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...for some reason this is not an encouraging article

Sure did sound like he was throwing the assistants under the bus...

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It's true that the 3-4 defense is more or less the same thing as the 5-2 and it doesn't mattere what defense you play as long as you play defense. The issue involves the kind of players you have to play the 4-3 or 5-2/3-4.

The defensive ends in a 4-3 are true defensive ends that usually play with their hand on the ground and line up on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle. They are usually heavier than standup defensive end/outside linebacker in the 5-2/3-4.

The defensive ends/outside linebackers in a 5-2/3-4 often have more pass coverage responsibility too.

To make the switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in college isn't easy as it requires whole sale changes in the kind of players needed to play different postions.

UT tried to make the switch to a 3-4 without having all the parts in place to the defense.

The bottom line is some coaches are successful with a 4-3 and others are success with a 3-4. If the players make plays the coaches look brilliant and if they don't the defensive coordinator ends up coaching linebackers at Florida State.

John Madden, ladies and gents! :/

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Maybe the gamr should be tailored by the style of players we have instead of saying we need a better PG. Conzo is being too stubborn by fitting a round peg in to a square hole. Also, does anyone really think Stokes was a 5* player? Not to me he doesn't. And that falls under coaching as well. Instead of Conzo Dooley, try Conzo Fulmer/Peterson.

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The whole environment with UT Athletics isnt too healthy right now. How long will the virus last?

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One goal for some of you delusional fans is get Gruden out of your minds!! The koolaid has really distorted your views on the subject. God knows how organized your real lives are. :/

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I'll guess the decision has already been made. Dooley is not paid to beat Missouri, Vandy, Kentucky, or Troy. He's paid to beat the teams he's 0-15 against. With the fanbase hemorrhaging and split and the consequential downturn in attendees and hotdog money, Hart can't afford NOT to let Dooley walk.

Sure, since the dept. has 5 million laying around to buy him out. I don't think he can afford it. Econ major perhaps? Did you work for the GOP?

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A 5000 loss in season tickets next year will pay for the firing.

How would LOSING tickets pay for anything? Sounds like a dumb Repub. way of thinking, like cutting taxes to pay for roads. God luck with that Alan Greenspan!

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It all comes down to 9.5 million bucks, give or take a few thousand. Does UT can him this season and go into debt or wait and pull the plug next year? And if you "fans" quit going to games then good, stay the Hell home!

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Looks like some of these "experts" are eating crow now! Don't hate the player, hate yourself!

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He won't be back next season, draft or not. So will others...

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Well fudge, don't they have practice for that? Fundamentals is core for any sport and NOW you're just going over that??? Guess that's why ya get paid the big bucks....

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Based on what comparisons?


UT '02

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Sounds to me there are so many "experts" out in cyberspace but what inside information do you smarta**es have that leads me to believe that any of you could do a much better job than what UT has now?

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I think SevenT's head needs to be kicked around for a bit... :/

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Uhhh, we may consider you the troll for what it's worth..GBO!!

Can we denial, denial, denial? Not a river either!! Doesn't hurt to have insight....sheesh

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To all the haters out there, this car is raising awareness for Alzheimer's. I hope none of you have to deal with this disease. If you don't like it, get the hell out!! GO VOLS!!!!!

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The "eight letters" he is referring to is "a**clown." That is all...

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Yeah, but that was from the Lady's tees too.

Oooh, big man eh? Like to see you do it from the tips. Could you even reach the green in two? My bets are on the field.

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IT'S VANDY!!! WHO F**KING CARES!!! This is the most publicity they've had since the college had a decent football team prior to WWII. Get a grip, this clown is a Kiffin wannabe...

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I see your sarcasm. I'm concerned that Dooley is setting his own self up for failure with that quote. He's basically saying, "No excuses this year. Expect big wins." He'd prove a lot of folk wrong, including me. We'll see.

I'm glad you caught the sarcasm, some wouldn't be able to figure that out! But I'm like you, I'm approaching this season with very cautious optimism. We shall see for sure.

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That first quote by Dooley has got to be comic relief....the hits keep on coming and it's not even June. Mr. Hart take note!

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Good effort???? Two hits is hardly good effoert. And people think Raleigh was a bad coach, the grumblings will get louder if things don't improve. I don't doubt Serrano is a good coach, but this team has got to be the worst in a long time.

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Even though the field was expanded to 10 teams, UT still managed to not make the tourney. The Men's side of Tennessee athletics has been and continues to disappoint. And not to be outdone is football! Boy, the gifts keep coming....

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Even Raleigh couldn't come up with any better excuses...

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Looks like some Gator chumps are eating CROW tonight!!!

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UAK: University of Alabama at Knoxville.

If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em! Who the F cares where they come from!

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Since we have so many armchair AD's on this board, I feel soooo much better now that they know which asst. coaches to keep. Sheesh. I'm surprised some of you geniuses hadn't called Dave Hart yet! Better get on it if you still want that Xmas bonus! UT's future lies with you ye ol' armchair ones! The force is strong with these.. :/

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He won with many underclasswomen, so why do we keep hearing these excuses with football. Oh yeah, he doesn't throw his players under the bus like other unnamed coaches on the Hill. I hope the volleyball team wins it all! Maybe it would show the football program how a "team" succeeds...

