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Well I see all you chicken -hit Holly bashers are hiding out in the woods, looking for crow. Eat it, I told you great things were going to happen.

classy post, your Mom must be proud of you. yes I was one of the so called Holly bashers. I congratulate her, her assistant coaches, and the team for their late season success. I sincerely hope I was wrong about her coaching ability. if the team can keep up their current momentum, they have a good chance to make it to the elite 8. if they make it that far, who knows what could happen.

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old coaches never die, they just fade aw--. uh, no guess not.

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Between the lack of competition and the refs calling ticky-tack fouls on every possession, it was a difficult game to watch. I sure hope the rest of our games aren't called like this one. will put lady's basketball back into the dark ages. maybe go back to 3 on 3? is this what the women's game leadership really want?
also we need to replace our new public address announcer, I still have a headache from last night.

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LV's will be real lucky to get far enough to play Baylor the way they have been playing.

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I wish something could be done about all the serious knee injuries in ladies bb. I bet almost every major program has at least one lady sitting on the bench with a crutch at her side. there must be some exercise that could be done to strengthen the ladies knees. happens to men on occasion, but not to the degree that women have.

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I hope she gets her life straightened out. she was one of the greats in lv basketball. hopefully the lady vol program can assist her if she is willing to accept the help.

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Caldwell is twice the Coach that HW is. Thats a fact!

ditto that.

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Academic issues? that's what I figured. reason he was going to east carolina. lets see if he is eligible come August. we are really going to be hurting at rb, with a rookie qb. not good.

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I've stated before that I feared that the lv coaching situation would turn into North carolina after Dean Smith retired. they were almost forced into hiring Guthrie as head coach because he had been a long time assistant, and coach Smith recommended him for the job. the athletic director had no choice and it didn't work out too well for nc.
this was the same situation as we had here. long time assistant who wanted the job and much support for her hiring. no way the athletic dept could have gone out searching for the best coach available after coach ps retired.
lets all hope in works out in the long run for the lady vols. guess we will know more in a couple of years.

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Coach Fulmer deserves every accolade he receives from UT, true VOL fans and the college football establishment.

He came to UT despite the Bear attempting to get him to go to the Tide. He won games by lining up on the field and games as a line coach, a coordinator, an interim coach and as the head coach for VOLS. He won an undisputed national championship. He won in living rooms. He was and is a winner.

Watch the LSU defense with his loyal and long time assistant as OC against the false orange of Clemson with his top recruit as their QB and question why the minions gave any credence to John Adams diatribes. You got Chief gone, Taj told to go away and Lameness.

Don't ever attempt to rationalize your irrational calls for his head by disparaging the person, his accomplishments or his love for our University.

Truly a Vol4Ever.

yeah I have seen that great Chavis defense before. knew clemson would go down the field on them and score to win the game. saw it a few times at neyland stadium.

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not one of Rutgers better teams, but a good win nevertheless. hopefully we can continue to improve with the tough games with sce and ga. coming up.

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this is of course a joke, is it april fools day? he not only lost two games as favorites in this bowl,it wasn't even close. a disgrace to sec bowl record. just go away coach fulmer, we are still trying to recover from your final years at ut.

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Gotta love jay Graham. He has represented himself and UT right. Feels good to have a former player who is also a great coach on our staff. Next let's hire peyton to coach QB's in 2016-2017

another 12 year old's comment. school is out though.

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Garner huge reason Fulmer recruited so good in 90s. Terrific hire. Bad for Georgia

you know I always wondered why Fulmer let him get away to Ga. ut should have paid him well to stay. Fulmer would probably still be the coach and ut wouldn't be paying millions of $ to ex coaches no linger here. doug dickey was athletic director then and should have interceded to keep Garner.

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Well there goes any chance at an SEC championship. Get well soon Carter as we have a great class coming in next fall.

you will soon learn that if you post anything at all realistic about the lady vols, the girls on here will bash your comment. hopefully they, lady vols, can overcome this injury, but looks tough.

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GO GET TROOPER TAYLOR NOW!!! He can recruit and is a heck of a coach.he keeps the players pumped the entire game.dont y'all remember the backwards hat,the towel swinging,the chest bumps and All the excitement he had during the games...To H$LL with TEE Martin.go get trooper!!!!

yeah all that bull wears short after loosing more than you win. I always thought he was a pretty good position coach at ut, not too sure he was a great recruiter here. he did seem to do a very good job recruiting at alburn, but that may be the reason ncaa has set up shop there. we sure don't them looking at us again. their fans grew very tired of his antics there this year. he is seen to have gone his own way, not the head coach's way.

