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right before Mother's Day weekend. I think it will be Uconn, Tennessee, or South Carolina

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I don't think the base is that badly fractured. Tennessee did not run Martin off. The fact is UT can't afford to keep paying millions of dollars to guys NOT to coach here. I liked Fulmer but it was obvious he needed Cutcliffe. No way they should have re-upped him so generously and you saw why when Cut took the very next open HC job.

Paying Dooley his buyout was the worst -- at least Fulmer had done so much good for the school in the past. Dooley had nothing to work with when he got here but he was in way over his head. Whoever drew up his contract has his head up -- well, you know

Agents try to squeeze every drop for their man but if you haven't won a bunch of big games as a head coach in the past I don't get why we or any big school should load up a buyout for you in case you suck.

Martin did many things very well. The jury was out on recruiting. If he had stayed and built the program back up with talent we might have been naming a street after the guy in a few years.

But Martin followed a winning coach who kept us on SportCenter and won tons of big games, while raising big bucks for United Way and making appearances for nearly every cause in the community.

Martin had no previous ties to UT. Even if he was Dale Ellis you'd have still had plenty of guys (like me) who would hope Pearl could return. I like beating Florida and Kansas and being ranked number 1.

Let's put it in the rear view mirror and hope this guy has a little magic of his own. He coaches with passion. He wins. He beat Louisville with nothing but a slingshot. And now all he wants is another shot, this time as coach of a big SEC school. Hopefully he focuses more on what he gets if he succeeds and less on how much cash he carries out of here if he fails.

I can tell by your second sentence that you have lost your marbles! I like bruce pearl as well but he was trying to cheat his way to the top and coach martin was getting there brick by brick.

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I just hold Coach Martin's recruiting against him. . .hopefully Tyndall can bring in some good players.

You act as if Tennessee was bringing if two or three all Americans a year before he got there. He didn't come into the greatest situation to began with. But he did things the right way, the guys he brought he brought end got better each year and he taught them to be men first. Being that it seems that some of the UT fans lacked character themselves I totally get why Coach Zo got treated they way he did.

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I think we all need to realize "Wait Until Next Year" is a troll. Maybe ignoring the moronic posts he makes would make him go away. I think we got a steal in Tyndall and a much better fit than what CCM was. Looking forward to getting to the Final 4 under Tyndall.

How did you come to that conclusion that he is a better fit? I enjoyed coach Martin and I wished he got the respect that any other coach might get. It is ridiculous that he was treated that way and thattrue fans of his and UT is all of sudden suppose to forget it like it never happened. People still refuse to believe that his race played apart in all bull that took place, smdh. Hell I get looks at the game myself just because I can pretty much get floor seats whenever I want. And just in case you didn't get my point out of this message I thought Coach Zo was a great fit for this team, he did things the right way and his performances were rising and not declining.

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Well at last you have identified the problem, something that most of us have known all along. I have always said, stop being their best friend, and be their COACH

yes we all have been saying that! And I think it is not good when you can predict the starters before the season start.

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As a Lady Vols fan, it should go without saying that I really can't stand Geno but I don't think there is any question that he is the best in the business.

I agree he is the best right no cause e gets the most out his players. but there are other great coaches like N.Caldwell but don't have the facilities that a UT or UConn has. She is also able to get the most out of te talent or lack there of that she gets in at lsu. I think holly has to get tougher on these girls because they just don't have it mentally with all the talent they have.

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Alexa seems to be a prime example of the debate between those who favor recruiting players with polished skills but who may lack some strength and speed and those who favor recruiting the best possible athletes but may be lacking in certain specific skills. This dilemma is more pronounced in the men's game but it is also creeping into the women's game.

For the forseeable future, most LV opponents will mostly be concerned with containing their formidable post game. This will give a player like Alexa a bit more freedom on the outside. Most of us will remember Angie Bjorkland who was deadly when she had room to shoot but lacked the ability to get her own shot. Alexa seems to have a much more developed overall floor game than Angie had, so when she is open she can knock down the shot but when she isn't, she can get the ball to others.

