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Bunch of issues that may never get fixed have lead to this result at Neyland (and a bunch of venues). If I could wave the magic bones to fix I'd...

Give students their free tickets back. It's their school for effin sakes.

Beer sales. Students will spend more than $10 bucks. Cut off sales at the end of 3rd.

Get the students down to field level, jeeze, it's their job to add drunken noise to the atmosphere.

Revoke season tickets for all the old f@rts who don't participate in the game. It's worse than Captain D's after church.

Lock the gates until the game's over. The above mentioned old f@rts will sit on their hands till 14:40 left in the 4th, then race like marathoners to get out to down their prune juice martinis. Hard to believe they can even hold a potato salad filled spoon after sitting on their hands all day.

Win a few always helps, I truly believe that is closer than suspected.

Reduce capacity to 98,000 and repaint the seat lines to fit a regular, East Tennessee butt.

I've got others, such as nekked cheerleaders and ritual, pre-game sacrifice of the opposing teams mascot...but I'll stop here.

One point, no beer sales are allowed inside SEC stadiums.

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Years ago the game day experience was the "it" place to be...unfortunately not so much anymore. There is just a lot of competition for Saturday afternoons of Saturday evenings. Game times change from week to week making it difficult to plan. As a long time (and current) season ticket holder it's still a great family time for us! Wins will make an improved home schedule will help as well. Who wants to see Austin Peay, Western Kentucky and South Alabama as non-conference games at home...with UT Chattanooga next year? Give the fans some teams worth watching!!

You are absolutely correct about the non-conference schedule and add to that Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Missouri, and it just makes for the majority of the season, even the majority of the home season, to be a downgraded experience.

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"No one likes spending hours in a cellphone dead zone." I had to laugh at this one. Say they get great cell phone service inside Neyland Stadium. What would the calls and text messages look like? "I'm in DD. Where are you?" "DD. OMG! I'm on 5th row of E. Come down here." "No, too crowded. You come up here." And so forth.

Why would any student buy a ticket for $10 when they could buy one on the street for less to the Austin Peay, Western Kentucky, South Alabama, Auburn, and Vanderbilt games?" Let the students in for free.

Another thing not mentioned in the story is the behavior of the Knoxville Police Dept thugs whom I have seen treat paying customers like dirt numerous times over the years. If that's the way they act toward adults, I imagine they use the games as an excuse to treat students even worse.

Steve, you are right about this. They are looking to make arrests at the student gate. Everyone is wanded from their private parts to their ankles. It is very bad. I filed a complaint about how ridiculous it had become during grad school and while I got a response, nothing changed. After I no longer got student tickets, I was always very grateful about entering the stadium in a regular gate and not a student gate. The student gate, they have contempt for you for even entering. At every other gate, they welcome you to Neyland Stadium.

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7) I say this cautiously. We fought hard to get student ticket allotments raised to something reasonable where students who wanted to go to games could go. The demand isn't there right now, it seems. Maybe lower your supply of student tickets. All of that being said, I'm still pissed that out of all the years I was a student at UT, I never once won the lottery to go on the road for a conference championship, bowl game, or big SEC away game. It wasn't right.

Last but not least, Tennessee needs a signature win or 2 or 3. It's time! None of this will make a darn bit of difference without Tennessee taking out the gators, the tide, or the bulldogs. Also, I think if the SEC is looking for expansion again, finding some team that can off set the absurdity of Missouri. I know MO beat us last year but I don't see that being a long-term trend and it's just absurd they're in the conference. If Tennessee has leverage in future conference expansion talks, they need to use it to get a real team such as Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech. The SEC East just got the bad end of the deal on Missouri. Missouri doesn't give a rats you know what about being in the SEC and for everyone else, especially teams in the East that have to play them every year, they are a schedule downgrade and they either need to be eliminated or in the next expansion, the east needs a real team.

