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Written on John Adams' top 25: The Tide will keep rolling:

Every time you watch Clemson Taj Boyd their Heisman Trophy candidate remember that he was coming to UT until LK pulled the rug!

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The seat size is a real issue. Our family had tickets for 40 years on a row cut by the gate and sat right next to it. In 40 years the average size of the other eight attendees on our half row mushroomed about 4 belt notches so that every time you stood up you sat down quickly to reclaim your 18 inches but still got squeezed. We really did not enjoy sitting cheek to cheek and wrestling for our tiny space. Then the people in front of us started paying for those chairbacks which ground into our knees. Since the current occupants from their size must be buying 20% more concessions than they did 40 years ago maybe they could make the seats 20 inches?? I know that is impractical but only one person mentioned the seating size as an issue and no one mentioned the fact that at least 25% of the seat have poor views. The lines are not long at my concession stand or facilities. The parking is free. I can change the channel during the incessant commercials and ridiculously long play reviews. We go to one game a year and meet with fraternity brothers for a big BBQ tailgate and then afterwards most everyone goes back to homes of friends and watches on the tube I mean screen. Times have changed we can't go back and we just have to adjust.

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I must say that I am curious why we have signed so many LB's not including the possibility of getting another (Berry)but no QB's and few OL's?

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The problem is not with the AD, Admin, shedule, seating, or current performance.
The problem is with the students! Ut needs to recruit more student interested in sports and less interested in social media!

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Rivalries are for the moment. When the colts, steelers and brown went to the AFC everyone said "what about the rivalries?" Five years later no one remembered. what rivalry with Bama? for the last 40 years it has been a series of mismatched extended strings of wins and losses.
How many times as early as the game is have both teams been undefeated?
How many times in those 40 years have both teams been in the top ten?
It has been my favorite game but I am ready to let it go!!!

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with a nine gam sec schedule it might almost be worthwhile to get seasn tickets again!
It is amazing what seasonn ticket holders have had to put up with. Our family had three pairs of season tickets for almost forty years and finally gave all of them up in the face of NC/Buffalo swaps and worse in favor of big screen home tv. UT has a lot of chickens coming home to roost.

Written on Former UT volleyball player backs up allegations against Julie Hermann:

The article could have been titled

"Ex-vols come to Herman's defense" however that would not have generated near the readership that the negative tone of the title used.

Written on Bret Bielema counting on former UT assistant coaches to improve Arkansas:

in response to tovolny:

Hey, I have an idea. Wouldn't it be nice if we posters responded only to the subject or purpose of the article. I don't know about you, but I would rather not read these posters' little HIZZY-FITS.

That would be very nice but too much to expect.

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Almost every UT fan hates having to play Memphis in football. We have nothing to gain but a boring rivalry?? and everything to lose. i guess I prefer the tigers though if the alternative is Buffalo or WKY.

Written on All three pitchers for Lady Vols ready for SEC semifinals:

Being a certified cynic I can't help being amused at the titles to some or I should say many of the KNS articles. Like they won't be ready? Or the of repeated "so and so excited about signing with the vols". Like if he wasn't would he not be signing with someone else? Sorry just could not help myself.

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The coaches are against playing nine game because they win 80% of the non-conference games but only 50% of the league games. So the additional conference opponent means records overall will be worse so coaches will get fired more often as they can't meet expectations realistic or otherwise.
Though getting fired at an SEC school means lifetime financial security!!

Florida, SC, and Ga have the disadvantage?? of having to play a decent in-state opponent each year which limits their ability to play additional meaningful opponents though UGA has done some of that recently.

Written on Poll: How will you take in the Orange and White Game?:

Yawn, I made the mistake of going when Cuffem was coach. I has successfully avoided for 35 years since I graduated and hope to be able to avoid them for the next 35.

Written on John Adams: Fan mail contradicts negative posts :

I appreciate JA's point of view. There is so much sycophantsy about UT's AD that hearing an opposing point of view is refreshing and at times enlightening. Those that want to be spoon fed pablum don't have to read the column. The UT AD could use a lot more criticism as the past few years have demonstrated.
It is also one thing to simply disagree with a point of view and express your contrary opinion and quite another to disparage the writer. Coming up with multibple columns with fresh inciteful commentary is not easy and JA certainly fails at times though being a sportwriter has to be one of the best jobs in the world.

