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I only casually follow pro basketball. I know they only have two rounds in the draft. The teams I do follow, the players they drafted have been able to contribute right away, even if off the bench. I still see Stokes as a project. He is getting better, but he needs another year of college ball. Whenever, he went against anyone taller than him he struggled. He got his shot blocked. And guess what, in the pros he will be playing against taller players. Anyone his size or shorter, he can dominate. He has not learned how to position himself against a taller player on a consistent basis.

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract:

I am still on the fence about Coach Martin. For every positive, there seems to be something that leaves you scratching your head. My worry is that next year's team, should, in theory, be a no brainer for the NCAA tourney. I think the talent will be so great, even an average coach can get them into the tourney. However, half of the team are still Pearl leftovers. To me, it is not the ability of the coach to get a stacked, talented team in the tourney. But, in those leaner years can he coach up talent and get them into the tourney. Martin has not shown that ability yet. He seems to loose two or three games per year that UT should win, and those end up killing us. I am afraid after getting into the tourney next year, Hart will give Martin a huge extension and then we will see a fall off the next year. The slow starts in both years is of concern.

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

I don't buy the article. Last year when Stokes arrived mid-season the chemistry of the team seemed immediate. I think Martin has shown his team's get off to a slow start. He needs to work on that. Key losses at the beginning of both years have cost the Vols dearly. I also now second guess Coach Martin having McCrae coming off the bench as the sixth player for the first part of the season. How did the Coach mis-judge the runner-up to SEC player of the year. And, I loved McBee, but allowing him to play through his elbow injury cost the team. Then, finally, if they don't figure out how to handle the pick-and-roll we can have a great team, but won't go too far. I guess having Maymon in the paint will help.

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No big surprise to me. This is where I bought into Martin last year only to have my eyes opened with his lack of coaching knowledge and then followed by disappointment [lost to MTSU]. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me [and there is no shame on me tonight].

I dislike being negative, but I simply cannot see anything to be excited about next year with UT Men's Basketball unless there are personnel changes within Martin's coaching staff, which I do not see. I find it very disheartening and disappointing to see the VOLS repeatedly playing without emotion, direction, and game plan. Also, it appears to me that the VOLS continually gets beat by what seems to be less talented teams that are simply better coached.

If college basketball games were won by drinking water, shuffling feet, and licking fingers, Martin would be undefeated.

I agree with most of what you wrote. I do think that the Vols will do well next year. One thing Maymon will bring (besides his pre-season All SEC Team talent) is enthusiasm. He is a great leader and will motivate the team. I expect to see less of the emotional lapses. And, while I will give Martin credit for signing Stokes and Hubbs, I do think this smells a little like Dooley, in the fact, we are allowing a Coach who is not yet experienced enough to coach in the SEC to learn on the job. The downside is, I think almost any coach can win with next year's team. A team in which Golden, McCrae, and Maymon were recurited by Pearl. I see the Vols going 24-6, possibly winning the SEC, and possibly being a Sweet 16 team, strickly based on the talent on the team. And, then Hart will give Coach Martin a significant contract extension. And, we will have Coach Martin here for a long time and still not be sure whether he can coach or not.

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Many years ago I went to summer basketball camp at the University of Richmond. Ralph Sampson was in the next dorm room. He was an upper classman in high school and was 7'1". So, he even had another growth spurt around 18 that took him to 7'4". So, you never know.

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To me its not stopping Griner, she is going to get her points. I think they have to stop Odyssey Sims their dynamic gaurd. She has killed us the last few times we have played them.

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Nothing will change next year. There are no five star recruits coming and they won't as long as Martin is there. Wake up Hart. If you want to go to the dance than hire a coach, not someone from the community colleges. Enough, bring on Football. There should not be a NIT. The Dance is for winners and UT did not win.

Hubbs is a 5 Star who is coming to UT next year. He is one of the highest rated basketball players to come to UT. Maymon was a pre-season all SEC pick who will be back after sitting out this year. That is two big improvements. I will agree if he misses the big dance next year we have problems.

