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I'm really confused, I thought today was Tuesday and tomorrow would be Wednesday. GO VOLS

It's free beer tomorrow...or something like that.

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At this point I don't care if Mary, Queen of Scots is listed as first team ball girl. Let's just get the summer over! Almost football time! Can't wait!! GBO

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Doom and gloom! What the hay, Rivals #21 - I'll take it. Didn't do much with those top 10-15 classes, so we'll see what Butch can do with this one. As of a couple of weeks ago it was much worse. Still have quite a few that redshirted last year. I don't see why people are female dogin' and moanin' about these guys. GBO

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Bray will likely turn out like Ainge in the NFL, just w/o the habit. He never seemed very comfortable in Knoxville. Rocket of an arm, though. I don't know the guy, but his actions scream immature. Maybe he will grow up. Good luck, kid. Next...

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Really like the guy. Never threw Sal under the bus where he belonged. Didn't see any articles about who hired Sal, either - Dooley or Hart? Guess we'll never know. Great pressers, too. Showed up when no one else would, knowing he was a temp coach. Don't understand his recruiting, though - only knock I have on him. Agree with the other posters - Dooley would be a fantastic TV sports guy, much better than anyone on the dreaded Vol Network football telecast. Dude gave it what he had, all in for three years. Good luck, DD.

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Ol' Lane...what a pos. Funny, too, that so many wanted Tee to come to Knoxville. He be's a SoCal dude, now, hangin' with Da Kiff. While I would have gladly taken a 7-5 record, I seem to remember that USC was supposed to be The Team. Yup...The Team in El Paso! Unranked, unwanted. Sure am glad Pete bolted for rid of that infection before it spread. Thanks, KNS - love hearin' me some Lane stories. Good luck to Tee, also - he'll be needing it if the ol' lady's career doesn't take off. Bright future in middle school football, thinking about what might have been.

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What's wrong with momma's basement?

I can't believe I actually read this article. The shame...

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No question both could use another year to develop...or mature. Disagree with the poster who says Bray routinely chokes in big games - just look at 2012 stats. CP would greatly benefit from another year to learn routes better. Disagree with the writer that Big Dan was made for the 3-4 ; I think the opposite, that he is better suited for a 4-3 where there is additional pressure from the tackles. Whatever...we're all searching constantly for any news. It's a long time till September...

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Translation: My wife said nope to Knoxville. Sorry, dudes.

He must have gotten married after he left Kentucky...

I'll give Butch credit for listening to the fan base in it's quest for Tee. Now he can go out and get whomever he wants. He has a 'token' in Jay Graham - looks like the rest of the staff will be Vol-Less. Could be a good thing right now. GBO

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Sunseri must have thought he'd won the lottery when he was hired. Who would pay an inexperienced coach that kind of money? UT!!! The current administration at UT must have started out in Washington, D.C. - just print more money, no problem! Raise ticket prices, too - that'll cover it. Still short? Hit the "rich" - they aren't paying their fair share anyway.

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"Local Business Owners" - how Republican is that?

How many pay at or less than minimum wage with no benefits?

You said it, democrat! Lets unionize the workers, get them up to $45 an hour, then hit the govmunt tit when the business fails! Helluva great idea! Go buy a Twinkie...oh, wait a minute. Can't!! Freakin' unionized democrat pigs drove the company out of business. Seriously, dude...get a life. This is about the next HC at The University of Tennessee; at least make the attempt to keep on the subject.

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Note to all NCAA athletic directors and attention to how Jimmy Cheek, Mike Hamilton and Dave Hart have operated and do the complete opposite if you want to get a good coach and have good athletic programs. The only thing UT has that is still relevant anymore is its fan base. We deserve so much better than this complete train wreck.

Amen, brother. Hit it right on the head.

