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When I started reading this my eyebrows were arched; however, about halfway through I was smiling because I actually believe these coaches are giving a full effort. The thing I would like to see is more coaches that graduated from UT. I wish Al Wilson would join up with our coaches. People like Dale Jones would be nice. I realize that good players don't necessarily translate to good coaches, but there is comfort seeing ex-Vols standing on the sidelines. Okay, that being said, I still support and back our coaches all the way. I believe that Butch Jones is 100% committed to Vol football. I feel that recruits sense this and they automatically want to join forces. We all know that great players are needed to make a great team. But great players NEED coaches that recognize and utilize their special talents and demand that the players stay focused on their ultimate development.

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First time I have posted since August.

Article like this do not serve a purpose. Just some writer rambling about stuff most of us knew 3 years ago. Some CBJ comments were made under a guise of recruiting.

I miss the ranting and rambling of all the old posters. Even those miss-informed numb skulls.

I don't think I would spend money advertising on this site.

I have some articles coming out on Bleacher Report...see you there.

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What is good about the Tennessee football QB situation is that there IS ONE. I like all the young men. Each one brings something a little different. Worley is the smooth calm guy that you see quarterbacking a championship type team. Not extraordinary at anything but somewhat solid in all phases. Dobbs reminds me of Vince Young with his delivery and running style, and the word is out that the guy has the smart factor. We have smart phones, why not a smart quarterback. Riley Ferguson looks quicker and more deceptive than the others, plus he has a strong arm that will only get stronger. Peterman is solid all around and seems almost like a clone to Worley. I hope we get to see all these guys out on the field, under fire, and performing to best of their abilities. The starter for the Oregon game...(?)(?)(?)(?)...this is the real question.

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THIS IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE MOST CUTTING AND BITING THING BY A HOMETOWN (INEPT) NEWS AGENCY THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. This might be good for chuckles for the anti-UT people, but as a true blue Vol fan, I am highly offended by this facetiousness.

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in response to Teresa:

Mike - the best writer around these parts. I don't know if I can read you in the future due to the pay site, but thanks for the many great columns you've written.

I agree, Mike is the real deal.

And, the pair of Jacks trying to run KNS is pathetic. I am still in shock to learn of their attempt at charging readers to view their stuff on line. I can't imagine anybody paying to read John Adams type stuff. I'll miss the Erin Chapin videos and interviews, and I'll miss Quin and some of the new guys. At some point, some enterprising young person will start a Big Orange web site and make millions. If I was under 50 years old, I would have already done it. If you could click on a site and read people like Mike Strange as opposed to paying a site that knows everything about you, including how much money you make per year, plus gathering information about your voting records,and hitting us with John Adams disses and darts, then where are you going to click.

You know though, this might be a good thing, because if the pair of Jacks get their way, KNS will fold and go floating down the Tennessee River with the rest of the grease and grime. This way John Adams will need to go back to the swamp lands of the Bayou. I can't imagine any news agency anywhere close to Knoxville hiring him. You know what they say, everything happens for the best.

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Truth, justice, and the American way. Apple pie and plenty of flags. Ole Butch was properly raised,no doubt. Just like Hillary Clinton said, it takes a village. And when I read about Butch walking his dog through the tree lined streets of his hometown, I could see a Norman Rockwell painting depicting a snippet of true Americana. Welcome to Knoxville...take care of Rocky Top and we'll make your American dream wake up a world of complacency and feed the masses starving for winning football at the big table of orange draped with an orange and white checkerboard tablecloth having smokey gray legs accented with a hint of sky blue. And, oh yes, navy blue napkins. Enjoy your meal.

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I didn't hear anything you said other than wear a UT shirt and the drinks are on you. Good thing i'm not home yet or I would come to CC and shout at the top of my lungs wheres tovolny, he's buying!!!

