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Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

We are doomed to rehash this dead horse autopsy until the page is turned by an upswing. Go Vols, please.

Written on Butch Jones challenges team 'to pick it up' during Tuesday's practice:

For a good many years now, I've thought the Vols had an inordinate number of "dropped footballs, jumping offsides, lining up offsides." It would be nice to see a more disciplined team for a change.

Written on Raijon Neal says running back battle is 'wide open':

in response to Henley-Street-Bridge:

Well he'll be able to spot from the stands.. just look for that HUGE Tattoo of his Mother on this right bicep.

Oh, that's his mother. I was worried our RB had a tattoo of Peggy Hill on his bicep.

Written on At 'Meet Your Seats' event, UT tries to woo fans back to Neyland:

Speaking of thinking of ways to "grow the fan experience," what about redoing the seating to overcome Neyland's reputation as "One Cheek Stadium"? Seriously, Google it.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

From the headline and tone, I thought that maybe he had passed.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

Hip-hop music to rev up the crowd - yeah, that's the ticket.

Unless you're talking Jump Around like at Wisconsin - then that is pretty fun and cool.

Written on Funds need to be raised to raze Stokely Athletic Center:

Maybe it needs to come down, but I wouldn't give a nickel to destroy the place where I watched Ernie and Bernie and Ray Mears in their glory.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

Proud of the girls - a gutsy performance up to the collapse. And sad to say, the dropped pop up and staying with Ellen when she was clearly gassed were huge.

Written on Two runs and two Renfroes get Tennessee down to the final two in WCWS :

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I wonder if anyone makes umpires look at pitch location after games. If not, they should. I'm trying to remember if they showed a correct call all night. I also wonder where this guy thinks knees are located.
Nevertheless, I am a very happy camper tonight. Come on Huskies. Make me happier.

Also called some very wide strikes, one of which really helped the LVs. Missed a foul ball on which was treated as a wild pitch and allowed a runner to advance to third, and missed a hit batsmen.

Good call by the coaches on pitch hitting for the catcher. Her previous at bats were pitiful - she seemed absolutely resigned to striking out.

Written on Defense dominates Jones' first Orange & White Game:

Appreciated CBJ's outreach to former players - Wilson, Foster, Shuler, Berry showing up - nice gets for the spring game.

Fan play calls shows good effort to rebuild the base. Not sure it worked that great, but nice effort.

I have the feeling this coaching staff has a good sense that fan support can't simply be assumed, especially when the product on the field is in a rebuilding phase. Seems like they're doing good work.

Written on UT announces details of April 20 Orange & White Game and 'fan appreciation' event:

Not a troll, fellows - just think much more could be done with the O&W to make it a terrific event.

Written on UT announces details of April 20 Orange & White Game and 'fan appreciation' event:

I'm sorry - this is a lame event, but ironically fitting for a "fan appreciation day," since fans are played for suckers year in and year out.

So go stand in line, one autograph per, at 12:30 get your arse off the field and cool your jets for an hour and a half - nothing to do, skeleton concessions, no jumbotron, just sit there like the sucker you are and be thankful.

No creativity in this event, no marketing savvy, no will. How about a little concert or something in the dead hour? When will the powers that be learn that you need a little extra something something when your actual product on the field falls so far short of worshipful adoration.

"UT Announces Details of Fan Appreciation Event" the headline says - same details as last year, and the year before that. Pitiful. They're phoning it in. Do you feel appreciated?

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Out-hustled. Simmons disappearing act. Everything bouncing Louisville's way. = loss.

Written on Tom Boerwinkle, the biggest Vol, dies at 67:

A great Vol - I remember well his unstoppable 2-foot hook.

Written on Jordan McRae at a loss for output in final 2 games:

It was distressing to watch Mercer run such an disciplined and effective offense, while we were so befuddled on defense and haphazard on offense. That doesn't seem right. I like Zo OK, aside from his Orgeronesque interviews, but c'mon, man.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

Sometimes it seems like there is no end to the indignities suffered by the Vols and their fans.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

The committee has enough criteria to justify whatever they feel like doing. It just boils down to who they want in, and sometimes who they want out.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

Not saying we didn't deserve to get in compared to even less deserving teams, but we had it in our own hands before it was in the hands of those who deep-sixed us.

