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Can we take a vote on who we want to see replace the inept Dave Hart at AD?

Not at this time..he got this one right..he set they buyout low in case Martin couldn't get it done with his own recruits..I don't see any reason to think Martin could have took this roster and finished in the top 5 in the SEC..

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Lets wait and see instead of pissin and moanin about the upcoming hire...maybe Hart knows another B. Jones...

And Ben Fredrickson.....who told you that Martin "turned down" the Marquette job????

I don't know if it was Ben Fredrickson or the entire NS sports staff..but all I read and heard indicates it was total speculation on their part..the fact that he was not hired by Marq tells me he was not offered..and his statement that he withdrew his name was intended to deceive the drum beaters who wanted to paint UT as the villain when in fact they were more than fair to offer him a raise and 2 yr ext..but they were also smart enough to set the low buyout that they obviously expected they would have to pay with the depleted roster Martin is I agree with you ...enough pissin and moaning..get another coach and I don't care who..just so he can game coach, teach good basketball fundamentals and raise hell with the officials over bad calls..

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Kermit Davis from MTSU!

I was in the house when Davis brought MTSU to play UT in the NIT game..I have never seen a coaching whipping like Davis put on Martin..Davis had recruited a Jr College point guard who could take Golden any time he wanted to ..when the game was on the line ..he did it over and over and Martin never made any adjustment till UT had it handed to them..Kermit Davis and Rick Byrd are far better coaches than Martin..

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I agree with TopperHarry. I don't think Lockwood is a good coach either. He may be able to recruit with his gift to gab and is still riding Pat's coattails, but coach? He couldn't even teach Glory Johnson how to fake a basketball, couldn't teach Izzy how to block a shot without fouling, Graves I thought went backwards and look at Russell; I didn't think he got the most out of her either. Look at Dolson for Uconn. Look how many shots she blocked this year and the way she would get the pass inside on a consistent basis (you have to work on passing everyday to do it right). Dolson was able to block shot's and was able to stay in the game 30 min. or more most every game. I think Izzy is just as good or maybe better than Dolson but you would never know it. When Pat Summitt stepped down I was one of the ones that thought either Nikki Caldwell or Dawn Staley would be the best fit for Tennessee and if my memory serves me correctly you thought the same thing. All I know is that SC is definitely on the up swing and is going to be real hard to beat next year. It kind of makes you wonder where we would be right now if Hart had chosen Staley or Nikki Caldwell (I still think Nikki Caldwell is an excellent coach) like a lot of poster's suggested, including you.

Nothing wrong with fans having different opinions...when I first saw Izzy I thought UT had made a mistake..when I see the player she is now it is hard to believe..somebody did a pretty good job coaching for Russell..she made tremendous progress this year and I expect her to get much for Reynolds ...she is the only player or coach who got it right as to what their biggest problem was in the big show..they were trying to get the ball inside by passing over the top instead of having Reynolds and Carter drive the lane and pass it off..when the inside players got the ball in position to score they did a good job..the problem was so many bad passes that didn't get to the inside players..Graves had an up and down season and I can't see that it had anything to do with for defense..I like to see inside players learn to anticipate what the offensive player is going to do and go for blocking the shot..I agree Staley is doing an excellent job and with five returning starters and the recruiting class they have..they are going to be tough..but I think the Lady Vols will be much better next year and not because of the recruiting class..I think surely the coaches will put Izzy and Russell on the floor at the same time in a double low post and have Carter and Reynolds getting them the ball..after seeing what Thomas did to Graves and Burdick..they got some work to do..bottom line for me ..I think the Lady Vols will have a better team next year than they had this year..and I think Holly and her staff are doing the best they can to make the team the best it can be...

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That new contract Boyle signed wouldn't seem too hard for UT to top if both sides are otherwise agreeable. Since I am convinced there is no way the Vols are going to get Marshall, Smart, or any of the other "fantasy" candidates, I could support Boyle as quickly as anybody else I've heard about so far.