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I said before that this would be a lateral move with respect to Dooley. I withdraw that comment - Strong seems to be more defensive-minded, which is what UT needs. If Hart keeps screwing around, Strong will be gone, too. I, too, think that Gruden would have been the 'choice', for recruiting if nothing else. With him gone, Strong may be the best out there with head coaching experience. Whether him or Mary, Queen of Scot, just get on with it already, Hart! As an aside, I still think Fulmer should be AD. We had Hammy, who was a good business-minded AD but blew with respect to athletics; seems to be more of the same with Hart. Fulmer would be great on the athletics side, and there are assistant/associate ADs who concentrate on the business aspects - just like any other business. Just sayin...

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Gruden is done - get over it. Personally don't think Golden is the guy, but that's just by observation - don't know a thing about him, but the tie wears me out. Gundy? Just got knocked off by Baylor here in Waco - at least has experience. Strong? Lateral move similar to Dooley imo - Big East ain't the SEC, and he wasn't tremendously successful in the Big East. Jimbo? I think that would be the splash move, if he would come. Also heard the rumors that he covets a job in the SEC, so thats a strong 'maybe'. A freakin' 6-6 GTech team plays in a league Championship game? Says wonders about the ACC - however, I know nothing about the ACC, so maybe thats par for the course. TxTech would pay UT to take Tommy - no thanks. Nobody has really mentioned Art Briles at Baylor, but he had done incredible things there/here. Doubtful he would leave, though, since he has had the same core staff for 20 years, and would want to bring all of them. Would really open up Texas recruiting, though. Jimbo seems like the best option for a name coach with experience at a big-time school. GBO

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Passionate fan base! Love it!! Other football programs that happen to have a city around them simply don't have this kind of outpouring. To date, there are 4 SEC teams looking, but only one that has the "it" that a big name coach would be looking for - UT. Arkansas weather is terrible 10 months of the year; Auburn is in Alabama...enough said; same with KY - the name says it all. UNC? Not in the same league. Forget anybody from a Big 12 school, and forget about assistants from other programs. I doubt the fan base will get behind anyone other than Gruden...regardless of his abilities in college football. Bobby P would probably get fired after the first kegger; Charlie Strong would be an afterthought for an SEC school; same with Kirby...we went the assistant route, and that didn't work out very well. Phil will wind up at UNC engaging in man-love with Coach Cut. For most of us, right or wrong, its Gruden or bust. Cut the swim team and "other" sports if more money is needed - this is football! Like it or not, the university is doomed without 100k in Neyland Stadium every home game. GBO

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Happy for a win. Simply unbelievable that the offense improved so much over last year, while the defense was a joke all year...including today. Maybe the "right" coach, if hired quickly, can keep the offensive unit together. If not, the newbie starts on the hot seat and it won't get better for years. Something to watch over the next 9 months. GBO

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Love the dude who said he's gonna subscribe to the cricket channel. Speculation is hysterical, too. Golden? Why?? Bobby P would be a better choice. What about Art Briles? He turned around a dormant Baylor program. Any new coach will bring in new staff. The last thing UT needs is another Clawsen/Sunseri, regardless of who the head coach is. My sister could have done a better job than Sunseri. If Dooley had just fired him mid-season the university probably wouldn't be looking at a buy-out disaster. Of course, if Phil had simply fired Clawsen mid-year we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. GBO

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Great article about nothing. Tony Dungy had on a orange and white tie yesterday during NBC Football Night - does that mean he wants the job? Chaney has never been the head coach of anything, but the offense has been the only thing worth watching all year - expect for the Vandy game. Saturday is meaningless, but I'll watch it anyway. UT will hire someone, and we'll all be posting and watching the same as usual. Life will go on.

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Strange way to arrive at "F". I must have missed the "average" parts of the game. Can't wait for the box-set of DVD's! UT 2012 - The Gift That Keeps on Givin'.

