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Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

Is there a story here? recruits player, player doesn't readily qualify, university recruits others players as insurance of said player not making it, player finally makes the grade, too late to ditch other players recruited.....yes, there is a story,

If you're a high school athlete, don't fart around with your grades. They really are important!!!

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Personally some of the new uniforms I've seen in the past couple years are pretty awesome and I would like to know what our uniforms would look if we had them custom designed from a top designer. We might be pleasantly surprised. To the conservative fans that have worn the same cloths to the games for years. Sometimes Change is good. It kind of gets rid of the embarrassing Past.

Google "ncstate unitard." The "top" designer idea didn't work out too well for NC State back in the day.

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Tickets used to be free for students. I think the cost was covered by the infamous student activities fees.

Written on How will you take in the Orange and White Game?:

Wish I could be at it, but I live in NC? Go Big Orange!!!

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Well that was a wimper. Glad we weren't in NCAAs.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

In my life it doesn't matter who the coach is, it's the same ole' Tennessee when it comes to the SEC tourney. We haven't had a good tournament showing since Don Devoe. This is just a frustrating time of year. Why do we even watch and get our hopes up?

Written on Butch Jones in Nashville tells fans 'I pray every day I’m going to be here forever':

....half bear, the other half cat....

O, Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me....
Good ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee!!!

Wish I still lived there...

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Hammys take a long time to heal. And just when you think you are all back and good, wham, the hammy strikes again.

Agreed....Tennessee is still trying to recover from our Hammy... ;-)

Written on Poll: Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

We were prepared to throw a bunch of money at Gruden to get him and he didn't want it. We did throw a bunch of money at Strong and he didn't want it. Coach Jones turned down two other offers because he wanted to be at Tennessee.

At this point in Tennessee football we need someone who wants to be here. How can you not support that?

P.S. - He has a winning record.... that's more than we can say of the last two coaches!

Go Vols!

Written on Jim Chaney: Vols still a little lethargic in practice :

I'll be there.....from Winston-Salem, NC.

Written on Vols handling 'big' distraction:

KNS needs to hire Patrick Brown....well written article!

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

Come on people have patience. We don't gain anything by Hart deciding anything yet. Let the people this involves handle this with class. We're not part of the decision. I will be pulling for UT for the next two weeks hoping they win out and go to a bowl.

Written on UT's 'embarrassing' defense goes from bad to record worst :

I really like our offense. It is as good as any offense from the 90's. Dooley deserves the credit for getting it to this level. If he is allowed, he better get his defense moving in the right direction. I don't see how he can keep Sunseri. Maybe the 3-4 is a good scheme, but we either don't have the athletes to run it or our athletes are as dumb as a sack of hammers and can't understand it. Either way, a good defensive coordinator would have scrapped this long ago and done what works. Again, I like the foundation Dooley has laid with this offense, but this defense has got to be fixed.

Written on John Adams: Vols will keep it respectable between the hedges :

Lets's do some analysis thus far:

Tennessee is 3-1
Georgia is 4-0

Tennesseee's opponents are 8-8
Georgia's opponents are 5-10

Tennessee has played two opponents with winning records and gone 1-1
Georgia has played no opponents with winning records.

No wonder Georgia has great numbers. Would Tennessee not have numbers like that with UGA's schedule?

Is Georgia overrated? Has Georgia been tested? Stay tuned, we'll find out tomorrow..... I for one will be cheering for a Vol victory and I refuse to concede victory until the game is played....that's why they play!

Go Big Orange! UT 38 - Pups 27

Written on 5 Big Things: Vols vs. Georgia :

One other thing to know about this game...Georgia has not played an opponent with a winning record. Sure their numbers are league leading, but ours would be too if we had played their schedule.

I don't know if this fact will help us, but don't concede the victory yet Vol fans!!!

Written on Report Card: Tennessee-Florida :

Can someone remind me why the 3-4 defense is supposed to be so good......?

Written on Cuonzo Martin says 'never anything' to leaving for Illinois :

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FYI he finished last in the state of Tennessee..Lost to Memphis twice,Vandy in a blowout, APSU and MTSU. Glad that is all UT expects. Luckily he didnt face Belmont. Both APSU and MTSU were home losses.. The new UT has very low expectations.

Sure there were a few ugly losses this year, but if you can't appreciate what Coach Martin did with so little, you must not be smarter than a 5th grader. I believe continuing on the track they ended on, Tennessee will be a team that other teams really don't want to play.

Why do you think his name surfaced for the Illinois job?

Go Vols!!

Written on Vols happy to be back home for NIT:

Wish I still lived in Knoxville. My 6 year old son and I would love to see this game live tonight.

Written on Jarnell Stokes wins SEC Player of the Week :

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Who's had more potential than Stokes in the last 10yrs?

Scotty Hopson, but that's all he was...potential.