Golden's, Stokes', and even McCrae's unpredictable disappearing acts. Occasional spectacular suckage from the free throw line. A fireless CCM when his team is getting hosed by the refs. So in the end, the team is responsible for not getting in. Even at the end, we beat Bama and we're in.

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

Great get. Good size, speed, hands. Seems to see the field and cut back well. Congrats CBJ.

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee's best players played when they had to:

Stokes was sure putting the "throw" in free throw. Amazing.

Written on SEC sweep for Lady Vols: Warlick (coach), Simmons (co-player), Graves (freshman):

Given the preseason projections for this team, HW has done a great job. Very difficult to follow a legend and be successful. She's off to a great start. Ready for the next step of bringing in top talent. Congrats to all three.

Written on Tennessee will retire jerseys for Dale Ellis, Candace Parker, Monica Abbott:

three terrific choices -well deserving all

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

For all the articles on this subject, seems like some crack journalist might seek and score an interview with Jay Graham.

Written on Mike Strange: Texas Vol fans welcome new era:

Davey Crockett, Sam Houston, GTT (Gone to Texas) - the historical connections between Tennessee and Texas are numerous.

Written on Vols' streak coincides with Golden's rejuvenation :

I've been very critical of Golden's poor play. Have to give him props for his play of late. Still a few reckless turnovers, and I still wish he'd dish sometimes when he goes to the hoop instead, but on the whole his point production and handling of the offense these last few games have been terrific.

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

Didn't see this one coming. Whodathunk that Cuonzo Martin would own Tennessee's biggest beatdown of Kentucky? Not me. And Golden's stats were awesome - what a transformation from the turnover machine he has been. Hats off to all.

Written on Four Alabama football players arrested on robbery charges:

No such thing as moral wrongs anymore - just bad choices and minor mistakes, as if making better choices is a matter of education or technique, not moral character.

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

So, Dennis Rogan would have gotten like a minus 10 points today?

Written on Behind the scenes with Butch Jones and UT's coaches: Jokes, stories and pronunciation work:

Can someone forward this article to Bob Kesling, whose "Vol(s)" rhymes with "bowl(s)" about half the time?

And while we're on speech, has anyone else noticed that Jones sounds just like Les Miles? Same caricatured coach-speak; same aggressive, clipped, staccato delivery.

Written on Cuonzo Martin contacts SEC on how Jarnell Stokes is officiated :

CCM could always play the race card - that'd make the refs shudder with fear and loathing, and swallow their whistles a few times.

I'm glad he hasn't, though. I would rather watch us continue to get hosed than suffer through that drama for the umpteenth time.

Maybe he could try suggesting calls retroactively, getting the refs to review the tape while they rethink it, like Cal does. That could work out.

Written on Freshmen Derek Reese, Armani Moore 'growing on the fly' :

When Reese shoots, I actually have a sense of expectation of 2 points. I almost forgot what that feels like. I'm all for seeing more of him, and less clank, clunk, air ball, clank.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols in a major SEC slump :

in response to Rumblefish:

I think you confused his post with reality vs sarcasm.

Lay off the sauce, 'aholic.

Dang. You're right. Apologies to underhill.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols in a major SEC slump :

in response to underthehill:

UT would be undefeated in all sports if it wasn't for the KNS writers..why can't people see this..amazing...

Really? The Vols would be undefeated in all sports, if not for the KNS writers? And you are amazed that people can't see this obvious truth that is staring them in the face?

I think you are confusing cause with effect. You see, when the teams suck, the writers tend to write about the sucky performances. You may have noticed how unflattering columns appear in the paper after (not before) the teams lose on the field or court. That's a clue which one is causing the other. See how that works?

Written on Jordan McRae the Vols' lone scorer :

I beg to differ - I saw two UT scorers at the KY game - Jordan McRae and Chris Lofton.