Don't mention tovolny, just wear the shirt and see what happens. By the way, I was just talking about last night, and one guy with a black shirt with a power T and a good looking young lady with a no. 18 Bronco shirt got free drinks. I felt the # 18 was close enough. Also, it was me, not the establishment. The only association I have with CC is that I go there a lot. Seems my car just turns into the parking lot...somewhat like aa autonomic nervous system response...who knows?

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Look for Pearl in Memphis for the 2014/2015 college basketball season. This will depend on how well the Tigers do this season. Boston College might make a run for the big time and come up with the 4.5 million it will take to get him. What's Tennessee's chances of welcoming Bruce Back. Coach Martin (I like this guy) would possibly take up the Purdue position and open the door. But all this would depend on what the Haslams and Holland think about the situation. I haven't talked to any of the high profile donors...I am just talking through my hat. Tomorrow, I will probably feel completely different after eating some prime rib at the Copper Cellar. If you haven't eaten at the CC for awhile, come on out...wear a UT shirt and the drinks are on me.

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Where'S THE NEWS?...This article by John Adams reminds me of that old "where's the beef" commercial. What John is saying is: these other teams have good established QB's and the Vols do not...yah nah yah nah yah yah. My wife, who is good at watching football, but doesn't keep up with anything until the ball is kicked off, might appreciate this article if by some miracle she decided to read something about the UT quarterback situation. Other than that, I would bet that all the regular readers of GoVolsXtra know more about Tennessee football and the upcoming season than ole Long John does...COM'ON John, we challenge you to provide us some real news.

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Mike does a great job. Let's hear for Mike...MIKE, MIKE,MIKE...!!!!... Orange for POWER, white for MIGHT, smokey gray for ALL THE WAY...YEAAAAAAAAA...FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT...!!!! The DOOM and GLOOM have gone AWAY, replaced by smokey gray. Stand and yell or get the YELL out of the WAY. Smokey gray is here to STAY...!!!1

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BAD TIMING for the Weedeater. Another surface scan article. This is more of an off-season type information ping pong that give the Weedeater, Adams, and Climer something to exaggerate out of proportion in lieu of actually seeking information to relay about the upcoming season. If you are like me, you would rather wait and talk about this "he said, they said" rambling in February or March.

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Inch is not itch...but a substitute word.

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in response to DawgDayAfternoon:

Next they'll be giving them away with the purchase of 4 Krystals. I thought Butchie Boy was the savior? Why no confidence? It's okay though, think of how nice all that Dawg red will look against the backdrop of East Tuckysee fall colors - as the Dawgs "Roar For Four" over the Big Gray!

Somebody needs to scratch you where you inch. It will probably take a big boot and a strong leg. When it happens, I'll buy a ticket to watch. On the other hand, you have (without a doubt) lowered the image of the dawg fans. I have some close friends that are Dawg, Gator, and Tide fans. We rib and tease each other, but it is all in good fun. You, however, bring a great deal of embarrassment to the Dawg fan. When the scratch takes place,I bet they will want a ticket also. Other than that, have a good day.

Written on Butch Jones to pick QB early next week:


Written on UT's Don Mahoney wants to send his line out on winning note:

I have liked and I am liking what I hear from our Head Coach and this group of assistants. These guys seem as dedicated as the players I knew in the late 60's and early 70's. I still see the old guys in the stands yelling and screaming, and we all feel young and charged to 100% when the ball is kicked off on Saturdays. This present group of coaches have some how captured the spirit of Tennessee. And, the SPIRIT and SPIRITS are still there on Shield Watkins Field. Remember the player from Auburn who picked up a fumble and was headed directly to a winning touch down but fell flat on his face at about the 30-yard line with no other players within 15 yards? That Auburn player claims an orange-clad player wearing a leather helmet tackled him. Don't take my word on this, check it out with one of the historians...they will give you the ghost's name and number. You younger fans will enjoy what you learn in the process of checking this out. The real Tennessee Spirit, only a few possess it...but you already know their names.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

