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If georgia tech wins big I wonder if kiffin will get the ax? I mean after all they were preseason no.#1 and now they aren't even ranked.

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I think the jury is still out on Hart, as bad as the kentucky loss was he would have taken more heat for firing him.
To say that Hart doesn't want UT to win is a little crazy. If they don't win he will lose his job, a job making 750K a year (I think thats his salary). You don't find jobs like that anywhere, if he lost it he would working at school like Carson Newman making about 25 percent of what he was making. Trust me this guy wants UT to be sucessful and win big, because he doesn't want to lose that gravy job he has now.
Many people don't like him because he is from bama, Pat Dye was a georgia guy who made auburn winners, Vince Dooley was an auburn guy who made georgia winners. Bottom line is you may not work for your alama matter but they aren't writing your check and you don't want to be a failure.

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Watching this game will be like watching Iran & Iraq play for the title (I hope they both lose). They should call it "THE HATER BOWL", because they are the 2 most hated teams out there.
Come to think of it I guess I won't watch it.

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We are 5 weeks or more away from signing day and people are nervous.
I remember those nebraska & penn state teams from the 90s (as do a many of vol fans) that were pretty good and none of them ever cracked the top 10 in recruiting.
We've got a whole month to go these are 17 & 18 year old kids, who knows how many will change their mind.

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Not sure I'd be talking.

Hey Tater digger shouldn't you be praying osama ben satan I mean nick saban doesn't leave for the NFL.

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This will hurt the dawgs, not that they won't have good classes but they will feel the loss. Auburn had to do something their class was falling apart.

Now maybe the big orange can steal a few more of those peach state players!

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At first I wasn't crazy about the hire, but after looking at his history and listening to his press conference I think he'll fit perfectly. I was like everyone else I wanted that prettyboy from espn, but he wasn't interested.
Its better to have someone that wants to be here than to have a big name who doesn't!
This guys wants to be here and lets be real, if we win 1 more game next year than we did this year we're better off. And next years schedule is not easy. In the long term I think the guy will be a winner, remember VOL fans saban went 6-6 his first year at bama and I think the urban cryer only won 7 his first year at florda. And these guys are in states that produce alot of talent.

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Franklin won't be at vandy for more than 1 more year, maybe not that long. His name is already being mentioned for other jobs around the country and you want to take one while your star is shinning at its brightest.

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When Phil Fulmer hired Dave Clawson after Cutclift left again he intended to change the offensive scheme into a spread offense. This is why he hired Clawson. The problem was the offensive didn't have the players to run that type of scheme. It was more of a long term hire.

Same with Dooley hiring Sunseri - it was a long term hire even though the change in defensive scheme was risky for the same reason.

We'll never know how good the spread offense would have worked with Clawson running it with the right players and we will never know how good the 3-4 defense would be with Sunseri running it with the right players.

I guess there is just not enough patience these days anymore.

If the coaches had been doing their job of teaching the players this new defense, then we would have seen signs of improvement. I don't think anybody seen any signs of improvement all year. Georgia and Alabama didn't have this much trouble adapting to the 3-4, they just had better people teaching it. The bottom line is look at the results.

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Its funny how time makes one forget things. I remember oh so well hearing so many UT fans screaming for Chavis head. I believe his nickname was THIRD AND CHAVIS, alludeing to many long 3rd down plays given up by his defense. But now it seems time and many loses have erased that memory from the fans who so wanted him fired. I always thought Chavis was a good defensive coordinator but he was handicaped by Fulmer keeping Larry Slade (secondary coach)on the staff. If he (Chavis) could have hired his on person to coach the secondary and the team would have tackled better Fulmer would still be in job.

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Why is everyone pumping up Shannon? He's was all over that Miami scandal, he is very inarticulate (aka he's dumb as a box of rocks), and once the talent started leaving Miami for UF, USF, UCF and FSU, he and his defenses became awful. I'll take the Clemson guy or some young, hungry dude from the NFL.

Randy Shannon? God, please, no!

If you will look at his record when he was defensive coordinator at miami they had very good defenses (although they had miami talent to). Shannon has a better track record than Steele and I would dare say a far better recruiter. You mentioned the scandal at Miami, he actually ran off most of the trouble makers when he became head coach. I think most of the trouble they had was rogue boosters (something a coach can't control). A lot of coaches out there are good position coaches, but are not good head coaches and he may or may not be one of them.

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Its getting to the point as to where I'm affraid to look on this site anymore. Seems like its bad news on top of bad news and I thought watching world news was depressing.