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It would be awesome if Fuller would read these comments. 1) What is with the schedule. I don't remember 15 years ago spending 3/4 of the season watching the likes of MTSU. I think the expansion of the non conference schedule combined with the downgrade of the non conference schedule makes the appeal of attending at UT game pretty low. As a twice vol alum who now lives the distance of an expensive plane trip away, I will not spend the money to go see UT play these second tier teams and I'm not spending the money to watch UT get their butt beat in the SEC! 2) Until really recently, Tennessee never had a home game during fall break. Seriously, y'all know when fall break will be! Work out the schedule so you're not sitting there holding 5,000 student tickets and scratching your head wondering where all the students are over fall break! 3)Charges were added to student tickets after Orange Nation was dissolved. I loved Orange Nation as a grad student. It was a unifying experience and gave some benefits to students like seats within the first 12 rows. Either eliminate the cost for student tickets (which I know you won't do) or bring back some form of Orange Nation to have a loud and proud club of students who STAND in support of the team. Or take your own piece of advice and do a general admission ticket. God knows I spent many games standing turned sideways watching Tennessee because there were so many people crammed into the student section. That may be something you want to evaluate. 4) Butch Jones (blah) needs to take on the larger than life persona of Bruce Pearl (also blah, but did wonders for creating a student following). Butch Jones needs to put in an appearance in the cafeteria, organize with the pride and do special appearances on campus. There needs to be some true orange home pride put back on campus through cookouts, special appearances, WELCOME WEEK, Night in neyland, Freshman Picnic, Pep Rallies with food in circle Park. Seriously that SEC TV contract should give the athletic department enough funds to invest in some free food and events for students on campus! 5) Neyland stadium has become more corporate than I can stand! Because of the exclusivity of the athletic department, the opportunities to share the gameday experience with families is pretty low. Make it possible at least for the time being for a student to be able to bring his or her parents to the game. 15 years ago, it was about fitting as many Tennessee fans as possible into Neyland Stadium. Today, it's about making as much as possible off of people while giving special catering to the ultra rich. Figure out ways for students and their families to come to Neyland together. 6) Tennessee needs a hero. Heroes are found in signature wins (Jeff Hall and the Tennessee defensive line).

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twice: Rob Patrick took the Lady Vols to the Final Four in volleyball. That would be like you and me building a spaceship and going to the moon. Impossible. But Rob did it. Rob has nothing to prove to anybody. He is a great coach and a great person.

Anyhow, great coaches like Rob are very good at deterimining good talent for their teams. Like I said, if you had been good enough, you would have played.

If you weren't a jerk you might have friends and a wife. If you were good enough in life, maybe you wouldn't be relegated to making assumptions about people online. Im going to pray that you find a purpose in life.

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Well thank you so very flipping much for your complete and thorough analysis of my athletic career. Life isnt always about being good enough... sometimes stuff happens, like you lose a coach or transfer schools or just dont have enough money to travel 400 miles in HS to a residential volleyball camp. Also, as i said I made the decision before college not to pursue playing this sport in college, not that i didnt have some interest locally where i was from. I actually did another sport at UT, but again, thats beside the point. The point of my post wasnt about me but it was that this volleyball team has had a history of losing players before they complete their eligibility.

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I will say, I had really wanted to play volleyball. My freshman year would have been 1996. In the fall of 1999 or so there was an article in the Daily Beacon that out of 6 recruits in 96, only 1 made it to her senior year. Again, it confirmed my decision to have left that personality disorder sport behind. It also could have indicated problems that the players had with Rob Patrick. IDK.

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Rob's been here a long time and I don't believe has ever had this problem before. I would chalk this up to bad apples. Good riddance. Go to Kelsey Robinson's twitter account. She sounds like a 13-year-old girl.

People like her made me hate the sport. Almost every team I played with, competitively or for recreation, all had at least 1 but often 2 or 3 extremely arrogant girls and young women. Their attitudes made the whole experience deplorable. This is one reason why I moved away from thinking about playing at the next level and focused on other sports. I don't know why Volleyball brings out such rude catty women.

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I have never believed we should have to play Memphis in football. If ending the basketball series also ends the football commitment, I am all for it.

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I swear john adams writes this phooey to watch the comments wall blow up. He is the biggest jackazz in Knoxville. Well at least theres no love loss. we know where john adams stands and what we can expect out of him and theres no sickening honeymoon to go through.