John and a lot of people could put up a pretty good debate for what John is saying. But, Fulmer did not get the needed input and support from the UT (Hamilton) management. Since Hamilton did not have a true or established boss, he pretty much did as he pleased. Efforts to get salaries improved for his coaches were met with ire from the mini Bass Hog. The Fulmer Trinity which shrunk to the Fulmer Duo after the departure of Coach Cut to Mississippi, was left without the coveted QB vacuum that pulled in Manning and then Clausen. The latter coming due to Manning more than anybody else. There was not enough money being offered to capable QB coaches and other offensive coaches to draw them into the fold. Casey Clausen was the better of the Clausen boys by far...UT just did not have the coaches to coach him up. The other part of the Duo, of course, was Chavis, and he was able to hold up the defensive side for everything other than safeties and corner backs. He did get Eric Berry, but Eric could not do everything alone...some other good athletes were needed but did not show up. NOW, Fulmer, feeling secure, did not work at his job with the gusto and dedication that he did at first. I believe he felt everything was warm and fuzzy, and just decided to enjoy life a little. And, you can't blame him for that, he probably deserved a little sabbatical from the big time. On the other hand, had Hamilton provide a little more salary leverage for the football program, we would have had the proper offensive brain power to keep the gaskets from blowing on Vol Football. ACT enter Hamilton, who wanted to make a name for Himself and knowing that he had good support from the Haslams, started the refurbishing upgrades to Neyland and other PERMANENT STRUCTURES, which are several, But when the Phil firing and the Kiffen band aid did not hold water, the pressure was elevated by the Pearl swirls and the whole UT Athletic cassel exploded. Hamilton, now standing in the ashes picked up all the gold pieces and headed for the hills.

What I am trying to say here is that Fulmer is correct...but hold on...he did not do very well keeping his focus during the critical periods...he probably allowed himself to relax too much knowing that the mini Boss Hog was seeking a halo for himself and there was just not much he could do about it.

Can't you just here Paul Harvey saying:"now, you know the rest of the story."

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RELAX ole mighty weedeater from Choo Choo Town via the waste-lands of Kentucky. Just because you no longer spend much time researching the truth, is no excuse for writing such a surface scan of the Tennessee QB situation. In Case you haven't heard, our new guy (his name is BUTCH JONES) is paid in excess of three million dollars a year to DECIDE who plays quarterback. YOU, JOHN ADAMS, and WIDE MOUTH CLIMER should do like I did, retire and start working off those "honey do's" around the house. GOOD GRIEF Man, this article was WEAK.

Written on 1 Vanderbilt player released on bond, 1 indicted:

{There and their...your and you're}...spell Check will not catch this. All of us should improve our proof-reading skills...including me. I sometime post using my cell phone while being a passenger in a car. I have made some doozy typos. We're not talking formal writing here, but a little more care from all of us would be a "good thing."

Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

If only Paul Harvey could come along and tell us the REAL STORY. I have a feeling that a little bad play and maybe a little cover up from both sides transpired in this vol fiesco.
But, the main thing I believe is the glue that will hold everything together is the honesty and hard work of Holly Warlick. We really do owe her a lot more respect than she gets. I think that Holly should be the highest paid women's basketball coach. The UT Athletic Department's staff of over 200 has at least a couple people working on this, I hope. This 2013/2014 season has more pivot points than a carpenter's folding ruler. Go Big SMOKEY Orange trimmed in sky blue! This is one fan that is here for you.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones becomes a more colorful recruiter:

What if colors changed as much as John Adam's opinions and recollections of his opinions? We would be called the Rainbow Warriors. However, what he said in this piece was probably something that needed to be said. Most teams have more than two official colors. The colors that the Pride of the Southland Band wear are all official colors. The sky blue that trims the LadyVols uniforms looks cool. The band uses something similar to navy blue...why does nobody ever complain about their colors? I can see how recruits might get turned on by the uniforms because it relates a savage like excitement. HOWEVER, if the NEON DUCKS would get shot out of the sky wearing their neon getups by the Vols in their white duds, the flash of the situation would be dulled for fowls showing how they looked instead of how they played.