Given the fact that the LVs would seem to be fairly loaded at the perimeter, especially if Massengale and Tucker can get themselves right physically, Alexa may struggle for playing time unless her all-around game is clearly superior to that of some of the others. On the evidence so far, that may well be the case. If she has deficiencies on defense due to her relative lack of size and strength, it may still be worth it to the LVs to play zones to "hide" her until she gets stronger. Whatever they give up on the defensive end, her offensive contributions may well make up for it.

Seth Curry may be an instructive example there. Just about any NBA shooting guard could probably post up Seth without too much trouble but he really makes them pay at the other end. All of team sports is about tradeoffs; there are almost no perfect players. I will be really interested to see how Alexa fits in with the rest of the squad. Her highly-developed skill set may well cause the rest of the squad to adapt to her.

I doubt that they adapt to her because in this era slowing down the game won't work. She can work on all the things that she lacks, tennessee zone is not good for the team cause they give up way too many threes out of it. But I do love this girls game and most definitely looked like a kelly jolly last night just a bit slower. Jaime Nared is going to be really good as well but also a bit slow so maybe we will slow it down but i don't agree that it would be good for us. both recruits will be beneficial as well as kourtney because she is a better shooter than Alexa but slow as well. Hopefully A'ja will choose UT as well we could really use her. If healthy Tucker will shine and adding wilson wilson would make it a tough duo but either way we should be okay with reynolds and carter getting better in the off season.

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Agree completely that the LVs can't give any attention to Louisville until after they get by Maryland. MD's rebounding differential is astounding. Competition in the ACC was probably as tough as it was in the SEC. Maryland, Duke, UNC, and NC State were probably as good as the top four in the SEC, and all of those teams have formidable front lines. The LVs will need to play about as well as they have at any time this season to even win the right to challenge Louisville on their home court.

there is no guarantee that Louisville will win to face Tennessee if they beat Maryland which I think they will. I have watched Maryland and to me they are not as good as those numbers suggest. If Tennessee come to play they will beat them by 14 or more.

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I admit it... I denounced Coach Martin hard a couple of months ago. He proved me the fool and I'm happy to take my place. Dreaming of a final 4. Mich may be the biggest obstacle left save for UF.

it takes a real man to admit that and you have my respect for it. I was really disappointed in the guys on the floor at times not so much the coaching staff because they clearly wasn't buying in. But my loyalty to coach zo and the players never changed!

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A bit much but I understand where you are coming from

I see nothing wrong with it

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Post Game Comments:

1. JS: Thank God for the opportunity, etc.
2. JR: (Paraphrased) We played for Coach Martin; Some coaches have nothing to do with you when you are not playing basketball, etc.
3. Coach Martin: So emotional to comment more than a few words.

Bottom Line: The Knoxville News NEEDS to publish all of the names that were signed by selfish, ignorant, and classless fans who signed any petition against Martin in favor of Pearl. Anything less is a travesty of justice, a personal slap to God's face, and an insult to the one and only man who never turned his back against God and has taught these young men more about the value of life in their short lives than the rest of us could ever begin to imagine. We do not deserve Coach Martin as a representative of UT. If he stays, that will be HIS GIFT to UT.

I really respect and like this post! Couldn't have put it any better myself!

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now that they are proving people wrong I see the haters has tucked tail and ran into their holes! Congrats Coach Zo and team!

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What has happened with Mercedes Hamilton ???

your name says it all...A vol fan on the fence= no fan at all.

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They won the game in spite of a lack of coaching. "great coaching and steady hand", give me a break! When they were getting beat over and over again by Iowa's post players do you think that "great coach" even considered going to a zone occasionally to try and slow them down? Didn't think so.

Congratulations to the players on the win, but they sure didn't get much help from that coaching staff.

such an idiot... If a player don't stop his man then that's just laziness on their part not the coach. Other than josh they played uninspired for most of the game and the way they started knocking down shots in the beginning then the zone would have only made things worse.

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Zo's job is on the line. Will see how the team reacts. Hope is different than it has in the past.

