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Written on Vols to retire Dale Ellis’ jersey March 1:

Very glad to see this happening he was one of our all time great players.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

The Lady Vols are one of the few women's basketball programs that is making money every year. Congrats to Holly on last season a raise well deserved.

Written on Ariel Massengale assists Team USA in winning gold medal:

I think Ariel is ready for a break out season as a junior.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols defense may be worth watching:

Last season the defense was devoid of coaching as the same players had been better the year before. I don't expect a great defense but certainly far better than last years performance.

Written on UT releases self-reported minor NCAA rules violations:

Are NCAA rules a little weird yes they are.

Written on Juco All-American Alley Perkins signs with Tennessee softball:

Great news welcome to Tennessee

Written on Jannah Tucker won't play for Lady Vols:

At least we still have a balanced roster with Massengale and Carter at the point. Simmons and Reynolds at the two, Burdick and Jones at the three, Graves and Moore at the four, and Russell and Harrison at the five. Every position has a solid backup but an injury or two would certainly take a toll.

Written on Vols freshman Robert Hubbs shrugs off expectations:

Hubbs is gonna be a great player for us he will have to get over the freshman jitters and he needs to learn to get to the basket more. I am excited about him and the Tennessee team this coming season.

Written on Derek Reese to play for Puerto Rico's national team again:

He has a good offensive game if he can get better on defense he will be in the rotation for the Vols.

Written on 2014 power forward Philip Cofer commits to Vols :

Great news this is shaping up to be a very good class Cofer is a great player.

Written on With 15 commitments, Vols are halfway home in 2014 recruiting race:

Butch Jones is just now building the foundation to win in the SEC in the coming years. I think we close this class strong for a top five finish.

Written on Guard Jasmine Phillips not returning to Tennessee Lady Vols:

I guess Mulkey is still playing UConn have to wait and see her schedule. If it turns out she dropped all the top teams I guess we know what her agenda is and I feel even better that Louisville knocked her out of the tourney.

Written on John Adams: Knoxville a big part of Geno Auriemma legacy:

Coaching is about getting players and UConn has been able to get more talented players than Tennessee has over the last ten years. There has been some questionable recruiting tactics used to accomplish this so in that regard UConn and Auriemma have made winning their priority doing whatever needed to be done to accomplish that objective. I expect him to win several more titles no way you shouldn't when you get the number one player almost every year.

Written on Guard Jasmine Phillips not returning to Tennessee Lady Vols:

A good decision for her she is way down the depth chart as we have a lot of perimeter players. We could really use another talented post player but I doubt that happening for next season.

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

It was a great season very proud of the team.

Written on For Josh Richardson, relief found at every corner:

Josh Richardson is the perfect definition of a student athlete. He has been a huge asset to the University of Tennessee setting an example all should follow.

Written on Dave Hart pleased with progress of men's basketball:

This year is key for CCM and Hart knows that if he can't make the NCAA with the talent that we have on this years team he never will make it. I think he will and I expect 25 wins. I'm also beginning to believe were gonna have a great class in 2014 in basketball and we'll have to because we lose most of that talent after this season.

Written on Lady Vols knock off No. 2 seed Florida; Washington next:

What a great win we have a chance to go far in this tourney.

Written on John Adams: Recruiting will condition Lady Vols for basketball success:

If you have the talent and the numbers you can definitely press an entire game and play up tempo this is nothing new several coaches have used this system with great success. This team needs a few more players to do that mainly post players the perimeter seems to be loaded. In the post we only have Graves, Russell, and Harrison need to add a couple as Burdick and Jones are really not post players.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

We have a lot of talent on next year's team hopefully it will produce a great season and an NCAA berth.

Written on Govols247: Antonio Barton transferring to Tennessee Vols, per brother :

in response to Snapshot:

Doesn't this mean someone else has to go? I thought they were at the scholarship limit.

No scholarships are exactly right.

Written on Ivy Renfroe provides relief for Lady Vols, 3-2 :

We won despite six free passes. That doesn't happen often and hope that we don't see it today. Some of it was the umpire who didn't know a strike from a ball. I even have to admit she called two right down the middle as balls for Tennessee when we rallied for two runs that turned out to be the game winners.

Written on Strong pitching the fast track to Women's College World Series:

When they were in here first of the season we won 4 to 3 and 2 to 1 and lost 7 to 1. Were not going to score a lot pitching must be great or our season will end.

Written on Guard Alexa Middleton commits to Lady Vols :

She is a player that does it all glad she is a Lady Vol.

Written on Bashaara Graves, Ariel Massengale make USA teams:

Congrats to both Bashaara and Ariel both are great players.

Written on Another 'back breaker' seals fate for Vols, 8-4:

Hopefully next season we will start seeing results in the right direction. I think our major need is a closer we just couldn't hold leads. Hopefully we will recruit a lot of pitching help.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Butch Jones energizing Vols' big fan base :

We have some positions that are worse that last year QB, WR, and TE and we may or may not have a winning season this year. I do know that winning seasons are coming Jones is getting it done and we need to support him regardless of what happens this season because some great ones are up next.

Written on Tennessee's Ellen Renfroe shuts out South Carolina, 5-0 in SEC softball:

We'll probably need close to a shutout to beat Missouri that pitcher they have is awesome hopefully she has a bad day today.