But, heck, I would probably support almost anybody initially. Whoever it is, I hope everybody realizes he may not have much of a roster to work with, especially since it is almost inevitable that there will be SOME defections. I don't think there has ever been a coaching change without at least a couple.

I think the entire fan base will support whoever it is and realize he won't have much of a roster to work with whether or not there are defections..

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let us see here now say..Had Martin stayed, he faced would be all his roster but one with holes in it..and how do you think that roster would do in the SEC next many games do you think the team this year would have won without Stokes, Maymon, McRae and get my point..I think Martin would have been given a buyout before next season ended..and I think he did himself and UT a big favor by leaving..

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I heard that too, Theo.

This is an example of Coach Zo pointing to a result that he created by default and calling it a pre-determined reality.

Did Coach Zo come in and go to every radio show and tv show he could get his face in front of and talk about his vision for UT ball? Every month of all 3 years here?

Did Coach Zo reach out to every single player in UT ball's past and personally bring that player in to share VFL with our team?

Did Coach Zo display any emotion before the Sweet Sixteen run?

Did coach Zo ever defend his players to the refs during a hotly contested game?

Did Coach Zo ever display emotion in a game setting that would indicate to his team he had their back? Or for that matter, wanted the win?

Did Coach Zo show any of the animation at any of his pressers here on the hill that he showed in his one appearance at Cal-Fullerton?

Don't walk around like Eeyore for all the world to see your stoic nature...then blame the faithful when they go to the tent of a fire and brimstone slinging evangelist.

Coach Zo wrapped himself up to protect himself...then begrudges the fans for their reaction towards the guy who comes in wide open bleeding orange. Don't think it was just recently he formed that opinion...and don't think for a second his team didn't know he had that opinion as well.

Because coach Zo was perceived to be such a high character individual the points you make were ignored by most who simply don't recognize that coach Zo refused to be a total coach..he wanted to pick and chose what he was willing to do regardless as to whether or not it was in the best interest of the program..I hope I never have to watch another coach at UT who will not work the is part of the game..I hope I never see another coach at UT who don't understand the value of a point guard..and has no idea as to when it would help the team win games to play man or zone defense to fit game situations..and to not be prepared to get a high percentage shot with 12 sec on the clock and the game on the line..It was best for UT and Martin that he left..UT would have been facing the strong possibility that they would have had to fire him before next year was over..attendance may have demanded it..I think that was the reason for the low buyout..I am not a fan of bama Dave ..but I have to give him..or whoever made this buyout may have avoided a huge negative fan reaction if Pearl brings a team in here and beats UT..that reaction will not be near as severe with a new coach as it would be if Martin had stayed..bama Dave got this one right for the best interest of UT..hope it don't offend bama if this gets back to them..

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We will never be able to go for another nc with the assit. coaches that we have now. Lockwood has never played the post position and cannot coach it. Period

Have you ever listened to Lockwood being interviewed..he may know more about the game than Holly and the rest of the staff combined..and he may be the best at scouting prospects..I think he was looking at Russell when he spotted Reynolds..Reynolds has the talent to be among the best in college basketball if she continues to work hard..just my opinion are way off base about the asst. coaches..

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I hoped but did not think she would chose the Lady Vols for several reasons.. the first being S Car is her home and S Car proved this year they are on the way up and Wilson will be their local hero..nothing wrong with that.. I expect the Lady Vols to be a much better team next year..Russell and Reynolds really came on strong at end of the year..

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I had high hopes Martin would be a great coach and recruiter when he came to UT..I had given up those hopes this season while the team was not playing up to it's potential..the late surge did nothing to change my opinion Martin is a pathetic game coach and average recruiter at best..I can't get over how he never understood the importance of a point guard and he never understood how you need to play man or zone depending on the situation..and I never saw anything more stupid in a basketball game in my life than Martin stating he had total confidence Maymon could guard Glenn Robinson and then having Maymon make a fool of himself trying it..the best strategy Martin ever came up with was to make UT think he wanted to stay as coach while he was desperately trying to get another job where he wouldn't be stuck with the roster he is leaving behind...