I dont think his job is on the line and if so then it is bs! to give a guy only 3 years to turn a program around is such a pile of phooey. UT loss to florida because they loss their cool and it had nothing to do with coach zo! It is time they play like men and not crying little boys, which I know they are capable of and if they make it to Duke they have a very good shot at beating them. Go vols! #atruefan

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I'm sure Holly is being nice re: Ariel..but she cannot help this team..Reynolds and Carter are both far better basketball players than every phase of the game..Reynolds proved she is a go to player in crucial situations and I hope the coaching staff considers starting Reynolds and letting Simmons come off the bench..but if they start Simmons ..I hope they don't wait till they get way down to get her out..coming back was difficult in the 3 SEC games will be much harder in the big show..

are you serious ariel has been great all season for us so to down her play especially this season is unbelievable. we need her as well and i hope to have her back soon.

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Wow..again. Yep, the officials were terrible. How about Dumb & Dumber with .7 sec left? Burbick fouls a 3 pt jump shot...that's Dumb. But, trailing by 4 the Ky player must make the first 2 and bounce the 3rd off the rim. A put back ties the game. A foul on a put back and they win. Nope, she makes all three...that's Dumber. I have a plan, just put Simmons in for the last 5 minutes. She missed 3 layups in the first half & one in the second. While the LVols kept the TO's down, the ones they made were terrible...really bad. The very first inbounds pass was a soft lob easily picked off. Now, the good stuff. I am a fan of Reynolds, Jones and most of all Carter. Carter has become a very good guard with a mindset on scoring and she has the speed to get it done. That team is so intense with all effort for 40 minutes. They missed some inside shots that kept the "points in the paint" down but they didn't fold. Let's see how far they get in the NCAA. I have them making it to the final 4 and losing to whomever they play.

she shouldn't have gotten that close but on the replay she clearly did not foul.

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The previous commments are right on. The LVols won this game on outright effort and hussle. As fast as the LSU guards were, the team as a whole was just worn out by the LVols. Whenever you outrebound a team like that, you frankly don't need the 3's or a great %. That's only game and the next one is against a #1 seed. Hopefully they will hit their shots in that game. When they do, they are hard to defend. Simmons played smarter in the 2nd half and didn't try to win it by herself. Her defense and blazing speed on getting down the court and cuts made her hard to defend. In tourney games, you win by any way you can. Hopefully, they will find a way tomorrow.

the next game is against no.3 seed Texas A&M. but these are the type of games that can define you as a team. They just need to control the ball better but most of there turnovers came from simmons or the post just a bit anxious but i expect them to be more settled tomorrow.

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J.J. SHB DPOY! She will be next year.

if u are speaking of jasmine then i agree! not only sec player of the year but all-american. if she put all the pieces together she can be so special for us. hopefully with jt and nared coming in will bring that out in her wit new competition

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We the fans think someone isn't getting enough time on the floor but keep in mind that coaches determine who plays and how much based upon what they see in practice. They are looking at all facets of their game. If they don't play....the coaches know why. We use words like "deserves" and well so do the coaches. Patience is probably the best word to use right now.

I said the same thing when miko played and got the same answer. She needed more playing time and tabor less and we all know how that worked out.

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if that's the option UConn gave her in replacing dolson then they don't have a chance. She has made it very clear she don't want to be a back to the basket type player let alone a center.

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I am really looking forward to going to the MTSU game. MTSU is coached by former Shelbyville coach Rick Insell who I think is one of the best coaches you will find anywhere. It looks like there will be a lot of orange there. I ended up in section M as everything else was sold out. It would not surprise me if we have more fans than they will have. I really love this Tennessee team. I thought getting Lee Taylor in there to replace Mason was huge. I think this team will be in better shape and will be much better defensively. I am hoping their improved conditioning will result in fewer injuries. I think Warlick is making a lot of great choices. Having a family type atmosphere is one of them.

I will be traveling from Covington tn to see the game as well I was able to get in section F. But according to the ticket guy he said a lot of the closer seats were given out to MTSU so there fans could be closer. Too bad for them that won't matter because no matter where UT Fans sit we will always represent. But I must say that I thought it was shady on their part being that Tennessee is the only reason the game will be a sell out!

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This is of course the other lost component Tucker would have brought to the team. From what I have heard, Tucker is a higher-rated player among women than Robert Hubbs is for the men. Fans of the men's team jumped up and down when the Vols signed him. Tucker is a potential star in the making, if she is healthy. Tough to let one that good get away.