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I saw your screen name and, believe it or not, I knew what it meant. My point, which obviously wasn't made very eloquently, is that some folks look at someone older than themselves and automatically assume that they have nothing of substance to offer because they're "old". Personally, I've never been brazen enough to tell someone to just "shut up" because what they had to say might not jive with my thinking, no matter what the other person's age. each his own.

Congratulations on your two degrees from a great university. Those degrees, however, obviously don't help much with your reading comprehension.

For example, exactly where do you read that I made "...comments about Phillip Fulmer accomplishing nothing and screwing over majors on the day after he was inducted into the hall of fame."? Honestly, I've always been a Phillip Fulmer fan, and I though that showed in my comments.

You think I have "accomplished little to nothing in my own life"? You think I fit your stereotype, huh? I'm "pathetic"? Wow, I'm truly amazed that you can sit behind that keyboard and be as all-knowing as you are, and we've never even met! WOW! Now ain't you just something! And you're only in your 30's? WOW!!

For your information, I'm proud of my age, and I really hope you make it to this age. But I surely hope you don't run up on someone considerably younger than yourself who feels that you're of no value because he's younger and you're "old". That just might hurt your feelings a little bit.


You certainly took exception to the reply that I made to a person who made a point to comment about Coach Fulmer backstabbing Johnny Majors. So, my wise old friend, given the context I would certainly say that I had every right to address the entire context of this conversation. I think you need to brush up on comprehensive understanding of interactions! I actually don't think 50 is old, in general. But, I do think the people who come on an article like this and want to talk about screwing over Johnny Majors certainly are out of touch of the current reality! So, is that you? Maybe so. You seemed to put on the shoe, above.

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My point in my post is that people who opine about Majors seem to think it happened, yesterday, last week, last year. Yet, it's become a game to imply or directly state that Coach Fulmer was "past his prime." You men in your 50s who want to relive the Majors days need to realize it's been 20 years since Coach Fulmer became head coach at UT. That means half the students on campus, today, were not even born when Fulmer became coach. It also means you have 16 years of alumni who were never at UT when Majors was coach. The respect you demand of people like me towards Majors, I demand of you towards Fulmer, especially regarding his accolades.

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"Old old men..."? Oh my goodness, you think 50 is old? How old are you, 18 maybe? I guess when I was a teenager, I thought 50 was old too. But guess what, I don't FEEL old most of the time now, and I'm in my mid 60's. I guess age is relative.

But to your other point, I felt it was time for Majors to go, and was glad when Coach Fulmer got the nod. I also wish Coach Fulmer had been given one more year to try to right the ship. He wasn't, and we've paid for it ever since.

Having said that, there's no guarantee he could've turned things around the next year. We'll never know, will we?

Hope my comments weren't too "OLD" for your bright young mind. Sometimes I think folks like you have too high of an opinion of yourself. Maybe you ought to start listening to what some of us "oldsters" have to say occasionally. I know it's hard for you to believe, but you might actually learn something.

And congratulations, Coach Fulmer!

I'm a "twicevolalum." Let me translate that for you. I have two degrees from the University of Tennessee. So, if I were 18 I would certainly be exceptional! For your information, I'm in my mid 30s. The entire time I was at UT, continuing to this day, there are always the old men with gruff voices who have accomplished little to nothing in their own lives who want to opine about Johnny Majors. You seem to fit the stereotype very well. I'm over it. How pathetic you must be to make comments about Phillip Fulmer accomplishing nothing and screwing over majors on the day after he was inducted into the hall of fame. So, did me calling you old hit a nerve?

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No jt45, Phil Fulmer was not loyal. Perhaps you aren't aware of all of his backstabbing of Johnny Majors while Johnny was laid out on the operating table; he lobbied boosters and other power brokers for the head coaching job during that period. This is the kind of loyalty Big Phil demonstrated--even after Johnny spared his job after a crying episode when Johnny was going to fire him for poor performance. Fulmer's actions during that period were completely devoid of class.

And, frankly, Fulmer was not getting the job done, so he was fired. Just as any of us should expect should we not get it done at our jobs. Down cycles are one thing, but going 5-6 because he was too chickens$%t to bring in an offensive coordinator that might upstage him (minus Cutcliffe)--Phil got what he deserved.