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I am trying to stay positive. Some news services have UT out of the NCAA. UT needs to win one and maybe two in the SEC tourney to nail it down. If we miss, the great comeback will be for not. Just like last season. I recognize the loss of Maymon was huge. But, UT needs to play better in November/December. So far under Martin, we have lossed two or three at the beginning of the season that a program like UT shouldn't. Those are what can keep a team out of the big dance. But, hopefully UT is in the tourney. Depending on our seeding and match up this team could be trouble for some. Any team we play with a center the same size or smaller than Stokes will struggle against UT. If they have a solid 6'10" type center Stokes has struggled.

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While I do think Tennessee must recruit nationally it is very important to be sure you get the top talent from Tennessee. I also believe bred-and-born Tennesseans have a stronger passion at times. I watched many of the bowl games and I must of heard reference to 7-10 players on various teams being from East Tennessee. So, there are Tennesseans who have the ability to play Division 1 and for some reason did not go to UT. I remember the starting QB from Wisconsin is from the Johnson City area.

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I know this is not a popular thing to do in a big time Divison I school. But, I would sign 6-8 junior college players. Coaches don't like them because they are only here two years, but we need experience players especially on defense.

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I figure that if I can leave a negative comment a few days ago saying we would be beat by Witchata State, I can leave a comment stating that they team played a lot better and I am happy for them. This team still has a lot of issues and they need to improve quickly. The number of unforced turnovers was high. But, the overall offensive effort was better.

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I heard their coach on the Knoxville radio the other day. He sounded like an excellent coach with lots of success that has turned down a few opportunties to move on to bigger programs. He does an excellent job in recruiting to Witchita. They have had several players go on to NBA developmental teams and/or Europe. They are talanted and have beaten some solid teams this year - VCU and Iowa that I remember. Based on how the Vols are playing I think we are in trouble. I can't put my finger on why we are struggling offensively. We are having a very hard time of getting a good open shot. And, everyone seems they are in a cold streak. These games are just as important as the SEC in building a NCAA tourney resume'.

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This is all a negotiations ploy. If Martin is as good of a recruiter as they say, he will meet with Kiffin and they will give him a raise. Then, UT will have to meet it.

I am trying to look at him bringing so many Cincinnati coaches as a glass-half-full scenario. While they may rely on Graham and Martin and the new coaches from Auburn to help with the south, the Cincinnati coaches may have strong recruiting ties to Ohio, Michigan and states in the upper mid-west. There are a lot of good players there also.

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I will agree that we don't know what Hart has done and we should wait before we cast stones. I don't agree that Jones almost beat us - the score was 45 to 23. I do have questions. Some say the conversation with Gruden was a one minute phone call. Was that so? Some say Hart only meet with Strong for about an hour to give him the contract and that another UT represenative interviewed him. Is this true? I think to get Strong to leave and harder sale was needed. I want to wait and hear from Hart and see what really has happened. The rumors are so rampant who knows what the truth is.

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Oh dear, the Cincinnati paper is reporting Butch Jones has called a team meeting Friday morning at 7:30 a.m., that is not what I want to hear.

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I think in the long run, he would be the best choice, and it would payoff in recruiting forgive for the spelling

I am not sure what the process is to hire Tressle. And, the 5 game suspension is the minimum penalty. The NCAA can place additional penalties on the school who hires him, including doing a NCAA audit each year. But, for argument sake, lets say you hire him. Do you have to contact the NCAA first to have a show cause hearing? How long will that take? What if they don't agree with UT? It seems that you could be hung up for months seeking NCAA approval. My only thought would be to hire Fulmer on a two year contract and tell him he is holding to spot until Tressle can be approved through the NCAA and put into place. Then, Tressle becomes a coach-in-waiting or an assistant coach until Fulmer's two years are up. Then, move Fulmer into an assistant AD spot and promote Tressle into coach.

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I like to read the papers where the potential coaches are from to see what they are saying. And, the fans on the Cincinnati paper don't seem to be too upset about losing Jones himself. Some are concern that they have lost three coaches in just a few years and that they have become a revolving door per say. Others, say Jones is winning with Kelly's players (Notre Dame coach) and that he has not been as successful as the past two coaches. So, they are not too upset on losing him.

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Knox reporters saying that they are "considering" going back to "Gruden"??? I can't live through that again.

