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Written on Four Vanderbilt players kicked off team amid sex crime investigation :

I predict a settlement with the charges dropped. Vanderbilt has good lawyers, PR people, and money to appease the victim. The players involved will transfer. This is the price you pay to have a winning football team. You are going to get a few hoodlums.

Written on All-American Kelsey Robinson among 4 players transferring from Tennessee volleyball program:

If it was just one player or even two players transfcerring, I would say okay. But four at one time is a big RED flag that something is seriously wrong. This coach needs to be investigated.

Written on Marsalis Teague added to NFLPA Collegiate Bowl :

Teague was misused by Dooley. He should have stayed at receiver.

Written on Butch Jones introduced as new head coach:

I like what I hear.

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

Interesting photo of Hart with his back to Fulmer. Boby language says it all.

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

Hart better pull a rabbitt out of his hat, or he will be run out of town on a rail. He needs to quit screwing around, and do what Alabama did to hire Saban.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

It is difficult to accept how low our football program has fallen until you discover that Oklahoma State and LOUISVILLE are preferred destinations over Tennessee. Alabama did it right. Identify the best coach, then offer whatever it takes to get him. It has paid off several times over for them, while our revenue is falling.

Written on Lady Vols commitment Jannah Tucker injures knee :

Okay, who put the knee curse on the Vols? Enough is enough.

Written on Florida recruiting coordinator, former Gator Aubrey Hill, listed in report of new Miami violations :

We could of had Chickillo? Give Miami the death penalty.

Written on Franklin: UT not a rival until Vanderbilt wins more in series:

Franklin's ability to recruit is the best Vandy has had in my lifetime. If he is successful in turning it into wins, he will not be at Vandy long before a real football program hires him away.

Written on Lawyer for Debby Jennings questions UT's interest in resolution :

What might be next in store for Jennings:

"Former University of Alabama cheerleading coach Debbie Greenwell, who recently filed a federal lawsuit against the school, was arrested Friday for first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain. An online court file indicates that Greenwell, 55, was indicted on June 28. She was arrested and released on a $25,000 bond. First-degree theft, defined as a theft of an amount exceeding $2,500, is a felony according to state law."

Hart fired her too.

Written on John Adams: A healthy Pat Summitt would have had Debby Jennings' back :

I think Jennings is just trying to get a better everence package. She will. When merging departments, anyone who shows resistance has to go for the sake of the team. I have seen it many times in the corporate world.

Written on UT says Debby Jennings was 'insubordinate, disrespectful' :

This happens all the time in the corporate world. Jennings should have taken the generous retirement package and moved on. If she is so great, someone else will hire her.

Written on SEC could maintain Alabama-UT Vols tradition:

I am against maintaining the traditional rivalries. All of the games in the SEC should be a traditional rivalry game the week the game is played.

Written on Patton Robinette: 'I want to be at Vanderbilt' :

This is not good. Tennessee should have pursued this guy.

Written on Frank Boring, who played on 1951 title team, dies :

Sad to see Boomer go. I always enjoyed visiting with him at the Boring Family reunion each year. He was one of my favorite cousins.

Written on Sources: Wide receivers coach Baggett has retired:

I thought Baggett was one of three I would have kept. The other two being Wilcox and Sirmon.

Written on UT rejects discrimination claim by 3 women's athletic department employees :

They are making twice what they should for their level of responsibility. You just can't teach stupid.

Written on Alabama lists 44 minor misdeeds:

All schools are not equal in the eyes of the NCAA.

Written on Mike Hamilton resignation news brings swift react :

Fulmer and Holliway are great people, but not qualified to be athletic director. We need to hire a first class proven atheletic director.

Written on It's official: Vols to play North Carolina in Music City Bowl:

Sure makes Hamilton look like an idiot. Spent $700,000 for no reason.

Written on Juco TE Power commits to Vols:

Rivals rated two stars out of high school.

Written on Determined Douglas talks about depression, decision to leave UT:

Kid is a spoiled brat. Just what USC-West needs.

Written on Vols' Art Evans eager:

I don't think any of the games are a given, except UT Martin. Six wins and a bowl bid will be overachieving for this team. I bleed Orange, but you have to be realistic. The talent this year is very lean.

Written on Stephens says 'it made me sick' :

Good luck Nick.

Written on Myles confident at safety :

Basketball season is unfortunately over. I am ready for some football! I hope Jackson and Myles become All-Americans. Go Vols!

Written on UT player pleads to shoplifting charge:

The defense attorney looks like a graduate student. Pretty hot though.

Written on UT player pleads to shoplifting charge:

This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the NCAA. These young athletes are making millions for the schools and the NCAA. They should receive a reasonable spending allowance.

Written on Receivers have secondary on run :

Looking at the schedule, six wins would be a good job for this team. If they get 7 or 8 wins, then I will jump on the Dooley train. For now, it is wait and hope that these coaches can coach up and recruit.

Written on Dooley on Bryce Brown: As of now he's not a part of the team :

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Written on Dooley on Bryce Brown: As of now he's not a part of the team :

Wish him well. He is a good kid who has decided he wants to play with his brother. He needs a year off to mature, and get the concussion problems behind him. Cut him some slack. We will be okay at running back.

Written on Vols seeded sixth, will play San Diego State:

This Tennessee team has proven it can beat anybody. Against Kentucky, they were tired. That is why the shots would not fall. Poor conditioning and lack of depth gets you every time come March. They have the tallant, but do they have the will. Hopson needs to buck up, an be the man. Same for McBee. Go Vols!