Written on Trae Golden leaving Vols: 'We wish him well':

Wow there is some kind of curse on Tennessee athletics. We have to find out who put it on us and eliminate them forever.

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

in response to Ironcity:

Pearl never cut a player he signed. he did tell that Dobson kid he would never get off the bench if he stayed and suggested he go but that was a Buzz guy. This is bad anyway you look at it. The father was interviewed two weeks ago and said no one has spoken to him or his son about prep school or looking elsewhere. Additionally Huntington Prep is big time school and now we have trashed that relationship. Just an FYI here, one of our top targets just transferred there so I think its safe to say he probably doesn't go to UT.

I get why Martin did it but this stinks to high heaven.

There was a point guard that was in school that never played for Tennessee while Pearl was here. I forget his name Pearl went and signed another point guard Goins and he got pushed out the door so yes it did happen.

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

I think we need to know the entire story before we jump to conclusions. Landry may have asked for the release because he wasn't going to get any playing time. Regardless it has happened at every University in America that has a basketball team. Bruce Pearl did it a couple of times when he was coach. Most of the time it is better for the player and the team and I think both Tennessee and Landry will be better off for this decision.

Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

in response to tennlions:

So now the big question becomes, who's the odd man out? My guess is either Reese or the juco kid coming in.

It could be Reese but no way the Juco kid will be the one he will be inside depth. I think Edwards, and possibly Landry an early signee are still in play.

Written on Cuonzo Martin expects to talk to Jarnell Stokes today about draft status:

It is a quite simple decision. He can return and have an opportunity to go in the first or second round next season or he can leave now and not get drafted in either of those rounds. He might catch on with a team or he definitely can play in a foreign country. So best of luck to him whatever he decides.

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

First off we don't even know if Hart fired her Holly might have let her go. The reason could have been the conditioning of the team. Still a lot of information needed before we land on one side or the other.

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

Hill is gonna take a lot of the carries next season but would be nice to have three guys on the depth chart all capable of big games.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

in response to candyland:

Yemi is leaving because there is an order of protection against him for another female student.

Really this could be a huge reason to transfer.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

in response to keepitreal4vols:

Yemi avg about the same stats as the new big man we signed from a Iowa community college. So did we really upgrade with this "work in progress" kid with good upside?

We gained two inches in height otherwise looks like the same player.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

Yemi had two years left the incoming guy has two years an even trade all the way around.

Written on Rawane Ndiaye signs with Tennessee:

I sure hope Stokes does not leave what a blow that will be to Tennessee hopes for a great year next season.

Written on Rawane Ndiaye, Darius Thompson to visit UT:

I thought he might be a defensive genius then I saw he had three blocks in a total of 36 games so I really don't get what he is gonna do for us. He can't score but he did beat up a guy in one game and got suspended. At least we have Thompson coming in he is gonna be a very good player for us.

Written on Tennessee still looking for 'playmakers' on offense:

I think we'll be alright if we can get enough guys healthy. I think North will definitely help as a freshman. Jason Croom is gonna be a good one this season. I am still hoping Pig Howard will have a big year. Vincent Dallas, Cody Blanc, Jacob Carter, Paul Harris, and Devrin Young. Hopefully they will get it done for us this season.

Written on LSU's Johnny O'Bryant III to return:

Great news for them this guy can really play.

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

There will always be some belief by many that Geno won a couple of those titles by cheating. Still he has been able to recruit great players up there some were even legitimate. He has a very good system when he gets these players. The fact that he gets to play home games all the way up to the final four does not hurt either. The fact will remain that all 8 of Summitt's titles were won without breaking a single rule. Geno will get that many titles probably more but how many rules he broke to get them especially in recruiting we'll probably never know.

Written on Holly Warlick receives Maggie Dixon award for rookie coaches:

She did a great job with the team she had this season but now comes the big test for her. JMO she will have as much talent as anyone in the country next season so I think we really need to be thinking National title. In order to get there were gonna have to get tougher on defense and the intensity of our play. We had good and bad reviews this year. The low being Chattanooga and the high being the SEC regular season title. Next season is gonna bring a lot of excitement as I think were back at the top and in the hunt for the National title.

Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes apply for evaluation from NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee :

They both can play in a foreign country neither will play in the NBA next season regardless of their decision.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones turns up volume at scrimmage:

One of the freshman QB's may see the field early unless the guys we have now get to playing a lot better.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

We still have some perimeter players that have been here a while that can't play defense. They will have to step up their game in that area and be willing to give up some of their shots per game so that big post players like Russell and Graves can get more shots. Graves had a 1.44 points per shot attempt as a freshman but only got about 9 shots per game. I am hoping that Russell, Izzy, and Graves will get at least 35 shots per game next season. If that happens we will make the final four and probably win the National title.

Written on Lady Vols approach offseason with urgency, use time as season in itself:

The coaches get it they know that all of our players need to be mentally tougher and learn to play great defense. We have the talent to win the National title next season but it will only happen if all of our players become better on defense and mentally tough for a full 40 minutes.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

We could have won the game if we didn't let them get offensive rebounds and second chance points. We had the bigger team and yet in the first half when they missed they would get the rebound and stick it back in. 10 offensive rebounds for 12 points and that turned out to be the difference in the game. Sometimes you don't shoot well but there is no excuse for not rebounding when you get a stop on defense. This has been a huge problem all year for this team and something that needs to be worked on all summer.