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You know it is funny how the want Martin fired fans are saying that this is a top program. You are saying that Bruce did a lot for this program but you are failing to mention how he got the program into trouble before he was let go. Question, most people that are honorable admit when they go overboard or say things they should not say. Why can't you guys be truthful with yourself. He did not get fired because of a barbecue. He was let go because he lied to save himself. If he really loved the university, he would have done what ever it took to protect it. The rule was stupid but it was still a rule and he knew it. You guys say it is dumb to bring race in it but when you run a coach off that made a sweet sixteen run you sound crazy.
Was he wrong for leaving? Well considering he is a family man, he probably thought they would be safer in another place

So Martin didn't lie about wanting to stay at TN ..sure he did when he did not get the Marq job..he is smart enough to know he was more than likely to get a buyout before next season ended and he wanted out before that happened..all this sentimental phooey is nonsense..Martin went to a school with 4 returning starters that had 21 wins..he left a school with one returning starter and a roster that more than likely would have been projected to finish in the bottom half of the SEC..he did what was best for him ..his family..and UT..UT fans will be far more likely to support a new coach even if he has a losing team than they would have been to continue supporting Martin if he had a losing team..Martin has left the cupboard many wins do you think the team would have had this year without Stokes, Maymon, Barton, and McRae..that is what Martin was looking at for next year..

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Why would the man be loyal to TN at all? Some of the redneck fan base hated him the moment he stepped on campus. Then someone thought an online petition would be a great idea. Do you think his family saw that at all?
BTW - Bruce LIED, LIED, LIED to the NCAA!!!! He should never coach in college again and it would have been an absolute travesty for UT to have anything to do with him again. So we got in a good guy, great man, kids loved him, respected him etc. and we treated him like dirt from the first minute he arrived on campus. We will get what we deserve in a new coach and it will not be pretty.

Ever thought about growing up and taking an adult view..he wanted out because of fear of failure..the roster he has returning would likely have resulted in a demand for a buy out..and when attendance demands a buy I said ..I don't like bama Dave..but he protected UT well in this case by setting a low for the red neck fan base ..they are the strength of the UT athletic program..not the administration ..and not the product on the field at this time..where do you think UT would be without the red neck fan base..

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Lol...I love all the idiot "sportswriters" around here saying they weren't surprised when they had NO clue this was going down. Let's just do it right and get Rick Byrd in here.

Rick Byrd or Kermit Davis of MTSU would be the best options..I don't expect anyone at UT to even consider it..both are better than Martin..and with the roster Martin is leaving ..UT is desperate for a coach of their caliber who has proved he can get the most out of the available talent..I hope this opens the eyes of the local radio and tv show nuts who said they thought Martin turned down the Marquette case you didn't get it then probably won't now..I have no use for bama Dave but he did a good job protecting UT from a high buy out..which would have been demanded if next year is as bad as I ..and many others think it may be..and if Pearl happens to beat the Vols..Martin can be thankful he is gone..

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Why was Meghan, her family and the UT coaches put in this situation..Meghan obviously was not threat to be a high draft choice..this should not have happened to any player..whoever did the inviting must hot have had much communication with the WNBA..Meghan's shortcomings are not perceived ..they are facts that are evident on the seems her focus..and the focus of the coaching staff was on Meghan getting shots up and she was not very efficient at anything else..and I agree it was a lack of player development that did not take advantage of her physical skills to make her an all around player..I do hope she does great but it don't appear the Liberty expect her to or they would not have drafted the Ga Tech guard before her ..and they already have Kamiko who was taken much higher last year and now has a year experience..

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I was in the 12% for Dobbs to be the best of the qb's..still am..he has the most athletic and mental combo..