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Gonna be a bad PR move if he doesn't let him go. Just my opinion but Dooley looks like he is painting himself into a corner going into 2012. I hope for the best but this guy (Dooley) is going to be under alot of pressure in 2012 (he better stock up on Rolaids).

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We avoid Arkansas and get Missouri. Missouri won't be an easy win, not with the offense they run.

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What UT needs is an offensive line that knows how to RUN BLOCK! Better yet an offensive line coach who knows how to teach it, cause the one we have certainly doesn't. Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry or Trent Richardson couldn't have run behind our line this year. It doesn't matter how good the back is if he doesn't have blocking. A good blocking offensive line can make an average back look good.

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This should be interesting none the less.

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That fact that UT fans are dedicating and worrying about an entire article about Vanderbilt recruiting says a lot. We're better than you in baseball, men's bball and now football and you can only blame your decline on past cheating...LOL!

These programs are headed in different directions, nice to hear some of you are finally recognizing it.

Rivals has Vanderbilt as a top 20 recruiting class without Kiel.

And the only reason why UT won this year's match-up was because of a blown call in OT and our QB had his worst game of the year. We are going to own UT for the foreseeable future!! Anchor Down!

Dude seriously get off the drugs. I thought vandy fans were supposed to be smart.

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Franklin will be gone to greener pastures in 3 to 4 years if not sooner. That's assuming he has another decent season next year. If you can go .500 or better at vanderbilt someone will come calling and with an open check book! I'm thinking ACC or Big Ten.

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The only problem with this class is the same one we've had the last 3 yrs. Defensive Linemen! I only see 2 so far in this class, to compete in the SEC you need around 4 or 5 per class. That's been our biggest problem on defense (outside of youth), is we don't have any size or depth in numbers on the D-Line. We look pretty good on the Defensive End position but we desperatly need more Defensive Tackles. Look at LSU they rotate between 10-12 players on that D-Line. Were so thin at Defensive Tackle we had to move an offensive lineman (Daniel Hood) over to that position. Until we get at least 6 deep in quality Defensive Tackles, teams will continue to wear us down in the 3rd & 4th quarter.

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FINALLY SOME GOOD NEW! Now lets hope its contagious for the rest of programs.

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Let me see, LSU has to beat bama twice to win the national title. But bama only has to beat LSU once to win the title. Makes all the sense in the world. LOl!!!

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Does anyone know if we had any injuries tonight? Hopefully none!

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This thrilling upset overtime win over "Vandy" is the biggest win of Coach Dereck Dooley's football career. It shows there are teams in the SEC that are actually worse than the Vols.

But here is why we need to give Coach Dooley more time to put the pieces together.

Coach Dooley's first year did not count because UT football was in such an awful mess when he took over. He called his first season....


Now it is his 2nd year - but Coach Dooley has a young team, lost his starting quarterback for several games and our best wide receiver went down (plus... we can't run the ball, score in the second half and the special teams are a disaster) so Coach Dooley can say this season does not count either and call it....


Next year - Coach Dooley still has a young team,we have more injuries and reasons for losing. Things don't go well in the SEC but we beat can still beat Vandy again so it would be....


If we can all just be patient like his Momma says and wait until the year 2018 which will only be Coach Dooley's 4th year at Tennessee (in Dooley Time) we should see fast improvement.

We all agree it takes any coach at least 4 years to rebuild a depleted program.

Why in no time at all (Dooley time) the Vols beating other teams besides Vandy and Kentucky and the Vols will be back in the SEC race.

Go Big Orange!

Still riding that road of misery! Your no TENNESSEE fan.

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Good Luck VOLS! I'll still back you even if some of our spineless fans can't do anything but whine and complain.

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92 points! I thought we were supposed to be all defense? Hope we can shoot like this the rest of the year.

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For those that want CDD fired keep an eye on MISS to see what fate happens to them. Wounder if UM gets one of the hi profile big $$$ coaches, or a low budget coach.

Don't be surprised if they take a shot at auburn's offensive coordinator, Gus Malzon (I think that's his name and how you spell it). Why not also take a look at vandy's coach, if he can win with their talent? But like has already been stated, they should have never of fired D. Cutcliff.

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This expansion is all about money! The SEC gets into bigger TV markets and now they will ask for more money on TV contracts.

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I say we get a new O-line coach after this season is over! The one we have has had 2 years and we haven't seen any sign of improvement this year. In fact I think we are worse this year. In the second year these guys should have shown some improvement.

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Great story, this guy is going to have one to tell his grandchildren one day.