But really now in regards to uniform colors...let's just say:"FRANKLY DEAR, I DON'T GIVE A QUACK."

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The orange and white get ups looks fine. The gray is okay, say, for one game per year...maybe like the Auburn game this year. But, I would like to see a nostalgia uniform, like a replica of the 1956 ones. The orange back in the 50's was almost yellow...that's the color and shade I see in my mind when I say: "go big orange." The bonnet helmet with the clear shield replacing the face mask needs to be fast forwarded asap. The CFL in 2014, will reveal a super-innovative uniform that is designed with safety in mind. The medical world, bioengineering world and the biomedical world takes forever to get proven inventions cleared for use. The USA public has to wait until Canada, France and Germany provide proof that medical related items are safe and won't stress the USA insurance companies.

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in response to NeylandWest:

Futuristic space warrior uniforms? I'm interested in this. I've heard of NASCAR-inspired helmet designs (where the helmet is attached to the uniform and supports the neck). However, "the non-collapsable radiator hoses" has my curiosity raised. Please share more info regarding this.

Non-corrugated hoses (molded) usually have a steel spring within the fabricated rubber to prevent the hoses from sucking shut. Corrugated hoses prevent collapsing by using a series (chain) of stiff rings connected by a flexible fabric giving some ability to adjust length and locations requiring several bends. The corrugated type are what the new uniforms mimic. Knees have only one plane of movement, thus the hoses only allow movement in the intended plane with very little bending in any other direction while preventing this large joint from flexing sideways. Elbows have only one plane of motion when referenced to the arm from shoulder to the elbow. Shoulders and hips bend radially in universal fashion and as long as these joint don't come out of socket, injuries are minimal. Ankles are the most difficult to protect because they need to bend from side to side in addition to the stepping plane. A protected ankle exacerbates the knee stress and a protected knee can over stress the ankle. The shoulders and hips of the uniforms utilize what is being called a himi-hose because the corrugated hoses don't completely wrap around the entire joint. As soon as the design solves the problem of the shoulder pads pinching the bellies and waists of the opposing players, these innovative uniforms will swiftly sweep the world. Nascar is wanting in on this too, but their design will incorporate a special seat and a large fishbowl cover that is lowered over heir heads. The design criteria for nascar includes a 72 degree, perfect atmosphere situation that is completely fire proof for 6 minutes after a crash.

Sorry, the think tank URL is not available for public use at this time. You might find some information at Bioengineering for Impact Sports.

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The injuries on all teams usually pretty much even out. Last year's injuries for the Vols were a little more than normal, however. I hate injuries but it is part of the game. I think the medical world has lagged way behind on developing innovative apparel for athletes. Anklets and knee hose on the order of reinforced, non-collapsable radiator hoses are coming in the near future. I think Canada and the CFL will be testing the Canadian versions in 2015. Some of the proposed uniforms look like space warriors right out of a Flash Gordon comic book. Shoulder pads will be smaller with a strong non-woven fabric that secures the helmet. This helmet's face mask is replaced by a clear face shield which is incorporated into the shoulder pad fabric. There is no way a defender can get his hands under the shield, thus no more face mask penalties.
The new safety uniforms will take some getting used to; however, by the year 2020 people will be laughing at the present day uniforms. The face mask (tackling handle) and the shoulder pads ( body levers) as we know them now, will be things of football yore. WE NEED THESE THINGS NOW...especially the clear, slightly bubbled face shields that replaces the face masks.

Written on Mo Couch is Vols' third defensive lineman to get dinged:

I know Channing Fugate's grandparents, so I have always wanted him to excel. He has speed (I know that surprises some), size, and intelligence. I know he works hard. Seems to me, he should fit right in as a fullback. However, with two different coaching staff observing him, I don't see how they could just be overlooking him. My personal opinion is: given a chance, I think he can do very well.