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Four More Years! Four More Years! Oh, wait...wrong disaster. Sorry, couldn't help it. No politics allowed here. Disaster of a coaching staff, though. Whoever recruited the DB's needs to be counseled...thoroughly. They looked like the French a couple of times today, similar to the previous games. Ball? Where?! Run the other way!!Ya'll can pile up on that one, too. Lowest point in a once-storied football team's history. Need to get a bunch of bell-ringers on Cumberland to raise money for the bail-outs...I mean buy outs. Tired of looking for the positive in Dooley; he quit at the end of the second half by running out the clock, and the team followed his lead. Like flippin' a switch at halftime - light and hope for a win to dark and more of the same. I really don't care who is hired - UT just needs some Hope and Change. Dooley stepped up when no one else was even willing to deposit the checks, so I'll give him that. Simply outmatched as a coach in the SEC. The Little Staff That Can't needs to dust off the resumes. What a waste.

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You follow a decent article with this? No real fan would ever pull for the other team...for any reason. Thanks, though, for giving the idiots something to rant about. How about a follow-up article about Kiffin? Maybe a feel-good piece about how Wilcox is doing in his new job? Better yet, if this is the best you can do start hitting the basketball stuff. Holy cow, man - hope for a loss to get the coach fired?! You might want to relocate to Nashville and join the halfwit that "writes" for that rag.

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The defense is just horrible all the way around. Even the "good" players are consistently out of position and/or can't read the offense. Try a corner blitz? QB just flips the ball over the corner's head for an easy screen. LB blitz? Open across the middle. Press coverage? Would require actually pressing or, at a minimum, making contact at the line with the receiver. DB's can't press since they immediately turn and run. Below average (for SEC) players with piss-poor position coaches. Wilcox probably saw what he had to work with, looked at Dooley's situation in year 3, and decided to hightail it somewhere with slightly lower expectations. The rest of the defensive coaches (weren't there a ton of "losses" of position coaches in the spring?) took the opportunity to find other employment. Ol' Sal wasn't ready to be a DC. Might have been passable as a linebacker coach. Really sad. With any semblance of defense this team could have been good. Now, UT is like Baylor last year - hope the offense can score enough to offset the yards/points the defense will give up. Without major coaching changes on defense, next year and years to come will be more of the same. What recruit would want to come to UT to play under Sunseri? Dude looks as lost as a little boy at the mall who can't find mommy. Pathetic.

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Fair grades. If there is a worse hard-luck story than Dooley this year I would like to meet him. Turned around the special teams (remember when we didn't even put anyone back to field punts?); offense is working; entertaining press conferences; D-cord quits for the left coast; must have thought "dude's a position coach on the No. 1 team in the free world - has to be able to do this, right?", then hires the worst coach since Dave Clawsen. Haven't even heard from Momma Dooley, so I'm guessing she doesn't think baby boy is long for Neyland Stadium.

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Nothing in this article that is patently false. Really have nothing to add. On point.

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7...2...1. That about sums it up. They are progressively getting worse as a unit, and it has to be the defensive coaches - all of them. I simply cannot believe that the same core group from last year is this bad this year - it has to be the staff. With the exception of inconsistent kicking, most other facets of the team have evidenced by the massive offensive output. I really don't think anyone on the defensive staff is competent in their job. Too late to fire them with 3 games to play, but Dooley sure as heck needs to step in and take over the defense. Sal is a joke, balanced only by the other clowns on that side of the ball. Anyone would have to be an improvement - take the friggin' O-line coach and put him over there for 3 games. Embarrassing is right...

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Some goober blacked out the game in Texas, so I had to listen to the Vol Network. I think listening to it was harder than watching it would have been. Every play they were saying the defense was out of position. As if that wasn't bad enough, just when UT needed to run some clock they manage to go three and out...then fumble on a wildcat...then go three and out a couple more times. Interesting play calling by the OC. Seems the DBs are getting worse every game. Dooley had better fire the DB coach as a token gesture if he wants to see another year, then start the search for a new coordinator. A win is, obviously, a huge plus; the play on defense, however, needs to get much better before it can be labeled a joke. Can't believe we aren't dead last nationally. Don't even want to thing about the Vandy game right now...