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Well, yes, to a degree, at least. As you know, I'm one of those "glass half-full" types, so I won't give up on the Vols, no matter who they have coming back or who they might yet get. However, I will say that the returnees and the newcomers will ALL have to step up BIG time if the Stokes-less Vols are to make the tourney next year. If they do, I should that would be enough evidence of Martin's coaching ability to shut up the haters. That should also be a pretty persuasive argument to next year's top recruiting targets.

..looking at what other SEC teams return compared to what the Vols have coming back..gonna be tough..and if the Vols finish in the top 5..I'd call that a good job..but I will be in the minority on that call...

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I'd say the vast majority of players and ex-players feel the same..

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No Stokes inside and no apparent inside threat returning..not a pretty picture..

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I think Stokes has had more feed back from teams interested in him than is being made public..if he is not a first rounder..I will be glad to say I misjudged the draft..I think Stokes will go in the first round..he was very young when he came and didn't really grow up and realize the impact he could have on a game until this year..I was glad he got to show what he could do in the big show..and he showed plenty..I think he would go high in the NFL draft and I don't know if he has ever had a football uniform on ..he is a highly talent athlete..

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Good arguments on both sides of the issue of renewing the regular-season series. However, I think it would be better for all concerned if it didn't happen for another few years, if ever. I would rather face them and hopefully beat them a couple of times in the NCAAs and THEN maybe renew the series. The LVs should have their best chance in years of winning a championship next year if they can get a few things fixed. Renewing the series now would look like UT needs UConn more than the other way around, which I am not sure is the case. Almost every other big-time program is perfectly willing to play the LVs, while, as the article stated, UConn is having a bit of trouble scheduling what seems to be a growing number of quality out-of-conference opponents.

I agree ..UConn is having trouble scheduling and they need UT more than UT needs opinion is ESPN would love to see UConn schedule any team that would be a good draw for the viewers..and a game that would appeal to the advertisers..I have no doubt they have a much smaller following nationwide than UT..and the SEC gets plenty of coverage and sells plenty of Gerry OP heck with UConn...

Written on Informal talks between Lady Vols and UConn about resuming series: have made a huge PR blunder..with the attendance and support the Lady Vols have..why in the world would you think you need U Conn..use your common sense or if you don't have any ..ask somebody who you think ESPN wants to televise U Conn games with Podunk you see Notre Dame helping U Conn by playing regular season games with them even tho ND has beaten them 7 of the last 10 times ..I think ND knows there are recruiting violations and they want no part of U Conn because of it..Holly have offended your own fans by talking to this scumbag..

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Stokes is the best rebounder in college basketball..I think he should go in the first round..if he does not think he will ..another year at UT could put the Vols in the top 3 of the SEC..

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This team should not have Massengale next season. If she is as susceptible to head injuries as that tap in the face made it seem, then it would be almost criminal to allow her to play again (seems like the men refused to play a guy who wanted to and transferred because of it).

The team's issues are: 1) turnovers, 2) stopping dribble penetration, 3) turnovers, 4) getting dribble penetration, 5) turnovers, 6) outside shooting, 7) turnovers, 8) getting Harrison some help on the boards (e.g. getting Graves and Russell up to snuff), 9) turnovers, and 10) turnovers.

The team issue begins with a lack of team speed and has for several years..they can compete and beat teams in their category but you just don't see the lack of team speed in the 16-8- and final 4 that UT has had for several years..Massengale is not and never will be as good as Carter or Reynolds..and the team would not have won the SEC tourn w/o Reynolds..I think this is a good coaching staff but I agree with the point they tend to let personal feelings for players get in the way of getting the players on the floor who can help them win..the most glaring example of this would be watching Taber struggle to run the floor and defend anyone with Kamiko on the bench and her the best player on the team..which the WNBA verified..lack of team speed is THE can offset that some with a zone..but not only has the Lady Vols had a lack of team speed ..they have tried to play man defense far too much..

