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A desperate move by a desperate program, and a coach in over his head with an AD that knows it.

why are you talking about Mark Richt on here?
Dawgs have not been relevant in a looong time since some guy name Dooley coached them. Richt's next championship will be his first!!!
that's pathetic!!!

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It's nice to know we have a football coach and not a lawyer running our team now!!!

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In more positive news, TitleTown put another trophy in its overloaded National Championship Case when the Gators Gymnastics Team won on Saturday in LA.

There are only 5 schools in the country who have won this title, 3-from the SEC. UF, bammer and ga. The others are Utah and ucla.

I know you all will send your congratulations to UF for another fine accomplishment.

I guess if Muschump was our coach we would look forward to gurly sports also!!!

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from all NBA reports I have seen they have Stokes as going back to school for his senior year and not in any mock drafts!!!

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Glad we finally hired a football coach to coach the team and not a lawyer!!!
Love the intensity CBJ is creating, think he is taking the right steps to bring UT back!!!

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I'd say there are 300,000 reasons he is here. UT tradition ain't one of them.

People who blame Graham for leaving are crazy. He was in a tough spot as the only guy on the staff who even knew how to pronounce Vol. Geez, can you imagine the idiots on the coaching staff from Michigan by way of Cincinnati apparently thought Tennessee's mascot was a small rodent that lives underground?

Your an idiot not a TRUE FAN!!!

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The green eyed monster of jealousy rears it's ugly head!!!

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He should be paying us 50K a month for having to watch that pitiful D last year!!!

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"We've had conversations (with Bray)," Jones said. "In a very short period of time, it's hard for them, because they really don't know me. But you try to be as upfront and honest as possible....We'll support them in whatever choice they make."

Translation: "Go forth, young man, we wish you the best. Nathan Peterman & Justin Worley will fight it out & LEAD us to victory!!"

and what about Riley Ferguson, that kid showed a lot of heart and toughness at the elite 11 camp!!! I think he can be a special player!!!

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Good Luck Tyler, maybe we will have another Summitt as head coach at UT in the future!!!

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To coach WRs?

either catch the ball or come over and face me after you don;t!!! Nuff Said!!!

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Because it is LA not Hicksville. He can name his price anywhere in the country, but if he stays put there he will be a HC in 3 years..probably here.

or out of a job after next season when Kiffin is fired!!!

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support him and Vols or go support another team!!! CBJ is our coach and I'm proud to call him a VFL!!!

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Why couldn't Hart have gone after.
Now Tuberville signed with Jones ex school.What a dumb AD at Tennessee

The same Tuberville that left one SEC school in the middle of the night and got ran out of another one? WOW, reaching now aren't you? what makes you think any of them would be any better than Coach Jones?
Mora has exactly 1 year in college ball and what mom would let their son play for Petrino??? Stupid Post just plain stupid!!!

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My guess will be Florida as next opening!!! Muschump peaked this year and only took Florida job because he was told that they would keep the coach in waiting tag on him but he will never be the Texas coach!!! His act had grown very thin on Trustees and he also tried to hold them at ransom when Florida called and they said see YOU!!!

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Big difference between the Big East and SEC.
Didn't Dooley beat him at Knoxville?
I am going to remind him what he said if he doesn't return this program to its former glory. Frankly, I am a poor looser.
Also, very disappointed in the basketball program! I am looking into the future, and I don't see any post men being recruited by Martin!

our leader and best player has not played this year at all in basketball!!! coach Martin will be fine

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Your opinion means nothing just like mine so I am going to give him a chance. A lot of people that do know what they are talking about have told me that this guy is far superior to Fisher(FSU fans were hoping we took him)or Gundy (same with OSU fans)and he will build a championship program. They compare him to Coach Pearl without the baggage. The guy works nonstop and demands excellence or you will not be on the field!!!
Great Hire

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A lot of skeptical Vol fans at first, probably because of the deflation from not scoring the household name coach - you know, the one who has no college history, or the others who used our Vols as a springboard to a pay increase.

After learning a bit about this guy, I decided to give my full support, and remain cautious...

After seeing this guy interact with our Volunteers, I decided to be optimistic...

After seeing him address the media, the fans, and after learning a bit more about his history, he took away the decision - it's replaced with anxiety - the good kind.

If Coach Jones remains consistant with his attitude and philosophy, I think we all have reason to be anxious about the newest edition of our VOLS!!

Anxious, as in; Spending 6 months learning kung-fu and being so anxious and excited about whipping the bully down the street the very next time he picks on you, you can hardly wait!

I hope everyone of you who have ever followed the VOLS, or have called yourself a Big Orange fan, get the same impression and feeling about this guy.

It is more than optimism and, while I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, he has something that's been missing on Rocky Top for some time.

I waited all off-season, with crossed fingers, hoping the 2012 Vols would be great. There was a feeling of confidence and excitement, after the N.C. State game, that had been missing for a while.