Written on John Adams: Cordarrelle Patterson will leave highlights, regrets behind :

Unfortunately those teams of the 90's were not a player or two short of making runs for the NC. They had the talent as evidenced by the ranking of the recruiting classes and the top ranking of playe ultimately playing on Sunday.
What we lacked was player development and on the field coaching!!

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

I am always amazed at the knuckleheads that hate John Adams. They must not have lives because they are always the first to comment on every column of his.
Their minds are so closed they can't rationally accept objective discussion of an issue unless it is completely in line with their thinking. They do have freedom of expression but their comments reveal more about themselves than about Adams and they are tiresome to the rest of us.

Written on Jay Greeson: Is Gruden the right solution for the Vols?:

Only about 1/3 of the coaching positions are open at SEC schools. LOL
Volbike’s Law that no matter how improved the facilities, coaches, recruits, contributions, concessions, whatever, for every game played there will still be an equal number of losses and wins.
When put together with AmFlyer’s corollary about MAC and Southern Conference schools and the like SEC (and maybe all schools) have to win a minimum of three of four non-conference games and at least ½ their conference games to get to 7-5 on average.
When you have at least four schools winning 10 games almost every year that does not leave enough wins for the rest.
Now how many schools anymore would be satisfied going 7-5 every year?
As I have said many times the coaching carousel is going to spend faster and faster.
Few school will compromise success for sentimentality of hiring alums.
Coaches will feel no loyalty to any school not that they should.
The really successful coaches will be lured by greater challenges at other schools or taking a shot at the pros.
The unsuccessful coaches will……. well we know they will be selling life insurance while living off the guarantees.
I doubt many if any coaches will ever last 12-13 years at a school like Mark Richt has any more.
The salaries are still escalating……….
The greatest fear of SEC coaches is the possibility of going to a 9 game conference schedule which reduces the creampuffs by 25%!
I think the Little Ten, Big Twelve, and Pac 12 have already decided to go to 9.
It is great fro the season ticket holders.
If so there will hardly ever be a significant out of conference opponent except the in-state rivals at SC, GA, and FL.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee still a top-20 job ... especially if the price is right :

If we keep fumbling around Peyton will be retiring in about 3 more years and so will Saban.

I bet PM would give his eye teeth to coach at UT, maybe for free. He certainly won't need the money. He will need something foot ball related.
I think his reputation and sincerity would make him one of the greatest recruiters of all time.

Written on Kentucky fires football coach Joker Phillips:

Pending other changes I believe that the departure of Phillips may be the first time since the 50's or earlier that no SEC school will have an alum. Bowden Wyatt,Bear, Johnny and Pudge kept it going for a long time.

Written on Tennessee series with Georgia shows shift in SEC East power:

the drop off stared in 2001 not 2008

Written on Tennessee's fundamental breakdowns on defense fueled Florida's surge :

The disappointing thing is that Bray and maybe the rest of the offense just gave up in the fourth quarter and quit! You could see it in Bray's face every time he came off the field if not in wild throws(aways).

Written on Tennessee athletics to slash $5 million from budget :

Lets see, 2.5 mm saved from cutting 17 staff jobs. that averages out to about $150,000 per person for salary benefits and some overhead.

So all these high paid jobs were deemed non-essential? What were they doing before?

Written on UT makes improvements, tries to bring fans back:

I must have been transported to an alternate universe. UT is actually doing something for the fans and not to them.
Won't wonders never cease!!

Of course they had to be forced to do it. Maybe they will give the scores of more than 6 games more than 4 times a game in the future instead of constantly running commercials.

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in response to allntl1#565211:

Johnny had a national championship team at UT but Phil could not close the deal. Heath Schuler, Dale Carter, Carl Pickens, Charlie Garner to name a few. What an unbelievable load of talent Phil inherited when he ran Johnny off. Karma baby.

Who do you think recruited all that talent?
UT only got better under Majors when Phil came back and started doing the recruiting and they put Johnny in a broom closet.
His five year rebuilding plan that took 10 years would never have happened w/o Phil and he was about the only coach that did not have sense enough to move on in that tenure because he loved the school so much.