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That O line just needs some SKIRTS

I bet we have a new Offensive Line coach next year. I think Dooley has seen enough and will make a change. Wish he would go out and find some of those Nebraska O-line coaches from the 90's under Tom Osborne. They didn't know how to pass on offense but they sure knew how to run.

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Yes. 0-4 would be an indication Dooley can't coach. So will 0-5 and 0-6 in the next two weeks. Their called records. Some fans think they're kinda important.Sorry don't want to be like S.C. and take forever to 7-5. Okay?

I have read numerous posts you have made today and NONE have been the least bit postive or complimentary. If you don't like this team feel free to pull for somebody else. You don't make a team or its fans feel better by telling them they stink and are never gonna win. Nobody even likes to be around people like that. With your attitude they may as well not play another game.

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I am not too excited with Mizzou joining the SEC. They are not very good and have never won a conference championship. It is a done deal and just a matter of how soon they will play.

Clemson, FSU or Virg Tech would have been better choices. Better overall programs than A&M and Mizzou and we could have raided the ACC.

This is all about money not how good your program is. With A&M they get into the Texas market and with Mizzou they get into the St. Louis and Kansas City markets. They are not powerhouse programs but good enough to beat you if you don't play your A game. I think A&M is a good fit, Mizzou I'm not sure about. As far as Clemson, South Carolina didn't want them in the conference just as Florida didn't want FSU or Miami in the conference.

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Big differences. Tanneyhill could play, not a 3 star pretender like Worley. Sparky Woods could coach. Proved it by winning at Appy State. Unlike Dooley, a loser at La Tech.

Good grief, go take some medication for that negativity. You are one miserable person. I agree the deck is stacked against us, but I still believe. You can't go around doubting all the time. Remeber they don't have Garcia and they don't have Latimore. Trust me that will be a huge difference. I'm not saying we win the game but it will come in to play. Besides I think their quarterback is a freshmen to? KEEP THE FAITH!

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Hey bozo, Tuberville forgot more about SEC football than Dooley will ever know.

Hey JERK! I don't know who your team is but its not TENNESSEE. You never have anthing positive to say, even when we win your crying about something. See if Tuberville could win with Simms at Qb. Do all the UT fans a favor get off this site. You sound like a bama, uf or uga fan. Go to their site. Better yet take a long walk on a short pier. I promise nobody here will miss you and your negativity.

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And look at what Tommy Tuberville is doing right now, about to upset OU. Hey Dooley, THAT is how you win with "inferior talent!" upset wins happen to every coach in America at some point, except ol Derek Dooley. Tommy Tuberville would leave TT tomorrow to become UT head coach. What are we waiting on?

For one thing that's the big 12 not the SEC. Second he has already lost 2 or 3 games this year or have you missed that. Oh and by the way one of those was a home loss. So I guess they should fire him for that right? Playing Iowa State, Baylor and Kansas ain't SEC football.

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Speaking of Worley. Don't you have to play at least 6 qts. to lose a redshirt?

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Back at you junkie. Keep the comments real.

Maybe I am being too emotional about Simms. I think we can agree that he isnt very good. He is a senior, so you wouldnt expect him to lock on receivers and make the type of poor decisions he makes (example: taking a sack instead of throwing the ball away when he was outside the tackle box tonight). If you watch replays he doesnt see receivers who are open; probably due to his tendency to lock on certain targets. The qb sneak tonight showed a lack of technique as well. And that arm is weak for a major college football qb.

The real killer for me is after Tennessee starts its patented second half slide, he can't seem to lead the team to do anything. How many of those halves have been ones where we score ZERO points as an offense and just keep making mistake after mistake? I can think of at least four games in the past two years - two Alabama games, Oregon, and LSU (2011). He is the leader of the offense and I do think that says a lot about his leadership.

I guess I am just blowing off steam; I dont think anyone on this blog thinks that he should start next week. But, he seems to be a tough kid. I'll give him that.

And all of that said, I am still supporting Dooley.

I agree, Dooley doesn't have alot to work with at quarterback and on the defensive side of the ball. The D Line and linebackers played pretty well but that secondary is a mess. When these starters get tired we don't have quality backups to give them a break. Yes the guys are young and we don't have much depth either. Ja. Jackson sure would have helped back there. I guess people forget about him being gone.

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Once again:

Doolittle was an aviation pioneer and highly decorated general in the US Army Air Forces.

Dooley is a legendary former coach (and former AD) of UGA.

CDD is the son of the latter and the current coach of UTK.

A loser is someone who consistently fails due to a general lack of effort to succeed, or simply quits before a task is complete.