Written on Kenny Hall won't play in SEC tournament :

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In NO WAY can Dooley be compared to Cuonzo. Dooley wouldn't have suspended a key player at such a pivotal moment as Zo did. Matter of fact, can't remember when was the last time Dooley suspended any meaningful players for any games. On the other hand, Zo suspended Hall at a VERY KEY moment in the season. A time where we were scratching and clawing to get into the NIT/NCAA tournament. And the funny thing is...This team actually got BETTER when Hall was suspended. Maybe Dooley could learn from this. Make a statement and sit your troublesome players. Don't give them time off in the offseason while everyone else is working their butts off (Janzen, DaRick). Sit their azzes come gametime. Believe it or not, your team morale and results might just improve, even if it's a key player.

Again, didn't really plan on discussing Dooley when I came on here. But This is an area in which Dooley has failed miserably, and IMO has FAR more to do with his results than the youth and talent.

Umm......didn't Dooley kick Janzen Jackson off of the team?

Written on UT 75, Florida 70: Cuonzo Martin told Vols they could win in Gainesville :

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What incredible defense. Rest of year should be interesting. I think KY beats us at home tonight.

I disagree. Vandy is too smart and experienced to lose to this young Kentucky team. KY usually overwhelms opponents with talent. Vandy will match up well with them, play with experience, and play smart. Kentucky loses...

Written on Vanderbilt's Jeffery Taylor understands 'rivalry' against Tennessee:

I like the heart of this team, most of the time, but that was just embarrassing!

Written on Janzen Jackson, Bryce Brown enter names for NFL draft :

Wow...first glance at that title, I thought it said they are entering their names for the KFL draft. They probably would be successful at that level.

Written on Mississippi State blocks Vols, 62-58 :

Proud of this team. They continue to make progress and tonight they showed heart! This team will continue to improve and will be trouble to several of the big boys come tournament time.

Written on Vols fall at College of Charleston, 71-65 :

Despite the previous post.... this was a good game until the refs took over. That's too big of a disparity in FT to be an honestly officiated game. I realize bad calls happen sometimes, but REAALLY!! That was a joke!

Written on Poll: Do you approve of the job Derek Dooley did this season?:

This is a dumb can any Vol fan approve of this year? I still think the future looks bright, but I can't say I approve of this year....5-7? Remember we're in year one of rebuilding. Last year really was year zero. This year was a fragile year that had some devastating losses in Bray and Hunter. We just had no depth to overcome the loss of those two for the majority of the year.

Written on Coach K 'not fooling around' with Vols :

Vols win a close one 72 - 68, I feel it in my bones....of course my bones might be lying.

Written on Georgia's Grantham calls skirmish 'unfortunate':

It would appear that Mark Richt has lost control of this moron. Time to find a new defensive coordinator. Win some respect back Coach Richt.

Written on George Mooney, who was 'Voice of the Vols' from 1952-67, dies:

Wow! This is before my time, but listening to him on Youtube (look up George Mooney), he takes you there just like John Ward. We've had some great "Voices of the Vols". We didn't skip a beat between George and John.

Praying for his family!

Written on Vince Dooley: Georgia has 'best opportunity' to win SEC East :

UGA may have a lot of talent, can't debate that, but they have the X factor that will cause them to lose....Mark Richt. He's a nice guy, but his teams look a lot like Fulmer's latter teams. When you keep having great recruiting classes, but consistently achieve mediocrity, it's coaching.

UT 35
UGA 14

...or there about.

Written on John Adams: Georgia game is Derek Dooley's biggest yet:

in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

Let's not get carried away. I understand the enthusiasm, and believe me, i'd love nothing more than to take an SEC opponent to the woodshed. But this team still has a lot to prove. The offense is definitely clicking better, but the special teams has issues it needs to work out pronto. And I'm not completely sold on the D (gave up a couple big plays to Buffalo). I'll be happy with a win by any margin.

Wow! Sorry to ruffle feathers! I thought this was a Tennessee website. Some of you take it too personally when someone writes something good about our(?) team.

You know... I was in K-town over the weekend and I now understand where all the pessimism comes from. Talk radio was so over the top with their critiques. Outside of Knoxville and the negative lens of the local media (which I really don't understand), Tennessee doesn't look as bad as you guys believe. We're not back on top by any means yet, but we are a lot further along than talk radio let's on.

I'll be the first to admit if I am wrong. But, right now with what I've seen from UT and GA...barring a collapse, I still think it will be an easy win. I'll admit my confidence isn't totally based on the completeness of UT as a team, as it is based on the incompetence of GA. At best, GA is average.

Written on John Adams: Georgia game is Derek Dooley's biggest yet:

I'm just not concerned about us losing to GA. They haven't shown anything yet this year. They are just not a strong team. UT should win easy...something like 38-10. I fully realize we are young and could fall apart, but it would have to be some major disruption to UT for that to happen. Something akin to losing Hunter and us losing our focus. It could happen, but barring that... I just don't see us losing.

Written on Improved execution credited for success on third down:

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Remember trolls ...38---10
Enough said. :)

Is this the score of the UT - UGA game for this week? I hope so...Vols win!!! I like it.