Believe it or not there is some internet chatter back on Gruden. Something about the Jones guy - Check Cashing - millionaire from Cleveland, TN and a group of Tennessee businessmen meeting with Gruden yesterday evening. Also, some weird connection with Gruden and the South Pittsburgh coach the quit his job yesterday. And, also some chatter that at least one NFL team - the Raiders - have told Gruden he will not be in their interview list. Who knows. It is a circus. Maybe Bozo will be interviewed.

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As VOL fans we have to believe in the Coach we hire, so if we hire Strong we have to believe he will be successful. To be successful in the SEC East you must beat - FLORIDA. If Strong and the VOLS are successful and beat Florida on a regular basis it won't be long before Muschamp will be gone. If, Muschamp leaves, who would Florida look to hire. A former alumni, a former defensive coordinator who won champtionships with them, a former great recruiter in Florida, a rival coach who is beating them? By hiring Strong are we opening ourselves up to him leaving for his one dream job - Florida? Maybe some would say if that scenario plays out and we beat Florida two or three times, they will take it, but it makes me a little nervous.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Here is a question - let's assume Strong is successful. To be successful at UT you must be Florida. If UT beats Florida 2 or 3 years in a row Florida will eventually fire Muschamp. If Muschamp is fired will Strong bolt to Florida? Are we setting ourself up for a coach retention problem?

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

I am not real excited about the possibiliy, but I don't know much about him. However, a local sports radio personality said the hire as a head coach is an above average move. But, the announcer said if he brings his entire Louisville staff he would have major concerns. If Strong comes here he needs upgrade his coaches.

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A couple of random thoughts. I read the Tulsa paper today and it said one thing Gundy was upset about was his ability to control the football schedule. And, that he prefers to schedule patsies in non-conference games and feels that the AD is hurting Ok St. ability to succeed by scheduling Top 20 opponents. I don't know who ultimately schedules teams at UT. Hamilton took the heat for booting UNC from our schedule though he said it was at Dooley's request. If this is true, Gundy won't be happy at UT because we "typically" have a decent non-confernce schedule (Oregon next year). Though, it seems UT non-conference schedule is getting weaker.

Second, when I watched several games on Saturday - several championship games - I kept hearing players being refered to as from Tennessee. Wisconsin's QB is from Johnson City. The Chattanooga paper had an article that Tennessee High School coaches gave the last UT coaching staff a F. And, Vandy recently has had success in stealing in-state players from UT. The next coach while needing to recruit nationally must also win the State of Tennessee recruiting war also. It hurts to hear that UT's talent is not up to par, but several former Tennessee High Schoolers are playing key roles in other major conferences championship games.

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You have lost your mind. Do you really think parents would want their kids to play for someone who walked out on Louisville, and the Atlanta Falcons for no reason? Then to take a job at Arkansas, where he got canned for being unfaithful to his "WIFE"? Do you honestly think before you post? I am not even going to begin on where the head coaching job should fall, but I can tell you I don't want my beloved Vols in the hands of a man who can't control his own life.

I think he got canned because he looked the Athletic Director (his boss) in the eye and told a bold face lie (and then got caught). He also arranged for the woman to have a job and then proceeded to have a physical relationship with her who was now an employee. While not NCAA violations if he is lying and violating the University rules of conduct it might not be too big of a leap to assume he is not honest in other areas of his work. Yes, the affair was in bad taste and may be a factor in evaluating his morals

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I don't envy Hart's job. There is no way he is going to make every fan happy. And, with other vacancies in the SEC some of the other coaches on UT's list will end up there. If any of those teams do better than UT next year the fans will point to them and say Hart made a mistake. He has to hit a home run with this hire. He is amost in a no win situation.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

Anyone ever thought that Gruden could coach at Tennessee and bring his son, who is committed to a Division II team. While I don't see his son playing QB in SEC as he is small he may want to coach eventually and would relish going to UT as a back-up with his Dad as coach.

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May not have an extra scholarship if Maymon seeks medical redshirt as some rumors says his knee is nowhere near ready and he may need more surgery.