Written on Dan Fleser: UT coaches laud technology at new football practice facility :

They could allow a 15 games schedule and AD's would still not make a profit. The more $$ you have the more you spend and you have to keep up with the Jones.
The NCAA,in all its wisdom, should have prohibited any school having an indoor practice facility in the first place and a lot of other stuff. But that would be socialistic I guess.
It is similar to every hospital having to have a MRI and Cat scanners to compete. We all know who ends up paying for that stuff.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee's football team should keep its goals realistic :

Fulmer was not a great coach. He was a terrific recruiter and a great person. the evidence of having generally the third most players in the NFL most of the time but rarely finishing in the top ten, being outcoached by Saint Steve (and others) repeatedly,and getting run over by physical teams from the Big Eight. (Yes we beat the Big Ten Michigan and OSU because they did not go to the Rose bowl).
Phil philosopy was put the best and most players on the field and eventually the other team will get tire and our athletes willl make something happen to win regardless of our simplistic offense and defense both playing not to lose.
Unfortunately, other schools got even better coaches and caught up in talent and it was time for a change.

Written on Florida, Alabama tickets available in UT mini-package :

Our family had season tickets for almost 40 years as did a fraternity brother of mine.
The STH's have been so poorly treated with the Buffalo's, pricing,etc, small seats, long lines, crappy food. Those are the reason we gave them up not the poor team performance.
the AD is just so arrogant but things have come around.
At home I have a 50inch screen with much better view of the action, 15 feet to the concession stand and the facilities with no line, better prices and food and I can change channels during the interminable time outs, commercials and challenged plays.
Not to mention the time and wear and tear on my car. Did anybody say 20-30 parking?

Written on UT to cut 17 positions in athletics department :

While I hate to see people lose their jobs and I have been laid off myself I hope this is part of a shake up that the incestuous ADept has needed for a long time. Too many people getting too comfortable in too many jobs.
I hope Hart knows what he is doing.

Written on UT won't charge admission for Orange and White Game:

I waited 40 years to go to my first OW game and it lived down to my expectations. I felt good that I had not wasted my time all those previous years.

Written on SEC could maintain Alabama-UT Vols tradition:

Bama UT is in your mind but it hasn't been significant since Stallings left. We creamed them while they were on probation or the coaching carousel and they creamed us when they got off. As early as the game is the last time both team were undefeated going into the game was in the 70's. In those days we would won 4-5 in a row and then they would win 10-11 in a row.
As much as I love the game it is a mental thing an not reality. The colts, steelers and browns moved to the AFC and everybody except the ownere were worried about the impact on rivalries................

Written on News Sentinel sports section honored among nation's top 20 :

Sports page UT coverage, obits and real estate adds are only reason anyone buys the paper

Written on Derek Dooley reunites with Sal Sunseri, hires him as UT's defensive coordinator :

Gee I was thinking if we didn't get someone soon we would have to get Joe Kines or Joe Lee Dunn out of retirement. Collectively they have done a good job for more than half the SEC Schools and would not have minded a one year contract.

Written on Poll: Who do you want as UT's defensive coordinator?:

I don't know the details of Shannon's buyout but is it not likely that he would be coaching here for free since he would have to offset DC salary against the buyout which is likely higher??

Written on John Adams: Verdict on UT football will come later :

It would be nice if the News Cynical would respond to the rumors all over the net about UT hiring Randy Shannon for 1mm a year. Even if it is just a rumor but then the NC probably doesn't know about it. Supposed to be announced early next week.
Not sure how the bloggers have better sources that NS but I remember I heard from a friend in Raleigh about the NC State game two days before the NC mentioned it. I usually think that the only reason people by the NC is because of UT football and real estate ads so they should be more current???

Written on Men's swim coach John Trembley fired due to 'gross misconduct':

Some time next week The News Cynical will report that UT has hired Randy Shannon as Defensive Coordinator for over 1mm a year!!

Written on 2012: Alabama rivalry back as Third Saturday in October for Vols:

I admit that this is my favorite UT opponent.
However how many times has this game had two teams in the top ten. They beat us many years in a row and then when they were on probation and having coaching problems we beat them many years in a row.
The game has rarely meant much and the last time both teams were undefeated was prbably about 1972 or whenever we lost 42-21.

Written on Bud Ford's 45-year career won't end with historian role :

This may be a very minor step but Hart needs to start bringing in some of his people while not taking apart the good parts of UTAD. We all know that it is a large bureaucracy and it needs some shaking up. Reading between the lines of the comment "one of he good people at Tennessee...." Hart has been saddled with inheriting head coaches i the major sports so he had to live with some one else's decision and will take the flack for that regardless.

