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This is going to sound ugly but not intended that way. Every GOOD team in the USA is mixed. I don't know why those teams play better but it is almost like the University of Tennessee does not believe in equal rights or treating everyone equally. I have many friends and do not look to see what their color is or what the sex is. JUST look at all the good teams and you will see that they play better ball, treat each other with more respect and are not jealous of each other. There a FEW exception but not many to my statement. It is time for a change at UT starting at the top and I am only talking basketball. The University finally did something right by hiring Jones and his brick by brick is working and there are no colored bricks talked about as he treats everyone by their effort and skill needed to make it a better team.

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They're trying too hard to be like the men.

Thank goodness they are not as bad as the men. BUT they are close. No Coaching as the coach does not know who to play or when to play them. One and Done.

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Tennessee would be smart in hiring Bruce again. The program is not going to go anywhere scheduling easy games just for a win. They will not win many SEC games and probably will not recruit any worth while players. Sorry Martin but you were dumb to accept Hamilton's offer to start with. When is Martin going to get any mix on the team. Why do we recruit from the jails? Football time in Tennessee so who cares about Basketball now?

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As usual adams has nothing good to say about UT. He should be banned from campus, asked to move out the US, and take his food stamps away from him. Come on KNS FIRE adams.

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Now you know why the KNS hired John Adams. Sorry newspaper and sorrier writer. Wish both could be banned from UT campus.

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If you read the trash from the non Vol supporters than you need to be in their class. Tennessee showed a lot of class playing a great team and making themselves look good. I don't think anyone could find blame for what or how Tennessee played this year. The Team as a WHOLE, including coachs did great and we are PROUD of YOU. Thanks for the season and looking forward to next year. If you blame the players, coach or the umps than just go away and read your comic books. GO BIG ORANGE.

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Now that is a true Tennessee Volunteer. No one else has class like the Mannings. I dare someone to beat his donation. Wish I could. Thanks Peyton and Ashley.

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I thought Adams told it pretty much like it was. Some people can handle the truth and some people can't.

Are you his kissing cousin or what. Adams does not have a clue about basketball or UT in general. All he can do is trash UT. He should be fired by KNS or write articles for kindergarden people.

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John you still don't know what your talking about. PLEASE retire and go away. UT fans don't want you any longer. What a waste of space. Come on KNS, FIRE ADAMS

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Who cares what team she is on. She did not help UT in the dance but pouted. UT needs to recruit some big girls who can play defense and who can hustle and someone that can shoot free throws. The girls were out played and lacked the UT spirit that we are use too. WHO IS COACHING DEFENSE. It was certain no one at UT is. Poor effort, they must be reading adams articles about themselves in the KNS.

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I am disappointed in the NCAA. All they are thinking about is the pay raise each gets by having us watch this type basketball. It looks like a NBA game where there are no refs unless there is blood, no ball handling, no professionalism and it is a knock down and carry off game. Where has the game gone too. The coach should be suspended for one year so others will not do the same. The refs were bad but not one sided. Basketball is a non contact sport. Maybe they should wear pads now days. GBO

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FIRE Adams. He has not written anything positive about UT for years and yet someone at the KNS must love him. Last time you will hear from me until he is gone.

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Martin is over paid for no more than he gives to the University. He is at best a junion college coach and he cannot recruit quality players. What he has gotten to play for UT would not make a good junior college team. If Hart gives him a raise than the University President should fire Hart also. Enough giving large contracts for nobody coachs.

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The reason we did not make the dance is that there are no dancing ballplayers. You cannot play one good game a season and expect to beat someone. YOU need quality ball players not also rans. Next season will be no better because there are no players worth talking about and no coaching. FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE

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IF Hart don't FIRE Martin then he would be better off back in Alabama. We need someone that can coach basketball and recruit good players. FIRE HART, MARTIN and Hire BRUCE.

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FIRE MARTIN, BRING BRUCE BACK. TAKE HART AND CHEEK WITH YOU. Where is all the money going at UT. Someone needs to audit the books before they break UT. By the way, you can buy Bones and me out real cheap. Give bones a ice cream sandwich and I will quit writing for a million. lol

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Why did our AD not explain to our dimwitted coach... And it's obvious now that he don't freakin get it... That he needed to come out and blow this team out...send a message to the NCAA that we did belong.... Because it should be obvious to everyone on the planet that w don't belong anywhere. SUNDAY WAS EMOTIONALLY DRAINING? ARE YOU KIDDING ME CUONZO?!?!? ARE WE TALKING MEN OR LITTLE GIRLS!!!! You got OUTCOACHED, outplayed, outclassed, outprided, out everythinged. and guess what! The SEC will be better next year...what will be your excuse then! This is stupid. Why don't you stupid media guys stand up and tell it like it is... Instead of being to afraid to call CUONZO out? This is the second year of this... And when is it ever going to gt better? Never... Not with this coaching staff.