Written on John Adams: In the SEC, new faces are always ready to step into star status:

I feel like a lot of potential "household names" were not mentioned. Freshman and red-shirt freshman that are expected to excel sometimes don't. Surprises like Johnny Football seem to happen every year. Well, maybe not Heisman Trophy magnitude, but the big names annually emerge. This would have been a little more interesting had someone concentrated on the Vols. I am looking for North and Croom to heat up the newsrooms. Both Dobbs and Ferguson are much better than the other QB's. Dobbs has a quick throwing motion that looks akin to Vince Young's. Ferguson is quick and can get yardage with his legs as well as his arm. It sure would be nice if some of the defensive backs could step up and perform like Roland James, Terry McDaniels, and Andre Lott did. Of course, Eric Berry types, that are just downright awesome from the get-go, would be nice. Some of the Vols' new guys will get the job done, I am sure.

Written on John Adams: Vols prove that inaction can be a virtue:

John, this really needed to be said, and by golly you said it well. The current Vols and coaching staff deserved a little credit for their efforts to clean up their image. You bounced a couple of volleys off LSU that was surprising, but I can't say a lot about that because I didn't take the time to checkout the situation. Miles knows how to file the rough edges off the discipline issues, so I expect by the end of August it will all evaporate in the gulf.

I rag you a lot, but when you do something right, I try to recognize that also. GOOD JOB.

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in response to Orange_Beach:

I thought your opinion of people from Alabama are all redneck, sister humping, mullet wearing trailer trash. Bobby Bowden is all Alabama. At least that's the drivel most of the hillbillies on this site spew. And the guy you are threatening to beat up at Wal-Mart wasn't "dissing" Pat Summitt he was only expressing his opinion, so you just need to calm down lady.

I am calm, but seems you might be upset. Try using honey on your Post Toasties, the vinegar is for the collard greens. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day. I remember you, you're the one that started using Viagra and Rogaine at the same time, and two weeks later started looking like Don King.

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in response to Southland:

you left out John Ward. No one ever is allowed to dis John Ward

Absolutely, he should have been in my list.

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Class is for people like Bobby Bowden. This guy, knowing he lost, was gracious enough to come to Knoxville to help celebrate the 98 NC. He knew by his attendance a lot of money could be directed to St. Judes. Fulmer showed a lot of class also by being there.

And to the guy on the previous post dissing Coach Summitt...don't let me catch you in the Wal-Mart parking lot....I know who you are...and there will be a battle right there on the pavement. In Tennessee, you don't just knock Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, James K. Polk, Davy Crockett, Alvin York, Dolly Parton, Minnie Pearl, Elvis Presley, Peyton Manning, AND Pat Summitt without receiving some feedback and retaliation. So to you I say: quit sucking those big sour pickles from up north.

Written on Butch Jones says freshman DE Corey Vereen might miss only 5-6 weeks:

Good news. The power of prayer still works.

I miss the vibrating roar of fans in Neyland sounding off when a nice solid, crisp tackle is made by the stand-up linemen. You hear the POP and then the OOOOOOOOOh, and then cheering, and then the PA dude saying your name, and then the Cheering as you get lined up for the next play. Miss it, miss it, miss it. But I expect it to be back this year. My heart beats faster and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee football is due a run of good luck:

John, I like what you said and I like how you said it. I never met Dooley other than a walk by hand shake. I loved his mother and we all know his Dad was a pretty good guy. I cannot remember a team or a coach dealing with such bad luck and odd (but good) players.

Again John, good job.

Written on UT safety Max Arnold, pushing for playing time, knew walk-on journey wouldn't be easy:

Players like Max Arnold are so appreciated. He is a native Tennessee guy who, no doubt,loves Volunteer Football. For a walk-on to just make the team is fantastic. Now, it looks like he has the tools and attitude to contribute.