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I'm in the 12%..when things get tough..the tough get going ..I think Dobbs is the toughest and has the best chance to be a run or pass qb..I also think the receivers should be far better than last year..if they are won't matter who the qb is..that group was pathetic..

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My son is heavily involved in a local school baseball program and helps coach a team my 12 year old grandson plays on ..several of the parents and players go often to see the Vols..they say that UT does a great job promoting these games for families.. it is not too expensive...great entertainment and great learning experience for young players...

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The O and D lines are being reported as more of a problem than the qb's..sounds like they may need all 4 again..

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At this point,there seems not to be an SEC capable Qb in camp.
Fegurson we don't know about.The others we do know about.Really not looking good at this time. I just hope for a really big surprise
once the fall season rolls around.6 and6 at best.I will be in my seats to see how this puzzle shapes up.

Dobbs proved he is athletic and intelligent..he may still end up as the best option..especially since it appears the Vols may have far better receivers..with loss of o and d lines..6-6 may be hard to come by..Jones is fortunate that UT has fans who understand the expectations may be greater than the current roster can accomplish..even with the best of coaching..but is on the way..

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Most vivid memory of Stokely would be my friend's car getting towed..the nut ..I told him not to double park but he wouldn't listen..our wives were furious..had to walk to Ag Center..then get a cab to downtown tow place home about 1:00 am..the tow ruined the transmission on a new Firebird..but we got to see Ernie and Bernie..

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If Stokes stays and Rhett comes, the Vol front court will be beyond solid. While it will be difficult to replace Maymon's leadership, Rhett seems to be a solid guy and should be able to replace Maymon's statistical contribution. The back court should already be productive with Thompson, Hubbs, and Richardson.

I do not agree with predictions Stokes is not a first round draft choice..I think he is and I think he will go..I hope he don't ..but who is a better rebounder..I have not seen one this year in college basketball..It was good to see Richardson finish strong but..fact is he was not pressured on defense because of the double teams on Stokes remains to be seen what he can do when the defense keys on him..the backcourt is unpredictable at best..most Vol fans are not comparing the talent ..or lack of it ..with other conference opponents..not being doom and gloom just trying to be realistic..the conference is getting better..the talent in the SEC is getting better..Ga returns 4 starters..Fla has another strong roster..and Ky will most likely be loaded due to the current crop not likely to be high draft choices and 4 5* I am saying if Martin and the VOls finish in the top would be a good job and he would likely get at least one more year..if they finish in the lower half of the SEC..who knows..

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Pay him 2 million extend his contract 2 years so he can continue getting good players and they will know he will be around next 2 years

and ignore the possibility of another buyout..won't happen..

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Not sure Adams changed his mind; Martin changed it for him by leading the Vols to 8 wins in 10 games after that column was written. Adams at that point (when the UT record was 16-11) said Martin might not do enough by getting to the Dance, but would need to make a run. He did -- almost to the Elite 8.

We all saw a much different ream and coach at the end of the season than during it. I realize they lost to the two teams that truly would have been an upset had they beat them. I acknowledge that the Vols had more talent than pretty much every team they beat in the 8-out-of 10 run. But they beat those teams soundly. And they took two Top 5 teams to the buzzer before falling just short.

Cuonzo Martin has earned a new chance and a raise and an extension. But don't make the buyout too expensive because the program needs to continue to move forward, not in reverse. If the incoming class appears to be unworthy of SEC competition and if next year's team reverts to the early season form of this one, you have the recipe for a big orange brew of trouble in Knoxville.

If Pearl comes in to K town and beats the ain't ever seen anything like the talk shows heatin up..don't think the talk show guys wouldn't love it..they would..and the buyout will be the hot topic..and I'm sure bama Dave knows this..

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You know, if Martin added just a few things such as that out-of-bounds defense you mentioned and a few better out-of-bounds and "X-seconds remaining" offensive plays, the Vols might win a few more of these close games. It's hard to say how much overall difference a coach makes--as opposed to his team's innate talent level--in how a team plays, but since most games between evenly-matched teams are close, the team that can sweat out that extra bucket or two or make an extra stop or two is usually the one that wins. That is, IMHO, where one sees the difference between a good coach and a great coach. IMHO, CCM is already a pretty darned good coach, but he could still stand to make that next jump. I hope he's working on it!