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I hope we keep Graham and off line coach. guess Chaney may be gone since we may be going to a new offensive system. although I'm not sure we have a quarterback that can run that system now. maybe keep Chaney next year, we will be paying him unless he gets another job.
Tee Martin would be a good addition. whoever we get on def will be a major improvement but we need some players. good players

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I think Tennessee will settle for Butch Jones. He just turned down Colorado in hope of getting the Tennessee job. Throw $25 and a bag of Krystal's at him, and he will be on the next Greyhound Bus to Knoxville.

bingo, unless he takes the wisky job while hart and crew are screwing around.
what a cluster. after this is over the governor should fire ut president and athletic director and anyone else involved in this coach search.

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winning one of these games, utx probably, would be a good accomplishment. we have always played stanford well at home, so there is hope for that game. baylor, uh don't think so.

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I agree with 95% of the people on this site. we should bring Fulmer back.


I assume this is a joke. fat phil is the root of our problem with his terrible coaching the last few years of his reign. he should have been let go with the first loosing season.

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I heard a really interesting discussion on a Vanderbilt radio show this morning talking about James Franklin and the things he has done to revive and rejuvenate that program... The man has infectious personality, he is highly intelligent, he knows how to promote a program and everyone from players, to recruits, to the fanbase is buying into his plan... Im not saying we need James Franklin; even though I expect someone will snatch him from Vanderbilt soon. Im saying, he is the kind of coach we need at the University of Tennessee.

Franklin wouldn't be a bad choice. he knows the state of Tn. and the sec.has done an outstanding job at Vandy. we would get a good coach and take one away from a rival. always good to get back at the dores.

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Yeah, you're a Vain Freakin' Loser alright. Anyone that runs down the greatest fb family in UT history is a disgrace..Shirley, Johnny and Bobby Majors have always represented the University of Tennessee with the fighting spirit of the Volunteers.

both Majors and Fulmer are in the past and should stay there. look at Auburn with that idiot cheating Pat Dye, sticking his nose into the foofball program there.
Glenn Ford is so correct about Majors. the guy was a walking ego trip.

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I have no idea if Gruden was ever in play for the Vols. I do know that almost all season ticket holders plus many more would have paid $100/ticket more for a coach like Gruden. thats 70,000 X $100 = $7,000,000 oer year. don't pretend to know it he can coach college football, but seem like a good gamble.

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Don't know if it was a coaching mistake or player mistake but I think the correct play was to foul when MTSU crossed the half and send them to the free throw line for 2 shots..Simmons left her feet and got out of position on the made 3 pointer..what I liked most was the total team effort...

you are correct. the lv only had 5 fouls at the time. should have fouled and fouled again to put mtsu at line for 1+1. just poor coaching from the staff.
thought our conditioning would be better. could be a long season.

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I agree with you. she doesn't even wait for the other players to get past half-court before she puts up a shot.
could be a great player but must have a better shot selction and play better defense. she is ok on defense, but could be great with her quickness.
I've thought when cps was in charge, she should have told her she must lead the team in assists to play. might have slowed down her taking so many low percentage shots.

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why would bob stoops( this is idiotic) or any other successful coach at a major program leave to come to ut. their current schools would match or exceed any salary ut could raise.

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I'm sure bear bryant, vince lombardi, tom landry,ie are with Elvis just waiting for the vols to call for coaching positions. what a bunch of idiot suggestions for new coach. let's be realistic about this. come up from your mom's basement just for a deep breath.

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Tony Basilio is about as credible as the National Enquirer.

that is funny and so accurate. he always has inside sources, right. he and his 100 listeners are, well, I can't come up with a discription. oh well

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is that the best we can do? surely there is a better option for this dumpster fire.

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we've got to do a better job of contesting the 3pt shots. watched for years and always wondered why. we have lost some games due to this lapse in defense.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

why do people respond to post such as this. he lives in his mom's basement and works at mcdonalds. chicken filet wouldn't hire him.
just ignor and go on.

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It's not important Gruden will be our coach after Saturday's debacle at SC. He will become the highest paid coach in football including the NFL. Book it. This is a business and it is going to be a big busisness annoucement soon.

why do these people think gruden will be ut coach. they need to go back down in their mothers's basement and wait for her to call for supper.

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I often wonder what last years team would have accomplished if coach summit had been healthy. they so underachieved it seemed, except for Glory. we will never know for sure. I hope Holly will be sucessful, but I do have my doubts. hope to be proven wrong.

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Doom and gloom Adams is back.

Times are tough but I will offer this....

The VOLS are catching SCAR at a really good time. They are coming off two tough losses and are out of the SEC East picture. The air is out of the balloon in Columbia. Lattimore is back this week but not 100%.

VOLS will be an underdog but an upset at South Carolina could still lead to an 8-4 record and a bowl.

I love optimistic people, they make the world a better place. but come on now.

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Yes you are right. However Ky will hire him this coming year. He will be priced right, he will sign any clause they want on behavior, and they know he will be able to start them on the right track of having a football team within a couple of years. Ky is tired of being the doormat.They will hire Petrino.

I've thought the same thing about ky. hey they hired cal, with his reputation for ncaa problems. petrino has no ncaa problems I'm aware of . would be a good hire for the kats, would put them above ut in a couple of years.