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I went to the first game against Kenesaw State. While the Vols pulled away and had a double digit win, something about the game to me seemed off. Kenesaw State was actually a big (long) team at every spot and Stokes was often tripled teamed. Kenesaw looked better than a five win team (last year). I think the loss of Maymon really affected the team. Without him Kenesaw sold out on Stokes and the other players struggled to get open. I expected a little more from Golden. But, maybe this is his new role he is supposed to be shifting to. I thought the team looked better in last year's first game when Golden went off for almost 30 points. I hope it was first game jitters and Maymon can get back soon.

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After losing 6 seniors I think this might be a down year (from Lady Vols standards). But, they are in the process of putting the No. 1 recruiting class together for next year. So, hold on fans.

Written on John Adams: Forget cowbells; it all sounds familiar for Vols :

While I believe Dooley should be fired, I am now convinced booth offense and defense coordinators must go also. I was excited to get Sal, but it is apparent he got promoted too soon. We bought the Bama koolaid. While it is tough to convert to a 3-4, he is on pace to command one of the worst defenses in Tennessee history. Dooley's decision to make such a major change, in a critical year, for his career, is similar to Fulmer's mis-step to hire Clausen in his last year.

Written on Tennessee looks to alternatives after Da'Rick Rogers' indefinite suspension :

I personally agree with most of the statements posted here. However, this summer on the Erik Ange local radio show he had several interviews with current players on Rogers and they all loved him. This was more than just PR 101. They called him passionate, a player who was ultra-competitive and driven to win. A person extremely confident in his abilities. And, these traits sometimes clashed with some of the coaches who have the same characteristics. They said all of the players loved him. When I heard these interviews I became very confused about the whole situation. It is a shame that this had to occur. My other thought was in a season that some are saying Dooley must win 8 the lost of Rogers could cost us a game somewhere along the season. Yes, we have depth but he was the #1 reciever in the SEC. Yes, Dooley is sticking to his values and that is good. But, it could cost him his job and maybe his career. I don't see him getting another head coaching job anywhere else if he gets dismissed after another sub-par season.

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I have previously compared this to North Carolina mens team after Dean Smith retired unexpectedly, and his long time 30yr assistant, Bill guthridge replaced him. well in my memory this was a disaster. actually he led the tar heels to two final fours in three years, before he stepped down, or was forced to step down. it is so difficult to follow a long time successful coach. you are always compared to your predecessor. hopefully Ms. Warlick can succeed and do at least as well as Mr. Guthridge did. I have my doubts though. Mr Guthridge inherited a group of great players that helped him succeed. Holly doesn't have this advantage.

Somewhere in my travels I have seen an article that confirms this by showing several examples, including Dean Smith as you pointed out. Usually the coach that follows a legend does not last long. It is impossible to live up to expectations. In fact, UT may find that some coaches will shy away from the job because of this. If fans are going crazy because of three home court loses I can't imagine what will happen with a new coach that might struggle. Replacing 5 seniors alone next year will be a challenge (even for Pat). I suspect Holly will be named coach either this year or next and she will last approximately three years, but she will have a respectable record.

Written on Hog-tied: Arkansas women win in Knoxville for first time, 72-71 :

At this point I would start all Seniors and see if their pride will take over. The last few years when Strickland ran the team she was an all-american. Now that she's playing the post she disappear's in to many games. I thought I saw the logic of playing the freshmen and sophmores early in the season as I think the UT Coaches would like to be more athletic and faster up the court. I think they feel this is the only way to compete with UConn and Baylor. But, by trying to play this way our turnover ratio is way out of control. In some games we have over 20 turnovers. Lets start all Seniors.

Written on Lady Vols run away from Kentucky, 91-54 :

Whew! This team is totally confusing. This shows they have the talent and the ability. With seven seniors they should not be having all of these problems. Lets hope this is the beginning of a march through March. They did reduce their unforced turnover number which I feel has been one of the biggest problems. Keep it up!

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Oh great! There you go bringing up the Arkansas loss. Wasn't that even further back than the Kentucky loss? Yes, all we saw that day was the rear-ends of the Arkansas players as we chased them to the endzone. And yes we did suck. Butt do we have to keep brining it up.

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Nothing outside of Peyton Manning riding in on a white horse to take over the offense will make the screamers happy... nothing.

This hire and Sunseri would be a real sign that Dooley knows what he is doing and we will be fine.