STILL! Any young player who has THAT much trouble making up her mind has no business in a high-committment program like UT. However much she MIGHT have accomplished on the court, the other gals don't need her around in the locker room if she doesn't really want to be one of them.

no one knows why though. It could be a really good reason behind it and until we find out everything I won't continue to speculate and I will be praying for her.

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We will be fine. I think we are better off if she takes leave sooner than later citing "whatever reasons" a wishy-washy recruit may conjure up. Should have been a yellow flag the first time she backed out. Doubt she will ever be a delle Donne, who was definitely worth fighting for - but, if a kid is so unsure about such as this, how could she ever gain the trust of her coaches and teammates?

either you are just a sour grape or you truly have no clue of this girl talents she is better than everyone above her in this class except maybe Russell. She is the real deal so I hope she change her mind being she hasn't asked to be released.

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Totally agree, due to the way she did it, I hope she's like Wiley-Gatewood from a few years back and she fizzles out and we never hear anything from her.

u must be miserable and lonely to type something like this. Wiley got hurt which is my her career didn't go as planned. Also, I have spoken with her on several occasions and she left because she couldn't play the way she like to play which was why she was highly recruited in the first place. Kamiko could've done the same thing cause it happened to her as well I am grateful she didn't though. So go get a life instead of using these young ladies as your only source of happiness.

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Summitts C,

Agree. Seems every year the L V's start out with a small roster. We know about the injuries which always seem to plague them, but to start out with a short roster in the beginning anyway is a little confusing. This places a huge demand on the ones who do play.

One season, with a couple of walkons for some depth, Pat had 15 on the roster. Gotta' find someone who can come in and replace this young lady.

you don't replace a player like tucker with walk-ons. This is a tough loss especially this late in the game.

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Personal reasons = pregnant? Possible. Finding out one is pregnant comes out of the blue and without warning and makes you have to change up completely what you planned on doing in the near future. Stay tuned.

can't lie...that was one of my first thoughts along with UCONN going after her hard once Diamond chose UNC.

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They already HAVE represented the US well, on several different levels, according to the article! I have been somewhat critical of Ariel's play, but clearly folks a LOT higher up on the food chain see something special in her. I don't see how she can get much playing time on that squad, but it is probably worth her time just to practice with that bunch and see where she has to improve.

On the other hand, I expect Bashaara to make a major impression on her team. She has the raw-boned build and competitive nature that works well in international ball. She doesn't have to be fed to score.

Have fun, work hard, win, and--pleaseopleaseoplease!--DON'T GET HURT!

Ariel has the talent to play with these girls it going to be all about consistency. And although UConn won a championship this past season bria didn't have a great season and even Odyssey didn't have her typical season. She has to go in with that same confidence she had as a senior in high school if she is going to help this team as well as the Lady Vols next season. If she puts it all together offensively and defensively then I expect to see UT battling UConn or Duke in Nashville for the title.

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Getting the right companion (Man) in her life would help her. I don't think she has ever had a father figure (raised by her grandma?) or any type of man in her life. JMO, you don't have to stone me.

If she wanted a man as her companion then she would've by now! And not having a father figure is all hype because I didn't have one and I am just fine. Some of y'all can say some of the dumbest things. Many people do crazy things over broken hearts, including some of these posters and it don't have anything to do with depression. It's called LIFE so if you are really concerned then say a prayer for her and let it go.

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......Baylor opted not to continue its series with UT. There have been a few ugly comments about Griner and the Baylor coach. One thing we might agree on-- Neither of the two is much of a nice person. They can be downright rude and will hurt you if you so much as look at them for more than a few seconds. Don't dare cross them!
As for Jasmine Phillips, I began to think early on that she should move for her own benefit. It was obvious she needed more improvement time than the team could afford to give.

To suggest that Britney is a threat to anyone anymore than any other player is ridiculous. We all can be pushed to a breaking point and to hold one incident over the head of an 18yr old at the time is crazy. As much as she got hit and pushed including by UT players she carried herself honorably for the most part if you asked me.

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I tend to agree with you. There are a lot of schools wanting to break into the "upper echelon". Playing UT, UCONN, Baylor, Notre Dame, Stanford etc on National TV is a good step in the right direction. Look for "cinderellas" from last years schedule for a starting point. A lot of good schools will, probably, be willing to do some schedule shuffling for a chance to play UT.