Written on John Adams: Stokes, Golden performing better as a disappearing act:

Stokes did a disappearing act. Golden was more like a Gallagher act, smashing to smithereens any chance we had of winning.

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

The '98 Tennessee-Arkansas football game is on SportsSouth. We're down 21-3 now, but things are looking up. It was great to be a Tennessee Vol back late in the last century.

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

Golden is a difference maker - the more he plays the worse our chances for winning. He is a turnover machine, can't cover, takes bad shots, and otherwise makes very bad decisions. He is not only a game-killer, he may even be a coach-killer. If Coach Zo can't see Golden's consistently negative impact on his team's play, then maybe he won't make it here.

All in all, another episode in a LOOOONG series of Vol underachievement, missed opportunities, and coming up small in the big moment. They should be paying us to come support their products on the field and court, but they don't.

Written on Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols looking for balance :

I'm not looking for balance. I'm looking for someone to put the ball in the hoop. Someone wearing orange, that is.

Written on USC fires basketball coach Kevin O'Neill:

KO's TN teams couldn't get a ball in bounds against a tight press to save their souls.

But he did stand on a chair and give the Vandy faithful the double bird salute.

Good times.

Written on UT wants to get back to basics of playing defense :

Yeah, that's what I've been seeing - a team that is just too focused on offense. Clank! Boing! Air ball! Sounds like Zo wants to win games with a halftime score plus 15.

Perhaps it is a case of scoring being a matter of talent (which you either have or you don't) and defense being a matter of will (which can be summoned with effort). Maybe Zo sees that the defensive end is the only one with growth potential.

Even if successful, that's ugly bball. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

Written on Notre Dame No. 1? According to a BCS computer, Fighting Irish still better than Alabama:

in response to Sir_Spanky:

Proof that selfish morons are behind the system. Bowl games were pretty much a joke this year - across the board. Not fun. It's way past time to quit depriving the masses for the $$ benefit of the few.

We may have seen the birth of Occupy BCS, led by Sir Spanky. To the guillotines with those one-percenters! Forward! The "system" is depriving the masses of fun, so that it can get more money for the selfish, greedy few . . . somehow.

Written on Notre Dame No. 1? According to a BCS computer, Fighting Irish still better than Alabama:

The computer also said the QB's mom is hotter than his girlfriend.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

Big crowd. Dismal performance. This is Tennessee.

Written on Brent Musburger's ogling of Alabama QB's girlfriend goes viral:

It's because the honey badger wasn't there to drool on. Is grandpa lusting over a hottie a step up from a mancrush? I don't know - they're both awkward for everyone else.

Written on Fast start helps Tide beat Irish for title, 42-14:

The good news is that's 7 straight for the conference. The bad news is that it's not like we get a turn just because were a part of the conference.

Worse news - unprecedented levels of Bama obnoxiousness ahead; another reason to resent Notre Dame. Thanks for nothing, Irish. Heck, Tennessee could have done that. In fact, we pretty much did on the third Saturday in October. Does that mean we're ready for a NC appearance too?

Written on Poll: What position is the most critical for the Vols to focus on in recruiting?:

Getting off their @rse and into a standing position at least.

Written on John Adams: SEC will be chasing Bama again next fall:

Chasing Bama? Gotta catch Vandy before we're able to see Bama's dust. What a revolting situation!

Written on John Adams: Another rivalry headed the wrong way for UT :

Adam's theme occurred to me last night. This game is what it means to be a Vols fan right now. Big crowd - check. Big flop - check. And just when it seems a miracle might happen, a missed dunk at one end and a three-point play at the other reminds everybody that this is Tennessee, where positive things are not allowed to happen. Go back to your double-wide and fry something, while the likes of Tiger High, Vandy, and even Austin Peay see what it's like to laugh at us like they are Florida, Bama, or Georgia.

What is it? Did Hart or Cheek do a murder? Is Fulmer still sticking pins in his VooDooley doll? Who knows? But for several years, it has NOT been great to be a Tennessee Vol.

Written on Poll: What do you want most in your Vols stocking this Christmas?:

How about anything but that d@mn lump of coal we've been getting the last 5 or 6 years?