I'm so over old old men sitting behind their computers blaming Fulmer for Majors. Just shut up. You're old, your comments are old, and nothing about you or your comments amount to a pile of beans. 1) The current student body has no idea who Johnny Majors is except when they roll him out in his wheelchair. 2) Alumni for the last 16 years have no memories or knowledge of Majors, meaning the only people throwing fits over Majors are at least 50. 3)Exactly how much longer do you think Majors was going to coach since he clearly wasn't coaching during his last season?

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What truly galls me are the supposed vol fans who want to denigrate the national championship year. To go undefeated in football for ANYONE DURING ANY SEASON is a tremendous accomplishment that required following through every game maxim every game, working harder every day than the day before, not losing sight of your next opponent or the next play. It was and still is a tremendous accomplishment that took years to build to and happened the year after everyone thought it was possible.

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Others' accomplishments do nothing to diminish what Coach Fulmer accomplished at UT. I don't care what those other coaches did. They weren't coaching at UT.


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So many posters here want to blame Hamilton, UT admin for wronging Fulmer. I choose to remember his good run in the 90's (when he had great recruiters as assistant coaches) and him quitting on UT when he put his own selfish ego in front of UT. Someone earlier mentioned Wyoming...he hit it on the head. Fulmer didn't know when to quit....instead he dug us a hole we are still digging out of.

Why don't you just shut up. I don't think Coach Fulmer ever quit on UT. I do think people who call themselves fans and use it as justification to go boo at Homecoming game after a coach has been fired are pathetic losers in life.

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True. Literally our worst seats ever at the Dome (SEC Championship Games and Peach Bowls included) with our heads nearly hitting the dome roof, but one thing could be said. It was like watching a game being drawn up, and you could SEE the interception before the ball was snapped. If that is what sitting high gets you, I pray for the day when we can move back home and find seats in the first twenty rows or so. Sometines knowing what is going to happen in advance is a bad thing.

LOL, we must have been sitting side by side. My head was on the GA Dome roof, too. Yes, I saw that interception long before it happened, too. It was my first SEC Championship that I was able to attend.

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Who are the dumb hillbilly's?

The one's who came to Neyland Stadium to do nothing more but boo on Homecoming Day 2008, on the first game after the dismantling of the program. Those are the dumb hillbillies. The ones who still complain about that game as though their life somehow ended that day. The ones who complain about that game and yet don't seem to realize the last 4 years have been dismal without Coach Fulmer coaching and the ones who seem to think all of the current players were recruited by Coach Fulmer.

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UT's football program lost all respect by the way the Fulmer release debacle took place and the shameful manner in which Mike Hamilton handled it. I am the first to say that Fulmer was past his prime and ready to retire. He is arguably the greatest Vol to ever don orange in the history of the program. Who has given more of their life to the University of Tennessee than Phillip Fulmer? The number he put up cannot be disputed. The success he had as a leader of the program (not just the coach of the team, but the developer of a greatly successful program, a family, a great business, a wholesome place that we all fell in love with). He deserved to leave on his own terms. I blame the media (John Adams led) and the feeble, spineless decision making by Mike Hamilton for the implosion of our football program. He sold us out to filth...Bruce Pearl, Lane Kiffin. What a joke. And some of these fans never learned a darn thing from it...the ones who would compromise their integrity yet again and solicit Bobby Petrino as our next head coach. I feel sorry for Dooley. I really do. He was not given a fair amount of time to prove or disprove his worth. I do not know if he would have ever been a great success for UT...I have my doubts...but he was short changed and deserved another year. So here we are...2008 to 2012...what the mess. I assure you all that it would have all worked out so much better had we displayed a sense of honor and let Fulmer step down after his final season of 2008. Kept him involved in the front office. The legendary Vol he is and always will be. The head coaching job at UT has lost its luster...its honor. I love the University of Tennessee. I hope we do not continue to compromise what is so great about it. She cannot take much more. I hope Dave Hart will bring in someone with impeccable values...impeccable like that of Phil Fulmer...and his loyalty. We need a great program builder, who can recruit a talent base and can surround himself with genius football minded assistants. Peace