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How many times has Dooley said "we as coaches" in addition to "the players have to" when questioned by the media after the (fill in the blank) game? I don't remember him saying or implying that someone other than the coach(es) was/were to blame. Get off of the whole "he isn't spending enough time with the defense" load of bull. Every head coach will have an area of emphasis. Just as bad as the local paper's article yesterday evening. These guys must be hittin' the same KoolAid canister.

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Disagree completely after the first 2 paragraphs. Dooley never anticipated the switch would be a season-killer...and neither did probably 90% of the fan base. Hindsight is great, but there is no way any head coach would do what he did in hiring Sal and switching to a 3-4 AND saying the SEC didn't have UT to kick around anymore if he even remotely thought the switch would be a 2 year (minimum) project with the players on the team. This is nothing but a CYA article with a writer trying to act like he knew what was going to happen. Load of carp...gotta watch the censors.

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The buck stops with Dooley. Having said that, I'm starting to agree with the pundits that there is a learning curve associated with switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Although not the best source, I asked a big-time high school coach about it (I'm in Texas...), and he said 1-2 years IF the players are experienced or very good (read: 4 or 5 star recruits). Since UT hasn't had a 5 star defensive guy since probably Eric Berry, I'm betting the curve is longer. I don't think, however, that Sunseri is the answer at DC. I do think, based on the way the offense and special teams has improved, that Dooley is doing better than he is given credit for (don't end a sentence in a preposition...I know, mom). His bold statements at the beginning of the year were, obviously, based on the offense and return games, both of which have actually improved - Bray's INT streak notwithstanding (Payton has had many similar streaks, get over it). Doesn't appear that he anticipated the joke that would become the Tennessee defense. Dump Sal, hire just about anyone else, and see improvement. Win out, bowl win, and we are just about where the experts said we would be. GBO

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Unfortunately it looks like another "wait 'till next year" for UT - this time for the defense. I don't recall ever seeing a group as bad position-wise as this year's DBs. I've loudly called for both Dooley and Sunseri to be fired; watching this game, however, I would have to say the blame lies on the DBs...maybe can the DB coach. Something is obviously working, since the D line is playing much better in the 3-4 than earlier in the year. The linebackers need more work, but that also looked a little better. The DBs are the problem. I understand the buck stops with the coach, but with every other team running the same basic 3-4 defense I can't see where firing Dooley and/or Sunseri is going to help the DBs. Nothing but continued practice and recruiting is going to have an impact of this group. Very tough last offensive play; however, it shouldn't have come down to that. The DB play has lost 5 games this year. Playing in the SEC and trying to completely alter the defensive scheme is a disaster waiting to happen, as we have found out. Give Dooley a last year, which is do two things: allow the defense to adapt to the 3-4 and lessen by a year the massive payouts. No way will any of these guys get a "similar" paying job if they are all fired, plus the lack of continuity would kill any semblance of a recruiting year...unless Gruden comes in with Chavis as the DC...and Manning as OC...and Tee Martin as QB coach...and...

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Evidently, today's kids are not as smart as those of yesterday. UT's coaches are saying as much when they say what they said in this article. "It is as simple as it can get, and our guys still can't get it." I tried to teach an offensive system to a group of kids a couple of years ago, that was the exact same system I taught the same age group twenty year ago, but what that group 20 years ago got in about two weeks, the newer group never got. The problem is not genetic - it is with expectations. Pass Johnny even if he cannot read. We do not want to hurt his feelings.

Preach it! Absolutely right on the money. I'm seriously beginning to think Dooley was right on day 1 - having to teach basics like personal hygiene. Back in the 80's we had some players who were not bright - had a few classes with some of them - but they dang sure knew football. The DB's we have right now don't appear to be able to get out of their own way. They seem to be more interested in an INT than they do being in position. That is a product of instant gratification - look at me...I'm a playa. It tends to stand out more when your team is either young or inexperienced.