The electricity in the days leading up the the Florida game was incredible. The atmosphere on campus, Gameday, and in Neyland Stadium was on the level of something we have missed for some time now.

All Vols had the feeling that our 2012 Vols would be a break-out group - but that flame was quickly extinguished.

I am beginning to have those same great feelings for next year's Vols - and have yet to even see his staff!

I hope I am not the only Volunteer who is getting this impression! I like it and can't wait to see what is unveiled in 2013!

I had to wait until '12 Vols played a couple games before I felt the excitement, but not with this guy. He is bringing something here that is exciting.

I hope it continues to grow until the season kicks off and we can see what he's down with our guys in Orange!

Go Vols!!!

Great Post!!!

I'm not a football expert and was skeptical when I first heard Coach Jones name but now I'm glad we got him. I never wanted Fisher or Gundy. I like and respect Strong but think we should have not messed around and should have hired Coach Jones from day 1. 4 Championships in 6 years!!! Let that sink in because I don't care if you are coaching a Pee Wee team, that is impressive!!!

Coach Jones reminds me of Bruce Pearl with the personality and the energy!!!

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I figure Patterson is gone. Has anyone heard anything from Bray or Hunter?

Patterson would be a beast in CBJ's fast past offense!!!

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and what title do you guys have???
NON, oh thats right!!!

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Jones speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

Read this article from the Cincinnati "Enquirer," in which Jones is said to have negotiated with a half-dozen schools in the last two years, but claims he thinks he has "proved that he wants to be (in Cincinnati.)"

What a con artist. But it takes a con to fool a con...and both Hart and Cheek appear to have been conned.

And UT is about to go through another five or six years in which Football is no longer relevant---but then, so far this year, neither is basketball.

Thanks, Hamilton.
Thanks, Peterson.
Thanks, Hart.
Thanks, Cheek.
Thanks, Board of Trustees.

$125,000,000 per year athletics budget and this manure is what Tennessee taxpayers are given in return for it. (Yeah, I know; the athletics budget is not from the taxpayers, more or less; except that now Cheek wants to lop off huge chunks of it, to fund academics. So under Cheek, it really equates to tax dollars, because that's where the money will have to come from, if Cheek is forced to give back the athletics bucks he grabbed.)

Who the hell is minding the store? One of the ten biggest athletics budgets in America and UT looks like a bunch of snaggled-toothed rednecks are running the place.

The state's premier university, formerly, has become the laughinstock of American collegiate athletics.

Let me get this straight: Uh, UT fired Phillip Fulmer for THIS:

a. Lane Kiffin
b. Derrick Dooley
c. Butch Jones ????????

What a bunch of numbskulls are running the show...

Any chance we could wait and see who is hired and actually see if the coach can win??? who are you to question the hire? Urban Meyer was questioned when he Florida hired him. Stoops was questioned at OU because he was a coordinator!!! Let's give the new coach a chance. If it is Coach Jones at least he has a winning record. I don't blame him for looking at other jobs in coaching because the first losing season you have the school will not hesitate to get rid of you so you better make your money when you can!!!

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would be solid hire maybe not the wow factor of a Gruden but a solid coach and if he is successful this would be a destination job for him and not having to look again for several years!!!
I would support him

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Golden is way down the list!!!
he won't be hire unless a few turndowns!!! and don't see that happening because money will be too good!!!

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idiot, proof you can't fix stupid!!! you must be a lib!!!

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wake me up when a press conference is called. Looks like Auburn will get Petrino and not sure we should not have went after him because he knows he is on his 3rd strike and will be on best behavior and at the end of the day,"He Wins"

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The biggest short-term concern any candidate will have is the pent-up expectations UT fans will have for the next coach. The new guy won't even have the unbelievable short leash Dooley had. It'll be a win now deal for the next coach - none of this honeymoon stuff.

It's a career-changing decision for Hart. Make the wrong hire and the Tennessee athletic program goes into nuclear winter. Make the right hire and save the rest of Tennessee's teams. It's really that simple.

How many of you would want to sign up for that in your personal careers?

at 2-4 million a year and 5 million if I get let go!!! I'm in

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Jimbo has only lost to Florida once in three years. I think most Tennessee Fans would take that kind of production when playing UF!

I travel the panhandle of Florida a lot and most FSU fans would love for someone to take Jimbo. They don't think he can win the big one!!!

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What about Steve Mariucci? He needs a gig now and did a great job at Cal.


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If your not first your last!!!
and Gators are not first


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Any coach that is worth our attention will still be involved with his current team until at least the last week of Dec / or first week of Jan 2013. The exception would be Gruden who will wait until later in Jan 2013 to see if and which NFL team maybe interested in hiring him. So from where I sit it looks like we are going to"loss" one recruiting class. 18 year olds will not wait until the last minute; even for someone who won a Super Bowl when they were 4 o 5 years old. These young ones probably have no clue who Gruden is except that they see him on ESPN; as an announcer. And may think - - if Gruden is still a good coach then why his he not coaching somewhere?