I wish somebody would put together a book called 'UT Walk-ons.' The book could explain how and why they chose UT, and then relate to us their accomplishments after graduation. I'd buy it on first site. It would be a good book for February and March.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

HEY...PAY the LADY. UT should have the highest paid women's Basketball coach. I am furious, disappointed, and upset that she isn't making a million per year. She should be paid more than any of her peers. The TV money, the attendance money, the ad'on! She helped hang a lot those banners in the rafters with her play and her coaching dedication to the LadyVols. If I were the CEO of Bank America, I'd pay her a million dollars per year out of my pocket. The females of Tennessee need to stand up loud on this.

Written on Karen Weekly joins Raven Chavanne, Lauren Gibson in Puerto Rico :

I love those girls. I love how they represent the LadyVols. Keep up the good work.

Written on David Climer: Vols could shake things up with freshman QB:

Tell us some news. Why would Climer, of all people, even think about writing an article on UT Football. He comes along commenting on the QB shuffle as if we have been stranded on the North Pole for about a year. I usually don't read Climer's stuff. I read it this time for self defense, well, I wish I had skipped over it. Why do we UT fans have to put up with jokers like Adams and Climer...they wave negativity like a checkered flag at the end of a race.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

in response to eduardo:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Welcome back to reality Mr. VanWinkle. Hey, guess what...Tennessee has a pro football team now. They are called the Titans. You have so much to learn. I bet you are very excited. I recommend you drink lots of beverages with caffeine.

Written on John Adams: Reserved optimism for Tennessee to break bowl streak :

Does anybody know what he is trying to say? Seems to me what he is relaying is that the Vols haven't done much the last few seasons,and he just came up with this crying front so he can wave a flag that says Tennessee Vols aren't very good any more with a silent "ya na na ya ya" built in. How are his hotel reservations that much relative to the news about the UT Football Team. We have Woodberry's blog (that doesn't work half the time) to give some insight about practice. But,one KNS article at 7 something AM and one at 6 something PM makes me wonder what the KNS people are really doing. I think there is some golf involved, I know there are three hour lunch breaks taking place. When do these people work and what do they do when they do work? The pair of Jacks don't have a clue either. I know they used to follow us around trying to catch us doing things we shouldn't.

The junior sportswriters and the clerks and secretaries have to work hard to fill up the sports page. Does anybody else out there feel like the KNS sportswriters need to KICK IT UP A NOTCH? I am not talking about the new young guys, Mike Strange, or Erin Chapin...these folks are great You know the ones I am referring what do you think?

Written on Vols on their toes after Butch Jones throws camp a curveball:

If anybody wants to read about recruit, Chris Lammons, click the link below. GoVols (24/7) tries to tease us into joining their data dump.

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

For everyone that's bashing Adams, two things: 1) He's correct and 2) He isn't now, nor has he ever been, paid to blow sunshine up your skirt for your personal satisfaction, so get real.

Petrino is dangerous because he has the one quality that any great coach has: he can do more with less. In a head to head match-up with relatively the same talent, Petrino would beat Jones seven times out of 10 games. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. He is one of the smartest game-scheming coaches in football (and one of the stupidest off-the field humans alive) and if you don't believe that, you're deluding yourself.

He is dangerous and Adams is right to point out that this is a trap game. If UT takes WKU for granted, they could be fighting for their lives by the fourth quarter. Remember that most of the guys on this team almost got taken to the woodshed by Troy last year.

T. R. O. Y.

And to everyone out there saying, "Yes Petrino is great, but it will take some time for him to get going," what do you think is happening with our squad? Petrino is putting in a new offensive system, but he also has James Mauro under center and that kid did really well in the No. 2 spot last year. Showed a great amount of composure and basically beat a Gus Malzahn headed Ark State squad by himself. Watch and see if Petrino doesn't turn him into a stud.

That said, I still think that UT wins this game, but it will come down to speed and a better-than-expected Defense (and by better-than-expected, I mean better than last year).

WOW...can I touch your hand?...You almighty, all knowing sage. And all this time, I thought an event in the future had to happen in order to become a truth. But now, we can check with you about truths of the future. I am in awe, indeed.