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Waste about a half hour of your time to read the posts regarding this article and you will see about 1/2 of the problem - the fan base. I'm thinking a large percentage of the posters need to either move away from Knoxville for a few years (gasp!)or find a hobby that doesn't revolve around the computer. A smaller percentage has evidently been hanging with the Pikes, based on the comments.

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Why wait? Give Justin the practice with the first team. Wondering if the comments after the player's only meeting after MSU were directed at Bray. If not, they should have been. His attitude stinks...always has. Guess CDD hoped Bray would play at a higher level. Seems he is more interested in tweet/twit/whatever and playing around than being a Vol. Justin has always wanted to be here, so give him the reps. Won't be any worse. As to the record this year, I'm still of the opinion that three years with no meaningful improvement warrants change. Maybe this is the change UT needs to get better. The friggin' switch to the 3-4 will take 2-3 years to master, so get used to giving up big plays. Send hate mail to the SEC for multiple years of the toughest schedule in the conference. Read outside articles for further enlightenment - bleacher report hits it straight on. If Dooley is fired, it will be 3-5 more years before any meaningful progress is made, since the new guy would bring in his system - see the lovely Kiffin year, Clawsen's failed offensive scheme, this year's 3-4 fire drill. GBO

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I am encouraged to know we MIGHT be favored over the powerhouses of the SEC, MO, Troy, Vandy and Ky. Don't you feel better now knowing that?
I still find the secondary unbelievable. There are no words to describe my shock. Never seen anything quit like it.

no question. they always seem out of position. I couldn't even tell you who the secondary coach is, otherwise I'd be calling for his job, too.

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Dude showed up (for a good check) when no one else would take the job. Wasn't close to ready to be a big-time college coach. Still isn't. But he has flat-out lived UT for the past 3 years. The types of players he has and has had in skill positions are not what we used to get. Bray is an inconsistent, seemingly whiny kid; Hunter is too afraid to take a hit; too many jokers, smokers and midnight tokers (used w/o permission). Bring back Fulmer, who goes and gets Chavis back...and finds 2 years of eligibility left for Manning. Or...dump tradition and the SEC, move to the Big East and own the place. 'Bama and LSU will continue to get the high quality talent; Florida will get the next batch; A&M will be attractive to the Texas kids who don't want to move too far from mommy. The rest of the SEC fights for the leftovers. We basically have to start from scratch - QB to OL. Hit the JUCO ranks and try for immediate relief, although that will come back to bite in 2 years. Whatever. Have to get to bowl games in order to attract anyone. Bray and his bunch don't understand the long term implications of missing out - like last year when he took a dive so he could go home early instead of getting ready for a low level game. Probably why the line to sign him was about 2 teams deep. What a rambling mess of a post...whatever. GBO

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I'll be the whippin' post: I was actually semi-impressed that the defensive line played better against the best team in college football - a team that could beat 1/3 of the NFL, destroy 1/3 of the NFL, and keep it close against the other 1/3. Secondary continues to be a joke. Bray has checked out; he's not NFL talent, so look for a transfer to the left coast. As sad as it was, I seem to remember hearing that UT put up more points against 'Bama than anyone else. Expected a loss, and got one. As for Dooley - the buck stops there, as he has said all along. He went from a team with basically no talented skill players to one with about 6. 6 good players cannot compete in the SEC - period. Grades are about right for what they are working with.