I agree with most of your points and you're the first person who has commented with exactly the sentiments I feel regarding the firing of Coach Fulmer. I went to the 2007 SEC Championship game. UT was absolutely in the mix of that game until Ainge threw an interception. If you look back at the trajectory of the program, it mirrored the retirement of Doug Dickey and the arrival of the mercenary, Mike Hamilton. I said in 2008, and believe today, that the troubles we saw on the field in 05 and 08 were a reflection of deeper troubles stemming from the Athletic Director. I don't think Coach fulmer was "past his prime." He went out and did EXACTLY what Adams, the rabid fans, and other wanted him to do, he went "outside the family" to get an offensive coordinator. It absolutely did not work out. Look at Florida State. That transition was organized YEARS before it happened. I don't think releasing coach Fulmer without a plan similar to Florida State's example was too much to expect or to ask. Yes, I agree, the 2008 debacle by that athletic administration, the fans' ridiculous attitude, and the local media have made UT a far less attractive position for a prospective coach.

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Hey VolinVirginia,
How little you remember. It was also the first game after the dismantling of the program. I'm so sorry the 2008 loss to Wyoming after the firing of Coach Fulmer ruined your life. #Getoverit

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2012 - 1997 equals 15 years. It was the 15th anniversary of the 1997 SEC Championship Team. Peyton was also on campus. In case you don't know, Peyton was not part of the 1998 NC Team Come on KNS! Get it together!

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Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, please recognize that you are very much in the minority in regards to your opinion on the Fulmer firing. I was on campus at the time and 99% of people thought he should go. With that being said, that was a long time ago so you should probably work on getting over it. Although I also "have 2 degrees from UT" (that was me mocking your arrogance by the way), it doesn't mean my opinion is fact, no matter how much I try to make myself sound like I'm better than everyone else

1) being on campus at the time doesn't give you credence, but if you believe that it should, I will say, I too, was on campus at the time. It was pretty appalling how people acted at that time. I still say we didn't see those problems on the field until Hamilton was A.D. and when I pointed that out to your fellow classmates I was told Hamilton was the best because he got us Bruce Pearl. Well I think time has proven Hamilton was definitely a problem at UT and Bruce Pearl was evidence of that problem. 2) If you think four years is a long time ago then talk to me when you get a little more life experience. If you have actually gotten 2 degrees from UT, you would know four years goes by quickly. In terms of life, four years is not really that long at all. 3) Stating that you're not trying to make yourself sound better than everyone else, is in fact, trying to make yourself sound better than everyone else. Sorry if my screen name offends you. I've just found it useful in differentiating myself from those who have never had any investment in the University other than to buy football tickets on the street, bring their alcohol on campus, and live their life by the scoreboard in Neyland Stadium.

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You may already have your answer, but "Lighten up Francis" was a line from the movie Stripes. Some guy named Francis Sawyer was wound a little tight and wanted to be called Psycho. So, his Sgt told him to lighten up. Good advice.

No wonder I didn't know what it was. I don't do cheap pop culture films of modern Hollywood. I do classic films. Have a nice day.

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I would be willing to bet, if you have two degrees from Tn. that you still owe for your student loans. Why don't you contact your friend Fulmer and ask him to turn in half of that 6 million that he didn't deserve, after all, if he is so great he should be willing to man up and give back to the University, not just the million he contributed trying to save his job. After all Johnny Majors never got that kind of money and he forgot more about football that the great Fulmer had and will ever know about coaching. Cutcliffe and Chavis carried him when they were his assistants in other words they were the crutch that he depended on.

How I personally financed my education is of no concern to you. Now, I see, you're just an old man still hanging on to Johnny Majors like a crutch.

Such a typical statement from some right winger who doesn't want an education because they might teach you something that is not approved at church!

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There you go,,confiscate & redistribute. Don't give Haslam any say over his money. After all he's exploiting the masses. Workers of the world unite!

Here come the Vol "fans." Idiots who never went to school, there, never wore the orange, don't know anything more than when the definition of a touchdown and totally fail to understand the connection between the university and the university's athletic program.