Of course, we are assuming that Holly wants to play a tough team. We don't know the completed schedule for next year, but can we find out what is already worked out? When was the Baylor game scheduled?

They played on the 18 of December and probably much want be said until they release the schedule around sometime in late August I think.

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Stop cracking on Kellie. Recruiting in the ACC is a whole different ball game. It's even different from recruiting in the SEC, especially in the Carolinas where UNC and Duke definitely have the upper hand. In case you hadn't noticed, Kay Yow's teams didn't do so great in recent years either. I wasn't really happy when Kellie went to NC State because who wants to follow a deceased legend? It's like chasing a ghost. Think about how some so-called fans around here talk about Holly, and she'd been at Pat's side for years and Pat's still around. Now multiply that by a few and you'll see what Kellie put up with *in addition* to the recruiting difficulty that goes with being "the other" NC school. She'll do fine at MO State, though it may take a few years to really develop her program.

As for the hole in the schedule, at this late date UT may not have much choice, which was my original point.

You mistake me taking cracks with telling the truth. We are talking about UT not a subpar program. They may not get a top 10 team to fill that void but I highly doubt that they can't find a better team Mo State. You keep trying to throw these facts out like I know nothing about college basketball but to be young I actually know a lot. I love Kellie next to Shannon and Michele She's one of my all time favorite point guards for UT. And most of Duke and UNC top players are not even the top players out Of North Carolina, they get better players because of the facilities. That being said even at Mo State she might get players for her style of play but they will never be up to the standard of playing UT at that point in the season. I guarantee UT will pull some strings and bring in better competition for that void

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What you call a "throw in" game may be what we can get at this late date. The "name" schools have pretty much all got their schedules set already. And I wouldn't crack too hard on MO State...they have a history (they used to be SW MO and had a player named Jackie Stiles) and they have Kellie. If they aren't that great this year, I'm betting they will be pretty good before long.

I am aware of that and who doesn't know Ms. Stiles. She couldn't recruit top players at NC State so what make you think she will do it at MO State. I don't doubt that she will do a great job with the resources she has but not to a level where UT needs to play them at that point in the season when they played Baylor.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You are such an idiot, she is someone's child. You wouldn't want anyone speaking about your child with such hostility So why do it to someone else's? And I can think of several players from UT that like women as well including some of the fans in the stands.

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Good luck to you in the future JP. Now about this Baylor situation. Its stinks. I wonder what the true reason in quitting the series is. Its like denying an opponent a rematch . But who needs them our schedule is loaded every year and we are about to start the Uconn series up soon. Put all personal feelings aside. We need this series to boost our recruiting, our exposure on tv, and the WCBB needs us now more than ever now that BG is gone.

I agree it is time to start playn UCONN again. I don't necessarily agree with all your reasoning but I do agree it would make us a better team for sure and maybe recruiting a little bit. With other universities stepping up with their facilities recruiting for UT want change that much.

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Wishing the best for Jasmine. I'm sure she wanted to play more and it's hard to ride the bench when you've been used to being out there. Some players do not adjust well to that role. She did have some issues with academics too, as I recall. I hope she will take what she's learned as a Lady Vol and use it well wherever she goes.

As for a non-conference opponent, how about Missouri State? It would be great to see Kellie Jolly back here for a game.

We need a team that will make UT better and expose their weakness not just a throw in game

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Yeah, without Brittany manning the post Baylor will not be the same.

It's sad that even after she is gone in women college basketball idiots like you still can't refrain yourselves from calling her names! I'm willing to bet that if she had played for UT you wouldn't have posted this comment.

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the slappers won game 1 for the sooners so it must have a purpose for more than getting the lead off on base. But I must admit after getting the power hitters out ivy should've came in to finish them off. And if the pop up hadn't been dropped then it might've ended different.

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I Care. She is a five star and 4th rated player in the class of 2014. She would be a great addition too the team.

her an Canada can easily go 1 and 2 in this class Wilson is ranked so high cause of her skills but mainly her height with it. and Mitchell ranked 4thbcause she don't play on the any of he us summer teams. Just don't think Wilson is as athletic as a parker, stewart or elena. That being said wud still love to have her.