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I'll keep saying the same thing: Dooley needs to dump his entire staff before he gets Fulmer-ed. UT is screwed with the 3-4, but had no option when Wilcox left and Sal was hired. Sal doesn't know anything but the 3-4. It, obviously, doesn't work for UT. Chaney is like Cutclift - good back in the day, not a good fit now. The entire staff seems inept. I'd back Dooley IF he starts making significant moves - although no one in his right mind would leave a team mid-season to come to a disaster like UT. I sort of feel bad for Dooley, with the massive turnover in staff (namely Wilcox, good or bad), and admire the guy for coming to UT when no big-name coach wanted anything to do with us. He had to know he was going to wind up a whippin' post. I blame the players as much as I do the position coaches. 21 points off of stupid turnovers will get just about anyone beat. Coaches coach, but the players are the ones who are supposed to execute. D-I full-ride guys need strong coaches, but also need to be held accountable for abusing the pooch. 21 points...lord hep.

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Ben Franklin's definition of insanity goes something like "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" - massive paraphrase, I know. The defensive scheme change is a disaster, and has been spilling over to the offense for weeks. The defensive "front line" looks like something the French thought up for WWI; the secondary looks like they are playing some kind of prevent deep zone; the linebackers can't blitz without giving up the middle for easy completions. Why, then, after 6 games of complete defensive failure are they continuing down the same path? Insanity. On offense, Hunter will never be a player who is willing to take a hit, so get over it; running game actually looked better; Bray needs to calm his feet down; he did show that he is willing to take off and run, and needs to do that more often...while learning how to slide. Special Teams is just that...special. Berry-Best Children's Academy in Hewitt, Texas, does a better job on the playground than the kickers at UT do on Saturday...consistently. All of that, in my opinion, boils down to inept coaching. Fulmer didn't learn by Clawsen's joke of an offensive, and Dooley doesn't seem to be learning by Sal's bumbling defensive attempt. Make some serious changes, Dooley, or be ready to pack. Any given Saturday and all of that...GBO

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Dooley will be Fulmer-ed 30 seconds after the KY game unless he shows Hart that he is making coaching changes, i.e. dumping the DC. This guy and his "scheme" is three steps back from Wilcox. The special teams coach would struggle against Texas College for the Blind - I loved the close up camera shot of him counting players like a student assistant. Not sure about Chaney, but his play calling lacks quite a bit. This defense, though, need to get better to get in the category of awful. Watching a 6-7, 370lb guy get routinely pushed out of the way is sad. The whole defensive front gets manhandled almost every down. Blitz? Sure, and open up the middle for a 25 yard completion. Clawsen should have been fired mid-year in Fulmer's last season, and Sal needs to be replaced yesterday afternoon. Just sayin'. Now, let's hear from the left - even though I never mentioned being worse than 4 more of Obama...oops.

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I'm glad the coaching staff was able to make some changes at the half in order to semi-counter the Akron offense. They did the opposite in the Florida game. Having said that, I think the D coordinator needs to go back to being a position coach. TN desperately needs someone like Chavis. Its gonna be ugly the next 4 weeks with this scheme on defense. Something that resembled pressure up front, along with a secondary that didn't play 20 yards away from the action, would have been in order. It's looking like a wholesale change in staff is one it's way...once again. GBO

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While the coach-speak is all well and good, it sure sounded like a read-between-the-lines thing. Obviously, he left a championship team for UT; however, it is also obvious that the level of talent he now has is well below that of his previous team...whatever position he coached. Long-term, he is a great upgrade; based on UT's current level of talent, however, it will likely be another work in progress to get back to the kind of defense UT once had. Someday UT will regain all aspects of the game that "we" had. Talent-wise, though, the defense will probably need a couple of years. Unfortunately, DD doesn't have the time left for the defense to mature into the new program.'s still football! GBO

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The anti-Dooley comments have grown old.

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Let the comments begin!!! Oh, Lordy!! If he leaves UT is done! Same thing happens with every team every year. Ask Bryce how it worked out for him. Ohio State has had a ton of similar issues, along with probably every other SEC team...not to mention all of the Big Almost 12...except for Baylor. He will either leave or stay. It isn't the end of the football world...or the "final nail in DD's coffin", as I'm sure some genius will post. GBO

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I love the internet...and sports writers...and passionate fans. Quality entertainment during the football off-season. I don't watch bball, or care about bball, but the posts seem to indicate that the coaching style sometimes got in the way of the player's talent during the season. Sound familiar? Happens all the time. He either stays or goes, and life will go on. Can't wait for football stuff to start posting again! GBO

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Did you ever listen to Tim Priest during a broadcast last Fall? He seemed like he was coming unglued watching the DB's, especially the corners. At times I got upset listening to Priest complain about their play, but now I think he was spot on.

