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Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

in response to xanga:

if true then Martin had to know Golden wouldn't be back and could have kept Landry. Just makes Martin look that much worse.

Truly doesn't sound like Landry was going to be a good signee. Averaging 2 points and 2 assists a game for a highly ranked high school team doesn't speak volumes. Don't get me wrong, I wish all the best to Travon Landy at New Mexico. I just don't think he was the quality of player we were hoping to sign.

Written on Kentucky coach Mark Stoops visits injured Ashley Lowery:

Guess I am just a little out of the loop on this one and obviously the article doesn't enlighten me with any other info...I assume this is a Kentucky signee? Sounds like he was in a terrible accident, but hopefully will make a full recovery. That being said, you posted an article that doesn't really say much.

Written on Back for pro day, 'humbled' Da'Rick Rogers says he wants to rebuild bridge to UT:

in response to JimmyJoe:

Hey Da'rick... Why don't you stay in town long enough for the KPD guys to get another shot at you? Why don't you go up to one of them and kick him and then not run off this time. That ought to be interesting.

Way to take the high road dude...Why don't you show a little more class with your comments.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

in response to eepwlg:

Why did they bother to show up?

They didn't show up!

Written on First road win of season a giant learning experience for Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols at South Carolina :

in response to TheEffect:

At South Carolina.......the worst team in the SEC with Miss. State. Maybe you should have a ring made to commemorate the "big" victory.

Considering how difficult wins have been to come by this year...can't you just let them enjoy the victory without all the sarcasm??

Written on Peyton Manning to speak at Tennessee's coaching clinic:

If only he still had some eligibility....

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

in response to orangecountyvols:


This one was so much torture watching that I had to leave it many times. Trae was shooting balls from 10 feet in front of the rim that didn't get to the rim. He was the hero at the line then almost was the goat missing the one and one at the end. You just knew Bama would hit that last 3.

Anyway, at the end, the refs on other occasions ( at Alabama, at U K, or at Miss St ) would have called a foul on Stokes. You don't see fouls called with just the body contact that much.........usually it's when somebody hacks you while shooting. Stokes has had any number of ghost fouls called on him so it was time a break finally went the Vols way. Most of the time, a good ref will let them play at the end of a game unless there's an obvious call to make. Yes, it was a typical hard fought game.........and based on the effort ( plus finding a shooting eye ) we might see a couple more over the one and dones will be nice.

Well said! I have watched to many games this year where Tennessee gets consistently shafted with bad calls or missed calls. I do believe we got away with one, but it was refreshing to see a game that wasn't a foul fest or called so tightly it was excruciating to watch (i.e. Mississippi earlier this week). let's go Vols!! Build on this win.

Written on Cordarrelle Patterson invited to All-Star Challenge :

Tear it up CP! Hated to see you go after just 1 season with the VOLS, but you did leave a lasting impression! Best of luck in the draft.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

in response to jsnewman:

Good riddance... These guys don't know how to win and a fresh start will be better in the long run for UT.

You are being way to harsh. Personally I wish they would have all stayed...even Bray. Patterson would have gotten better at route running. Sentimore could have been a fixture on the defensive front. I just don't feel Bray is ready for the mental side of being in the NFL. Hunter is ready for the NFL. Say what you want...these guys are VOLS! Best of luck!

Written on Daniel McCullers returning for senior season with Vols:

AWESOME NEWS! I think another year will benefit the VOLS defense overall and it will benefit Daniel. He's a beast! GO VOLS!

Written on Former Vols defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri hired by Florida State, but will still draw check from UT :

in response to rtrchatt:

Good for you Coach Sal. Call it emotional distress for wearing that puke orange one yr.
Bama nation knows you can coach, but u cannot coach slow, slower and slowest. Roll Tide

Just you call what Coach Sal did this year "coaching???" He screamed, he cussed, he danced around on the sidelines, but at what point did he actually even prove he could coach? Bama nation needs realize that they won't be at the top forever and Vol nation needs to realize we won't be at the bottom forever. It sucks now, but we'll be back. GO VOLS!

Written on Duke has too much firepower for Vols, 77-67 :

I hate when Tennessee loses at anything, but I do love effort, hustle and heart! The Vols played hard and kept the game within reach. A 3-pointer or two would have been nice. Too bad that string of games with a 3 pointer has ended. Tell you what, Maymon is playing the way I thought he would when I saw him last year. Keep it up big fella! Go VOLS!

Written on Franklin: UT's celebration will remain open wound:

Franklin is a true piece of work. I will give him some props because he is very energetic and enthusiastic and by all accounts a pretty descent coach. That being said he's also a hypocrit. I am willing to bet at some point he was in a locker room where he or another coach or the players went out of their way to crack on a team that had just beaten. Don't get me wrong, I didn't particularly like hearing some of the comments our Vol players were making in the locker room either. Our team is by no means a world beater. Still, for Franklin to feel hurt or disrespected by these comments is commical.
The way I see it, the Vols finally had some breaks fall our way after an incredibly unlucky past few years.

Written on Touchdown: Interception return, review ends overtime, 27-21:

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Written on Touchdown: Interception return, review ends overtime, 27-21:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEAR:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yeah the camera angles were pretty odd. Thought I was watching the local news channel feed.

Written on Touchdown: Interception return, review ends overtime, 27-21:

Not sure what excited me more...scoring in the second half for the first in I can't remember when or winning the game. Definitely leaning towards the victory. Way to go VOLS!!!!

Written on Bungled punt return 'deflated' Vols :

How is it possible that this team has followed the same script practically every game during this losing streak? We play descent the first half, but miss on several scoring opportunities for any number of reasons. The first half of games has been more or less respectable, but we keep giving up some big play that "deflates" the team and they kind of go into a shell. Then comes the second half which I dread to even watch. I don't want to hear how young the team is or how many injuries they have...I understand this clearly. This group has been dealt a bad hand with a lot of things, but I want to see more effort. Yes this is the frustration getting the better of me at the moment. I feel Dooley will get things turned around, but I am a little "deflated" when I see that type of effort and outcome on National TV the same day I hear Vandy has plucked another top instate recruit from us and see how they are going about their business with probably less talent than us.

Written on 8,000 tickets left for opener, but new scanner has UT officials on edge:

Mr. Fuller is concerned about devaluing the product???? Why not look at the economic situation in front of everyone right now. Why not cut a break on the ticket cost to folks who are willing and want to go to the game but flat out can't afford $40 tickets and $3 bottles of water? Honestly, people need value at the moment. The Tennessee brand is going to remain strong and lord willing, Coach Dooley is going to keep building us back up. Give the fans a break once in a while.

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