Written on Vanderbilt sweeps away Vols, 90-71:

Went to the game. Vandy showed up. Tennessee did not until down 20. No leadership on the team. Refs sucked. Had to endure Vandy fans rubbing it in. I need a dose of football.

Written on Jermaine Beal scoring with confidence for Vanderbilt:

I believe the Vols will be ready tonight. At least I hope they can pull out a victory. I have tickets in a suite with some Vandy fans. It will be a long night if the Vols play poorly. Pearl has a hard time coaching in their poor excuse for a gym. Who in the world designed that thing?

Written on Orgeron making push for Copeland:

in response to BigHornBuckShot:

Have we beat out anymore Vandy's and South Alabama's for recruits? How happy will the mid termers be that wanted to leave but was not allowed to? What happened to Teague. Is he still on the team. What about Poole? Will there be a mass exodus when spring drills begin?

Bama just took DT Brandon Ivory from Memphis and Arkansas State. The sky is falling!

Written on Orgeron making push for Copeland:

Why is everyone bad mouthing Ambles? You all said the same thing about Brice Brown last year before he chose the Vols. I doubt if any of you know him personally. Let him have his moment in the sun. This is a once in a lifetime event for these young men. I don't blame them for stringing everyone along, and making it last as long as possible. I hope he signs with us. I think he will do well under Dooley.

Written on Trifecta Sunday: Defensive backs Clark, Sapp, LB Propst pick Vols:

If you look at our schedule this fall, it will take superior coaching to get more than 4 or 5 victories. No experienced line on either side, new backfield, and no Berry equals a tough year. We need to give our new coaches at least a couple of years before we shout "off with their heads". Drink the kool-aid and chill out.

Written on Mychal Rivera picks the Vols:

in response to gnm53108:

Good speed and size.

Needs some biscuits and gravy...and Ausmus.

I read where Kiffin has made an offer to Ausmus.

Written on After talking to Dooley, DB Loften commits to Vols:

in response to AWOLVol:

I believe this class will be comprised of young men who clearly want to play for Tennessee, not for some who's-who coaching staff. Given the choice, I will take a group of young men like these who want to be Vols first and foremost. This class, once it's completed and signed, will be very special to Vol fans everywhere...regardless of their final rating as a class. Given all they've been through already, these young men will grow to be leaders and will be dedicated to The Orange like few have.

See Only about half the 5 stars panned out.

Written on Adams: Dooley's focus remembered at Clarke Central :

For those longing for 5 star recruits, see Only about half of them succeed according to the referenced article.

Written on Garza's departure puts Hunter's commitment in doubt:

in response to nocleats:

You still think Kiffin isnt behind Garza s leaving, He wants Hunter and he got Garza so he can get Hunter, I would love to see what info Garza took with him when he cleaned out his office.

Garza will probably also improve Kiffins chances with Dixon Too. Sly dog.

Written on Receiver Hunter switching to UT:

in response to Carlitovol:

sweeet! atta boy CDD! ESPN has us @ #11 nationally.

They are still including Ambles and Thompkins who are not coming to Tennessee.

Written on Cregg joining Southern Cal staff:

He is a good coach, and kiffin taking the job at USC was not his fault. No need to bash him. Time to move on. Go Vols!

Written on Report: Steele to stay at Clemson:

I find it really disappointing that so many coaches have turned down the opportunity to come to UT, especially with the dollars we are offering. I guess Knoxville does not compare favorably to Greenville or Ft Worth.

Written on Report: Steele to stay at Clemson:

in response to micbrooks#212023:

Does anyone know the status of Ken Thompkins, the Juco wideout ??I would really hate to lose him. Also the 5* DB we had pulled from Baylor ??

last I heard on Thompkins, he is looking at other options which would require him to sit out a year. Dixon re-committed to Baylor.

Written on Report: Steele to stay at Clemson:

Keep the good news coming:

Under Armour All-American Justin Hunter now considering Tennessee

High four-star wide receiver Justin Hunter (Virginia Beach, Va./Ocean Lakes) has decommitted from the Tigers and has LSU along with Tennessee as his finalists, ESPN affiliate Web site reports.

Hunter stated via text message that he has not eliminated LSU but wants to consider Tennessee since the hiring of new head coach Derek Dooley.

The ESPNU 150 prospect has made official visits to both schools and will not take any additional official visits.

He's collected scholarship offers from Florida, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Penn State, Ohio State, Virginia, Boston College, Clemson, Georgia, West Virginia, South Carolina, N.C. State, Alabama and Nebraska.

Written on Dixon, Copeland reaffirm pledges :


The NCAA rule states (according to operations director David Blackburn) that if the previous coach has extended 75-percent of the maximum alloted visitors then you can file a waiver to get approval for 25-percent more official visits (14 more visits).

In order to file that waiver, the current head coach must not have been in contact with those 75-percent visitors. This weekends visitors took Tennessee to 75-percent making the waiver possible.

So Tennessee is going to file that waiver with the SEC office and the NCAA.

Which means that this weekend the visitors could not have any contact with coach Dooley until their visit was complete and they were off campus.

Written on Reaves, Cregg no longer on UT staff:

Sorry it didn't work out. Not! Sure going to miss Layla though. see

Written on Ambles not visiting:

Oops!!! Here we are bad mouthing Ambles for not coming this weekend, and ESPN says he is still considering his options, including Tennessee.