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Written on Tim Spencer interviews for Vols' running back job:

Ya but hires like these seldom work out as he will most likely get a better offer in the next year or two. Either another NFL gig or a college he attended or a school that is closer to where he would prefer living or has family etc. Hope I'm wrong. GBO!!!

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At least we have plenty of qb's and recievers on our team that we can be selective with who starts for us!

Written on Updated odds for all of Tennessee's football targets:

What most of you idiots don't realize is that the reason we are behind in recruiting rankings is we only have 17 players committed when other schools have almost acquired all they are allowed. As one poster said already even if we sign nothing but 3* committs the rest of the way we will move up. Try looking a little deeper at facts before you spout off your negative rhetoric and bashing of the coaches, AD etc. You people would bi!ch if you won the powerball about having to pay taxes. Pathetic

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

Stokes did leave his feet but his feet were already back on the ground and he was stationary when the bama player jumped into him, thus the no-call. GBO!!!

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Vols you guys forget this will be the best D we have faced thus far.

Written on Gators without LB Jelani Jenkins, CB Cody Riggs for Vols:

Well I dont think this is bad news for us! But with Maggit having turf toe and Lathers being doubtful it kinda evens out.

Slaughter the Gators!


Written on Only 5 healthy true freshmen have yet to see field :

Vols 31
Gators 24
All day baby....all day!-Arian Foster

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Ol CP will start contributing on a regular, reliable basis around the middle of the season. Too much too learn and adjust to the SEC. He will get it and when he does we will look like Texas Tech a couple years ago airing it out.

Most definately will help our run game too!

I am happy positive news is floating around like pollen these days!

We go 9-3!

Written on Arkansas hires John L. Smith as head coach:

Hahahahaha! Who?

Written on Tennessee QB Bray developing quietly this spring:

Keep improving VOLS! Man I can't wait till Kickoff Time!!!!

Written on Sources: Da'Rick Rogers received two-week ban in offseason:

Again? I don't even know what to say.

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I'm getting excited. I've just missed football. Happens every year. GBO!!!

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This will be Tyler Bray's breakout season. He becomes a star in 2012. Book it.

Ricky I hope you are right!

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I picked Tyler Bray because the boy has some work to do. An accurate gun-slinger he is but reading defences is another story. No matter who our RB coach is or our RB, even our O-Line, without Bray recognizing 8 in the box we will not greatly improve this year. Hopefully he has been studying in the offseason! GBO!!!

Written on John Calipari believes UT's NIT success depends on attitude :

I've got a lot more respect for Cal now. Thanks for giving us props Cal!

Now go kick some asssssss in the NIT VOLS!!!!

Written on Vols add Josh Conklin to staff as safeties coach:

I think most of our new hires have been an upgrade, I'm not convinced this hire is an upgrade. I would give Joseph the edge on this one. Hopefully this guy will turn out to be a good coach and recruiter. GBO!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes saw something better than 11th place :

Proud of these VOLS! Where are the preason nay-sayers at? Ya......... GBO!!!

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What was Nick Saban's record the first year he took over coaching at AL? I remember he lost to LA- Lafeyette. Plus he had more upper-classmen than does UT. Trust me I'm not condoning mediocricy or applauding it but rather giving a REALISTIC point of view while observing the facts that surround the UT Athletics Dept. Get a grip Todd. GBO!!!

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Todd there are always two sides to a story, seems to me you are giving a very biased side. Not mentioning the positive and "non- contradictive" parts. You want to talk facts? Well put ALL the facts on the table for others to evaluate. There are a surplus of stories that portray the facts for you to investigate if you wish. I know you are just trying to ruffle feathers though. Sleeep tight in Mama's basement tonight while these tornadoes are looming around. GBO!!!

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Vols got a committment from a highly recruited junior linebacker from florida a couple hours ago!

Name is Corey Vereen. Being pursued by Florida State among others. GBO!!!!

Written on Terry Joseph leaving for Nebraska :

Vols got a committment from a highly recruited junior linebacker from florida a couple hours ago!

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I am also a VOL thru and thru....but in coaching, its not about whether Tennessee had two losing seasons or not.....Its about; Are they a good recruiter? and/or Friendship/trust....If at LSU Coach Joseph did an exceptional job for Pelini as a GA ...then Pelini will keep him on his radar when, as in this case, Coach Joseph can get some pedigree under his belt. Just saying, thats how it works...

We will just see if he stays loyal to Dooley or jumps to be with Pelini.

Ya I guess so MG. Although a good recruiter doesn't always mean they are a good coach. I hope Terry does stay to be one more piece of continuity for the players through all of this transition with the staff. We shall see soon. GBO!!!

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I am a VOL through and through but I can't see why everyone is after our staff when we have had two straight losing seasons.

I guess they know it's only a matter of time until we got everything in place to make a deep run in the east, ie three top 25 recruiting classes and FINALLY some upperclassmen! GBO!!!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

That's funny right there, I don't care who you are!

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Any road win in the SEC is always a good win. If the Vols win out and finish 4th that should put them in the tourney. Win a couple of games in the SEC tourney and it's guaranteed.

Go Vols!

It's possible but highly unlikely if Hall doesn't come back. We need him to give us another option up front. Miller did well the other night but struggled tonight.

We have a dang good coach who demands toughness from his players as is seen on the floor. Im drinking the koolaid!!! GBO!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Ole Miss impressed with Vols' Dwight Miller :

Congrats Miller! Finish strong Vols! GBO!!!