The media is not going to say anything about Martin because they like the make up of the team. One nobody and one walk on. Bones never lies.

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I agree with the "outcoached" and "outplayed" assessment.

I have seen better coaching by high school coaches, better ball playing by jr. high players and there is no excuse for it. FIRE Martin and bring back Bruce. With the cheating the NCAA is allowing (Like St. Mary's) and the NCAA allowing them to play in the big dance, why doesn't Hart bring Bruce back. At least more people would show up for a game. How does the NCAA say that TN is one of the top ten money makers with a season like this. WHO is spending he money? CHEEK, HART, MARTIN?

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You must be from Haywood County; And I mean that in a negative way.

I thought you were my neighbor, thanks for confirming this information and for knowing nothing about basketball in our neighborhood.

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NIT is where TN can be competitive right now....what good does a 1st round beat down in the NCAA tourney do?

TN is not good enough to play in the NIT. They will get there and the country will know that we do NOT have a good group of players. I don't think this group can compete in any league right now. IT don't look any better for next year. YOU cannot get one good player to play with also rans and compete in the SEC. The Vols need quality players, not a bunch of also ran players. Mr. Hart needs to start the process now if he expects to find a good coach by next year. Thank goodness football is just a short period away. GBO

Written on Mike Strange: Another NCAA near-miss ups the ante for Cuonzo Martin, Vols in 2014:

Nothing will change next year. There are no five star recruits coming and they won't as long as Martin is there. Wake up Hart. If you want to go to the dance than hire a coach, not someone from the community colleges. Enough, bring on Football. There should not be a NIT. The Dance is for winners and UT did not win.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

I am sure that Hart is satisfied with the NIT. If not then he will find us a coach that can lead players. OOPS, forgot we don't have very many good players, just those who can talk.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

Someone needs to tell bones that they teach english. He needs to learn how to speak and write. If he knew so much about basketball he would replace Martin as Coach as it does not take much. Most coachs would have replaced the players who gave no effort today. Please Mr. Hart don't accept an NIT game and make us look worse than we do now. Maybe we need to send Martin back to the Big Ten where they don't coach their players but let them Play. This is the SEC not a learning spot for people like Martin who cannot coach. YOUR turn Bones. Cannot wait till you make yourself look like the coach at UT. COME ON FOOTBALL.

Written on It could be bubble or burst for Vols against Missouri:

Thank goodness we can watch the lady vols play at 4. Glad to say goodbye to the senior boys. Looking forward to the next season, maybe we can find some players.

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We will see what kind of coach we have when we hear she pink slipped the officals of todays game. It was very clear that Kentucky was going to win regardless of how TN played. There were too many fouls not called on KY and it appeared to be an NBA called game. This is not basketball. Come coach, I want to see the pink slip so these officials can never call a TN game again. Maybe the SEC wanted it this way. Time will tell. It also appeared that some of the UT players did not or could not play up to their ability and should have been benched. IF you don't change your habits you will sit out the SEC and maybe the Dance after one.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

There will be no dance this year. We should save our money and prepare to hire a coach that is big time not a big ten coach. Come on Hart try and to better than the person you replaced. UT does not deserve to play in the NIT and get beat by a no body. Save the money and hire a coach.

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Why does the UT administration allow ESPN to jerk them and the fans around. They made the fans, who could not make it to the game, watch inferior ball games instead of carrying UT's game as advertised. I think Hart owes the fans an apology and a promise that this will not happen again or maybe he should inform ESPN to park their trucks far away from the buildings in the future.

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This was a first for Tennssee basketball. This team actually looked like a basketball TEAM today except for the cheap shot at the end of the game. Thugs will be thugs. Now if they can continue, they might make the NIT. GBO

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You girls had better turn it up a notch both on defense and hustle. You were lucky to get a win last night. Coachs, when are you going to get into the game. I did not see a coach getting on any players during the game. Boy, do we miss Pat;s glare. Someone had better wake up or you will not get pass the second round this year. You have talent, but no heart.

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"Selective", really. Butch took what scraps he could after the big boys were done and Ewe know it. Same ole same ole. What about the need for running backs?

why don't you move back to Florida or Alabama. They need fans like you we don't.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

WANTED: High School basketball players who can play the game regardless who is coaching. NO MORE thugs, poorly dressed or people needing shaves. Wanted ole time Vols basketball players. Please apply to Mr. Hart.

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When you look like a bum and play like bums than the team is a bum. Don't wait another year. I would rather have a liar who can coach than a junior college coach.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

Learn to live with this coach. He will not be replaced by Hart. Basketball at UT will never be the same as it was with Pearl. UT needs players, not hollywood lookers, people who can clean themselves up and not look like hoods, but what do you expect from a Junior college coach?

