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Written on In wake of Manziel saga, UT rewrites autograph policy:

Thanks Johnny Football. Your actions as a spoiled brat rich kid hurts thousands of people. I hope A&M goes 0-12 this year (make that 1-11...Beat Bama!)

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

Adams, if you did your job with 1/10th the degree Fulmer did his, you would still deserve to be fired. Go back to the Louisiana swamps.

Written on Vols open season at Xavier, face difficult SEC road tests:

no Ky. at home and have to go to A&M again. Hum.
Doesnt matter. Vols will rule.

Written on Vols picked 9th, Lady Vols 12th in preseason SEC cross country poll :

wow! UT used to rule the SEC in track and cross country. If we are going to field teams, they need the full support and backing of the administration. 9th and 12th are not acceptable here!

Written on No Vols-Kentucky game in Knoxville for first time since 1952 season:

I guess Cali is afraid to come back to Knoxville after the butt-whoopin he got last year! It is too bad though. I guess the SEC doesnt care about tradition, they just care about how much $$$ they can haul in every year. Thats what we get for letting outsiders in and letting a Chicago lawyer run the show.

Written on Georgia, South Carolina single game tickets on sale:

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Single game tickets for Georgia and S.C.. My oh my! It doesn't sound like all this Vol bravado about Butchie Boy quite matches up to Vol pocketbooks. How can that be? Dawgs, of course, are sold out and will likely turn Neyland into a sea of red for our certain 4th in a row.

Talk is apparently just all talk, when you know deep down you've got another 5-7 coming.

You are grossly misinformed. Ga has sold a piddly 7,200 tickets for their visit up here. Paultry for a team that is supposed to be so good. Neyland Stadium has never been anywhere close to a sea of red when UGAy comes calling, and it won't again this year.

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

A "touch" of gray? who wrote the headline?
I like the Orange & White only. Having an alternative uniform for now & then is okay, but dont overdo it!...once, maybe twice a year!

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I wonder if he'll one of the 10 or 12 in this class who'll decommit, when Butchie Boy turns in the Vols typical 5-7 record; leaving you with your usual class ranked 21st to 24th, and about 11th in the SEC?

what happened to that fence that was supposed to be built around Georgia to keep people like Tennessee out? Aside from Florida, Georgia players are by far the least loyal to their state.

Written on Middle Tennessee to open season hosting Lady Vols:

on our way to winning #9

Written on Vols to face UTEP in Battle for Atlantis opener; Tusculum, Morehead added to schedule:

looks like we are playing a lot of in-state schools. I guess to keep the money in Tennessee. What happened to Memphis? I guess theyre skeered to play us since we're supposed to be good!

Written on Butch Jones says he 'hopes to see everyone' at Aug. 17 practice at Neyland Stadium:

cant wait for August 17th at 7pm. We'll get a lot of free publicity over this, especially if a huge crowd shows up. Everyone who can should make their best effort to be there! This is just another of Coach Jones' amazing things he has done since becoming head coach. If he can coach as good as he can recruit and pump up the fan base, Tennessee is in for another run like the 90s! GO VOLS!!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy Austin Peay and South Alabama, you paid for it:

I dont think the big boys should split off on their own and only play each other. Dont see anything wrong with playing the Middle Tennessee's, Louisiana Tech's and Fresno State's of the world. Just dont play 4 cream puffs every year, year in and year out. I like having at least one big time game (like Oregon this year & NC State last year) but even Neyland always made sure he scheduled an easy win!

Written on Antonio Barton says he will graduate Aug. 11, report to UT :

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Heck, I'm looking forward to Fall in Big Orange Country, THEN Winter and Spring.

It's a good time to be a Volunteer!!

Me too...and Lord knows we deserve a few great years after the disaster we've been thru since 2008!

Written on Butch Jones wants a preseason practice open to public:

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Any Gators arrested today douchbag?

...not a question of "any gators arrested today" a matter of how many.

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With that kind of foul language I guess Majors still hasn't put down the bottle of booze before showing up at UT practice.

How embarrassing for UT

I agree! Didnt his momma teach him better than that? Hes making her look bad.
On a more positive note, can you imagine the great, free publicity UT will get if Jones opens a practice up and 1000s of people show up. It'd be all over ESPN for 2 days. I'm not sure even they could put a bad spin on that!

Written on Mike Strange: Jadeveon Clowney may hit everything in his way to the Heisman:

ahhhh, the HeisTman that thing still around?

Written on Poll: Where in the rankings will Tennessee's 2014 recruiting class finish?:

I guess the media could spend 2 days asking Vandy about rape and A&M about the Manning Academy! It will be interesting to see how much time is spent on those 2 subjects and if James Franklin or Johnny Manzeil goes off on them!

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

If John Adams writing is Hall of Fame worthy, I just lost ALL respect for that Hall of Fame, and I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

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Folks, listen here. Dont ever take any kind
(any kind) of sobriety test from a cop. Your giving them evidence to use against you.