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I would think that UT isn't concentrating a lot on Post Players. J. White was quoted as saying that if "they" wanted her to play the five she probably wouldn't be going there. As a big forward she would be a great fit to go with Harrison, Moore and Russell. I think part of the UT problem is that there will be 12 girls on the roster for 2014-2015 (counting Middleton). I'm still dreaming of a class of Middleton, White and Nared with that fifteenth scholarship held out for a superstar (meaning of course Mitchell, Wilson, Turner etc.)

Turner has her list and UT is not on it so we probably wont get her and Canada chose ucla(a star as well). That leaves Wilson and MItchell but if we don't get either we still should make a run at cutting down nets the next two seasons if everyone gets better. But Asia Durr would have to be our main target in 2015 if we don't get Mitchell. UT has been missing consistent threats at all three guard spots. They should have it the next two seasons. Though ranked 8th Tucker will be a superstar, reynolds huge off the bench and barring injury Carter will be great at point. Simmons should have a breakout season due to the talent around her. So I think they go with a big that compliment what we already have a superstar guard to replace meighan.

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And she is correct; it is political. Notice the roster of the U19 team. Jefferson, Stewart and Tuck are from UCONN. Besides their goal of winning a Gold Medal it is to recruit A'ja Wilson. No other school has more than one "recruiter" on the team. Go Geno!!

I don't think they have a shot with her but u never know turner is probably there main target with the post players and from my understanding turner is not considering ut at all.

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Living near Cincinnati 6 months and Knoxville for 6 months, I haven't heard anything that says Mitchell is even considering Tennessee. I am just thrilled that we can keep elite Tennessee players in state. That speaks volumns about this staff's ability to recruit. November can't get here soon enough for me.

that's where we differ because I know for a fact that she has tenn on her mind due to talking with her on twitter. And I know cedes is also putting in a gud word...they seem to have a good connection. she haven't said that UT is at the top but most definitely a consideration. And if you really follow her then you would know that she is a really low key type of player and don't discuss it much to the media. After trying out for the US team and I think it was the U16 team and didn't get picked when according to sources she was one of the best if not the best on the floor she didn't really discuss much with media. She felt like it was all about politics and wanted no parts of it. And by looking at her ranking in my opinion that's clearly the case. I have seen this girl play and I don't see anyone in this 2014 class being better than her and could easily be one or two if she was n the 2013 class.

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congrats on the pick up lady vols but I still hope we get Kelsey Mitchell as well

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Wouldn't it be fun to know who the Lady Vol staff is really recruiting? I saw where A. Freeman had committed to Louisville. But from the article, UT was in attendance but not very serious in recruiting her. I was in corporate sales and when those big pieces of business came by you always took a swing at them. But you had to know the difference from "pie in the sky" stuff to what you had a good chance of bringing home. Or you went hungry. I think the same is true for recruiting and the staff has to know when they have a real chance of signing a star. I mean, about half of them list Tenn, UConn, Baylor, ND and Stanford as choices but they have to know if this is real of just BS.

One of the reason I listed Middleton is because they "offered her". If she accepts that offer and commits then Tennessee will stick to that. Probably they would also like to sign another guard so they would/could have a year of experience for the 2015-2016 season. And, you just can never have enough forwards. Besides J. White I don't know who they are recruiting.

So you think Jones will play on the wing next year? A 6'2" player that can dribble drive, shoot the short jumper and get rebounds could take us to the final four. We know she can play defense and has the short jumper. Maybe she'll spend a lot of time this summer dribbling.

Yes J played wing some this season but just didn't have the tight handles to consistently play out there. I think Kyra will take her under her wings this summer. She reminds me of Kyra pre injuries and we all know how special of a player she could've been if it wasn't for injuries. And as pretty as jj shot is there is no reason she shouln't expand her range and do it consistently. I just feel she has the most upside of any player on the roster and if she maximize it then she will be special on both ends of the court. I think if everyone improve over the summer we will get a real shot at seeing them cut down nets. Jannah will be key as well cause before this injury this girl was a player who can flat out get buckets and that will be needed when simmons is having bad games due to nerves. I think alexis will be at Tennessee but Kelsey has shown a lot of interest with UT based on twitter conversations I have had with her on twitter but then again they all are teenagers so you just never know. I found a website last summer that gave great recruiting in site but I for got to save it to my homepage and for the life of me I can not find it now.