You should see Gruden at the clinics and QB camps he does. These young kids think that he is a rock star and migrate to him!!! He would bring in great recruits!!!

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Are you not worried about Gruden. Sure he won 2 super bowls with teams stocked ahead of his time and then during his tenure, they failed to continue to produce. I like him but I am a little leary about whether he can recruit. Maybe I am wrong but just don't go head over heels about him.

I'm scared of everyone on the list in some way but we need the instant credibility he would bring. He would bring in big name recruits and let's face IT, you win more games with better players. That has never changed!!!

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Jimbo Fisher.Next H.C.

No thanks

I travel the panhandle often and FSU fans would gladly give him up. They say he can't win the big one and is a terrible coach!!!

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Love Coach Zo.
with a few more skins on the wall, he will have a lot of ballaz wanting to play for him!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

There is no East and West this year, think before you post or at least learn about the sport first.
They are picked 4th in the SEC!!!

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WOW. The guy had offers from Duke and Virginia. He chose Memphis. WOW!

money talks and BS walks!!!

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Coach Zo has quietly started to get the type of players he wants in the system with long athletic guards. I think Hambone got the right hire in basketball again.

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He's quite possibly working for the Kiffens....but ole Lane is not doing to well himself out there with 3 losses now, and maybe more with his own defensive problems

that SC defense is having some issues. Guess the Tampa two is better suited for passing offenses. I guess it will be dad, "I Love you but you got to go".

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I'm at a loss for words also!!!
just terrible!!!

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It will be UT or the Kitty team because he can't stand to be away from home.

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You loved the way they played last year? So you like going to NIT's over NCAA's?

I do love being picked 11th in the league and finishing tied for second and seeing a team that constantly improved game after game last year!!! I think Coach Zo got the absolute most he could out of that team!!!
so shut your pie hole!!!


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Vols Football and Basketball. Both currently irrelevant.

I disagree in basketball, I think we upgraded in coaching and I mean coaching in practice and gameday coach. I think Coach Zo is a better coach than Bruce Pearl. It is yet to be seen if he is a good recruiter but Stokes, Hubbs have been very good recruits and if we get Nichols he will be a better recruiter also!!!

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Yea especially Tennessee. WTF does that mean? Does that mean that other programs will not be effected by losing an All Conference player? Tenn is picked 4th in the SEC. 3 Final Four contenders are ahead of them. The defending National Champion. If UT was picked 14th and lost an All Conference player than your comment would make sense. Maymon is a good not great player. There are only a few great players on any level. Stokes may end up great. Few other schools have a great player and most do not have two on an All Conference team. Some of you fans need to get out of East Tennessee more.

Amen and pass another slice of humble pie!!!

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Looks like Dooley is already sucking up to Saban, he knows he will need a job soon. You can't say the man isn't intelligent, and please when you go take Sunseri with you, the absolute worst coach we have ever has, makes Wilcox look like a genius.

Disagree on Sunseri, anytime you make the switch from 4-3 defense to 3-4 defense it takes at least a year for players to make the transition and you to get right player for the defense. Sunseri is probably one of the best defense minds in the country.


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Hate to see Ronald Powell have a set back, I think he will be a stud on the D-line.
Like to see our best against their best!!!
Leonards Loser: Swamp Lizards by 10


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Wilcox was nudged out because he is not an SEC D-Coordinator. He is a great young mind but his schemes work better West of the Mississippi. Sal was a great hire and we needed to return to fast pressure football!!!

Written on Sal Sunseri making Tennessee debut as defensive coordinator :

I want to see a bunch of Al Wilsoning on Friday night!!! Playing fast to the ball but protecting your assignment!!! I think Sal is much of an upgrade over Wilcox!!!

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Glad to finally have size back on our lines and physical linemen. I like this team and just hope that it translates into wins this fall!!!



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Love Coach Zo, think we have a winner!!!


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That is just a stupid comment. The last two games UT beat Vandy by 7 in overtime and scored nothing vs Kentucky. Got beat by over 100 points in the three games vs decent SEC teams before that. I know everyone thinks Hunter will make all the difference but until UT shows they can even begin to run the football in the SEC teams will stop the pass game. This is not the WAC. Most SEC teams are bigger and stronger up front and have much better linebackers and DL than UT. Man until you beat a Top 50 team get real, much less a Top 25 team. Dooley is 1-7 his last 8 SEC Games and will be 1-9 the last 10 after Sept. I understand fans get excited but UT is far from the most powerful SEC offense. Not even close. Bray has shown no ability to beat good teams or stay healthy, who knows how Hunters knee will hold up. and the run game is a non factor. Vince Dooley has siad since day one, if UT can't run they can't win. And we know they cant run the football vs SEC defenses. I hear this same junk every year. Until the OL shows any ability to move a defense off the ball, forget about it.

I'm just glad you prefaced your comment with this is a STUPID COMMENT!!!
because you were spot on about your comment being stupid!!!