It better be a Tennessee Walking Horse that he is riding on or I'm screaming.

Written on Alabama's Sal Sunseri is target for defensive coordinator :

Alabama Defensive Coordinator K. Smart is also rumored for a head coaching job. Sunseri is smart to at least listen to UT, but he also could be proving to Saban he can be a coordinator (as in other teams think he can do the job) and thus lining himself up for a promotion and/or at least a big raise at Bama.

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You can spin it however you like but everyone knows whether at a big athletic department or at a small business - bosses - like to bring in their own people. Yes, he will allow Dooley and Martin another year or two but if things don't improve quickly he will pull the trigger and bring in his own coaches. His own tenure will be judged and he does not want to take too much heat for coaches he had no decision in naming. Hart did not leave schools like Florida State and Alabama to come to Knoxville and be mediocre or bad. I'm not stating anything new or obvious, Dooley needs a great year next year.

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I am puzzled at our schedule this year. I know some games are set a few years in advance. But, I am not sure why we are playing away games at Oakland and Charleston. These are trap games. The announcers on the Oakland game said Tennessee was the biggest named school to play a Oakland's 3,000 plus seat arena. The fans there were super charged up. They were going crazy. They did not care if Tennessee was 0-7 or 7-0 the fact they were playing Tennessee was a big deal for that school. I know some schools can demand a home-for-home contract. But, I can't believe these schools have that clout, especially if we were Oakland's biggest game ever. If our team can't get up for Austin Peay then we are getting ready to walk into a buzz saw at Charleston. Those fans will be pumped. I wonder if this schedule is another Hamilton legacy?

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

The T.V. commentators for the Maui games stated this team was going to be a surprise and might possible sneak into the tournement. I'd like to hear what they have to say now after the Oakland and the Austin Peay game. This is a major collapse of a team in two weeks.

Written on Defense leads way as four freshmen earn SEC honors for Vols :

I kept hearing rumors Weis was going to retire due to his health. He has serious health issues. I am supprised KU would take him. I mean no disrespect but he could have to step down at any moment. I bet he leaves within 3 years.

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Obviously i'm not the one living in a fantasy world! I understand that it takes time to rebuild from the ground up like we are doiung now. No Dooley doesn't have a winning record, but it doesn't mean he can't! We showed digns that we could be very good but adversity hit and hit us harder than most teams who 1. Only tend to lose 1 star player 2. Have dept to fill in the stars position. 3. Isn't trying to win with a depleted Roster filled with 70% Of Freshmen. So Get real grow up and realize that rebuilding means from the ground up, not from the Windows up! Obviously i'm not the only one who feels that way, real Experts feel the same way, I mean who should i listen to Saban,Sports Commentators or fans who are speaking out of rage before the man can even truly get started! Be patient, because acting how you are now is why we are in the boat we are in, and getting a new coach will set us back 5 years. Then what will you be doing within the 5 years we will be getting our butts kicked even with a big name formerly winning coach???? Still Complaining for the next quick fix! GO VOLS!!!

I agree with some of your points. However, if Kiffin had not left us during the time period he did we would not have hired Dooley. He was one of the few who would leave their school 2 weeks before national signing day. So, by default, we got an unexperienced coach who is learning on the job in the most prestigous conference in the country. Besides not having a winning record Dooley has never won a game in which he was the underdog (UT or La Tech). Dooley never has won a game in which he trailed at half time (UT or La Tech). Usually, when you hire an upstart coach from a mid-major it is a coach who has shown ability to coach up players and suprise a few teams. Dooley has no signature win (maybe Vanderbilt). I agree the talent is low and the players are young but the list of coaching mistakes during the game over the last two years are too numerous to just blame on inexperience.

Written on Lady Vols seek attitude check:

My observation is there is a lack of cohesion within the team. Plus, it seems there is only one player hot each night, never more than one. To be a senior oriented team it seems like they have never played together. Maybe that is because of the couple of freshmen, one which is the point guard. There is still too many mistakes. I am hopefull as the season goes along this will improve. This may be one of those teams that loses seven or eight games.

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You can debate whether the extra practices would make a difference, it was Dooley last year who said not being bowl eligible would be unforgivable and would set the program back. He himself stated not going 6-6 was unacceptable. Plus, they dropped UNC and added Buffalo to guarantee use a bowl game.

Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :

I pretty much watch every SEC game on T.V. and while every coach makes a mistake once-in-a-while, the announcers spend more time discussing Dooley's calls than other coaches. Whether calling the wildcat on the goal line, having Whorley in a shotgun on a 4th-and-inches, having too many players on the field things are not right with the coaching. Had Kiffin not left when he did, which prevented us from holding a normal coaching search, we would not have hired Dooley, he is not qualified. We are essentially letting him learn on the job and when you play in the SEC, the best college football in the nation, you can't have a coach learning on the job.

Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :

Dooley said not making a bowl was unforgivable. He said loosing the extra practices sets a team back a year. They even bought out UNC and brought in Buffalo to guarantee a bowl game. Now we get beat by a QB who has not been a quaterback in 4 years. This was the worse called offensive game I've ever seen. HOLD DOOLEY TO HIS OWN WORDS - NO BOWL GAME - UNFORGIVEABLE.

Written on Third: Kentucky 3, Vols 0 :

Dooley said not making a bowl was unforgivable. He said loosing the extra practices sets a team back a year. They even bought out UNC and brought in Buffalo to guarantee a bowl game. Now we get beat by a QB who has not been a quaterback in 4 years. This was the worse called offensive game I've ever seen. HOLD DOOLEY TO HIS OWN WORDS - NO BOWL GAME - UNFORGIVEABLE.

Written on Touchdown: Interception return, review ends overtime, 27-21:

Some of the Vandy boards are claiming there will be an official protest. However, I can never remember any game result being overturned. The SEC will state the referee made a mistake. But, if they did call the game a tie that would me the Vols 5-6-1 and they would miss the bowl. But, as I stated the SEC would never over turn the game.

Written on Tyler Bray: 'I don't like watching the game — I didn't pay for a ticket' :

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I think it would be foolish for the Vols to play Bray at this point. Do you really want to risk his long term health (re-injury) for essentially one game? You will not need him against Kentucky, and if you qualify for a bowl he should be plenty healed by then. But is sounds like as of this week it is still up in the air. Vols need to err on the side of caution and make sure he is 100% - not 80% or 90% - before they put him out there again.

There is a similar argument going on right now on the Arkansas message boards since it was leaked yesterday that Knile Davis has been practicing for the past few days. People are saying we need to play him against MSU for a few plays and then start him against LSU. That would be insane. Save him for next year, let him get completely healthy. For once, coaches need to make the kid's health the priority, not the desire to win a single ballgame.

The only reason to play him is if they feel a 75% Bray is better than a 100% Whorley and that a 75% Bray can get us the win over Vandy. If we don't beat Vandy we don't go to a bowl game and our season is essentially over. If you qualify for a bowl game you get to practice all during December. Last year Dooley stated this was essential for a developing program. It was important to put a young team through the additional practices. Last year Dooley said if you don't qualify for a bowl game and get the extra practices it sets you program back. When don't need to go any further back than where we are now.

Written on Derek Dooley wants reality check on Tyler Bray :

My concern is Dooley made a big issue out of the need to be bowl eligible at the same point last season when we had to win the last couple of games to qualify. I wish I could find the quote, but to paraphrase, Dooley said, to not make a bowl game and to get the additional 15 practices was unforgiveable and will set a young rebuilding program back a year - that is how important it is. I know he has had a few key injuries and we have had an extremely tough schedule but if we fail to qualify for the bowl I have some major concerns. I think you could argue this team, while young, has still not progressed to where many feel it should be. The offensive line, the defensive backs, the running game in general, have not gotten better. Dooley reminds us to have patience, we are young and inexperience, but if you buy his statement that missing the bowl practices sets a program back a year that is a critical blow to his efforts to revitalize the Vols. Especially, when some fans are saying he must have a dramatic improvement next year to keep his job.

Written on Vols Golden against UNC Greensboro, 92-63:

I went to the game. If the Vols can stay hot from the outside we will suprise a few people. The free throw shooting was much improved. But, our inside game was weak. If our outside shooters go cold we will be in trouble. Sometimes they launced a three and we had no one in the paint. Golden looked great.