I've seen no reason to think Martin will change anything and I see no reason to think the team next year will be anywhere near as good as the team this year..we'll see..

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I have been saying what Adams said here, all year. Simmons was way too streaky to be the dominant player. Harrison needs better passers to get her the ball to come close to being dominant or reaching her potential.

I doubt that Tucker will ever play a game. Her injury seems to have had a set back and that is bad, bad news. Massengail should, for her own safety, never play another basketball game. If anyone is so injured by as slight a hit as she took to cause them to miss 16 games, that person is too prone to brain injuries for me to want to take a chance on their future. Therefore, next year's starters are likely to be Carter, Harrison, Burdick, Reynolds, and Graves. This leaves, Jones, Russell, and Moore coming back with the freshmen adding depth. Unless Asia comes, there does not appear to be a dominant player in either the freshmen or the returning players. I.e. A good team (Sweet Sixteen), but not a Final Four team.

If you are right about next year's starters ..then I think you are right about it being a sweet sixteen team at best..I hope to see Russell and Izzy on the floor starting and a double low post offense with Izzy going out for the mid range jumper..along with Reynolds and Carter..this would be the nuc for a team that could go further than the sweet sixteen ..what I simply cannot believe ..even after her play in the SEC that Holly and her staff do not know what Jordan Reynolds brings to the floor..she has all around skills and does not get intimidated or back off.. when she makes a bad play she comes back and is ready to play harder..she has more leadership skills than any player on this team..she is the only player who got it right as to why the Lady Vols had so many turnovers...they were trying to force passes inside when they had no chance..when Carter and Reynolds should have been driving the ball and dishing it off to Izzy or Russell...I think we will see a lot of that next year..and I think Russell is going to be one of the best inside players in the SEC next year...she made tremendous progress this year and is far more talented than John has observed..she has great hands and reflexes and her speed has seemed to improve every game..I think the team next year will be far better than the one this year...and I think Reynolds and Russell will be the best players..if the coaching staff lets it happen..

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Seems to me fans are looking at the same information and drawing different conclusions..the information I have is that UT was going to give Martin a buy out if the team did not make the big show..this alone would be reason enough for Martin to go to Marq or anywhere else that made him a reasonable that tells me they did not make him an offer and he knew they were not going UT has no choice but to keep him after the team made it to the sweet 16..but it is also not likely bama Dave will be permitted to give Martin a deal that will make a buy out too costly if attendance should falter..and attendance at UT usually dictates coaching changes..

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Kind of funny how he withdrew his name when he wasn't offered the job. If he had been offered he would be there right now. Why else would he have made the trip?

I did not think Marq would offer and I thought if I was wrong and they did offer..Martin would take it is clear they did not make an offer to Martin..and it is also clear that UT would be foolish to offer a long term contract that may or may not result in a I see it..with the current roster and incoming freshment..UT is likely to struggle to be in the top half on the SEC..if they finish in the top five..then Martin should be given and extension..not before...

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How would the team this year done without Stokes, Maymon, Barton and McRae..lucky to have not finished close to the how can anyone think the team next year is likely to finish in the top half of the SEC..I don't..

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It seems very simple to me. There are two sides to this argument. Some fans appreciate a coach who thinks enough of his profession to protect his school and players from NCAA sanctions. Some other fans could care less if their program is thrown under the bus by a coach who is more concerned with his success than he is with sanctions against the school that employs him.

At least 3 sides..Martin has to do what is best for Martin...and the best for Martin is to go if he is offered..and I hope he is offered..