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The biggest bonehead decision was to squib kick it instead of a normal kickoff. That gave them the short field. I too, was at that game. It made me sick....

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Don't forget about Wilkerson, he does the baseball games for UT so you know he and Hyams won't bad mouth the program. I'm with you, Adams tell it like it is, but some of these fans hate criticism and bash him. He's a JOURNALIST not a lobbyist

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Kills me how the Sports Animal cronies said that his buyout was LESS than if he were fired. I'm over the way local radio "protects" UT and doesn't give all the facts. The truth will come out so quit acting like experts and just give us the scores!

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Too bad success like this doesn't happen in baseball. Guess getting the best talent isn't for the men's teams. Hammy, take notes from the women's AD. Might be helpful if you wanna hang on the best job you'll ever nave.

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Sounds like some are throwing in the towel already. Must not be Real fans anyhow. Can MH take you guys with him also? Geez, get over yourselves.

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Never understood why other fans come on here and give a damn what goes on at UT. Go on somewhere, too bad Princeton couldn't beat Calimari.

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Maybe instead of blaming Hammy or Raleigh, ask adidas about the uniforms. Can't satisfy some people these days.

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They're done...

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Once the NCAA drops the bomb on the program and how this team has vastly underachieved, Bruce could be finding himself on the way out, along with some others at the Athletic Dept. Not gospel, but one scenario. I, along with MOST of Vol Nation likes to see a winning program in all sports, not to be embarrassed by the current Dept. administration.

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Once the NCAA drops the bomb on the program and how this team has vastly underachieved, Bruce could be finding himself on the way, along with some others at the Athletic Dept.

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Fire Hammy and all of 'em. They don't know how to do anything right!

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Ok "Gloom n doom," if you are soooo right about Hammy, what would you have done??? yeah, I didn't think so...if you don't like the rebuilding process, then go find another team!! WE DON'T NEED YA!!!!

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Mens athletics have fallen all around... except for basketball. Time is ticking Mr. Hamilton...

What about the tennis team in the Sweet 16 and the golf team making past the regional? Sounds like a Debbie Downer to me....

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I've told some of these "fans" that baseball has its streaks and turnarounds, but they just wanted CTR's head on a platter. Just gotta give the coach time to build the baseball program. If ya don't like it, find another team to be a posuer for!

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Listen buttbrain no one is comparing schools.Before coach Calamari you guys were not exactly tearing up the basketball world.And you guys can't count that national runner up finish cause your coach cheated and the final 4 appearance is vacated.No one in the nation will remember a cheater when they are in the final 4.So you can't count it. hahahahahahahahahaha

Not to mention Memphis plays in the "powerhouse" C-USA..zzzzz, ummm i think UTEP won it this year. whoopee doo. Plus Memphis gets the easy bracket, sooooo yeah, keep dreaming there TIGERFAN. Not happenin' here kid. By the way, how's the flooding out there? Nice 'n dry here in K-town. OUT.

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I would personally bring back GT and possibly Clemson. But USC and GA fans would never go for it. I say swap USC for Clemson, and drop Vandy for MTSU or even Southern Miss. But that would be too many Mississippi teams. Adding Texas would be nice, but too far west, and UF would NEVER want FSU in our division. That would be a gauntlet to survive. I say see what the Big "11" does and go from there. Expansion is bound to happen, and hopefully the BCS will crumble.

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After reading most of the posts, seems to be a bunch of whiners and so-called "fans." Big flippin' deal who is the "honorary coach" or whatnot. It's the O&W game! It's supposed to be fun and laid back for the fans, not a "tune up" for this fall. You guys are WAAAAAAY too uptight on any of this. Why don't some of you quit going to games, reading the newspaper if you hate those writers, and go "support" some other team. WE DON'T NEED YOU!!!! I support my team from worst to best, and I support CDD. It's funny how some of you "experts" are writing him off this early in the campaign. Have you not any patience? Geez, stop being so touchy. GO VOLS!! P.S. I plan on going Saturday, and I'm gonna enjoy some football, serious or not.

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Wow, this guy tanked at Auburn. Didn't UT want him when we got rid of Buzz Ball? Wasn't it down to Bruce or Lebo?

yes, I think he was a strong candidate at the time. Good thing we didn't go that route..

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How many of these comments come from those who actually go to the games? Or is it when something bad happens, everyone wants to slit TR's or Hammy throat?? Any suggestions? Just curious. IT'S BASEBALL!!! IT'S EARLY!!! I'm not about to assume anything yet, and yes it is frustrating to see us lose to these teams early, just quit whining!

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In your case daved, there is no hope for ya! Keep up the pessimistic behavior, "hasn't done more than other coaches." PUHLEEZE!!! When was the last time UT was RANKED before he got here??? Since DeVoe? Go root for someone else, "never got us to the Elite 8." Who freaking cares as long as we get to the tourney and see what happens. Sounds like for you it's "win a National Title or you suck!" TRUE FANS SUPPORT THEIR TEAMS REGARDLESS OF RECORD!! GET A LIFE!!!

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hey, give Hooker some slack...after all, he is just writing articles only to distract you from his even more horrible radio show on "Sports Animal." John and Jimmy are the only good ones on there, the rest are amatuers.