If you wont take one, that's admitting guilt.

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Don't charge the students AT ALL. That was a Hamilton idea, which speaks for itself! Let them sit where they want to in certain sections, 1st come 1st serve. Winning will bring the stadium back to capacity, but UT students should be able to enjoy the games free, not have to worry about how theyre going to pay for a ticket if they want to go. Im a season ticket holder and even though its difficult to come up with the money for tickets, I would be willing to pay more for my tickets so the students could get in free...

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

Theres no telling how many times Urban Meyer covered up his activities in Gaynesville while he was there. The more I hear about Meyer, the less I think of him, which wasnt much to begin with. I think he would probably do just about anything to make sure he gets a W on Saturdays.
This is a prime example of someone (Meyer, Hernandez's parents, etc.) not doing their job.

Written on UT to honor Pat Summitt with statue, plaza:

This is great and very well-deserved for Coach Summitt. I hope the artist can get her eyes to have the look of her famous stare!

Written on Seymour infielder Lauren Irwin will get chance to live her dream with Lady Vols:

Great news to see a local player so invested in UT. Can't wait for Lauren to call Lee Stadium home! Seymour has a great program. The only other committment Ive seen for 2015 is Bria Bush from Buford, GA. Does anyone know if we have other players committed yet? Also, I dont know who will be coming to UT as freshmen this fall either. Any help out there?

Written on Lady Vols lose key pieces, but return talent for another run next season:

I sure will miss this senior class, but look forward to next year and another great team. I know we're all disappointed we didnt win it all, but I guess 2nd isn't too bad...I think I will miss Ivy most of all.


Written on UT preferred walk-on kicker Andrew Gantz going to Cincinnati in same capacity:

I guess he figured with Bullock a RS Freshman this year and Medley coming in in 2014, he wasnt going to be playing much. Best of luck to him. I think we are in good hands with the kicking game for the 1st time in a few years.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

That was a hard pill to swallow. Very disappointing. I felt worse for the girls than anyone though. They fought their hearts out and deserved to win. Lets go get 'em tonight and take this thing to Wednesday!

Written on John Adams: Reasons for football, men's basketball, baseball teams to be optimistic :

Even when John Adams tries to sound positive, hes negative. Hes as sad as his face.

Written on Two runs and two Renfroes get Tennessee down to the final two in WCWS :

Great win, Lady Vols. Lets take down some Sooners tonight and tomorrow night and bring this Championship back to Knoxville!

Written on Lady Vols knock off No. 2 seed Florida; Washington next:

THAT WAS FUN! Listened on the radio, then watched it when I got home! Almost a perfect game by our gals. Do it again tonight and we'll be sittin' pretty! It was sweet to watch those water lizards get the stew beat out of them! Lets do it again tonight! BEAT UDUB!!!!

Written on UT trainer Jenny Moshak to speak to Knoxville Writer's Guild:

What is her topic? "How to Bite the Hand That Feeds You" ?

Written on Former UT volleyball player backs up allegations against Julie Hermann:

I agree that someones disipline is another person's abuse, but for Hermann to say she didnt remember anything about a meeting or letter is way beyond belief. Perhaps she is like Roger Clemons and is MISREMEMBERING some things! If she had of owned up to it and regretted the bad blood while at UT, it would have blown over, but to say she has no recollection of it at all is just not believable!
I also agree that UT needs to stay out of this as much as they can. Assist Rutgers with anything theyre asked to, but try not to get in the middle of it. She is Rutgers' problem now, keep it that way!

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Go Lady Vols beat the swamp lizardettes!!!

I 2nd that!!!


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We only got back in time for the last inning. Where can we find the replay (or highlights)?

you can always find highlights on the Lady Vols twitter page. Very good way to keep up with games not televised or on the radio.
It was great to beat the Lady Elephants two out of two. I thought their players showed a lot more class than some of their fans. Most were okay, but a few insisted on keeping their reputation alive for being loud, obnoxious, know-it-alls.

Written on Strong pitching the fast track to Women's College World Series:

You can do it, Lady Vols. Beating Bama is always fun. Traina ain't got nothing y'all can't handle!

Written on New football hires show importance of familiarity, trust:

This site needs a "like" and an "ignore" button like VOL NATION has. Ive ignored several people there and now I never know they exist!

I think some bummers and lizards are getting worried because they know we're on our way back. If they ain't skeered, they need to be.

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in response to MikeNPS:

Get serious. The 2012 non-conference schedule included such "elite" non-conference teams as Georgia State, Akron and Troy. The 2011 non-conference schedule included powerhouses Montana, Buffalo and Middle Tennessee State. The 2010 non-conference schedule included elite teams like Tennessee - Martin, UAB and Memphis. Yes, there was a 2012 game against NC State (not a great opponent, but not bad), a 2011 game against Cincinnati (overrated team, but not a total pushover) and a 2010 game against a strong Oregon team, but for the most part, the Vols non-conference schedule is a total embarrassment.