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I know this is somewhat off topic, But can someone explain why Buzz Williams left Marquette for Virginia Tech? Something isn't adding up.

read somewhere it had to do with Marq having a new school president and interim AD..don't know if that is correct..l

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Martin is a good coach and a good man. I just never thought he was a good fit at Tennessee. Marquette would be better for him and for better us if he goes.

Since opinions are free that's mine.

Same here is best for Martin to go if he is offered is best for UT that he I said before ..the UT roster for next year does not look good..if Pearl comes in and beats the Vols next year..who would want to hire Martin then..

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The LVs lack talent. They have good and very good players, but only one elite player, Izzy Harrison. One can be enough, but only if that player can get her hands on the ball and the LVs could not get her the ball enough and threw the ball away trying to do it (i.e. they are not good enough passing the ball to the post - an underappreciated skill).

They want to win so badly that they play tight. It is a difficult thing for a coach to do - get the team to loosen up. It goes against the grain which is to make the team play harder, be more focused, and serious.

Along with Izzy ..Carter..Reynolds..and Russell have the talent and potential to compete with teams in the final four..the ball should be getting to Izzy by having Reynolds and Carter drive the lane and dish it off..instead of the lob passes that become turnovers..with help from Tucker and incoming freshmen..I believe the Lady Vols will be better next year..and I think the coaching staff will recognize they have to demand better passing and ball handling skills to reduce the turnovers..we'll more speed has to become a priority when recruiting..

Written on Report: Tennessee men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin met with Marquette; Golden Eagles have "significant interest":

I have seen no one question whether or not Martin is a good man.. and I certainly wish him the best..but I hope he goes if Marq offers him..and they may not since they are considering would be best for him and UT..without Stokes next year the outlook is not bright..who would want Martin then..and who would want bama Dave gone if he gives Martin an extension and Pearl brings his Auburn team in and whips he go if he can...

Written on Mike Strange: Keeping Cuonzo Martin is UT's safest play:

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Going to say this and this is MY honest opinion. If Coach Martin is offered job I pray he takes it. Sometimes people need to watch what they ask can come true with devastating results. But I don't think he will because he is a man of honor.

My opinion is if Martin is offered a job at Marq or anywhere else it would be better for him and UT for him to go..if he stays and Stokes does not come back..facts are just facts ..the Vols are likely to struggle and if they should lose to ain't seen nothing like you'd see what bama Dave does is going to be say the least..

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Oh yeah one more thing. I HATE losing to Brenda Frese. She has absolutely zero class.

When a coach announces on national TV that her team is gonna kick your rear end and then goes out and does use to cry..get back to work and do better next time..

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols fold under tournament pressure:

Time for Holly and her staff to take a long look at what has to be changed..starting with team speed..Reynolds and Carter have the quickness to run the floor and defend..Russell is getting there and has to be on the floor with Izzy at the same time..Jasmine is the only other current player who can defend and run the floor and she is not an adequate ball handler..gotta get some help from Tucker or the incoming freshmen..and have major improvement in ball handling and passing..I still think the team next year will be better than this one..I see Russell as having AA potential..and I do not see this year as a failure since the Lady Vols did win the SEC tourn..

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Hurt to watch this game but I think next year Lady Vols should be even better. Lose Meighan's scoring yes but we have 22 turnovers in this game and our redshirt freshman point guard had none. I think it will depend on how/if Ariel comes back healthy like she was playing before her injury. I will always be a Lady Vol fan and I think Holly is a great coach. I'm sure I'll take heat for saying that but she can't go in there and physically stop the turnovers or make us shoot better than we did.

I think Holly and her staff did a good job to win the SEC tourn..this loss exposed player faults more than coaching faults..I agree next year's team should and will be a much better team..if it is built around Izzy and Russell being on the floor at the same time..add Carter and Reynolds and you have 4 strong players..Graves and Burdick look good at times and looked like high schoolers in this game..there should be a lot of help from the freshmen coming in and Tucker may prove to be a good one..but the passing and ball handling skills of every player on the floor is going to have to be far better than this team has displayed..and the coaching staff is going to have to find a way to let the players contest shots and stop the throw your arms up and hope they miss defense..