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I also believe that, by the end of next season, Andraya will be the point guard with the most minutes. She just plays good defense and distributes the ball well with a lot of energy. Of course we haven't seen Reynolds. She's "discussed" as a combo guard that can fill it up.

Everyone expects us to be loaded in the upcoming season and the same will be for the 2014-2015 season with four seniors, 3 juniors, four sophomores and whatever freshmen sign this November. It's the 2015-2016 season where the gap could be if they do not sign several (four?) girls this fall. Counting the freshmen coming in this fall there will only be seven on the team with experience for 2015-2016 season. Two or three good sophomores would be nice and of course there will be freshmen on that team. That of course is the situation with out those "killers" - injuries and transfers. Looks like we'll start next season with a roster of 12 (six "bigs" and six guards - good balance) four of which are freshmen. I'd gamble that, of that four, not all four will finish out their careers. Something always happens.

Finally, as you mentioned having such a senior team in 2014-2015 may have some of the girls not wanting to be part of a 15 person roster. Watching other teams (UCONN for example, with only one incoming freshman) seems there are seasons that you're so loaded it's hard to get the top players signed. Anyway, I'm still pulling for White, Middleton and Nared with a super player if possible. (Mitchell, Wison etc.) Guess well find out in November.

Like UConn though if we sign a blockbuster class next season we will be able to have a down year in recruiting. I don't think we have a shot at Wilson though with mercedes already there. Following Mitchell on twitter gives me reason to believe UT has a real shot at getting her. With graves and company being juniors I think we should only look at maybe the best player available for 14-15 recruiting class. Also I have seen jannah play on espn3 as a junior she is the real deal. Jones will be on the wing next season and not the post, I am expecting big things from her next season. I don't totally disagree with the three players you listed I just feel if we get Mitchell then we won't need alexis.

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For sure Kelsey Mitchell is probably on everyone's wish list (included mine) but since her freshman year at Tennessee she would have Massengale (senior), Carter (sophomore) and Jordan Reynolds (sophomore) already on the team. But then again, I don't know how much attention high school seniors pay to that sort of thing.

It's sort of like the thing with two very good point guards, Jordin Canada (#2) and Recee Caldwell (#6) committed to UCLA. Seems to me that they both won't sign with UCLA. Since Middleton is a "local" I thought she might want to stay in Tennessee.

I really don't know anything about such things, but it gives me something to think about for the next five months. I'd like to see some Tennessee commitments show up on the ole HoopGrulz list.

I think it depend on the player because I really feel she can come in and take someone's starting spot. I think draya will eventually be our starting point guard and Reynolds backup at the 2 spot. I just like the fact that UT is now recruiting athletes instead of a specialist. If players look at who UT has then we would be in trouble because we are loaded next season if everyone get better and the freshmen come in and produce as expected. I just hope it works out. If I was on the staff I would only recruit three unless it's a cant miss recruit. The class of 2015 is loaded as well. 2 perimeter players and a post. If they recruit a specialist then it should be on the defensive side with offensive capabilities.

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Unfortunately, for us Lady Vols addicts, the reply's and responses will be few and far between for the next several months. I'll be here and see all of you in the fall. Or we could start a recruiting fantasy recruiting league. Three of my "dream recruit" class right now is White, Middleton and Nared. Of course, everybody wants Wilson. I believe the Lady Vols can (and really need to) sign four next November.

And of course we will be carefully watching Kamiko'S progress in the WNBA.

Anyone who do not have K. Mitchell on their wish list is crazy she's easily could be the number one player. I think she is being slighted because of her declines to US hoops. But I got a chance to see her play and I don't see any guard being better than her in this class. But I agree with white and nared. But Kelsey is a better point guard than middleton.

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I honestly think it's a shame that this article only has four comments and only two were pertaining to the article. If taber was drafted as well there would be more comments. Or even something negative there would be more.

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Congrats Miko this opportunity is a long time coming! So go represent and just do you and it will be good enough!!!!