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The hogs are on the up they got lucky last two years but the teams that were ready beat um they lost alot of there players didnt have a good class according to two our so sites there luck is out hate the hogs more than I hate the gators hogs have said for years well maybe next season so they have two good ones but still get blasted by bama and lsu and almost vandy and teaxs am lets see how it works this year we will have a way better season than last year the staff knows if we dont thats it and if so hart will make the right choice go vols


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This has to be one of the worst post ever made,get life!!

New Market I think he was joking there.

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I think we all take whats written to literally. I doubt any coach is going to say I am here because this was the best I could do on short notice. Bottom line everyone who is new is happy to have a great paying job and every coach knows that the best way to keep the job is to win. I hope Dooley succeeds but am not sure he will. That said by September I know I will be drinking the koolaid like I always do come the start of the season.

Im with you Ironcity! Stellar post! GBO!!!

Written on Source: Derrick Ansley added to UT staff:

Been in the making for a while now. Welcome Mr. Ansley!

Written on Andrew Gribble: Needs filled at WR, DL and RB, but questions remain at LB :

Nice informative article Gribble! Hoping for another play-maker or two! GBO!!!

Written on Brian Pensky 'a pretty happy guy' at Tennessee:

Great hire! Anyone know why UT does not have a mens soccer team?

Written on Source: Charlie Coiner set to take over special teams for Vols:

ANYWAY the story is about our new hire, of which I am glad we have fiiled another vacancy.

Really glad we haven't lost a recruit from all of the departures and transition. We're on our way back up!!! GBO!!!

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Why is it that some think reporting news is negative? I think this is great news. All of the guys mentioned were never going to see the playing field and wanted to transfer. Which will increase our scholarship number.

Maybe Dooley hasn't released those names yet until this presser. After all the reason for these presser's is so the coach can give all of us (includes the media) news.

I personally think Gribble does a good job of unbiased UT reporting. GBO!!!

Written on AP source: Florida hires Boise State's Pease as OC:

Well here's to hoping that Florida sucks for years to come! GBO!!!

Written on Vols again target Rich Bisaccia for a staff vacancy:

in response to tdvol1989:

I have to wonder with all these horrible options if Hart is trying to "manage" expectations. Most people would prefer promoting Lance over those guys. However, if they had immediately promoted him, the fans would be upset.

Even though Dooley is the coach, this is really Hart's debut as far as the direction the FB team is headed. It is too early to judge, but if we have a dingbat hire, I have to believe it is Hart just giving Dooley rope.

Or, at least I hope...

Nice thought 1989. I think you are right in that the guy we hire will possibly be an early indicator of the belief Hart has or has not in Dooley and the actions Hart is going to take while evaluating the situation. I hope it all works out and we win 8 or 9 games next year. GBO!!!

Written on A.J. Johnson tabbed Freshman All-America:

Man its so refreshing to hear some news about UT football, that is positive. Congrats Mr. Johnson! GBO!!!

Written on Jarnell Stokes' first practice a big orange event :

Gotta like coach Martin! "They had 14 games to get motivated." GBO!!!

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Jarnell Stokes cleared, but unlikely to play this week:

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Gotta love that optimism!!! You should be a motivational speaker. GO VOLS!!!

Why not? No one gave us a shot at beating Pitt last year in Pittsburgh, including 99% of fans but we did. GBO!!!

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Absolutely. Tennessee is set for a break out season next year. I know it has been a long drought, but next year things are finally going to turn around. I think we are quietly having an excellent recruiting season which will provide depth and new needed talent at the skill positions. I believe that Marlin Lane is ready to have a break out year at running back. Had he been totally healthy this year things might have been a little different but he should be ready to go next year. A lot of people would say that I'm just being to optimistic but if you take the time to research everything it really does look good. The schedule is a heck of a lot better and our previous rivals, Florida and Alabama, are going to fall back a little. I'm really looking forward to next year!!!

I think we will definately be better next year, and frankly I couldn't see us being much worse.
Check this out.

Written on Caleb Azubike, a Vanderbilt commitment, displays his wares (17 tackles) :

We need to get this guy. Come on Dooley sway him to UT! GBO!!!

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

in response to seofeed:

Most of you guys are just plain nuts. Fire everybody and start over fresh. Morons. That's a great idea. Let's just start all over again. News flash: The UT job didn't exactly have top-tier talent banging down the door to come here in football or basketball.

Yeah, this is a terrible loss just like Kentucky but good lord the man has been here 8 games. Dooley has only had 2 years. Grow up people.

Glad to see that there is at least one more sensible Vol fan!

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

Vols get FB committment from Justin Meredith, a TE from SC!

Written on Govols247: Howard announces decision :

Solidifying bringing back WR U. Croom, Browles, Redding, maybe JUCO Petterson and ones on the team-Rodgers, Hunter, Arnett, Rodgers, Dallas and maybe one day we will see 6-5 Milton on the field! I say this is a solid bunch of WR's! GBO!!!

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and just think, you came up with that all by yourself


Cry if you want to. I have no ill will toward Pearl....just trying to keep it light but evidently you are not in a good mood. GBO!!!

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Yep! It was About Landry committing and stokes was here too. Picture was of stokes in the article on Landry. Lighten up.

I am light. I'm 6' 10" but I'm only 75 lbs. Pearl offered me a scholarship, but when I went to one of his BBQ's and ate 6 plates of food and didn't gain a pound he withdrew the scholly!!!

Written on UT gets verbal commitment from Travon Landry :

Wow!! I thought the article was about Travon Landry not Jarnell Stokes..... Anyway I am glad we landed this guy! He wants to be a part of the program hence our great victorious record early this season hasn't woowed him. Patience Vol fans, Martin is the right guy for the job. GBO!!!