Written on Lady Vols can't recover from slow start, fall to Maryland, 73-62:

The Lady Vols got dominated physically inside and not just by out hustled on loose balls..had numerous unforced turnovers..played passive on defense..Russell was one of the few bright spots..but when the Lady Vols looked like they might come back with 9:45 on the clock..Russell left the floor and so did any threat of rebounding for the Vols..there were a lot of bad plays by the Lady Vols but the worst one I saw was when they had a good double team on Thomas..Burdick was flat footed with her arms straight up..she let Thomas hook her and never moved while Thomas shot a lay up..I hope Holly and her staff change the way they play defense to keep from fouling instead of trying to keep the other team from scoring..but bottom line for me is...I have enjoyed watching this team and them winning the SEC tourn..I do think they will have a much better team next year..

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Martin would be smart to leave now. This years team is the best he has had and the future looks bleak - look at his recruiting. If he stays at UT, Martin will be fired in two years. Martin is not a good coach or recruiter, and the next few years will prove that.

If Martin does not leave it will most likely be because he is not offered the Marq job.. I heard UT had notified the NIT they were not coming if they did not make the NCAA..Hart had said the minimum for this team was to make the NCAA..big boosters wanted him it seems Martin would have been given a buy out if they had not got in the it would be best for TN and Martin if he gets the Marq job..if he stays and Pearl gets a win for Auburn next ain't seen no fan base reaction like that would for Martin to go if he gets an offer..

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols will have to gang up on Maryland's Alyssa Thomas:

Too many turnovers..too many missed easy shots..too much concern over not fouling leaving the gate open for first half..long way to come back..MD just playing harder and smarter..

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Underthehill --- i am not sure we watched the same game. Stokes was attempting to make a shot before he was " blocked "by Morgan moving to his left and NOT having position for one second. Very bad call and good acting by Morgan.
Kudos to the Vols for a valiant effort to come back against a good team. A touch better defense in the first half, afew more made free throws, and a basket or two, we would be in the Elite Eight. Thanks Vols and Coaches.

I agree ..Kudos to the Vols for a valiant effort..but let me explain the point I was trying to make a little differently..with 10 sec on the clock and the ball in your possession..and the game on the line..the ideal situation is to have your best rebounder..and Stokes may be the best in college basketball..have him in a position to rebound a shot if it is missed..why put the ball in the hands of your best rebounder in this have a chance the shooter will make his shot and a chance to put a missed shot back up..I think this is the general coaching practice in this situation..I think we watched the same game ..we just have a different understanding of what we saw..I thought no foul should have been called and the Vols should have got the ball out of bounds at the end..but at that point it probably would not have changed the outcome..

Written on Tennessee's tournament run comes to an end after rally against Michigan falls just short, 73-71:

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How do you know Martin didn't call a play that would have given us a chance to win the game? The official called Stokes for a cheap foul before we could work something inside out.

The officials took UT out of the game in the first half with the three quick fouls on Maymon. Maymon played 17 minutes. If he plays 20 the game might have gone in UT's favor.

We had been shooting something like 85 percent of our free throws in the tournament, but tonight we only hit 8 of 14.

This team was down by 15 and didn't give up. I think Martin grew up as a coach this year as the team grew up during the stretch run.

I hope Stokes comes back, but with our without Stokes I think we will be OK next year.

I have no idea what play was called but I do know Martin put Maymon in a position on defense where he had no chance to beat the guy he was trying to defend..if you put Maymon on Robinson outside 100 times..Robinson would beat him 100 coach should ever put one of his players in a position like that..the officials had nothing to do with Martin having Maymon try to guard Robinson..I did think the 2nd foul on Maymon was a questionable call...and I was amazed the Vols had a chance to win..but I do not think there is a team that made the sweet sixteen who would not have at least got a shot at the end of the game with 10 sec left..