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Have you seen Georgia play this year? This is what happens when you have a bye week after a loss. So much doom and gloom. This is still a good football team. We will not lose to GA or SC and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't sneak up on LSU. I know that sounds outrageous, but there is still something special about this team.

Written on Alabama new No. 1 in Scripps Legends Poll :

Sweet, that mean that when we beat them, we'll be knocking off the number one team in the country!! Upset city.......

Written on Cuonzo Martin identifies Vols' top concerns :

It has been YEARS since we've had a true post player. I don't know why our former coaches (Pearl, Peterson, etc) just wouldn't recruit or develop our post players. It has been a source of frustration for me to watch year in and year out...

Written on South Carolina president would like SEC expand to 14 teams:

I'll suggest it again...I believe NC State would be a great 14th school. They have a good football and both men's and women's basketball tradition. They are in the shadow of UNC and Duke. Academically they are very similar to UT and other SEC schools. They really would make a great fit with the SEC. I don't know if they are being considered or if they're even interested but I do believe all parties would benefit from their addition to the SEC.

Written on John Adams: SEC should give West Virginia a shot :

Best choice is NC State! They need the SEC and it will give the SEC a foothold in NC. Right now they are playing third string to NC and Duke. Coming to the SEC gets them out of their shadows and, I think, help them develop into a football powerhouse. If you've ever been on their would see that they have the feel of an SEC shool. They're just a perfect fit!

Written on Dan Fleser: Former players' bond with Pat Summitt remains :

Someone needs to be fired for that headline!! That's ridiculous! Show a little respect kns. No wonder the hometown folks hate you guys.

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Vanderbilt has beaten a better 1AA team and a better Big East team. They are 2-0. They have done more than UT.

HA HA! Really? That's the best you've got?

Written on John Adams: Zach Collaros is double trouble for Vols :

What is a bearcat? It's the girl on Rocky Top. She was wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop.....Ah....I still dream about that.

OK, now let's send her packing and move on.... Go Vols!

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Lets just go ahead and get rid of everyone that Kiffin recruited. That guy was an absolute plague on this program. How ironic is it that Daniel Hood now looks like Kiffin's strongest recruit when it comes to character?

Are you sure you want to get rid of Tyler Bray and Jacques Smith?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Man... I never heard about this! I've been away too long. I wish that had happened when I was in the band. We had some fighters that would have enjoyed kickin' some Vandy booty.

Let's get it on!! The season couldn't start soon enough!!!!

Written on Which team will win the SEC East?:

Tennessee winning the east is not as far fetched as you may think. Who does have the horses to win the East? I think realistically, it is a wide open race. It's not that Tennessee is a beast again. It's simply that the East is down again this year. How else does SC win the East last year...with what, 3 losses? It's not the same East that it was back in the 90's. Hopefully, the East will rise again in time!

The key for Tennessee to have a chance is to stay healthy...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You forgot one:

"Eat Crow" - What you will be doing in the coming year(s) as Tennessee rises back to the top of D1 football! Go Vols!!!

Written on Trae Golden, Choice Spine grab the Rocky Top gold:

Did he say "all the guys were willing to play defense"? Looking at the scores...I would use the term defense real loosely! That made me chuckle out loud. I guess I could abbreviate that to COL instead of, I'm too old for that.

Written on Tobias Harris picked 19th, then traded; Scotty Hopson to become a free agent:

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All the negativity towards Scotty. Some of you "fans" would be bashing him if he were at UT, so why not be happy that he is trying to make it in the league?

All the "hype" he received coming out of highschool was because some of you "fans" created that hype. I am pretty sure Scotty didn't say he was the second coming of Jordan. I am sure Scotty was confident in his game, most players are. I guess since he didn't average 30ppg and lead us to 4 championships, he was a complete failure.

If I remember correctly, Scotty created his own hype when he said he would be a "one and done" player. When you talk smack that big, you've got to expect it to come back around. I think fans are expressing their own frustrations of what they have watched from him for the past three years. It was quite obvious that he didn't have what it takes.

Written on Running back Corey Grant to transfer from Alabama:

They're just trying to force us all to the 24/7 paid site. If you want only Vols news, pay the price....hmmm! KNS is working off of the Mike Hamilton model of business. I wonder if the local papers of other major schools are a thorn in the flesh to fans?

Written on Steve Spurrier wants to pay players $300 a game:

Hello, people.....!!!!! You've got to look behind this story. This proposal is about recruiting...think about it.

If you're coming out of high school, heavily recruited, where are you going to go? At the school where the coach has signed a paper saying he wants to pay you $300 a week or a school where the coach has not signed anything or worse, is against it.

The NCAA will never approve this. Spurrier is trying to win favor with recruits. The coaches that are smart enough to understand this, signed along with it. Funny thing is, I didn't think Les would be smart enough to figure this one out. Maybe I'm wrong about him....