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Dana Holgorsen will be next. It will be his to take.

wow, west va. really has a potent defense. see last game versus tx.tch. . no way.

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I love lady vols but there is a lot of other hanger-oners in the womens basketball program that should be on notice that they had better do their job.

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the issue isn't that we lost more games than we won, but we were not even competitive versus arkansas, alabama, georgia, lsu, south carolina. not even a threat to upset any of these teams. thats what worrys me. at least kiffin kept most games close.

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goodness knows Taber Spani doesn't need to be eating birthday cake. she needs to get quicker and in shape if she's going to help this team next year.

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During time outs they had 15 coaches in the huddle , all jabbering at the same time .Its a wonder we won a ball game .

it did appear they had more assistants than the football team. just wasn't necessary imo

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All year long I thought "boy Kelly Cain sure could help us" I even had secret hopes that she would come back and play for us this year. Funny how there was no word what so ever about her playing over seas. Makes you wonder what is/was really going on in Knoxville?

I believe kellie cain did graduate last year with a degree in logistics. why she decided she wasn't healthy enough to play for lv and went to europe instead is a good question.if she had been healthy and in good condition (a big if), she would have been a real plus for the lady vols. if our so-called sports department at the kns were doing their job, we would have already known this.

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aren't you already late for middle school? such childlike comments. bruce pearl and our great former athletic director, mike hamilton has already made a joke of our athletic program.

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I have previously compared this to North Carolina mens team after Dean Smith retired unexpectedly, and his long time 30yr assistant, Bill guthridge replaced him. well in my memory this was a disaster. actually he led the tar heels to two final fours in three years, before he stepped down, or was forced to step down. it is so difficult to follow a long time successful coach. you are always compared to your predecessor. hopefully Ms. Warlick can succeed and do at least as well as Mr. Guthridge did. I have my doubts though. Mr Guthridge inherited a group of great players that helped him succeed. Holly doesn't have this advantage.

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Da'rick should be da'gone

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if, and I mean a big if, the lv get to elite 8 to play Baylor, it would mean they have exceded most peoples expectations, considering the up and down season they've had and recent history in ncaa tourney. good luck to lv.

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well I am hoping for the best next year. the big question can the vols improve year over year under Dooley? one year with a decent winning record is great but we can't revert back to 5-7 type seasons in the future.

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Get used to it. She's going to be our next coach.

You are probably correct in stating Holly will be our next head coach. This will be just like the North Carolina situation after Dean Smith retired after his successful career. Carolina then hired his longtime assistant Bill Guthridge as head coach. his qualifications were he was a longtime assistant and Dean Smith wanted him to be coach.
Look how that worked out for them. will be same for the lady vols I'm afraid.

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Since the coaches, incredulously, hadn't developed a consistent starting lineup by the end of the regular season, it's difficult to argue against any decision in that least this one has the reasoning of all seniors and that they didn't fall on their face in the one game they all started. Expect Briana and Vickie to play a total of about 15 minutes or less each, despite the start. The starting lineup won't determine the outcome.

I watched UConn-ND last night. There's no question that TN has better talent than UConn, but UConn spends the entire game setting picks to open up players for the open shot. They played 6 or 7 players until the last 2 minutes of the game. ND has comparable or better talent than TN, but is light years ahead of TN at running an effective half court offense. Both teams dribble the ball into the paint to disrupt the defense. Both teams display the team development one would expect at the end of the regular season. Doesn't sound very familiar to those of us that follow the Lady Vols, does it?

I agree Bass is somewhat a liability on defense due to her lack of heigth, but she tries real hard and is probably as good or better on defense as Massingale, who gets beat off the dribble all the time. Vicki Baugh, bless her heart, must come off bench to relieve Johnson, who gets into foul trouble on occasion and needs a blow.

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don't cast any stones in uscjr direction. could have been us. in fact in the past has been us.

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I thought I would wait a day to post my so called thoughts on lady vols.
they are early 20 yr old ladys who probably have many other interest other than basketball. unfortunate I guess, but only the best players really put bb at the front of their thoughts.
Holly is not my selection to take over from coach PS., but she is in a difficult position, almost a no win position. I feel for her. my thought she should retire after this year along with the other coaches and the numerous others who sit on the bench during the game. we need to clean house.
no, Spani should not be starting or even getting many minutes. she is so limited on defense and only contributes with outside shooting on offense whens she is open and hitting. not her fault completely on her mobility. if our training staff was top notch she would have improved over her time here. she is like the two post players who left before this year, overweight and out of shape.
I guess we cannot dominate woman's basketball in the future. Conn. will be in the same position at some point, even though their recruiting is on top now. there are so many very good woman players now there are going to be many excellent teams.
I agree in the previous post of their starting lineup. it is too bad that we cannot control Simmons shot selection because her quickness is evident.
our point guard must be able to play better defense and knock down some, I mean some, shots.