We hope they work out but who knows and he does not have that many years left either.

We just have to hope for the best.

Written on John Adams: SEC domination worthy of acclamation:

Maybe Adams is stating the reason that the other major conferences are going to 9 game conference schedules so they won't be able to play SEC teams during the year?
Though for the sake of the royally screwed season ticket holders, I wish the SEC would do so as well.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Ex-Vols coach Johnny Majors still a historic presence:

Majors first 7 years were much worse than Battle's. We always joked about him being inthe 7 year of his 5 year rebuilding program. Things only got better when Fulmer came, stayed and was in charge of recruiting. Majors was incredibly arrogant and if his personal life in those early years had the scrutiny of today's press he would have been long gone much earlier.

Written on Georgia mourns the voice of the Dogs, Larry Munson:

Larry was the best at BB and FB. I grew up in Middle Tenn listening to him do Vandy and sports on the Radio. My wife went to UGA so I had reasons to continue to enjoy his unique style. There are so many Munsonisms! What a loss. John Ward was not in the same league.

Written on John Adams: Unconventional game, unconventional ending :

Bubba, "Just a Field Goal" from anywhere is no small requirement for this team.

Written on Tennessee punt team plans to do what it does better :

The Vols set two records last week: The first college team to not only be on the losing side of two of the top ten ESPN plays of the week but #s one and two. Second I think they violated every Neyland maxim!!

Written on Steve Wold, former UT fullback, dies at 63 :

I had a class with him. It was one of those they set up for athletes, either Jock Physics or Jock Math I forgot but he was a nut and came to class with a beatle wig on one time!!

Written on Vols to play Kentucky at 12:21 p.m. :

Why would we want to be embarrassed further by going to a bowl?

Written on John Adams: UT defense a role model for offense:

Look at the bright side! We can still tell all those recruits "WE NEED HELP, QUICK!"
You will play next year!!

Written on Tennessee gets 'pounded': LSU 38, Tennessee 7:

Til the third quarter last week I wanted to believe that it was lack of talent and depth but after that debacle and today, the head, offensive and kicking game coaches suck really bad!!!
What was Neylands first maxim? I forgot and I think this coaching staff has too.

Written on John Adams: For Mark Richt lightning has to strike twice at Neyland :

Ward might have been as good as Munson at BB but when it came to FB, Ward had enthusiasm but you never had a clue what was going on.
Caught.........and dropped.
The pass is in..................complete.
Finch trips over the 23 yard line and falls forward to the 47????
I have followed Munson since the late 50's and he was the best!!

Written on John Adams: For Mark Richt lightning has to strike twice at Neyland :

my wife went to UGA and she always goes and sits with the Ga band.
It drive her nuts each year when I analyze how far that little tuft of hair on Richt has receded since last time and when he will give it up. I would say two years at the outside unless he gets transplant.
More Richt Les Miles!!

Written on ‘Outside chance’ Peyton Manning might return in December:

I have been a colts fan since the first pro game I saw or at least remember was the OT game against the giants in the 50's. They used to call it the Unitas states of America.
I lost a bit of interest when they moved cause Irsay was such a jerk though I like Bert Jones.
Having Manning be their quarterback and them do so well was beyond my expectations.
So I hate to say it but he needs to retire while he is mostly fit and able. It was sad to see Johnny U hang on and eventually get traded.
It would be nice to win another SB but that isn't likely and just to hang around and put up meaningless statistic chasing Favre.....

Having been in CLT when KC was there it is hard to believe that he lasted as long as he has and has those statistics. He said an untoward thing to a teammate in a bar in CLT and got his jaw broken.
Let the young guy play, hope you finish 3-13, get Luck and start a new era!

Written on Georgia State, Akron, Troy to play Vols in 2012 :

I feel better about dropping my season tickets this year all the time.
Ga State just started playing football.
A season ticket holder is lucky to get 3 decent games out of a 7-8 home game schedule and gets to pay a premium for that.
The concession stand and facilities for my 50 inch screen are much nearer, cheaper and no lines. I also get covered parking!!
I don't think these schools could even beat the Lousiana directional school and won't generate as much interest.