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in response to VolunteerLifer:

Firing Fulmer was the right decision. Hiring Kiffin was the wrong decision that has brought us to this point. Haslam didn't hire Kiffin, as far as I know.

Really, anyone seen UGA's performance lately? I guess Mark Richt is past his prime, too. You know, the issues that most of you cite, as evidence of Fulmer being a failure didn't emerge until Hamilton was A.D. But, whatever, you people just wanted him out no matter what.

No, we don't know what the process was for hiring Kiffin. But, we do know that while a fake interview was being conducted 3 years ago with Kippy Brown, Haslam and his plane were in Louisiana getting Dooley.

Why don't you donate about 50% of your income to fix this situation!

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Lighten up, Francis.

I don't know what "Francis" refers to. I have 2 degrees from UT and love the university and the athletic program. I do believe that the athletic department should be contributing to the university. It's important. I also believe that the dismantling of the football program four years ago was a knee-jerk reaction done by a mercenary athletic director taking direction from , mostly, one man. We all know the athletic department is really under the direction of one man, Jim Haslam. Pilot is on the back of the jumbotron. Glocker is now the Haslam Business Building. If he has the money to go buy his own NFL team, he's got the money to fix the mess that began four years ago without taking resources from the campus.

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THIS IS B.S. While I have especially critical of Mike Hamilton, I have no doubt that firing Coach Fulmer came with the full endorsement of Jim Haslam. Cough up your money Haslam.

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This is such phooey. Why doesn't the University go get it from Mike Hamilton. He fired Coach Fulmer with no plan, no future for the athletic program, nothing but his own selfish desire to be the god of UT athletics with all new facilities and coaches. We are here, today, because of that situation. UT should sue him for the money.

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The big story, here, is that UT/UF has been moved out of the opening CBS game of the week and replaced by Arkansas/Alabama. I think this is a reflection of the strength of the west, the implications of a national championship, and the downfall of this Gator/Vol Rivalry. It is disappointing and I look forward to a day when UT/UF will be seen as an important game in the national picture. Right now, it's a sideshow and UT is the biggest cause of that!

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Yet another article by John Adams to stick it to Phillip Fulmer one more time. So, exactly what is it, John, with the Vol football program? You (the media) let Dooley get away with hiding behind "this a young team" rhetoric for the entire season when the reality is by the end of Dooley's second season with a largely freshman and sophomore team, his players had started as much as juniors and seniors on most other squads! Is Dooley's seat getting a little too hot for your comfort, John, so you had to go write a chill piece for Dooley? Most young men don't like making a major coaching change from one coach to the next, they especially don't like to do it twice! The coaches hate dealing with players that aren't their own, as we saw with so many players leaving or getting kicked off the team. So, are you writing yet another piece judging the productivity of a coach who was fired 3.25 years ago based on a small group of athletes who stayed at Tennessee and played under 3 different coaches?

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I agree with both letters except for the part in the first letter that said a Fulmer team was never so undisciplined or bewildered. Guess he forgot about Fulmers last year on the hill and the Wyoming game that year.

Yeah, that team was so awful and ruined your life. Nevermind it was the first game after the coach was effectively fired. I cannot believe how people hang on to that game!

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Oh, wait, my bad, yeah it sucks that the SEC could be double represented at the NC Game. Yeah, that just absolutely stinks. I'd rather USC (I don't mean South Carolina) play in that game. Yeah, it sucks!

Some people are just small-minded and stupid. If Tennessee can't play for a NC, I want an SEC team to play for one. Anyone not think that our new AD doesn't feel the same way?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

BTW, I'm not just a FAN. I get offended when anyone replies to my dedication to Tennessee, with "Oh I hate Tennessee, I'm a 'fan' of ____________" I'm an alum and a former athlete, that makes me permanently invested in my university. I am not a "fan." I loved that we played nationally ranked teams in our conference, this year. I want us to WIN against those opponents. If our opponents were to grow weaker, does not mean that UT would be stronger. I want UT to be the best against the best and I want the best in the SEC!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

How small minded you are. I can assure you that SEC teams can and want to win against one another. In order to have a conference that is respected, in order to have a strength of schedule matter, in order to build our teams, we NEED a strong conference. To not want the SEC to win the national championship every year is pretty small minded.