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

Enough, This team sucks. I have seen better high school teams. The team lacks leadership, they look like hoods and the so called stars need to be sitting on the bench. The only problem there are NO quality players on the bench or on the floor. Hart needs to get off his can and find someone that can recruit good players, team players and someone that can do more than teach defense, if you call this defense. We just hired someone to fix football and now we need to redo the basketball team and coach. Whats next, baseball?

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We have a good defensive coach. Now we need to find someone that can teach players how to shoot and when to shoot. We are in dire need of quality players who listen to their coach. If Mike Hamilton had taken the blame instead of Pearl we would still be in the basketball business at UT. Instead Hamilton went and found someone he could tell what to do. Now the program is going downhill and will not stop. Tennessee Basketball is the laughing stock in the SEC. GBO

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

this award is like the heisman, not worthy mentioning in a paper much less computer space. FIRE ADAMS

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Not only did he NOT broadcast the game with professionalism, he knows nothing about football. He was one sided making it known he was for ND. He should be banned from broadcasting football at any level. I had to mute the game to enjoy what the Tide did to ND. Herb should refuse to do a game on TV with him in the future, IF there is a future for him. Other stations would get rid of him.

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It was nice to see that you have relatives and family who can say something good about you. I would not and do not read your trash. The KNS should hire someone that loves UT so the sports people here in Knoxville could be proud of articles that should be posted on this site. Sorry but you do not make the grade.

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I quit reading the newspaper because of the stupid John Adams articles and now I will stop looking at this site if someone don't get rid of him here. What a waste. No one wants to read the stupid articles he writes so someone at the KNS must be in his household holding hands with him. FIRE ADAMS

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Don't count the Lady Vols out just yet. There is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. There are a few girls on the team that still don't understand TEAM WORK and a few that are not willing to accept they are not the All Americans noted in the paper. We will win more than we lose but will not be in the final four THIS year. They are better than the football team was last year and will get better. GBO

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Now is the time for healing. We might miss a lot of Vols players who are leaving but let's look forward to next year which cannot be worst than this years team. We might even surprise the people who suppose to know like J. A----. Too bad he cannot go to the NFL. GO BIG ORANGE

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Patterson will not stay, if for no other reason, I understand his academic prowess is -- say, questionable. Bray will not stay because with all of his receivers gone (top 5 receivers all gone if Patterson leaves), there is a pretty good chance that he won't look as impressive, and his draft stock could actually go down.

This is the best news for vol fans. Both need to go away quietly. The maturity of both is questionable and hopefully both will be gone before they do something the school will be sorry for. They are only boys trying to act like men but will never make it as one is dumb and the other is a child.

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Looks like another Mike Hamiliton bust. Thought he was going to be different but I watch a team that could not play half the high school teams in TN and beat them. There is no excuse for not making free throws. Team looks like a bunch of thugs. Need to shave, get a hair cut and represent UT with pride not like a california team.

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So...Cheek is saying he wants a top 25 university out of one side of his mouth and then turns around and punishes the academic and graduate programs for horrible financial decisions made by the athletic department. UT is such a joke. And before everyone starts talking about how UT sports makes the UT academic world work, UT Athletics doesnt pay rent for all the land for their facilities. Yes, they pay for the parking lots that the students and fans use but not the land for practice fields, practice facilities, stadiums, arenas etc. If they want to become a separate business entity as Hart has been pushing for since he arrived, then it is time to pay land lease. Oh, and every athlete has to attend classes to be able to play in the NCAA. UT academics is not collecting full tuition and fees for each of those students from UT Athletics. That should change too. They need to help pay the faculty teaching their athletes. If Cheek didnt have a plan for how to deal with all these buyouts and firings as he stated earlier this week, then he has proven himself unfit for the job. This decision today just confirms that. You cant please two masters Jimmy. And last time I checked, the university is supposed to educate people, not be a professional sports franchise.

Fire Cheek and save a ton of money from his salary. Get rid of all coachs from out of this state and get on with in state recruiting. Watch the Maryville HS program and see a good coach and well coached team.

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FIRE adams and dooley. Both are negative to TN.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's time is up for Tennessee Vols:

I believe if you check the facts you will find that Vince Dooley gave Doug Dickeys son a job at Ga. When Dickey hand picked Hamiliton to replace him, Hamiliton was told to hire Dooley here at Tennessee to repay the debt. It does not matter what type coach you are or what your morals are, it is the rich man telling the poor man what to do. Look at the elections here in this country and you will find very few poor men or women holding office. Maybe we need a Tennessee tea party to rid ourselves of the current people in office like dooley, hart, cheek than clean up our state politicans starting with all elected officials. GBO

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NOW is the time to FIRE both dooley and adams. Neither do anything good for UT. There are good high school coachs that could do a better job than dooley has. I will never attend another UT game until dooley is gone. Maybe we need to get rid of dooley, hart, cheek and the UT president along with adams.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

Hart either makes a change now (tonight) or he has to go along with dooley. dooley back to Ga and Hart to ALA. Hire a good high school coach from TN and get the blood rolling again.