

Basically, Joan Cronin says Hermann was a failure as a coach. But, then she goes on to say that she held her in "high regard." As what? That's where the disconnect begins.

Given Hermann's performance in several press conferences, it's apparent she is either lying or suffering from early onset purposeful forgetfulness.

No one denies she has become an excellent athletic administrator - even Tom Jurich, her boss at Louisville and arguably the best AD in college sports, says so. And, that's no small endorsement.

But, for her to completely deny these heartfelt and sincere charges made by a cadre of former players is totally unconvincing. If Rutgers has more compelling evidence to justify their decision to keep Hermann that hasn't been presented, then they need to bring it forward.

Otherwise, let's wait for the Governor to weigh in (no pun intended). He seems like a pretty straight-up guy. And, he'll hold the Rutgers' Board of Governors accountable.

No joke. If Christie wants to run for pres in a couple years, he'd better get this one right.

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This makes for an unusual circumstance. Ms. Cronan seems very good at her stuff so I 'm getting mixed signals on this one. Did she not know what was going on or simply moved the problem elsewhere in the athletinc department. Ms. Herrman have any goods on her from past. Not likely as Ms. Cronan was a dedicated wife to her recently deceased husband. Her love for UT appears to always been stable in these latter years. So this one simply could be girls looking out for girls.............If Ms. Hermann was verbally abusive there is that possibility that she has matured and that was an immature/unready coach for colege temperament. Inquiring minds want to know. At least some do.........

"So this one simply could be girls looking out for girls"

In a male-dominated occupation, yep. End of story.

It's sad that we can't just hire the right people for the job, without alleged gender discrimination issues. Sad, just sad.

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Bobby Petrino... he gone (University Black Eye Syndrome, UBES)

Julie Hermann... she gone, UBES.

Robert Barchi... he ought to begone, stupidity.

Stupid and stupider.

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Probably some truth to what Adams has written, however I don't see the SEC coaches being any different than those in other conferences.

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Witch Doctor says Brick by Brick better than Stick by Stick of previous coach.
Bones never lie.

Nice one. Or Shidt by shidt.