Written on Letters to the Sports Editor: Dec. 4 :

BULL this team was NOT playing high school football this time last year. If that was the case, UT would not have had a season last year! I'm d-a-m-n sick and tired of the tired, pathetic argument! We saw NO improvement in this team this year. We had 7 consecutive games where we failed to score in the third quarter. We were SHUT OUT in the second half against MTSU, inside Neyland Stadium! Derrick Dooley made the argument that 70 percent of his team was in the first OR second year of the program. Well in a completely balanced team, HALF of the team will ALWAYS be in the first or second year. The truth is that not all freshmen become sophomores and are still playing, not all sophomores become juniors and remain on the team and not all juniors become seniors and remain on the team. So, more than likely a team will always have more freshmen/sophomores than juniors/seniors. In addition, these players had more opportunities to start and be impact players and by the time they played Kentucky, they had as many starts under them as many seniors for other schools. It's time for people to accept the fact that 1) youth is not an excuse and 2) this coaching staff has to be responsible for outcomes on the field.

On a separate issue, I am so proud that the SEC will more than likely have two teams in the national championship game. The SEC is a strong and proud conference. I hope that one day Tennessee can be a contributor, again, rather than simply a roll-over team that lessens our opponents strength of schedule.

Written on Sources: Wide receivers coach Baggett has retired:

Wow, I didn't know this could get even more ridiculous on the attacks on Coach Fulmer. So, now the Seniors are gone and this continues to be his fault because....Lane Kiffen, Mike Hamilton, Derrick Dooley, and whomever else has had their thumb in the UT pot basically gutted the entire coaching staff since 2008 and no one was left standing to move into a head coaching position. Mike Hamilton made it PERFECTLY clear that no "insider" was going to be hired and so the cat drug home that rat, Lane Kiffen who kept almost no one. So, exactly HOW is it Coach Fulmer's fault, then that 3 years and counting after his firing that it's his fault that we currently do not have a productive head coach?

Written on Mike Strange: Coulda, woulda, shoulda, and never were for former Vols :

in response to BigVolFaninSC:

You can't predict what these players WOULD have done at Tennessee based on what they did or didn't do at another school! But, what you CAN predict is that they left a lot of holes in the program here for sure! That was the point that I took from another thoughtful article from Mr. Strange!...He should replace Adams!

You are correct BigVolFaninSC! You can't predict how productive these guys would have been at TN because it would have been completely different dynamics.

Written on Dominating first half leads Vols to 24-0 shutout of MTSU :

To the athletic department who said earlier this year that they were NOT lowering ticket prices to fill seats, you absolutely deserve to have half houses. This economy is terrible and many recent graduates would love to go to games but can't afford the 70 dollar face value for games. You owe more to Tennessee alumni and Tennessee fans than that attitude, especially given the performance of this team. They could certainly use some alumni in the stadium who love UT and who may not be able to afford the current ticket prices! SHAME ON YOU UT ATHLETIC DEPT!

Written on Dominating first half leads Vols to 24-0 shutout of MTSU :

I'm trying to discern how John Chavis is credited with retooling the LSU defense and has all the credit for the LSU defense after 3 years but after 3 years of absence from UT Phillip Fulmer is responsible for the an on-field performance of a team that is playing almost all freshmen and sophomores and we are now two coaches and two athletic directors down the pike from the "Phillip Fulmer" era. Personally, I think those who are critical are older, not younger, because it seems that the younger ones are very defensive of Dooley and can't see that this program has made ZERO improvements. There is no where that the team is improving!

Written on Dominating first half leads Vols to 24-0 shutout of MTSU :

UT Football Stats through November 5

Overall Scoring (UT - Opponent) = 203 - 191
SEC Scoring (UT - Opponent) = 51- 142
Non Conference Scoring (UT - Opponent) = 152- 49

Touchdown Production:
UT Touchdowns vs. SEC = 5
UT Touchdowns vs. Non Conference = 20

Production by Halves:
Overall First Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 140-80
Overall Second Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 63-111

SEC First Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 29-52
SEC Second Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 22-90

Non Conference First Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 111-28
Non Conference Second Half Performance: UT vs. Opponent = 41-21

Facts of the Season:
Tennessee failed to score in the second half of the last four games (Oct. 15 - Nov. 5).