Up until about 2010, UT ALWAYS played the toughest non-conference schedule of any SEC program, including teams like UCLA, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Miami, Fresno St & Marshall (when they were both good) California, Southern Miss & Air Force, among others. We were playing these guys when everyone else scheduled Northwestsoutheast Louisiana, North Texas, Alabama State, The Citadel, South Carolina State & the like. I think one baby school breather a year is enough & if the SEC sticks to 8 games, we should make the other 3 games be against decent teams, not the 1-AA schools.

Written on With SEC regular-season title on the line, Lady Vols run out of time :

That timing rule has to be the stupidest rule in all of college sports. If everyone and every sport is supposed to be treated "equally" then they should play to the finish. Can you imagine what would happen if they stopped a football game early & declared the team thats ahead at the moment the winner because the visiting team is about to miss their flight?

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Lets see, Tyler has no experience? He's what, 22? So for about 20 of those years he was at about every Lady Vols practice. Has access to all of Pats play books, unofficially assisted in coaching and scrimmages with some of the top lady BB players of all time, and has a year of official asst. coach under his belt. UTC should be groveling to land him.
I'm no expert like all the other people commenting on here are but I do read and retain a lot of what I read so I will say I think he's qualified to coach at a UTC level school. Hope to see him on the bench in the fall.

your name is all thats needed to be seen to know youre worthless. Go to the alabubba site in tuscaloser if youre a fan of theirs.

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the baseball program has about the same kind of luck as Derek Dooley had as football coach! Hope it turns around soon. I think it will. Serrano is a great coach. He will make them winners.

Written on Holly Warlick, Brian Pensky recommended firing of strength coach Heather Mason:

She gives a half-baked performance in her job, sues her employer who just gave her a $22,000 per year raise & now probably wonders why she is out of a job. Two out of the 3 that sued UT have now been fired. Hopefully Moshak is next.

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The last time I was in needless stadium was two seasons ago for the Kentucky game. I happened to have some connections so I scored very good seats right in the middle of the Vol people. I of course was wearing Blue. One of the Vol fans kept asking me:

"How did you get these tickets"

"You are not supposed to sit in this section"

"Did you buy them from a scalper"

etc. etc.

I finally got tired of her big nosed questions so I turned to her and her husband and said.

You know if the stupid Vol people were not completely ignorant about football and fired Fulmer this stadium would not be half filled with people in Wildcat Blue and the other 1/3 of the stadium would not be empty.

The moral of the story is of course the Vol fans are completely delusional. They like to think they can be Alabama, LSU or Tx A & M if they build enough seats. Unfortunately they stink so nobody will fork out the Cash to go to the games.

Just Saying

A Kentucky fan claiming that 1/2 of Neyland Stadium was filled with blue...and you call US delusional?? Thats rich! If yall have 2-3,000 people show up when you play in Knoxville, you consider it a success. Wasnt it in Laxative that you had a grand total of 19,000 people at a high school, I mean Wildcat game last season?

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They have a small rabid fan base, but overall very few people care.

your ignorance is rampant! The Lady Vols draw more people to an average game than 75% of the mens teams in D1. Its a good thing the Lady Vols teams have been good in the last 5 years, since most of the men's teams have been awful. The women didnt have Mike Hamilton around to ruin their department.

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

Firing Dooley and Mason & hiring Butch are 3 good reasons for a raise! Maybe he'll get another one when he fires Moshak, the 2nd of the ungreatful $#@*&^#!

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

this woman gets paid an unreal salary at a university that was first to view womens sports as a priority and yet she still complains and whines about her pay. Since she has a current lawsuit against UT, Im sure they had a VERY GOOD reason to fire her, just like they did Debby Jennings, who refused to accept the new way of doing things in the UTAD, pouted about it and had a bad attitude. I hope Moshak is next!

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Written on Kamiko Williams picked in second round of WNBA draft:

congratulations Kamiko....not sure why Tabor wasnt taken. someone is missing out!!!

Written on David Blackburn sees UT time as asset for UTC athletic director position:

Im not sure why anyone who is a fan of UTC would have any animosity toward UT, unless they have a case of inferior little brother syndrome & I think that is rare there. I grew up in Chattanooga and never knew anyone who was for UTC and against UT...I was always a UT fan, as are most people there. If UTC won, fine, (as long as it wasnt vs UT!) I'm sure most people who root for UTC are also UT fans. I think Blackburn has done a great job in Knoxville & would do a great job in Chattanooga as well.

Written on Mike Strange: How is UT doing on Dave Hart's mission of comprehensive success?:

this competition has always seemed unbalanced and filled with holes. All schools dont play the same number or the same non-revenue sports. How are most SEC schools supposed to complete with schools like Stanford who offer everything from water polo and lacrosse to cricket and tiddly-winks!??!

Written on Lady Vol softball player Melissa Brown 'Miss Reliable' no matter where she plays:

great article on a great player!