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

In order for light to be appreciated, darkness is necessary. In order for righteousness to be understood, there needs to be evil or the threat of evil. For warmth to comforting, coolness must surround us. For "fast" to have meaning, "slowness" must be conceived. Success would be mundane without failure. AND HERE IT IS: For decent journalism to be embraced, the world needs idiots like Adams and Climer.

Why would anybody in their right mind come up with a hypothetical article dwelling on the negative. Does John want to caution us about getting our hopes and expectations too high? Or, does he just enjoy seeing us squirm and gnash our teeth by hitting us with this negative "what if?'

Written on RB Brandon Powell rescinds commitment to Vols:

3-Stars or less, give the scholarships to Tennessee kids. But, what I am going to do is let Butch Jones and his staff handle the recruiting. Purple Cows, Red Herrings, Pink Elephants, Yellow Bellies, Grey Ghosts, and anybody else that prefers rice or bagels over cornbread should wait for an invitation to enroll. If you call cornbread "Johnny Cakes," please consider that okay. Run this through your neo-cortex and see what comes out.

Written on Butch Jones says UT players answered call with 'productive' Day 2:

in response to ThaiVolFan:

I don't think anyone is expecting Hunter/Patterson type numbers this year but hopefully the skill set to grow into soon is there. We just need dependability our of the position this year. A good slot, possession and deep threat reciever would be nice finds by the end of Summer.


Written on John Adams: College football needs to kick national signing date out of game:

John, you may or may not have a point; but, you lost your credibility several years ago. You have been taking the easy road for a few years, was demoted, quickly let any coaching staff we have had in the last twelve years know that you represented the enemy. You are the most despised sports writer in Tennessee just barely ahead of the scornful and distasteful Climer who only attempts to be a sports writer. Just leave the rule making to the coaching elite and to people who don't have an agenda to destroy a collegiate sports team.

You have hurt the Vol Nation more than any other human. If that is your career goal, you are at the verge of success.

Why not retire and enjoy yourself with a bunch of Voodoo Dolls wearing the orange and white.

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in response to NeylandWest:

And what about the people that provide that information??? Do they do the work for free? Is it a hobby of theirs? What about the content and data providers? Do those databases and web servers run for free somewhere? Do they use free electricity? Free hard drives? Free networks and bandwidth?

Readily available content costs someone somewhere some money. Period.

To you, another FIRST TIME POSTERS. Don't hit us with this malarkey , JACK 1 and JACK 2. Most people know that ADVERTISING down the right side provides all the funds for all the things you mentioned. News agencies (especially newspapers) get paid and operate off the ads, not subscriptions. You need to get out of the house a little more.

Written on GoVols247 special: Get the entire regular season FREE! :

The more members KNS get into this DATA DUMP, the more the ad people have to pay. KNS, at my suggestion, started GoVolsXtra, modeled after BuckeyeXtra of the Columbus Dispatch. But they did not fire John Adams. BuckeyeXtra has more information about the top college recruits than you can get from paying or providing them information about how old you are and how much money you make.

THIS IS A BAD DEAL...even if it is free. I can give you 11 places to get the same info (plus more) than through the 247 rascals.

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I'll admit that I subscribed to 247 with hesitation, but as a Vol fan I've found it to be a good investment. Ryan, Wes and Kevin do a great job, are very responsive to comments/questions, and have much deeper insight on recruiting than KNS. PLUS, you don't have to deal with all the trolls. Once in a while one will sneak in, but again, they do a great job policing those individuals and removing them.

My .02

This is your first ever post...So, it looks like you may be a KNS bug like a couple of other lost posters.

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I just find it to be in really bad taste to have to pay for information that should be readily available to all fans.


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Man, if he lost another 10 pounds we might want to put him in the "Wildcat" formation. Probably would need to change the name "Wildcat" to something else though...




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This should have been in the KNS Sports Page, NOT GoVolsXtra. I go to this site to check out the Vols. UT started practice today and I can't find anything about it on this site.