Tennessee went 10 consecutive quarters without scoring a touchdown, starting in the third quarter of LSU through the Alabama and South Carolina games. Tennessee scored its first touchdown in two and a half games in the opening quarter against MTSU.

Tennessee only scored a total of 2 touchdowns against GA, LSU Alabama, and South Carolina combined.

Tennessee has failed to score in third quarter during the last 5 games of this season.

Written on NCAA: UT's cooperation in 'stark contrast' to former basketball staff's 'failures' :

What, exactly, does the two year probation mean for the athletic program?

Written on John Adams: Some rivalries not smart for SEC teams :

Wow, John Adams just wrote a column that has been my argument against UT playing Memphis going back into the 90s when it really did matter that Memphis got revved up for their annual Tennessee bowl! I think you've got a point, there, John. I just don't understand why we've waited so long to have this discussion and why we've waited until a season where the UT/Memphis game didn't matter to have this discussion. Memphis still considers their defeat over Peyton to be the biggest win in their history. Why even play that game?

Written on Adams: Extremities overshadow effort :

Dear John Adams, you have spent years willy nilly writing your dribble in KNS laying the blame of everything that has ever gone wrong at the feet of the coaches but you stop this time, why? The reality is this was the most bumbled coaching mishap that we've ever seen. Where is your questioning of how a high paid defensive coach can't count to 11 or even worse can't say 11-3+4+1=13? No, it's not the players fault. This is a young team and these high paid ADULTS lost their heads at a moment when this young team was relying on them, regardless of if they realized it or not. Pathetic on coaching staff and pathetic on you, John Adams!

Written on UT's troubles contrast with athletics director's fundraising success:

in response to AncientVolFan:

I could be wrong and sorry if I am, but as an outsider it appears that one of the things Hamiltion may have had against Fulmer is Fulmer's tendency to play the game by the rules. If I'm wrong I apologize. Fulmer's troubles seemed to begin after turning Alabama in for cheating. Perhaps just coincidence. I wish Hamilton had waited until after the Wyoming game to force Fulmer to resign. Not for Fulmer's sake, but for the programs. It was like saying to future players that era meant nothing. I think with Kiffen, Hamilton may have learned something. Hope so.

Do you HONESTLY believe that Tennessee would have lost that Wyoming Game if they had not had the tumultuous week that had occurred? Honestly, people's constant reference back to the Wyoming game and unwillingness to let that one go is something that galls me. The coach was FIRED. The season was just being played out. Tennessee had been disgraced on national television by this athletic director and you people still want to cry over spilled Wyoming milk! I am so sorry that the Wyoming game seemed to ruin so many of your lives!!!

Written on West's joke about Kiffin upsets players :

oh poor Tommy West... He should have borrowed a speech writer or two, like Obama has, and he'd have told a joke that made sense. Who cares that he told this "joke." For starters it didn't make sense and secondly who else would he tell a joke about? Central Florida? Nah, making a joke about Tennessee works better for that situation.

Written on Poll: Did you like the black jerseys:

in response to tentwenty:

The black jerseys looked SHARP. It gives the brand a stronger look- the orange and white is feminine and soft. The back makes the team look more ferocious.

Symbolically - being in the black means the company or team is profitable. I bet UT would win every game played in the black jerseys because of the psychological edge the players feel when they get to make a decision on choosing their own look. It's empowering.

Change is good- the orange and white didn't put up that good of a fight- time to shift and give'em the night. Back in black.

"the orange and white is feminine and soft"

Wow, I wasn't aware that orange was a feminine color. It's interesting/pathetic that you would choose to such language.

"the orange and white didn't put up that good of a fight"

That's quite a statement to make. Do you want to qualify that statement or did you just go to your first football game last season? Perhaps your disdain for orange would lead you to choose another team.

Written on Poll: Did you like the black jerseys:


that would mean once in about every 15 years or so.

well given that the last time we played a game on Halloween in Knoxville it was about 60 years ago. So, okay, I'll wait until I'm almost 90 to see that again.