Psychological note: A loser will often call other people losers in an effort to make themselves feel better.

I don't see any losers in the above group.

Well spoken! Although the idiot going by the name GiveHimSixMoreYears does need Psychological help. Always negative never sees nothing good or positive. First game all year bama hasn't lead at the half, but nothing positive.

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All this name calling - Dooleave, Doofus, Doolittle, Duhley. Try loser, it fits perfectly.

Why don't you go to Clemson's web site Mr. Negative! I can think of a name for you but they won't let me print it here!

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It has to be Worley. I believe Chaney is a good qb coach. He did wonders with both Crompton and Bray. But Simms, he seems immune to good coaching. Worley will struggle at times but he has to be better than Simms. They have to do a lot of quick passes though, because SC's line is very good. And he's used to that tempo anyway from HS ball.

I'll be more excited about the game with Worley in there. If its Simms, I am not even watching. I can't remember a more ineffective qb at Tennessee.

Thank you. You seem to be one of the few people on this site that seems to know anything other than whinnng. I agree Simms doesn't look good I just feel bad for the guy because he had to face 2 of the best defense's in the country. I just wish he would have at least got to play one cup cake game before this gauntlet.

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Let me go ahead and cue up the key words for next week's post-game comments:
"got to"
"next year"
"right track"

I guess you want to fire the coach to?

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What do we do next week? Worley or Simms? I had hoped to reshirt Worley but looks like that went out the window. I don't know if this kid is ready for that S.C. defense. I guess we'll find out next week.

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Saban could have put 50 on us in one half if he'd wanted to. This team goes 4-8 and 0-8 in the SEC. We have the worst coach in the SEC and one of the worst in SEC history.

Go jump on somebody else's bandwagon squalbag. Whine, Whine, Whine. Gripe, Gripe, Gripe. Do you know anything about the game other than the score? They have more players, they have senior leadership, they have better players. Their bigger, stronger and faster. Until Dooley get a couple more classes we ain't gonna beat these guys! In case you haven't noticed we just played the No.#1 & 2 ranked teams in the country. Nobody else has had any luck against these guys.

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And how are we better off today. All you young morons should say thank you to the man that gave you a title and the best winning percentage since General Neyland roamed the sidelines. UT will not see the upside of .500 till Dooley is gone. He is a lost gomer.

Fulmer was good but he wasn't great. Other schools in the conference have hired better coaches and Fulmer was old school and wouldn't change. He is the guy who will start a senior or junior over a freshman just because they are upperclassmen. You start the guy with the most talent not the oldest player. Remeber Jamal Lewis, if he would have started agaist Florida in 97' we may have won that game. But Jamal was a freshmen so he had to wait 5 games before he seen the field. What about starting Foster over Hardesty or not playing LaMarcus Coker more in the Bowl game against Penn State. Coker scored the only TD for us in that game but Fulmer wouldn't play him. The game has passed Fulmer, besides if he was such a great coach somebody else would have hired him by now. But nobody has and that should be evidence enough. Get off the Fulmer lovefest, if you don't want to support this team be quite and stop trashing Dooley. This conference is alot tougher now than when Fulmer was coaching, he only had to beat Florida. Now everybody is good.

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Well...Fulmer is a big reason why we are where we are...

AMEN! Just look at his last class. When he took over he got a top 20 program. Fulmers problem was he was to loyal to his assistants and wouldn't fire the one's he should have.

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Doofus caused this beatdown, make no mistake. Doofus never made one adjustment and took the wind out of these players sails by plaing for a moral victory at the end of the half. Second half Saban could have laid 60 on Doolittle.

Let's hear the youth and inexperience excuses to cover Dooleave's miserable coaching.

Let me see, you want to throw the ball with Simms as bad as he is on our side of the field against that defense. YOUR CRAZY! Your always negative if you don't have anything good to say shut up. Dooley inherited a mess of team and you want to fire the coach. Yes we are young and inexperienced, Saban couldn't do much better if at all with these guys. Look at our starting DT's one is a defensive end the other is a converted offensive lineman. That's because we don't have enough players, last year we were 23 scholarship players shy of the 85 were should have. Why because players quit, transfer or are dismissed from the team. We need stability right now not a new head coach. That will just cause more players to leave, then where will you be? Oh yeah, where we are now.

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Defense played well for the most part, little dissapointed in the secondary (gave to big of a cushion). We simply need more size and players. We've got some DT's committed for next year so help is on the way.

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Something else you never have to deal with at vandy, its called winning!