Agree completely. Good post of a season-long observation. Something wasn't right there, and maybe this change will fix it.

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The sky is falling...again!!! Rivals, Scout, 254Sports, UPS and the CIA have Tennessee ranked soooo low. Fire Dooley!

Or...wait a minute. Didn't most, if not all, of those "services" (except for UPS and the CIA) say that Bryce kid was a 9 star or something? How'd he work out in college...any college? Oku...wasn't he the "best" APB in the free world? Hmmm. Could it be that the "writers" don't know their butts from second base?

Maybe a few of the idiots who constantly post negative phooey here could wait till, I dunno, maybe August before calling for the Jim Jones Kool-Aid?

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Good stuff...except for the rehash of the Kentucky game. I'm sure I can speak for most readers in saying we don't want to read anything about the last game of 2011. Kinda interesting to see where these kids ended up - and why they didn't/don't contribute, with a couple of notable exceptions.

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Hammy should have pressured him to fire then OC Clawsen - that offense was terrible. Chavis would never have been fired, Kiffin would never have been in Knoxville, and someone wouldn't be sleeping on the floor. It is what it is, and I'm glad he hasn't gone somewhere else to coach. Also glad Hammy is gone. Can't wait till September...

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An open post: Sweet Momma Judd, what is wrong with 3/4 of the "readers" on this site? Sinking ship...DooLeave...the same garbage barfed up every time something happens. Is it a maturity issue with some of you people? Last year is over, but a couple of thoughts: UT blew up the first two teams, one of which was a Big East "power" that went on to some success. I mentioned several months ago that THIS UT team (2011) could own the friggin' Big East. With little depth, the bottom fell out when Hunter went down - result was one more blowout win and two losses by a combined 18 points, both of which UT could have won. Next was a nice stretch of two blowout losses to the teams that played for the National Championship - no question, UT didn't and probably won't in the foreseeable future has the talent level of LSU or 'Bama. Follow those two with S.C. where we lost by 11 - could have won that one, too. Played one full half against MTSU, then played second and third string trying to develop something that resembled depth - won in a shutout. Blown out again by Arkansas - no excuse. Fell all over ourselves in an OT win against Vandy, and dropped the biggest stinkbomb in history against Kentucky...when the team was worn to a nub and ready to go home. Four blowout wins, three blowout losses, four that we could have won with Hunter, and the freakin' Kentucky game. The sky isn't falling, but youth at skill positions will sure make it seem like it is. Peyton in his glory days didn't win a National Championship at UT. Coaches leave...just don't hire anyone from the left coast...EVER. On paper Matt Milton looked like he could have been the receiver that Hunter is...didn't happen. Kids today coming out of high school are completely different than they were in the 80's and 90's - UT needs to do a better job of either weeding the bums out or holding hands - don't know which. Dooley will (had better) do fine without injuries in 2012; recruits will come to Knoxville...and hopefully work out; life will go on...unless the Mayan calendar is right; UT will struggle against 'Bama, LSU and Arkansas forever since those states produce better players than Tennessee; A&M in the SEC will help to open Texas player's eyes to Knoxville and UT should see some benefit. Kiffin will likely win a N.C. with USC - get over it, it's the left coast for crying out loud. Grow a set and stop whining about everything that happens. Love, Bob. GBO

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MTSU was 2-10 last year, beating only Memphis & FL Atl. The defense gave up 5,293 total yards this past season, most in school history. How is this a quality hire?

I'm going out on a limb here - could it be the level of talent? Just saying...